POBE Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Renzi did not glance around too much, only paying close attention to Gu Xiaoshan’s face. Gu Xiaoshan’s facial profile was actually not extremely sharp, but it could not be considered soft as well. His appearance was quite delicate and gorgeous, but with that pair of willow leaf-like eyes, they brought his face a degree of lethality. Shu Jingyi had compared him to an owl, and it was not accurate. His face had no resemblance at all to a cat. Only his eyes had a brightness to them that could not be concealed, no matter how gentle and refined he was, how beautiful his smile was, he always looked a little fierce.

Gu Xiaoshan himself did not know from which age did he realise that as long as he did not speak and just looked at people, others would feel unhappy. Hence, he slowly cultivated the habit of facing people with a smile.

“You’re really good looking.” Renzi suddenly spoke.

Gu Xiaoshan was surprised, then he smiled and kissed the corner of Renzi’s lips.

When two handsome guys like Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan held hands, they had already attracted quite a fair bit of attention. Now that they even kissed, people walking by could not help glancing over a couple more times. A passerby even said in a low voice, “Damn gays!”

Renzi immediately jerked his head towards him, glaring with a pair of big round eyes, “What’s it fucking got to do with you?!”

The man got a fright. He looked down, remaining silent, and quickly walked off. It was not that he got scared by Renzi’s sudden outburst, but because he saw what was behind Renzi, which was Gu Xiaoshan’s fierce gaze and muscular body.

Gu Xiaoshan suddenly pinched Renzi. Renzi turned his head to look at Gu Xiaoshan, only to get pinched again. “Why are you using vulgarities?”

Renzi thought, I’m not the only one using vulgarities, my entire family uses vulgarities!

However, facing Gu Xiaoshan’s gentle reproach, Renzi submitted. “Sorry, next time I’ll be more aware of my words, and be nice to the environment.”

“I’m not scolding you, I just feel that there’s no point in arguing with people like this.” Gu Xiaoshan had actually also remembered that this was the style of the Yu family. Whether it was Yu Yuntao or Old Mister Yu, if something like this happened to them, they would most likely return the favour.

Whereas, Renzi was thinking about how his usual way of speaking and inability to beat around the bush would be a misfit in the Gu family. He did not know how he should interact with the Gu family. Pondering over it, it was still more reasonable for Gu Xiaoshan to marry into his family.

Mn, I’m definitely a genius. Look how fast I can think of a solution!

The two of them continued looking at the fish, but Gu Xiaoshan knew that Renzi did not like looking at such stuff. Nearly 80% of the time, Renzi was staring at Gu Xiaoshan’s face. Gu Xiaoshan actually did not like looking at fish much too, but he enjoyed the feeling of having Renzi’s eyes that were full of admiration on him. He then displayed his perfect profile for Renzi to continue drinking it in.

It was nearly time for dinner, and so Gu Xiaoshan held Renzi’s hand and led him to the restaurant in the aquarium.

A romantic dinner in an aquarium restaurant was roughly the same. They were decorated with a marine theme, the colours mainly blue and white. On the table were fresh flowers that could only be grown in earth, and the tables next to the glass wall were the hardest to book. Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan happened to be seated by the glass wall, allowing them to easily and conveniently watch the fishes go by.

Actually, after so many hours, Renzi’s interest in these marine animals had decreased a lot. Still, being able to share a candlelight dinner with Gu Xiaoshan was a very good idea. On the white table was a gel candle coloured with in blue. The flame was small, with the handmade gel candle, it was quite romantic. In Gu Xiaoshan’s hand was a sake cup. The cup had an ombré effect, blending from a dark blue hue up to a light green, making Gu Xiaoshan’s hand look very fair, his fingers long and slender, just like the hand of a rich person.

Gu Xiaoshan did not eat much. Neither did Renzi, as although the price was not low, the food in this theme restaurant was truly lackluster. Their plating was however very interesting and eye-catching, suitable for taking photos, but it tasted so-so.

Gu Xiaoshan asked Renzi, “Is the food good?”

Renzi replied, giving Gu Xiaoshan some face, “It’s not bad.”

Gu Xiaoshan again got angry internally, and he smiled, “Why do you refuse to tell me the truth?”

“Huh?” Renzi was taken aback.

Due to the Gu family’s education, Gu Xiaoshan had grown up to become a person who would never state his entire thoughts on something. Although he could share with Renzi quite a fair bit of his thoughts and feelings, but he was still rather restrained. For Renzi this frank, simple person, it was rather hard for him to understand Gu Xiaoshan’s words sometimes.

Renzi did not understand the underlying meaning of Gu Xiaoshan’s question. He thought about it, then answered honestly, “It’s pretty awful.”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled helplessly, “Then we just won’t eat it.”

“Let’s go back and have BBQ?” Renzi’s eyes lit up.

“We can’t,” Gu Xiaoshan smiled and rejected his suggestion. “We’ve already said that today will be a romantic date!”

“Even if that’s the case, but aren’t we about to go home? Can’t we take it as though the date has ended?”

Gu Xiaoshan held Renzi’s hand, “There’s something else.”

“Ah?” Renzi was very surprised. “What is it?”

“A romantic date night, how can we not have any fireworks?” Gu Xiaoshan replied.

The fireworks display at the marine park was rather popular, and many couples like coming here on a date. Hence, the show was a perfect end to a romantic date. After Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi finished their dinner, they left the aquarium and saw that the area near the sea in the marine park was already crowded with people. Renzi saw the bulletin and was shocked, “The show would only start at 8, there’s already so many people waiting at 7.30pm?”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “They all want a good spot to watch the display.”

“Then we’ll be watching their heads?” Renzi was very amused.

“Of course not, we won’t be watching it from here.”

Renzi was hardly surprised. He would occasionally watch a fireworks display when on holiday as well, and had never squeezed with the crowd before. Usually, he would get someone to book a table at a seaside restaurant or a place on the viewing platform and watch the show from there, seated comfortably as he drank some wine.

He thought, if even he knew how to make such arrangements, Gu Xiaoshan definitely would as well.

The restaurant with the best atmosphere in the marine park was in the aquarium, and the best place to view the fireworks was from the balcony of the luxury ocean view suite of the theme hotel in the park.

Renzi asked if this suite had to be booked in advance. Gu Xiaoshan said he did not know, it most likely had to be so, and it was better to ask Xu Yunyun.

These were not things that Gu Xiaoshan had to be concerned with. With the information Xu Yunyun had prepared for him, he confirmed his reservation with the front desk of the hotel. The staff then gave him the key, and when they saw Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan as a couple, they politely and courteously smiled at them. As for Renzi, he was still thinking about those fireworks.

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