POBE Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Gu Xiaoshan did not screen his staff from his social media account, and so many of them had saw his announcement about his relationship. This announcement was also shared amongst all gossip chats of the employees, and had spread rapidly. Some said they believed it, others said they did not, but everyone had something to say about now. Now with the delivery of the roses and the silk banner, the gossip chat exploded. On the surface, everyone looked calm refusing to be distracted, but underneath, they were exchanging all sorts of looks with each other.

Xu Yunyun handled all deliveries to the president’s office. As for this particular one, Xu Yunyun did not know how to receive it, and could only bite her lips and clack her way to Gu Xiaoshan’s office in her heels. Knocking the door before entering, she informed him, “President Gu, there’s a delivery from President Ren, please come to the desk to personally receive it.”

Gu Xiaoshan frowned and walked out. Seeing a huge, rectangular black flower box on the desk, the aesthetics more suited to a straight man, it looked just like a mini coffin. In it was 999 stalks of bright, eye-catching red roses, but what was even more eye-catching was that fluttering silk banner with gold words.

Xu Yunyun forced her smile back, and not a single hint of hankering for gossip showed upon her face. With a calm look, she asked, “This takes up quite a bit of space, I don’t know where to put it.”

Gu Xiaoshan said, “Put the roses in the fridge, if not they’ll spoil.”

Xu Yunyun was surprised, then responded, “What about the fridge in the corner of the pantry? Putting them in a bottle with water would keep them fresher, what do you think about that?”

“Mn,” Gu Xiaoshan nodded. “We’ll do that.”

“Then… what about the silk banner?”

“Put it in my office…” As an exquisite, top class gay, Gu Xiaoshan’s eyes burned when seeing this celebratory silk banner. However, the brainless message gave him surprising sweetness. In the end, his love for his partner won over his sense of aesthetics, and he gave an instruction that he would definitely regret. “Hang it up.”

Xu Yunyun nearly slipped and fell, but her face looked just like normal. “Mn, sure.”

It seemed like Gu Xiaoshan and Yu Yunren were really together.

With their actions, the consequence was that on the second day of their relationship, everyone knew about it. This too became everyone’s hot topic of discussion.

When Gu Xiaowu found out, she was extremely stupefied. She really did not dare to believe that Renzi who had been crazily chasing after her for a long time now switched to chasing after her older brother, and even succeeded!

Gu Xiaowu also made her way to Gu Xiaoshan’s office, wanting to clarify it. Xu Yunyun stood up, as though she was about to stop her. Gu Xiaowu instead said, “I made an appointment.”

Xu Yunyun quickly nodded, “Yes, I’m very sorry, but President Gu is still in a meeting. Please wait over here.”

Gu Xiaowu expressed her understanding, and was invited to the reception room. As she waited for Gu Xiaoshan, she flipped through the magazines. In the room, she recalled how she used to like Yu Yuntao, and even chased after him on purpose, how she waited for him in the reception room of the Yu’s offices. She could not help but frown, what exactly was this?

She had chased after Yu Yuntao, then Yu Yuntao came out of the closet, saying he was gay. Yu Yuntao’s little brother had always regarded himself as a heterosexual, even chasing after her, and she refused to accept him. Now she discovered, Yu Yunren was also a gay, and even got together with her own brother?

Should she suspect if fate was playing a trick on her, or suspect if she had some special ability?

As Gu Xiaowu lost herself in her thoughts for over ten minutes, her brother finally came to see her.

Gu Xiaoshan asked, “Have you been waiting long?”

“It’s fine, there were magazines to keep me from getting bored.” Gu Xiaowu tossed the magazine on the table casually, and it fell open to a page with the headline “Playboy Yu Yunren’s Dating History”.

Gu Xiaoshan knew she did it on purpose, and so pretended not to see it. Taking a seat on the couch, he asked with a smile, “Aren’t you pretty busy recently? Why did you come to my office suddenly to look for me?”

Gu Xiaowu smiled in reply. “You’re the one who’s busier right? Busy dating?”

“Well, dating isn’t work,” Gu Xiaoshan leaned into the couch. “Even if I spend more time dating, I won’t say it’s busy. I’ll call it relaxation and entertainment.”

Gu Xiaowu finally believed the news of their relationship, and her expression turned ugly. “Renzi is unreliable, are you unreliable as well?”

“Hey, what are you saying?”

Gu Xiaowu picked up the magazine and waved it in front of Gu Xiaoshan. As though afraid of him not knowing how to read, she said loudly, “He’s different from you. His affections have always switched very easily, falling in love with a snap of the fingers. Can you date him without any worries?”

“What are you saying. It’s only that he doesn’t know how to handle the media,” Gu Xiaoshan defended Renzi. “If not for my good relationship with the media, the number of reports on me would be no less than him.”

“I can’t be bothered with that.” Gu Xiaowu said. “I don’t care if you’re hurting others, but I can’t let others have a chance to hurt you!”

Gu Xiaoshan still smiled. “What nonsense! Who would be able to hurt me? That foolish little Yu Yunren?”

“Yes, that foolish little Yu Yunren!” Gu Xiaowu’s voice reverberated. “Other than him, no one else would be able to hurt you.”

Gu Xiaoshan was shocked. “Are you thinking too much into it?”

“I hope so.” Gu Xiaowu knew that she could not pry too much into it, and only reminded him, “He looks very harmless, but in actual fact, his reckless attitude, always doing as he pleases, would easily bring about negative consequences for people around him, and even cause them major harm. As no one can bear to blame him, if anything happens, you will be the only one bearing the responsibility!”

Gu Xiaoshan calmly looked at Gu Xiaowu, this lady who looked very similar to him, as well as his mother. He wanted to say something, but apparently it was not very important, as he did not look unhappy when they were interrupted by a knock.

The person coming in was Xu Yunyun. Gu Xiaoshan and Gu Xiaowu immediately put on a well-practised friendly smile, as though they were having a friendly sibling chat. Xu Yunyun did not notice anything strange, and only said, “President Ren is here, and he’ll like to invite President Gu for a meal.”

Gu Xiaoshan spoke, “Let him wait for a bit, I’m talking with Xiaowu.”

However, Gu Xiaowu smiled and stood up. “What are you saying? Wouldn’t it be nice if the three of us share a meal together?”

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  1. I don’t think Renzi’s reckless. If I remember correctly, while he switches girlfriends like changing clothes, it seems that he was always used by his girlfriends. I doubt any of them were hurt by him. Sure he lacked sincerety, but they lacked sincerety AND were manipulative and materialistic. Can’t say I sympathise with them at all. Many used his name to get popular as well, because Renzi doesn’t know how to cover up anything like other playboys. Plus it seems like his dating style was a result of listening to people’s suggestions.

    As for Gu Xiaowu, I hope Renzi tells her what he told his dad, that he actually liked GXS but since he thought he’s straight, he only dared to chase GXW.

  2. This update went to fast for my liking, I want tomorrow to come quickly. I wanna see how it goes. I bet they will be all sweet and showing a lot of dog food and the sister will have no choice but to accept that the two really like each other. I wish it was two updates a day…Don’t worry. This greedy one knows that she needs to wait till tomorrow QAQ Thank you for the chapter

  3. Is GXW actually feeling jealous? Like, every men are gay and only she was being left behind, alone. Though I can understand how she arrived at that conclusion, I wished she could see past Renzi’s previous relationships and what the media portayed him as.

    Thank you for the translation..

  4. Aren’t they the one benefiting of Renzi? This self-centered and brocon sister. She thinks all men should revolve around her?

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