POBE Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

“Didn’t you say that I’m one that’s no more, no less?” Renzi’s voice was full of grievances. “Were you lying to me?”

Gu Xiaoshan felt that those words were from his heart, but he could not admit it, so he hedged. “Of course, there’s only one Yu Yunren in the world. Who else could be like you?”

As expected, Renzi did not seem to fully understand it. As he tried to process the words, he no longer paid attention to Gu Xiaoshan. Gu Xiaoshan had already turned to leave, looking a little pitiable, but still he instructed Xu Yunyun to remain where they were until Renzi could be discharged. Her task would only be completed upon accompanying Renzi back to the city. Xu Yunyun agreed with a smile, but thought, all I wanted to be was an ordinary secretary, but now I have to accompany my boss to a funeral, and when it’s done I even have to accompany my boss’s friend, and send him home. Fuck, I’m a delicate girl! What have all you rich kids been studying, don’t you know how to be a gentleman? Fuck you all!

Luckily, Renzi was easy to get along with. He was recovering very well, and could take care of himself. Even if something did happen, there were also professionals to take care of him. All Xu Yunyun had to do was just watch from the side, and chat with him, it was not taxing. Within two days, the doctor had approved of Renzi’s discharge. From the train to the car, Xu Yunyun followed along until Renzi was delivered safely back to the Yu family.

When Old Mister Yu saw how sluggish and listless Renzi was, he knew that he had met his Waterloo. Old Mister Yu had already expected this, and so spoke out, “I asked you not to be rash, but you refused to listen! Ever since you were a child, if you listened to just half of my advice, you wouldn’t be in today’s situation!”

Then, the old man started going through Renzi’s past history, starting from his mistakes in kindergarten. Getting a headache while he listened to this, Renzi escaped into his room.

Renzi kept feeling that Gu Xiaoshan was now a lot colder to him. When he sent him a text, Gu Xiaoshan never replied. He then whined for the noodles from the shop by the bridge. In the past, Gu Xiaoshan would have ordered it for him. Today, Gu Xiaoshan replied him, “Then it’s time for you to learn how to use a food delivery app.”

Chills ran down Renzi’s body, he shuddered. No longer caring about politeness, he straight away gave Gu Xiaoshan a call, only for Gu Xiaoshan to reject it. Renzi’s blood chilled, and he was anxious, so he called Xu Yunyun and asked, “Where is President Gu?”

Xu Yunyun sounded apologetic. “Sorry, I’m really not sure about this, as President Gu has already left work.”

Renzi raised his head and looked at the clock on his wall. This was definitely very suspicious! He spoke sternly, “You’re lying to me! How can President Gu leave work on time!”

Xu Yunyun was taken aback, as she did not expect Renzi to be so keen. However, this time, she was telling the truth, and had a clear conscience. “I also found it strange. Maybe he has something important to attend to.”

Although Renzi was not smart, but he had known Xu Yunyun for a long period of time already, and also knew that although Xu Yunyun looked cheerful and talkative, but her mouth was pretty tight, and he would not be able to get anything out of her. After hanging up the phone, Renzi gave a call to the Gu empire’s management section’s most talkative secretary and asked, “President Gu has left work very early today. I’m looking for him, have you seen him?”

As expected, that super talkative secretary did not fail him. “Yeah, he was also dressed very handsomely today. I asked him if he was going on a blind date, and he even admitted to it! Hahaha, how can gays go on blind dates 1 !”

Within a moment, Renzi became restless. Tossing and turning about in his bedroom, he then hurried downstairs and saw his dad at his usual spot reading the newspapers. Renzi cried out loudly, “Dad! Brother Xiaoshan has gone for a blind date today!”

Old Mister Yu paused, “Oh, it’s today?”

Then he looked at the date of the newspaper. Hearing him, Renzi’s heart chilled further. “You knew that he’s going on a blind date?”

Old Mister Yu jolted, “You didn’t know about it?”

Renzi’s knees weakened, and he nearly knelt down. “No… It’s impossible…”

Old Mister Yu put down the newspapers. “I still thought that he would tell you about it. Aren’t you texting each other everyday?”

Renzi laughed bitterly, “I’m the only one texting.”

Old Mister Yu raised his brow. “So, you’ve confessed your love for him already?”

Renzi shook his head decisively. “I didn’t!”

Old Mister Yu also did not place any hopes on Renzi holding himself back for so long, and so he sighed. “Seems like he’s not willing to accept you, but he is unable to say it out loud. That’s probably why he decided to start going on blind dates, signalling to you that you should give up. He would rather date people he doesn’t know, than even consider you at all.”

Hearing this, Renzi could not stop howling out loud.

“What are you howling about?”

Renzi stomp his foot. “It hurts!”

“What hurts?”

Renzi pressed his hand on his chest. “My heart hurts!”

Seeing his son like this, Old Mister Yu also felt his heart ached, and so started howling out loud as well, discovering that these howls were really useful in soothing the pain. This happened to be a Friday night, and Yu Yuntao happened to return home to visit his family. Upon entering the house, he heard the father and son pair yelling and howling, and so asked, “Training your voices?”

Old Mister Yu replied, “No, men can’t easily shed tears, so us father and son could only howl to replace our tears.”

Yu Yuntao did not understand. “What’s there to cry about?”

Old Mister Yu told him, “What else? Did you hear about Gu Xiaoshan going on a blind date?”

Yu Yuntao thought about it, “I think I heard someone mentioned it.”

Hearing that, Renzi was even more irritated. “What? You all knew about it, and I was the only one left in the dark?”

Yu Yuntao was quite startled. “What? We all knew about it, but you were left in the dark?”

Renzi could not say a word, and tears welled up in his eyes. Yu Yuntao could not look on, and so asked, “What’s going on?”

Old Mister Yu spoke up, “His feelings have been discovered. The other party clearly couldn’t talk to him about it, and decided to show him personally.”

Yu Yuntao replied, “This is nothing. If you’re unhappy about it, just go and crash the date!”

Renzi was taken aback. “I can do that?”

Yu Yuntao asked him, “Why can’t you do that? You haven’t confessed to him right?”

Renzi nodded. “I haven’t.”

“Then it’s fine! You haven’t confessed, that’s good. As long as you don’t confess, you’re his childhood buddy. Why, when you meet your buddy during a blind date, shouldn’t you still greet each other? Just go and sit at their table, and keep calling him ‘Brother Xiaoshan’. Put your arm around his shoulders or whatever, then laugh and joke, let’s see how they can continue that blind date.”

Old Mister Yu frowned. “Is this a little inappropriate?”

Yu Yuntao replied. “Of course it’s inappropriate, but it’s still better than a father and son howling at home. Our Yu family has to keep going forward, right?”

Renzi had been persuaded, but he could not help but feel slightly apologetic. “This is also too strange. What if Brother Xiaoshan later ask me what’s going on, what should I do?”

Yu Yuntao shrugged it off. “Didn’t I say it already? As long as you don’t confess, you can just go ahead with ‘as childhood friends, can’t we have a chat’, ‘Brother Xiaoshan, we’ve been buddies for over 20 years, how can you say this about me’, and you’ll always stand on the winning side.”

Renzi was somewhat surprised. “To be like this… isn’t it a little shameless?”

Yu Yuntao smacked the table. “Chasing after a guy and you still want your dignity? As if! You think reality is as pretty as your face?”

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