POBE Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

By the time Renzi knew that Gu Xiaoshan had ran away, Gu Xiaoshan had been in Country C for two days already. This made Renzi very surprised and disappointed. He had planned on finding an excuse to invite Gu Xiaoshan out again, but did not expect that Gu Xiaoshan had already left on a business trip. However, he was not sensitive enough to realise that Gu Xiaoshan was hiding from him. Gu Xiaoshan now was actually scared of Renzi, only thinking, since I can’t deal with him, I can still hide from him, right?

The most tragic part of this whole matter was that Renzi had to hear this news from Yu Yuntao. At the breakfast table, Renzi said, “I’ll like to ask him out in a couple of days, what do you think about it?”

Yu Yuntao scolded him, “Useless fellow, you’re even going all the way to Country C just to date him? Do you have to run after him like this?”

Renzi was stunned. “Country C? What Country C?”

Yu Yuntao was also very surprised. At last, he asked, “Huh? You don’t know about it? He had already reached Country C yesterday. I think he’s attending some bullshit international meeting. We’re also part of this stupid global alliance, every year they’ll come up with some garish event to cheat the members of their money. They think I’m a fool? As if I’ll bother with this bunch of retards. If they can, they should try kicking me out of the alliance.”

Yu Yuntao’s looks were exquisite, and his style was considered to be cold and aloof. However, after getting to know him, people would learn that he was a very boorish person, and the way he spoke was very vulgar. Renzi did not know how Yu Yuntao was able to co-exist with the refined gay Zhi Xuan. However, now he also did not have to mood to be concerned about this, and said very aggrievedly, “He left without a word? Obviously he really don’t care about me.”

Yu Yuntao thought about it. “Maybe not? For all you know, it might be the exact opposite.”

“What do you mean?”

“His actions are out of the ordinary. It might be because he’s bothered by you!”

Hearing that, Renzi was pleased. “Really?”

“I’m just talking rubbish. However… however I know about that meeting, it’s extremely boring. Normally, he would definitely not attend it. Just like how he normally wouldn’t go on a blind date!  In my opinion, whether it’s this stupid meeting, or that boring blind date, he did it all because of you.”

However, Renzi was unable to be happy about it. “It’s because he wants to rid himself of me, that’s why he did it…”

Yu Yuntao nodded. “Yeah, I think you’re right.”

Renzi again descended into a hopeless abyss.

Despondently, he walked to the garden, but saw Ha-cube chasing its own tail there. Renzi had nothing better to do, so sat there watching Ha-cube. Under the sun, Ha-cube’s fur was very shiny. Chasing its tail it had circled the garden three times, and its eyes were still bright. Seeing that pair of eyes, Renzi was suddenly imbued with energy. “Even a dog will try its hardest to chase something. As a human being, how can I give up so easily!”

Due to getting inspired by it, Renzi gave Ha-cube a bear hug. Ha-cube was first caught off-guard, but after a pause, it cheerfully licked his owner’s face. Renzi felt a soft dampness on his face, and pulled back without thinking. “I’ve said it so many times already, how come you never learn? As part of our family, you’re so unconcerned about hygiene, you can’t lick me after you lick your poop!”

Renzi ran back into the house to look for Yu Yuntao, asking him jubilantly, “Didn’t you say that we’re also a member of that bullshit alliance? Then, shouldn’t we attend that bullshit meeting as well?”

“You want to attend a bullshit meeting? Are you an idiot?”

Renzi retorted, “You joined a bullshit alliance, aren’t you an idiot too?”

Yu Yuntao was not used to such a glib-tongued Renzi. “W-what do you want to do there! Accommodations and airfare will be a waste of money!” 

“Then, I’ll just pay for it myself, alright?”

Yu Yuntao smiled, “I understand now. You want to go see Gu Xiaoshan, am I right?”

Renzi was honest, nodding his head vigorously. Yu Yuntao then said, “If you attend the meeting, you’ll need to make a speech. Can you come up with a speech?”

Without thinking, Renzi replied, “Can’t I just let Ah Xuan write it?”

Yu Yuntao immediately refused. “Ah Xuan is under me, don’t think about using him.”

Renzi remembered that as a vice-president, he still had an assistant. “Then I’ll let my own assistant write it, ok?”

Yu Yuntao sneered. “Your assistant has been transferred to another department already.”

Renzi was astounded. “My assistant has been transferred, and I didn’t know about it?”

Yu Yuntao laughed mockingly. “Yes, you actually don’t know about it!”

Renzi had really “gained without putting any effort”, and so could not rebut. He could only grumble, “You should at least have let me know about it.”

“You also don’t let me know when you’re not going to work. You only work one day out of the entire month, but you have an assistant who draws a salary of 8000yuan, do you think our Yu family’s money drop from the sky?”

Renzi thought, 8000yuan could still be considered money?

But he did not dare to argue.

Renzi finally realised that Yu Yuntao and Gu Xiaoshan were both overbearing and stingy presidents. In this industry, they had no choice but to participate in such ridiculous global alliances, but if there was no need to attend the activities, they would not attend them, rather than waste the money doing so. This time when Gu Xiaoshan attended the meeting, his heart ached at spending this money, and so, decided to also go to O City in Country C to supervise the Gu empire’s on-going new project. He even planned on negotiating with the local government, and see if he could get some subsidies, so as to increase the value of going on this trip.

And because of this, when Renzi reached the airport in the capital of Country C, he was informed by Yu Yuntao that Gu Xiaoshan had already went to O City. Renzi was frustrated to the point where he wanted to howl right there and then, but when he saw the noise prohibiting sign, as a person who had strived to be obedient since young, he shut his mouth silently.

Renzi temporarily had no other ideas, and first checked in to the hotel that he had booked, and would decide again after one night. Lying in his hotel room, Renzi called Gu Xiaoshan, but was told that he was not within a service area. Renzi was furious, forget about not answering my call, he’s even blocking me?

He did not believe that Gu Xiaoshan was able to leave a service area, he must have blacklisted him.

Blacklisted by Brother Xiaoshan?

How upsetting!

Renzi was so angry that his face was red, and quickly gave Xu Yunyun a call, only to discover that Xu Yunyun was also not within a service area. This time, Renzi’s anger turned into panic. Could it be that both of them fell into some pit in some rural mountainous area?

He suppressed his urge to make a police report, and called his brother first, anxiously describing the situation to him. Yu Yuntao was very calm instead, “Oh, is it? Didn’t they go to O City to supervise the work going on there? They might be in the mountains.”

Renzi finally relaxed. “Then, then how should I get in contact with him?”

Yu Yuntao helplessly pinched the bridge of his nose. “You can’t barge around aimlessly. Without a word, you chased after him all the way to Country C, and even want to go into the mountains to meet him. How is this different from a pervert, a stalker?”

Renzi had no other alternatives as well. “I also don’t want to do this. Then, what should I do? I’m here already, should I not go look for him? Then, that’s even more perverted!”

Yu Yuntao was exasperated. “You fool! Look for a reason, then pretend to chance upon him, don’t you know how to do that?”

Recently, Renzi had been thinking about how to chase a man, and his knowledge in such matters had also increased a little. So, he rebutted rationally, “Chancing upon him in a mountain that doesn’t even have a signal?”

This child has improved, he even knows how to argue back now. Yu Yuntao replied unhappily, “Since you’re so smart, you can come up with your own ideas.”

Renzi’s arrogance immediately receded, and he said, smiling, “Bro, I’m only just saying that, of course you’re right.”

Feeling that he had gained back his dignity as an older brother, Yu Yuntao replied, “Of course. Listen to me, this Gu Xiaoshan can’t always stay up in the mountains. He’ll need to go somewhere else for negotiations, there’s always a chance somewhere. The most important thing you have to do now is to find a reasonable excuse to go to City O. I will continue monitoring Gu Xiaoshan’s movement, and tell you what to do next.”

Renzi was extremely grateful.

When Yu Yuntao hung up his phone, he again felt that he was really crazy. He was actually helping his younger brother woo a man, and that man was even that distasteful Gu Xiaoshan.

Renzi now had to think of an excuse to go to City O, and so began searching online for information on City O. He at first wanted to see if City O had any famous tourist attractions, and could use them as an excuse to say that he was there for sight-seeing. However, after searching, he discovered that City O was a godforsaken place, no wonder just by going up the mountains, they would not receive any signal. Momentarily, Renzi was now in a similar state that he had been during his college entrance examinations, biting a pen til it broke while trying to think of an answer, and scratching his head bald.

The amenities in this hotel in the capital were excellent, the streets outside bustling, making it hard for people to imagine that this city and City O both were located in the same country. Sitting in the cafe of the hotel, Renzi looked at a web page introducing City O on his tablet, and sighed.

“Is this President Ren?” A slightly husky voice sounded behind him.

Renzi was surprised, and turned his head back. The person looking at him at a worldly look in his smiling eyes, and such a unique person, amongst all that Renzi knew, was probably only that man with a little white hair. Taken aback, Renzi had never expect that he would end up meeting Gu Xiaoshan’s blind date in another country. Renzi instantly stood up and smiled self-consciously, “Ah, what a coincidence, Mr Shu.”

Shu Jingyi smiled at Renzi, “It’s really a coincidence. I nearly didn’t dare to call out to you.”

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