POBE Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

The next day, Gu Xiaoshan opened the door of the bedroom. He walked out to see Renzi sprawled across the small bed, sleeping in his usual manner. After taking a look at him, he picked up his briefcase and headed out of the hotel room. The one billion from so many years ago had now increased by quite a fair bit. Now that it belonged to Gu Xiaoshan, he himself was also in slight disbelief. Xu Yunyun had thought that her boss should be very happy about it, but there was no emotion to be seen on Gu Xiaoshan’s face.

The recent Gu Xiaoshan was always very chilly.

Renzi wanted to give him a little warmth.

When Gu Xiaoshan returned to the hotel room, he smelled a thick artificial scent — clearly smelling like instant noodles. Hearing the door open, Renzi lifted his head up with a smile on his face, “Sister Yunyun said that you’ll be back soon, and that you haven’t had anything to eat yet. I specially prepared instant noodles for you to eat!”

He presented the bowl like it was treasure, “I even added an egg!”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “How amazing.”

Gu Xiaoshan sat down by the table. He looked at the ritualistic feeling table mat, the gold-rimmed porcelain bowl that was filled with hot, piping soup and noodles, and an egg floating on top of it. Picking up the wooden chopsticks, Gu Xiaoshan spoke, “All these were provided by the hotel?”

Renzi replied, claiming the credit, “As if, I bought them myself.”

Gu Xiaoshan picked at the noodles with his chopsticks. “There’s no dishwasher here, and I’m not about to wash any bowls.”

“Then we’ll just throw them away.”

“Wasting money like this, in my family, you’ll have long been beaten to death.” Gu Xiaoshan laughed.

Hearing that, Renzi sank into his thoughts. So only a frugal person is allowed to enter the Gu family? Doesn’t that mean I have no hope?

However, Renzi was used to thinking about such problems from a different angle. Since I can’t enter the Gu family, then we’ll just let Brother Xiaoshan enter my Yu family. I believe Dad won’t mind too.

Gu Xiaoshan took a cursory bite of the instant noodles, then looked at Renzi, smiling, “You’re just going to watch me eat?”

Renzi nodded, replying seriously. “Do you like it?”

Gu Xiaoshan was a refined gay who was picky about the quality of his life. The words “he likes instant noodles” would never pass through his mouth, but thinking that this was prepared by a young master who never did any housework, he still showed him his appreciation, “Not bad, it’s very good.”

Renzi tried to test the waters with a small confession, “Then, want to have this for the rest of your life?”

Taken aback, Gu Xiaoshan laughed drily. “To have instant noodles for the rest of my life?”

Renzi wanted to scrape his mouth. He really did not know how to process his thoughts.

He thought about that drafted confession in his mobile phone — he was quite satisfied with it, and could now recite it fluently from memory. It was embarrassing, but it took him an entire afternoon of practice before he could deliver the line “you’ll be the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport” flawlessly. There were moments when he thought about deleting this part, but then felt that this comparison was very appropriate, hence he forced himself to read it aloud numerous times. His hard work paid off, and he finally could say “Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport” without any mistakes. Everything was now perfect, but he still felt that he had to find a suitable timing before presenting Gu Xiaoshan with this romantic words. After all, Brother Xiaoshan already feeling troubled, he should not butt in. His top priority should be to help Brother Xiaoshan walk out from this shadow.

However, Renzi found it difficult to suppress his storm-like affections, and so repeatedly reminded himself to at least wait for them to return back to their home city before he presented his confession.

With Brother Xiaoshan’s current mood, Renzi wondered if he should think of something to cheer him up. At that moment, he then realised that his understanding of Gu Xiaoshan was pathetic. He even did not really know what Gu Xiaoshan liked to do for leisure. Whenever the two of them were together, they were mostly either eating or playing basketball — Gu Xiaoshan did not seem to dislike these activities, but also did not seem to favour them. He seemed to do them to just accompany Renzi to relieve his boredom.

So, Renzi could only look to the person who understood Gu Xiaoshan the most — Xu Yunyun. He asked Xu Yunyun, what did Gu Xiaoshan usually like to do relieve his stress? This popped up in Xu Yunyun’s head, what does he like to do? Sex, of course! 

However, this was not an appropriate answer, and she so replied, “President Gu is very good at self-regulation. I’ve never seen him doing anything special to relieve stress.”

“Then, what does he do when he’s unhappy?”

“When has he ever been unhappy?”

“He’s clearly unhappy now!”

Xu Yunyun pretended to be surprised. “Are you serious? I don’t see it.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be very meticulous? Turns out you’re so insensitive! Seems like I’m still the one who understands Brother Xiaoshan more.”

Xu Yunyun nodded her head non-stop. “Of course, of course. You’re his best friend.”

Since he was now labelled as “Gu Xiaoshan’s best friend”, Renzi could no longer pursue this line of questioning with Xu Yunyun.

Towards this label, Renzi was still somewhat doubtful. On the second day, he again prepared instant noodles for Gu Xiaoshan. This time, not only did he add an egg, but he also included a cold can of coke with it. Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “Are you really letting me have instant noodles for the rest of my life?”

Renzi slumped, “But… this is the only thing I know how to prepare…”

“It’s ok, it’s the thought that counts.”

Renzi continued staring at Gu Xiaoshan with his shiny black eyes. Gu Xiaoshan felt somewhat uncomfortable, and so asked, “Are you hungry?”

Renzi shook his head.

“Then, do you have something you want to say?”

Since Gu Xiaoshan had spoke out already, the frank Renzi replied, “I’m thinking, am I your best friend?”

Gu Xiaoshan was amused, “What sort of question is this?”

Renzi felt a little underestimated, “You find this funny?”

Gu Xiaoshan nodded. “Isn’t this something only elementary school kids would bother about? Wondering whether he’s your best friend or not?”

Renzi refused to admit that he was an “elementary school kid”, and retorted, “Who said so, high school kids are also very concerned about such matters!”

Speechless, Gu Xiaoshan put down his chopsticks. “If you insist on saying it this way, then, that’s true.”

Renzi was delighted. “That’s true? So, I’m really your best friend?”

Gu Xiaoshan immediately poured cold water over him. “After all, I don’t have many friends.”

Renzi remained silent, but his face was still troubled. Resigned, Gu Xiaoshan could only ask, “Do you still have any other questions?”

“But, I feel that I don’t understand you at all…” Renzi could not hide his despondency. “You’re clearly so nice to me, and you’ve considered everything for me in every single matter. When I’m unhappy, you’re also able to cheer me up. But… when you’re unhappy, I realised that I completely don’t understand you, and don’t know how to help you! How can I be considered your best friend like this?”

Gu Xiaoshan quietly listened to him, then he smiled, “This is not your fault.”

“Huh?” Renzi was astonished.

“You probably think that it’s because of your thoughtlessness, that’s why you don’t understand me. That’s not the case. Even a meticulous person like Xu Yunyun is unable to understand me, right?”

Renzi was at a loss for reply.

Gu Xiaoshan continued, “The problem lies with me. I’m the one who doesn’t want to be understood.”

Feeling like an olive was stuck in his throat, Renzi was unable to say a word. At the same time, he was so upset that he felt stifled. However, his courage let him swallow down this “olive”. His throat hurting, and he asked hoarsely, “But… like this, am I still worthy of being called your friend?”

Gu Xiaoshan waved his hand, “You can think of it that way as well, I don’t see you as a real friend.”

Renzi felt as though he had been dropped into an ice cage, that “you’ll be the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport” shattering in his heart.

Gu Xiaoshan too seemed to realise that his words were not well thought out. Normally, he would never, ever have said such inappropriate yet honest words. However, his current situation was now also not very apt. He forgave his impulsive action, and he gave Renzi an explanation. “I don’t have any friends at all. I don’t want them, don’t need them. It’s better when I have none.”

Stunned, Renzi looked at Gu Xiaoshan. His lowered eyes were filled with incomprehension and blankness, and there seem to be sorrow within them as well, looking just like an abandoned puppy.

Gu Xiaoshan again regretted it. He should not have said such words to Renzi, although they were true. He should have just lied to him, and kept him in the dark about this. Renzi would not have been able to register the lie, and after hearing it, he would also be very happy.

Gu Xiaoshan understood, the last thing he wanted was for Renzi to be unhappy.

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  1. Wow ok even felt the sting of that one.
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  2. Is he elementary school boy? That Gu Xiaoshan.

    Renzi look alike adult Forest Gump. He is dumb naive but honest person.

    Thank you for the chapter 😍😍😘😘😘

  3. That’s such a cruel thing to say to someone who’s grown up with you. I can feel Renzi’s heart freeze and shatter at GXS’s comments. I think GXS is underestimating Renzi’s Importance to him right now…

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    TBH I kinda relate. I have people who I care about, they can easily call me ‘best friend’, but somehow when it’s my turn to call them that I couldn’t bring myself to. It’s like there’s this invisible barrier that if agree to them with that I’d have to cross that barrier and bare my vulnerabilities to them. There’s doubt and fear that they might not accept the real me. I admit I’m a closed-off person, so when GXS said that it’s not because other people doesn’t understand him, it because he doesn’t want to be understood, I felt that. Unless we overcome that wall, only then will we be able to accept such labels. Although it’s just a label, for people like us, it’s a pretty big deal…

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