POBE Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Old Mister Yu had also long gotten wind of the news of Gu Xiaoshan’s blind date. This was not difficult, as a few days ago when Gu Xiaoshan agreed to it, Old Mister Gu had joyfully started discussing it with Old Mister Yu. Old Mister Yu remained composed, and even told him, “He’s finally willing to settle down? This is good news!”

Old Mister Gu shook his head. “That might not be the case. He also asked me to not harbour any hopes. It’s not confirmed if he will settle down or not, he’s just exploring his options.”

Hearing this, Old Mister Yu recalled Renzi’s current condition, and could roughly guess what Gu Xiaoshan was trying to do. In his heart, he also grumbled about his son, why did he not listen to an old man’s advice? He already asked him not to be rash, but he refused to listen!

Gu Xiaoshan’s blind date was called Shu Jingyi, and to a certain degree, he was a very good match for Gu Xiaoshan. They were both “older” gays, and were both presidents of their family business. They both played around a lot, but had never let their playing affect their work. In fact, Shu Jingyi was even quite a few years older than Gu Xiaoshan. On top of that, Gu Xiaoshan’s features were on a more youthful side, if he wore a t-shirt, he would look just like a student. Whereas for Shu Jingyi, his hair had a little premature grey in it, and he also had a few faint smile lines at the corner of his eyes. As such, standing together, their difference in age looked even more obvious. Still, these few strands of silver hair and the faint smile lines did not make Shu Jingyi look aged and haggard, but instead increased his charm.

Gu Xiaoshan had only wanted to do this as a formality, but now he felt that he did enjoy his time with Shu Jingyi — just not in the romantic sense. They did start off with the usual lines that one would use in a blind date, asking about each other, but then somehow the conversation steered to their management of their companies and the situation of the market. They were both engrossed in their conversation, and realised that they were on the same wavelength, and so felt right at home with each other.

Being a few years older than Gu Xiaoshan, Shu Jingyi had spent those years wisely. His words were all right to the point, the things he said were clear and logical, and made even Gu Xiaoshan, who was rather unconventional, respect him greatly. Now it felt like they were drinking with a close friend, and they took their time eating, and even ordered dessert to accompany their meal.

The dessert had yet to arrive, but Renzi had arrived.

When Renzi pushed open the door to the private room, Gu Xiaoshan was very surprised. Renzi too felt extremely awkward about it, but he remembered his brother’s teachings, “to chase a guy, you have to be shameless”. Hence, Renzi entered, and recited the lines Yu Yuntao prepared for him. “Ah, I happened to come here to eat, and someone told me that Brother Xiaoshan is here too. I came over to say hi, am I disturbing the both of you?”

Gu Xiaoshan had yet to respond, then Renzi upheld Yu Yuntao’s words, “don’t give him an opportunity to speak”, he quickly walked inside and placed his butt onto the seat next to Gu Xiaoshan, then without any shame, he asked the server to pour him some tea. By then, Gu Xiaoshan could no longer say anything about it, and could only allow the server to prepare a setting and tea for Renzi.

The whole process flowed along smoothly, Gu Xiaoshan was at a loss for what to do, and so smiled and introduced the two people to each other. “This is the second son of the Yu family, Yu Yunren. And this is President Shu of the Shen Tan group, Shu Jingyi.”

Renzi stood up, and shook hands with Shu Jing Yi. After shaking hands, Shu Jingyi said, “As expected, the Yu family’s son is a talented-looking man. When I was in university, I’ve attended a talk by the old Mister Yu, and it was deeply enlightening.”

Renzi chuckled, “Was it? My dad talks every day at home, but I didn’t get any enlightenment from it. Clearly, I’ll never succeed.”

“You’re still very young, your future is definitely unlimited.”

“Are the two of you discussing business here? Am I interrupting?”

“We’re not talking about business, it’s just a simple meal.” Mr Shu replied.

However, Gu Xiaoshan remembered that he could not be soft-hearted, and so was frank. “Hasn’t your father told you that I’m on a blind date?”

Renzi was taken aback, but he also had been prepared for this. As such, he did not lose his composure, and recited the words Yu Yuntao taught him. “I didn’t know that! What blind date? Your boyfriends changes like how a wheel turns, do you still need blind dates?”

Hearing these words, Gu Xiaoshan’s face turned green. Shu Jingyi instead was very calm, and smiled at Renzi. “What a coincidence, it’s the same for me as well. So it just happens that we were talking about when we should stop the wheel, if not, as time goes on, the body would wear out.”

Shu Jingyi’s response was not within Yu Yuntao’s calculations, and was even more not within Renzi’s expectations. Renzi was stunned, and only spoke after hesitating, “T-then, you, you’re cool.”

Shu Jingyi replied, “When a person is young, they want to try everything. This is not a bad thing, as long as they don’t lose themselves in it. By trying, one can then identify what they truly want, and this is the most important thing.”

Renzi was a little stupefied as he listened, and he nodded. Shu Jingyi then gave a hearty smile, his smile lines deepening, “Hmm, now that I’m older, I do like to lecture!”

As they talked, the dessert arrived. Renzi’s eyes widened, “You’re even eating dessert?”

He thought that by the time he arrived, they were nearly done with their meal and conversation, and he was a little too late. However, from the current situation, he did not seem to be very successful at crashing this party. Gu Xiaoshan and Mr Shu were still talking animatedly. During their conversation, even he was drawn into it. Chatting cheerfully together, he even got so into it that he suggested moving on to somewhere else to continue.

As such, the three of them headed to a nearby KTV. Renzi even said, “It’s too boring to just have the three of us singing karaoke. I’m familiar with this place, I’ll get some bar hosts and hostesses to join us. They’re very fun, all good at singing, playing and drinking. If the party doesn’t get high, I’ll do a handstand!” And so, Renzi really went to pull these employees into the room, and started the party.

Yu Yuntao was still worried that Renzi would not be able to hide his intentions, and would expose that he was there to interrupt the blind date. However, his worry was clearly unnecessary. This was due to the fact that Renzi had long forgotten his objective, and was now drinking and singing, having great fun. Even Gu Xiaoshan started wondering if he had been flattering himself with regards to Renzi.

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  1. Lol plot twist, SJY finds Renzi super adorable and starts courting him and GXS gets jealous and starts having romantic feelings for our silly Renzi. *fingers crossed*

  2. This silly child!! Kinda agree with Marishi, I want SJY found a talented president and able to impart his knowledge to GXS, he felt content as a friend and colleague. But seeing Renzi acting so adorable, SJY would like him instead. And GXS? He started to think that maybe Renzi is acting close to him to get to know other gays, and not actually chasing after him. That would be hilarious. And maybe frustrating for Renzi. Thanks for the translation..

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