POBE Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

With a smile, Renzi invited Shu Jingyi to take a seat. “Is Mr Shu also here to attend the bull…”

He wanted to say “bullshit meeting”, but realised that there would not be a meeting that would be named “bullshit” — this was awkward, to have come all this way, he still did not know what the name of this meeting was. He could not help but judged his own brother critically. How could he speak in such an uncivilised manner, he was even a president!

Shu Jingyi smiled, it seemed like he was waiting for Renzi to finish his sentence. When he realised that Renzi was stuck, he then continued amicably, “Attending? I’m here on a holiday.”

Renzi paused. “Oh, a holiday, it’s nice to be on a holiday.”

Shu Jingyi saw the page on Renzi’s tablet, and said in surprise, “You’re also going to City O?”

Renzi keenly caught the word “also”, and hurriedly nodded. He asked, “Mr Shu is going to City O for a holiday?”

Shu Jingyi gave a nod, “It’s rare that Country C has such an uncommercialized place with great scenery, it’s perfect for a holiday.”

“Oh, it’s like this… I, I have the same thoughts as well.” Renzi secretly thanked Shu Jingyi for giving him a suitable excuse to go to City O.

Shu Jingyi seemed to be even more interested. “You’re also going to City O on a holiday?”

Renzi bit the bullet and parroted, “Yes… Right, I also feel that the scenery’s great, and there’s little commercialization. It’s a pretty nice place, so I want to take a look.”

“Have you thought of where to go?”

Renzi shook his head blankly, “No, not yet. I’m searching right now.”

Shu Jingyi’s eyes curved up, he seemed to be in a good mood. “I’m very familiar with the city. If you don’t mind, I’ll be your guide, how about that?”

Renzi thought about it, he did not know when Gu Xiaoshan will leave the mountain, and there would be nothing for him to do, might as well go and have fun with Mr Shu. He then agreed happily.

Shu Jingyi was not lying when he said he was familiar with City O. Pointing at the map, he said, “I have properties here, here and here. Where would you like to stay?”

Renzi’s eyes widened. “You bought 3 houses in such a god— in such a remote place?”

“Yes, I at first only wanted to buy one, but the agent said that if I buy 2, I’ll get one free, and I couldn’t resist.”

Renzi’s eyes widened even more. “Even houses can have such promotions?”

“Of course not,” Shu Jingyi laughed. “I was lying to you.”

His pronunciation was still enunciated, sounding like a broadcaster, “You actually believed me.”

Renzi was stunned, only then did he realise that this Shu Jingyi looked old-fashioned, but was actually not a serious person. Renzi thought for a moment, and spoke, “Don’t tell me you were also lying to me about your three properties.”

Shu Jingyi smiled instead, “You’ll know once you get there.”

Renzi did not doubt him. Shu Jingyi scrolled through his phone, and watched Renzi as he asked, “When do you plan on going there?”

“I’m completely free, it’s up to you. When you decide to leave, then I’ll leave with you.”

Shu Jingyi nodded and smiled, “This is great, I’m also free, and can leave anytime too.”

He then asked again, “Do you plan on taking the train or plane?”

Renzi hesitated, then said, “Don’t make me choose. You’ll decide, I’ll go along with you.”

Renzi was really used to others arranging everything for him. He was not very bothered by all these. Shu Jingyi could not help saying, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll sell you off?”

Renzi laughed, “Try selling! No one would buy!”

Shu Jingyi joked, “As long as the price is right, everything can be sold.”

Hearing this, Renzi felt that it made sense, and so asked, “So how much am I worth?”

Shu Jingyi then said, “I’ll have to see.” He leaned in to Renzi and scrutinised him. He was so close that the astringency of his cologne rushed up Renzi’s nose.

Renzi said, “I think I’m always worth it.”

Shu Jingyi smiled, and quickly retreated. He tapped on his phone, “Then if you don’t mind, let’s book tickets on the train.”

Renzi nodded hesitantly.

Renzi rarely took trains on a trip. Usually, if he could choose, he would fly first class.

Of course, he would occasionally take train journeys as well. When he was about to head to the first class cabin out of habit, Shu Jingyi stopped him. “We’re in the standard cabin.”

Renzi was a little surprised, as though it was the first time he had heard the two words “standard cabin”. Shu Jingyi tugged lightly at his sleeve, and headed in the opposite direction. Renzi too followed, and under the dim light of the corridor, he saw Shu Jingyi’s head turn around, his smile lines deepening, “Oh, are you dissatisfied?”

“It’s not because of this. I’ve just never tried it before.”

“I did guess that’s the case.”

Renzi asked curiously, “Why would you think so?”

Shu Jingyi stopped, and observed him in amusement, then slowly said, “You look like you’ve been pampered from young.”

These words sounded mocking, but from Shu Jingyi, they were very gentle, and sounded more like teasing.

However, Renzi was not sure how could a person look pampered.

This was a modern train, and the amenities were pretty decent. Shu Jingyi had naturally took Renzi’s “pampered-ness” in consideration, and did not book the cheapest standard cabin, but the first-class standard cabin, just one grade lower than the first class cabin. The first class cabin had a bed to a room, while the first-class standard cabin had two beds to a room. As it was in a train, even though it was a first class room, it was still cramp, and the two beds were separated with the distance of a window.

Renzi was also very uncertain about where to store their luggages. Before he could find out, Shu Jingyi had quickly opened the storage cabinet, deftly putting Renzi’s luggage in it, and closed the cabinet door. Renzi thanked him, then realised that a company’s president was performing the job of an assistant for him, and was very ashamed. Renzi thought about it, then realised a problem. “This train ticket, and the bill for the KTV, have all been settled by you!”

Shu Jingyi laughed, “It’s just a small sum of money, there’s no need to mention it.”

Renzi was also one who never treated money as being important. However, he knew that all these presidents, one was stingier than the other, and they were all very calculative over it. Only he, an unproductive person, could spend money wantonly. He was after all not familiar with Shu Jingyi, and it did not feel right to spend his money, so he said, “A small sum of money is still money, it’s best that we calculate it properly. Don’t you businessmen always say, ‘as brothers, we’ll need to keep careful accounts’, and what having to return after borrowing.”

Shu Jingyi laughed, “Of course, but it’s not urgent now, there’ll be a time for you to pay it back.”

When he said this, the train happened to go through a tunnel. There was no source of light from outside, only the little dim light from the lamp above them. Shu Jingyi’s eyes had a sort of wolfish look to them. Renzi shuddered, but the train had passed the tunnel, and sunlight streamed into their cabin again. The bright light fell upon Shu Jingyi’s smiling face, and it looked wonderfully pleasant.

Renzi calmed his nerves, and asked, a little worried, “Ah, there’ll be a time for me to pay it back? Are you planning on charging me a very high interest rate?”

Shu Jingyi still remained smiling, “No, I won’t. Also, what’s the point of money? Are we people that are in need of such a small sum?”

Renzi was curious. “Then, what do you want instead?”

“I have a vineyard there. You should go pluck the grapes yourself, make them into wine, and during the next lunar new year, you’ll give it to me as payment for the original sum.”

Renzi paused, “Just like that?”

“There’s still more.”

“What else?”

“I have a small hunting ground there too. Go hunt a rabbit and roast it for me. This will be considered interest.”

Renzi appeared reluctant. “A rabbit?”

Shu Jingyi thought that Renzi would think, “Rabbits are so cute, how can we kill rabbits?” So he asked, “If not rabbits, what about a pheasant?”

Renzi replied, “That’s even worse. A rabbit already runs so quickly, a pheasant can even fly. How am I supposed to catch them?”

Shu Jingyi burst out laughing, “So you’re afraid of this! This is nothing to be troubled over. I have some really good hunting guns.”

Renzi was essentially a big child, when he heard the words “hunting guns”, his eyes shone, “Real hunting guns?”

“Of course they’re real. If that seller dared to sell me a fake one, I’ll take the gun and aim it at his head then pull the trigger. We’ll let him suffer the torment of being under a fake gun.” When Shu Jingyi said this, it was still with his perfect enunciation and broadcaster-like voice, but Renzi could not help shivering. Shu Jingyi saw that this silly was really a little scared, and so said gently, “I’m just joking.”

Renzi lay on his side on the bed, facing Shu Jingyi. Shu Jingyi also lay on his side, facing him.

The sun had already set, and the moon rose. Lying on his side, Renzi could still chatter on with Shu Jingyi, but soon felt sleepy. Speaking halfway, he actually closed his eyes and went to sleep. Shu Jingyi also had his eyes half-closed, waiting for Renzi to finish his words. After hearing silence, he then opened his eyes, and with the dim light he looked at Renzi’s sleeping face, it was just like a big child.

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  1. Renzi should trust his gut feeling more but I also want him to not realized it until the last second so that GXS couldn’t deny his growing attraction towards Renzi anymore.
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