POBE Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

This was definitely a conclusion that most people would come up with. Even Zhi Xuan felt that Renzi wanted to woo He Jun. Each time when Renzi was the main person in charge, the company would arrange for Zhi Xuan to be his assistant for that campaign. This time, the promotional events would require them to go for a month long business trip. At the airport, Yu Yuntao had a longing look on his face. Just as Renzi was about to spread his arms open, he watched as Yu Yuntao walked past him and hugged Zhi Xuan, reminding him to take care of himself. His words were warm and gentle, completely different from the older brother than Renzi always saw.

Renzi was a little jealous. “What? I don’t need any reminders to take care?”

Yu Yuntao told Renzi, “Please take care to not create any further troubles for Zhi Xuan.”

Fuck. — Renzi could not help but swear. Were they still family?

Zhi Xuan and Renzi were both in first class. Renzi even joked, “We have so many of us, why didn’t we hire a private jet?”

Having worked overtime for this project for so many days, when Zhi Xuan heard that Renzi mentioned hiring a private jet, booking an entire hotel, and hosting a swimsuit party, he really wanted to throw all the documents he had worked overtime to prepare at Renzi’s head, yelling, “Wake up!” However, he did not do so, and only spoke in his usual monotone. “We would have to apply for that.”

Renzi did not notice that within Zhi Xuan, there was an angry little man stamping in fury. “Then, is He Jun on the same flight as us? Which cabin is he in?”

“I’m not sure, some models made their own way there. But if he’s really on the same flight as us, he should be in economy.”

Renzi was startled. “Why? Isn’t that torturous? Are we that in need of money?”

Zhi Xuan sighed, resigned. “We really are that in need of money. I was also originally in economy, but I used my own miles to upgrade my seat.”

Renzi thought about it, “Then, do I have miles too? Why don’t we upgrade He Jun’s seat too!”

“This has to be done before the flight departs.”

Renzi thought about how He Jun texted him a few days ago about his headache. Feeling worried and seeing that there were still empty seats in the first-class cabin, he waved the air stewardess over, asking if he could upgrade his friend’s seat. The air stewardess helped him arrange it, and He Jun soon quickly made his way up the plane. He still had that gentle smile and thanked Renzi continuously, feeling that Renzi definitely loved him very much.

Zhi Xuan coldly looked on, thinking. Despite changing his sexual orientation, there’s no change in his taste. He’s still going after the pretty models who always harbour ill intentions.

Renzi then casually asked Zhi Xuan, “Is He Jun staying in a standard room?”

Zhi Xuan “understood”, “Sure, when we reach the hotel I’ll upgrade his room for him.” As an understanding person, Zhi Xuan even created an opportunity for him, “By the way, President Ren, your luxury suite actually has another bed in it.”

Renzi also did not think too much. “That works too! But I don’t know if He Jun would mind?”

He Jun hurriedly spoke up, “I don’t mind! I’m more than happy to be able to stay in a luxury suite.”

Zhi Xuan, who could not watch this any longer, was already prepared to watch a couple’s on-goings tomorrow, while the delighted He Jun was also prepared to wash his backside clean tonight. Only the heartless Renzi pulled on his eye mask and went to sleep comfortably, with no extra thoughts in his mind.

At night, He Jun did not go to his previously arranged standard room, but directly headed straight to Renzi’s suite. Dressed in a bathrobe, Renzi opened the door for He Jun. He Jun though, as expected.

Renzi said, “I knew you were coming, so I showered first.”

He meant that He Jun could take a shower any time he want. However, to He Jun’s ears, those words had a completely different meaning. So, He Jun replied bashfully, “Then, I’ll go take a shower too.”

“Go, go. I was just done showering, so it’s warm in the bathroom.”

Before he took a shower, Renzi had already ordered some spicy crawfish. He also wanted to ask Zhi Xuan to join them, as it would be great fun to drink some beer and have some spicy crawfish while watching the World Cup football match. The beers and spicy crawfish arrived very quickly, but unexpectedly, He Jun was still not done showering.

Consummate gays take really long showers, seems like I’m not gay enough yet.

He Jun only exited the bathroom when the spicy crawfish had cooled and the beer had warmed. He was dressed in something that had very little material and very unsuitable to describe. Renzi was alarmed to the point that his hand shook, “You… usually sleep in something like this?”

He Jun laughed. “Yes, I like wearing this!”

This consummate gay is really very different from others! Seems like I’m still not gay enough! Renzi did some self-examination. He felt that since He Jun was dressed so exquisitely, it was not very suitable to ask him to have some crawfish.

Zhi Xuan, who also professed to be a “consummate gay”, was however in a comfortable bathrobe. He was lying on the couch, getting ready to sleep after a short video-chat with Yu Yuntao. After all, he was different from Renzi, he was really very busy and tired, and did not want to go eat any spicy crawfish. Also, he believed that a certain something would happen between Renzi and He Jun tonight. If he joined them, what would others say!

Zhi Xuan was about to sleep, but unexpectedly, a colleague from the PR department gave him a call, asking “I think I saw He Jun going into President Ren’s room.”

Zhi Xuan’s brows knitted, thinking, what does this have to do with you? However, he pretended to not know anything, “Oh? Is there a problem?”

“I heard that He Jun was with President Gu.”

Zhi Xuan was scared awake. “Are you serious?”

“I’m pretty sure, I’ve seen President Gu bring He Jun along for drinks quite a number of times.”

“Then, pretend you don’t know anything about this. I’ll handle it from here.”

Since Zhi Xuan was going to take over this matter, the PR employee would of course happily pretend that he knew nothing, and said good night. Actually, Zhi Xuan was not a person who liked concerning himself with such matters. He was only afraid that if people knew he was the one who arranged the rooms, he would be condemned as a sinner for life.

“Damnit! He even dares to touch his good friend’s man! President Ren has bent until he no longer has any friends!” While grumbling, he called Renzi’s room, but no one answered. Zhi Xuan’s forehead dripped with sweat, “Damnit, damnit.” He no longer cared that he was just dressed in a bathrobe and slippers, he quickly made his way to Renzi’s room and pressed the doorbell urgently.Coincidentally, Renzi opened the door, looking panicky. Seeing Zhi Xuan there, he was very emotional. “You always appear at times when I need you! Help me, Ah Xuan!”

Zhi Xuan was stunned. “What happened?”

Renzi spoke anxiously, “He Jun… fainted after getting banged by me.” It was likely that Renzi and Zhi Xuan had different ideas of what “banged” meant. Renzi thought that “banged” meant that he had “knocked him with force”, while Zhi Xuan, an intelligent person, went with the widely recognised meaning: to have sex with someone.

With all these information coming at him, Zhi Xuan instead calmed down. When he entered the room and saw how He Jun was dressed, he was not surprised. He even composedly thought, so this is how this underwear is worn, luckily I didn’t buy it. Renzi was disheveled and upset, he spoke pitifully, “I, I didn’t expect it to be like that.”

Zhi Xuan patted Renzi’s shoulder. “The first time is always like this.”

Renzi was surprised. “What first time?”

Zhi Xuan still spoke with his monotone. “Banging.”

It’s my first time, it’s really my first time! I’m scared! I didn’t mean it!

Then, Renzi picked up a bloodstained brass statue of a horse. “I banged him with this!”

Zhi Xuan always thought that he would be able to keep a stiff upper lip no matter the circumstances. However, faced with this, his face could not help but express his thoughts, I never expected you to be such a person.

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