POBE Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

After a few minutes, when Zhi Xuan started to “handle the situation”, he realised that “banged” may not be “banged”.

As a humanitarian, Zhi Xuan had to get medical help for He Jun. However, afraid that the situation would turn chaotic, Zhi Xuan sent He Jun to a private hospital that took their patients’ privacy seriously. Luckily, He Jun was not injured too badly. He only had a light concussion, as well as some small superficial injuries.

Renzi explained the matter to Zhi Xuan in detail, and finally all assumptions were corrected. Renzi was shocked, “You all thought that I like He Jun? Why?! Being nice to him means I like him? But I’m even nicer to you? Does that mean I’ve became a sinner who tried to seduce my brother-in-law?”

Zhi Xuan hurriedly replied, “No, it’s my thoughts that were unclean, I’m sorry.”

Renzi contemplated, he did treat He Jun like how he treated those female models in the past. It was not unexpected that people would misunderstand. “Ah, it seems like it’s still my fault. I have yet to become a mature gay. As a gay, I’m really lacking in awareness, I should really reflect on that.”

Renzi recalled his actions, and felt that his attitude towards He Jun would really make people misunderstand him. When President Gu had directly clarified with Renzi twice that his relationship with He Jun was not like that, and after He Jun agreed with that, Renzi had never treated He Jun as his love rival anymore. After some interactions, he felt that He Jun was a pretty good person. He Jun’s various tragic and pitiful experiences and history also made Renzi sympathised with him. Without thinking much of it, Renzi had shown him a lot of concern, but who would have thought that a misunderstanding like this would arise.

The biggest victim of this misunderstanding was still He Jun. He Jun had decided to pin down Renzi tonight, but saw that Renzi kept retreating. However, he did not think that he had mistaken the situation. If the other person was a straight man who was not interested in him, he would have treated He Jun’s “seduction” as “harassment”. Even if he did not scolded He Jun, he would also have kicked him out of the room. Renzi did not chase him out, and his eyes had only looked about in a fluster. He Jun thought that Renzi had just turned gay, and so was a little shy. He took another step, and shoved Renzi down onto the sofa and started putting his hands all over him. Frightened, Renzi felt a sense of crisis just like how an innocent young girl would feel in the same situation. Grabbing an item closest at hand, Renzi brought it down onto He Jun’s head.

And so, this tragedy happened.

Renzi was on tenterhooks. If Zhi Xuan had not come knocking, he would have already gone to the police station and turned himself in.

After some soothing from Zhi Xuan, Renzi was no longer as panicky as before. However, although Zhi Xuan looked calm, he was actually troubled. He was not afraid that he could not settle this matter, but he blamed himself for not having dealt with it properly. All his assumptions had caused Renzi to be in danger. Still, now that Renzi was in a panic, Zhi Xuan had to remain steady. After some consolation, he told Renzi, “You should go back to the hotel to rest. I’ll handle the rest of this.”

Renzi was still very uneasy. “I better wait for He Jun to wake up and apologise to him.”

“There’s no need for that, you don’t owe him anything.”

Zhi Xuan’s attitude was very firm, and he forced Renzi back to the hotel. He was actually afraid that Renzi would be soft-hearted, and feeling that he owed it to He Jun, he would then end up getting blackmailed instead.

Zhi Xuan only exposed a little of his guilt and panic when Renzi left. He gave Yu Yuntao a call, telling him about the situation, and again blamed himself. “I think this is all my fault.”

“Where’s my baseball bat?”


“Where’s my baseball bat? Where is it? This idiot even dared to sexually assault my brother? I must teach him a lesson.”

Zhi Xuan realised that with regards to certain matters, all members of the Yu family were really unreliable. He sighed deeply, “I’ve sold off your baseball bat for charity already. Just let me handle this issue.”

The nurse came over to let Zhi Xuan know that He Jun was now conscious, and wanted to make a police report. Zhi Xuan looked at his watch, it was now 1am at night. He still had a meeting tomorrow at 9.30am, and had to go out for an inspection in the afternoon. Thinking of these, the vein in his forehead throbbed. He truly believed that one day he would die of work exhaustion. However, before he died, he still had to deal with all the matters on hand.

Renzi was usually not bothered by many things. The first time he lost sleep was over Gu Xiaoshan, and this time it was over He Jun. Of course, he did not have any inappropriate feelings for He Jun, only that he had a strange feeling in his heart, and felt very uncomfortable. Later in the night, Zhi Xuan sent Renzi a message: “He Jun has already regained consciousness, he’s fine. For his safety, the doctor has decided to keep him under observation for two more days. He admitted that he was the one who tried sexually assaulting you. If you don’t want to press on this matter, then, we can conclude it. In the future, you won’t ever see him again.”

Renzi was taken aback. Only then did he seem to realise the source of his feelings of disgust and his violent impulses. It was because he was sexually assaulted. Guys could also be sexually assaulted, and would also feel embarrassment, anger, and fear because of this matter.

Renzi’s chest was like a house with all its doors and windows tightly shut in August. He felt stuffy to the point where it was suffocating. Now, it felt like the windows were thrown open, and a breeze was blowing through, and he could finally breath in the fresh air. Then, it went without saying, Renzi peacefully went to sleep.

He did not know what he was about to face once he woke up.

Facing him was the information that he had been shoved out of the closet — He Jun had agreed to Zhi Xuan’s request to gloss things over to prevent any trouble, but in the next moment, he had worked with a nurse in the hospital to sell the news to the media. However, He Jun had not lost all his rationality, and did not mention that the other person was Yu Yunren, only that he was “a big company’s president who always hunted female models and now turned to hunting male models”, that he had knocked him out in the process, and even threatened him and stopped him from calling the police. He Jun did this not for money, he only understood the situation. He could not rely on Gu Xiaoshan, then now that he had fell out with Renzi, his work was also gone. If he made a fuss out of this, and when people knew of it, the Yu empire would not be able to do anything to him. Doing this, he might become infamous, or even famous!

However, this news was not released. Just like the secretly captured intimate photos of Zhi Xuan and Yu Yuntao, this news was suppressed by Gu Xiaoshan.

Gu Xiaoshan was on very good terms with many of the news and media agencies. Everyone knew that he was close to Renzi, and understood that it was not too good to delve into the relationship between him and He Jun, so, they mentioned this news to him. Gu Xiaoshan at first thought that his ears had gone wrong, after confirming many times, he then said, “He Jun wore sexy lingerie and was knocked out in Renzi’s suite?”

“Yes.” The other party also felt very awkward.

“There must be a misunderstanding somewhere.”

The other party thought, this President Gu usually boasts about his charm, now that he’s been cuckolded by his good friend, of course there’s nowhere for him to place his dignity! He nodded his head, “Certainly, certainly. How could such a thing ever happen. We definitely wouldn’t report about it!”

Just like the matter of Zhi Xuan and President Yu, although the news was not reported, but it still reached the ears of Old Mister Yu. When Old Mister Yu heard about it, he knew that Renzi must have been tricked, and yelled in fury, “My cane! Where’s my cane!” At the same time, Yu Yuntao was also rummaging through the house for his baseball bat.

Both the father and son happened across each other in the storeroom. Yu Yuntao saw that he could no longer conceal the incident, and so told Old Mister Yu everything. “That piece of shit failed to seduce that child, and even sexually assaulted him. He said that everything was fine and had ended, but he turned around to bite us back.”

This was essentially adding fuel to the flames. Old Mister Yu yelled, “Fucking hell! Electric saw! Where’s my electric saw!”

The butler made a prompt decision, and locked the two people in the storeroom. After a bout of cursing and swearing, the father and son squatted as they smoked, then finally calmed down.

Old Mister Yu spoke. “I’ve thought about it, we can’t use the electric saw.”

Yu Yuntao nodded. “That’s right. Look at the teeth of the saw, they’re all rusty, it won’t be easy to handle.”

The father and son nodded at each other.

Yu Yuntao scratched his head. “Ah, I don’t understand. Why would that piece of shit suddenly target Renzi? He even came up with such a ridiculous scenario, and said that Renzi has turned gay?”

Old Mister Yu had just finished a cigarette. Hearing Yu Yuntao’s question, he lit another one. His face was weary, “Because, your little brother, really fucking turned gay.”

Yu Yuntao was so shocked he nearly dropped his cigarette. “Are you serious?”

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