POBE Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

In the morning, Renzi was woken up by the sun. He rolled out of bed, hearing someone in the bathroom, and so did not interrupt. His phone started ringing. Renzi saw that it was Yu Yuntao calling him, and quickly answered. Lowering his voice, he asked, “What happened? You have news from Brother Xiaoshan?”

Yu Yuntao heard Renzi’s lowered voice, and was suspicious. “Are you stealing something?”

Renzi explained, “No, Mr Shu is brushing his teeth. I’m afraid that he’ll hear me.”

“Hmm???!!!” Yu Yuntao was confused. “Huh???!!!”

Yu Yuntao then shook his head. He believed he had heard wrongly, or understood it wrongly. He tried to verify what he heard, “What Shu? Who are you brushing your teeth with?”

Renzi answered honestly, “I’m not brushing my teeth. Shu Jingyi woke up earlier than me, he’s the one brushing his teeth.”

“Hmm???!!!” Yu Yuntao was confused. “Huh???!!!”

Renzi did not seem to find it inappropriate. Yu Yuntao however was reminded of He Jun, and said, “Bro, tell me the truth. Do you have some weird hobbies or something?”


“It’s not that you like Gu Xiaoshan, you just like making Gu Xiaoshan a cuckold right?”

“Hmm???!!!” Renzi was confused. “Huh???!!!”

Yu Yuntao felt that to criticise him like this was not very nice of him. After all, they were family, and he also disliked Gu Xiaoshan, and so placated Renzi, “Never mind, I’ll still stand on your side, and will provide you with help and support.”

Renzi was still in a state of confusion, but hearing such warm words from Yu Yuntao, he could only reply. “Thank you?”

“No need for thanks, we’re a family. Are you going to O City?”

“Yes. I happened to bump into Mr Shu at the hotel. He has a place in O City and is very familiar with the city, so he said he’ll be my guide. Now we’re on a train heading there.”

Yu Yuntao finally understood what was going on. This kid is always scaring people with his ambiguous words.

However, he again felt a little doubtful, “You’ll be staying in the same house?”

“Yes, this way, there’ll be someone to look after me.”

Yu Yuntao nodded. “You do need someone to look after you.”

Yu Yuntao then gave him some information, telling him that Gu Xiaoshan was still in the mountains, but he had already found out which mountain it was, and then sent the location to Renzi. Renzi took out the map that Shu Jingyi had marked out for him, and noticed that Shu Jingyi had a property that was in the mountain Gu Xiaoshan was at. He was delighted, and almost instantly decided that he would stay there.

Shu Jingyi stepped out of the bathroom. He was not dressed in his usual suits, but unexpectedly was dressed in jeans with somewhat faded suspenders, a pair of shiny, black, high cut boots, and a white shirt. The top few buttons of his shirt remained unbutton, as though he was afraid of feeling warm, revealing looming pecs. Clearly, sexiness was not solely in the hands of females. When a man revealed his figure like this, it was also very attractive. 

Shu Jingyi smiled at him. “When we get off the train, we’ll go hunting, how about that?”

Renzi’s eyes brightened upon hearing that. “Sure! Sure!”

Renzi saw Shu Jingyi’s cowboy-style outfit, looking up at him just like a child, and cheerfully told him, “I want to wear this too!”

Shu JingYi was taller than Renzi by a head, he leaned his head in slightly, and his eyes swept past Renzi’s light mole, looking into Renzi’s bright and black eyes. He laughed, “I do still have another set, but it won’t fit you well.”

Renzi had forgotten about looking for Gu Xiaoshan, and this novelty had completely overtaken his mind.

His interests had always been very boyish. Since he was a child, he liked cars and toy guns. Now that he grew up, the sports cars in his house was more than what his garage could hold. However, because of the laws, he had never touched a gun before. Each time he travelled overseas, he was also under the eyes of his family or an assistant, and had never tried hunting overseas before. Thinking about it, he felt that it was such a pity.

The two of them got off the train, and a car was there ready to pick them up. It had most likely been arranged by Shu Jingyi beforehand. The car drove them to the hunting grounds, and there was also a guide from the hunting club waiting for them there. Normally, Shu Jingyi would never request for a guide while hunting, but as Renzi was there, he then requested for one. This was because on the way here, Renzi was talking about how he had never learnt to use a gun before, and kept asking if this was legal.

Shu Jingyi tried pacifying him, “It doesn’t matter, I’m a professional.”

Renzi looked at Shu Jingyi’s peppered hair and elegant manners dubiously. Shu Jingyi smiled helplessly, then made a call, arranging for a professional guide, which made Renzi less worried.

When Renzi met the guide, he saw this tanned, muscular, rough man with a local accent saying, “Ok, ok, no problem”. Unexpectedly, he accepted it easily. It might be because Renzi was also one of those who were used to classifying people with stereotypes. Seeing that this local man was so boorish, he assumed that he must ride to work daily on a horse, cook using firewood, and was very good at hunting.

At the same time, he also felt that this western cowboy get-up was very cool. Holding a gun, he took a selfie, and felt that it was way too cool. Heaven forbid if he did not share this photo with his friends! Renzi was wearing Shu Jingyi’s clothes, so it was a little too big for him. But this did not matter, as he tucked the excess ends of the pants into his boots, rolled up his sleeve, and copying Shu Jingyi, he too left the top two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. Although his pecs were not defined, but it still was pretty good looking — according to him.

Proudly, he took another photo, then asked Shu Jingyi, “Take a look, does this photo look good?”

“It looks good.”

Renzi laughed and uploaded it onto his social media account. Shu Jingyi’s eyes fell onto Renzi’s collar. “You previously mentioned about a darker mole on your body, are you referring to this one?”

Shu Jingyi reached out and poked lightly at Renzi’s collarbone.

Renzi also touched his little round black mole. “Yes, although it’s not protruding out, and it’s not very big. But the colour’s a little too dark, and seems a little unsightly.”

Shu Jingyi smiled, “It doesn’t.”

Shu Jingyi had bought a reindeer hunting licence, and so they could legally hunt a reindeer. Renzi asked, “Can’t we buy one more?”

The hunting guide laughed, “For this year, there’s only 100 plus licences available for hunting reindeers. They cannot be purchased so easily.”

Renzi was alarmed when he heard this. “Is this a protected animal? Then let’s better not hunt it.”

The hunting guide thought, fuck, is this rich person acting dumb? If you love animals so much, why did you come hunting? However, he still professionally answered Renzi patiently, “It’s not a problem. We have thousands of reindeers here. Every year, we’ll only hunt slightly more than a hundred of them, it won’t affect their population.”

Renzi was relieved.

Later, Renzi followed the guide and went through a shooting training. The training was very simple, causing even a slow person like Renzi to feel that the hunting guide was doing a cursory job of it. The hunting guide also went through the things to take note of very quickly and urgently. As his english was not enunciated properly, Renzi also felt muddled listening to him. Seeing this, the hunting guide in the end only said, “Anyway, you should just listen to me.”

Finally, he gave Renzi an “idiot-proof” gun with a scope, a gun that even an idiot could use.

Renzi tested it, and discovered it really was a gun that even an idiot could use. He himself was also pretty comfortable with it. The scope had already been adjusted by Shu Jingyi, and Renzi happily used this hunting gun to shoot an apple that was within ten metres of them, delighted beyond measure. The hunting guide thought, fuck, rich people are really fools. Are bullets free?

The bullets were of course not free.

When Gu Xiaoshan hunted, he would prefer playing with arrows. Only when he occasionally saw a bear or a deer then would he decide to use a gun depending on the situation.

Using a gun to shoot an apple, that had never ever crossed Gu Xiaoshan’s mind before. It was the same for Shu Jingyi, but when he looked at Renzi having fun, he was also pretty happy. Still, he cautioned him, of course not with the reason that “bullets weren’t free”, and not because “they had limited bullets and shouldn’t waste them”, but only smiled, “You’ll end up scaring the prey like this, and may disturb other people.”

As Renzi held the gun, his face appeared even more delicate and fair next to it. “Huh? There’s other people here as well?”

He did not seem very worried about scaring the prey. In actual fact, he was not very interested in hunting, and only liked playing with the gun.

“Who knows?” Shu Jingyi tightened the string of the red cap on Renzi’s head for him. “Wear your cap properly. If you happen across other people, what if they shoot at you thinking you’re a prey? Things like this can happen as well.”

Renzi stroked the cap, “There’s even such things?”

Shu Jingyi nodded. “That’s why you need to wear the cap properly. Like this, even from a distance, other people who know that you’re not a rabbit nor a reindeer.”

Renzi laughed, “I don’t think I look like a rabbit or a reindeer right?”

Wild rabbits and squirrels could be seen running everywhere in this forest, but there were few people. As long as Renzi did not shoot randomly, it was very quiet. Shu Jingyi still gently reminded him not to fire his gun randomly, as they did not know if a tourist like them would appear from within the forest. Renzi nodded his head obediently. Shu Jingyi saw that Renzi was still aiming his gun within the vicinity of the car, so he adjusted his hands, talking to him like a teacher, “If there are no preys, don’t hold your gun like this. If you’re not firing, the gun shouldn’t be loaded.”

Shu Jingyi’s face leaned in closely, and the scent on his body wafted up again, it was still that astringent smell, covering up the fresh scent of the forest.

Shu Jingyi was right. This forest looked like it was void of people, but there were actually still visitors around. They were only covered up by the trees, and could not be seen clearly. A disturbance was heard, then a Mercedes SUV came rumbling over. Renzi could not help looking over. The door opened, out came a person, also a Chinese dressed in a cowboy-style outfit, but with a high nose bridge and deep-set eyes. Seeing him, Renzi tossed the gun away from his hand, delightedly calling, “Brother Xiaoshan!”

He leapt onto him, acting just like Ha-cube.

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