POBE Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Old Mister Yu had just finished a cigarette. Hearing Yu Yuntao’s question, he lit another one. His face was weary, “Because, your little brother, really fucking turned gay.”

Yu Yuntao was so shocked he nearly dropped his cigarette. “Are you serious?”

This proved that with Renzi, anything was possible.

Renzi had already let go of this matter. He felt that He Jun had assaulted him, but he had also knocked He Jun out in return. Since both He Jun and him were fine now, things were considered settle, and there was nothing for them to argue over. Also, he did not know that he was now a hot topic for discussion, so he happily left to play his mascot role in his company’s exhibition. Looking at Zhi Xuan’s dark eye circles, he patted his shoulder, “Ah Xuan, don’t overwork yourself! You should still rest when you need to!”

Zhi Xuan thought about it, but still resisted the urge to tell Renzi that the Second Young Master from the Yu empire was now half-acknowledged to be out of the closet already.

When the event was completed successfully, Renzi flew back home. Upon landing, he texted Gu Xiaoshan: “I’m back, let’s have dinner together tonight!”

Gu Xiaoshan replied, agreeing. A few moments later, Gu Xiaoshan sent another message: “Why don’t you come over to my place, don’t go home first.”

Before Renzi could comprehend the message, he saw a manual transmission vintage convertible outside the arrival hall, and Old Mister Yu was waiting for him with a sombre face. Renzi immediately tensed up, but followed his dad into the car.

With a shift of the gears, Old Mister Yu sped off. As Renzi sat in the passenger seat, the wind blowing at him, his heart was palpitating. Old Mister Yu drove like a punk, and no one on the road would have guessed that the driver was a retired old man.

The two of them headed to Old Mister Yu’s study, and Old Mister Yu instructed the staff. “I’ll be talking to Second Young Master alone! Unless there’s a fire, don’t call me!”

The staff retreated hurriedly. Only then did Old Mister Yu yanked Renzi’s collar, “Are you a fool?”

In his muddled state, Renzi nodded his head. Old Mister Yu could not help but let go of his anger seeing him like this. He laughed, “Fine, I’m giving up. Since I cannot cure you, I’ll just give you my advice!”

Renzi was still confused. “Dad, what happened? What mistake did I make?”

Old Mister Yu sat on his armchair and pointed at his nose. “Don’t you know what you did?”

Renzi looked at his dad blankly. Helpless, Old Mister Yu said, “What was that He Jun incident?”

“Ah! You were referring to that? Eh? How did you know about it?”

“Everyone knows about it! I asked you to come out of the closet subtly, but you did it in such a loud and eye-catching manner!”

Renzi was really lost, so Old Mister Yu had no choice but to calm down and clarify the whole situation with him. Although He Jun agreed to settle the incident quietly, but behind Renzi’s back, he had told a completely different story. Although the news was not reported, but many people had already heard of it, including Gu Xiaoshan.

Renzi finally understood how serious the situation was. “Brother Xiaoshan knows about it as well?”

Old Mister Yu gave up completely. The first thing his foolish son thought about was not how his name was getting dragged through the mud, but about Gu Xiaoshan.

“No wonder Brother Xiaoshan asked me not to come home first, he must have thought you wanted to beat me up!”

Hearing that, Old Mister Yu was angry. “What? Am I such an unreasonable person?”

Renzi shrank, “Of course not… He, he’s only concerned about me.”

Then, Renzi’s phone vibrated. Looking at it, he had received another message from Gu Xiaoshan, “Your house is so quiet, are you still alive?”

It turned out that when Gu Xiaoshan did not receive Renzi’s reply, he reckoned that Renzi had been brought back home already. He then came to the Yu’s place, expecting to see the familiar sight of Old Mister Yu waving his cane and chasing after Renzi. However, to his surprise, the Yu house was very quiet, and this instead made Gu Xiaoshan worry.

Old Mister Yu opened the door to the study, raising his voice. “Anyone around?” A staff acknowledged him. Old Mister Yu then asked, “Did a guest come?”

“Yes, Young Master Gu is here.”

Old Mister Yu glared, “Why didn’t anyone inform me that a guest has arrived?”

The staff was somewhat aggrieved, “You’ve instructed that as long as there’s no fire, no one is to disturb your conversation with Second Young Master.”

Old Mister Yu scolded, “How can you say that! Fire? Your house is the one on fire!”

The staff dared not reply, and stood there in silence. Old Mister Yu paused, then continued, “Then, you all just let Young Master Gu wait there?”

The staff shook his head, “No, our young master is accompanying him.”

Yu Yuntao knew that Renzi would be back today, so he took some time off and went home too. To his surprise, Old Mister Yu had drove the car himself to pick his younger son up. Dad is driving the car himself? How many demerit points would he get this time? Luckily, Old Mister Yu did not drive often, if not, his license would have been revoked long ago. His road rage got worse the older he was. At the same time, Gu Xiaoshan who had estimated the time Renzi would reach home had arrived as well. He was also told that if there wasn’t a fire, he would not be able to see Old Mister Yu.

When Gu Xiaoshan and Yu Yuntao met each other, despite the fact that they never got along, they still gave each other a smile in reflex —

“Ah, President Gu!”

“Ah, President Yu!”

“Thanks for coming! What brings you to our house!”

“Nothing much! I’m just here to visit the senior!”

“Ah, how thoughtful! Have some tea, have some tea!”

“No need, no need!”

“Ah, take a seat, take a seat!”

“No, no! You take a seat first, you first!”

In the end, neither of them sat down.

The both of them took a stroll in the garden. A large living thing bounded out from within the shrubs, giving everyone a shock. However, after looking at it clearly, it was Ha-cube rushing over with its tongue hanging out. Ha-cube saw the both of them, but headed straight to Gu Xiaoshan to beg for pats and cuddles. Yu Yuntao was not very close to Ha-cube, but seeing his own family’s dog running off to someone else, he was speechless. Normally, he would not be concerned over this, but when he remembered his father saying that Renzi liked Gu Xiaoshan so much that he was lovesick, he was filled with anger.

Gu Xiaoshan started playing with Ha-cube. Standing behind them, Yu Yuntao watched Gu Xiaoshan, and an impulse to hit him with a baseball bat welled up in him. Fortunately, they were soon quickly distracted. Out bounded another large living thing — this time, it was not Ha-cube, but Renzi.

Renzi leapt over, “Dad wants to beat me!” Then, he ran towards Gu Xiaoshan. As the legal and biological older brother, Yu Yuntao had been completely abandoned to one side, while his family’s Renzi and Ha-cube circled around Gu Xiaoshan. Old Mister Yu had also caught up, waving his cane that was topped with a dragon’s head, he yelled, “Don’t anybody dare stop me!”

It seemed that no one had time to react yet, and there was really no one stopping him. Old Mister Yu felt a little awkward.

So, Old Mister Yu repeated. “Don’t anybody dare stop me!”

Yu Yuntao was the first to recover his senses. He immediately jumped over, “I’ll stop you!”

Old Mister Yu waved his cane as though he wanted to hit someone, “See if I won’t beat this damn son to death!”

Yu Yuntao felt that this was the moment where the mother should hug the father’s thigh and start crying “if you want to beat him to death, then you’ll have to beat me to death first”. However, as their mother was no longer around, Yu Yuntao was also unable to carry out such a role, and so it was quite awkward. Old Mister Yu also felt rather embarrassed, but he could not leave the scene dangling like that. Again, he shouted, “You’re protecting this fool as well?!”

Yu Yuntao was able to carry on this line, “If you beat him anymore, he’ll be even more foolish!”

This time, it was Old Mister Yu who could not carry the play on.

This pair of father and son really lacked in teamwork.

Gu Xiaoshan was not a fool, he nearly burst out laughing looking at this play. However, he did not think too much about it. He only felt that much of the blame for the He Jun incident could not be laid on Renzi, and Old Mister Yu must have realised it. Once he calmed down, he could no longer bear to hit his son, and so just made a fuss out of it, looking for someone to persuade him and give him a way out. However, Yu Yuntao was not very suitable for this role. It was always others who played the role of giving Yu Yuntao the easy way out of such situations, and it was a rare occasion to see Yu Yuntao playing this role. It was just like Stallone insisting on dancing ballet, both comical and fun. Standing by the side, Gu Xiaoshan was patting Ha-cube as he watched the show.

Both Old Miser Yu and Yu Yuntao were also clever, seeing Gu Xiaoshan’s reaction they also knew that their acting had been seen through. This was probably the first time in Yu Yuntao’s life that he had felt so embarrassed, turning around, he stopped acting. Luckily, Old Mister Yu had pretty thick skin, after a moment, he pointed at Gu Xiaoshan. “Gu Xiaoshan, this is all your fault!”

Suddenly dragged into this play, Gu Xiaoshan was caught off guard, “Ah? Me?”

Old Mister Yu suddenly devised another plot line, he leant on his walking cane and snorted, “Who else other than you! Wasn’t that piece of shit yours? You didn’t take care of him properly, so he ended up doing this to my son, and you now have the guts to appear here?!”

Gu Xiaoshan was not an ordinary person, he replied calmly. “After this situation with Renzi and He Jun, now the entire world knows that I’ve been cuckolded by my good friend… and I didn’t even beat him! Uncle, don’t hit him anymore.”

Old Mister Yu took a step back. No good! This little fox from the Gu family has taken the moral stance before me!

In his life, Old Mister Yu had never worn an argument with Old Mister Gu. He did not expect that now, he also would not be able to deal with this little Gu! If this was known to others, it would be so embarrassing!

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