POBE Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

The balcony of the ocean view suite was very spacious. There was a coral coloured hanging chair there, and the installation was very sturdy. Unlike the usual instability of other hanging chairs, this chair was rectangular shaped, a little like a swing. It was also very broad, and it was very roomy for two people to sit on it. On top of the seat was a chair cushion prepared by the hotel. When Renzi’s butt sat on it, he felt that it was cottony-soft. Swinging along with his weight, it was pretty fun.

In front of him was a vast dark blue sea. On a night like this, the sea should be dark and black, but because of the glowing lights, it glimmered faintly, a view that could not be seen in the day.

Renzi immediately flew to the balcony when he entered the suite, sitting and swinging on the hanging chair. However, he also knew to leave a space next to him for his lover. Gu Xiaoshan did not come over straight away, seeming to be fiddling with something in the room. Renzi was a little bored, and was about to ask him what was going on, only to see Gu Xiaoshan bringing a bucket of ice over and placing it on the round rattan table next to the chair. Renzi stretched his neck towards it. In the bucket were cans of beer, and so he was quite satisfied. After all, he liked drinking.

Renzi had one hand on the edge of the seat, and the other on Gu Xiaoshan’s arm. He felt that both were very solid and firm, giving him a great sense of security. Gu Xiaoshan asked, “Where’s your phone?”

Renzi touched his pocket. “Oh right, where is it?”

“Always leaving your things all over the place. You left it on the front desk as we were checking in and forgot all about it. I’ve picked it up for you, and it’s now on the table in the room. Do you want me to bring it here?”

Renzi was not that addicted to his phone. “Forget it, don’t trouble yourself walking here and there. We’re here to watch the fireworks, why do we care about the phone? It doesn’t matter if we just leave it there. I also don’t have so many things to take care of, unlike you.”

“Why does your last sentence sound a little like a complaint?” Gu Xiaoshan laughed.

“I didn’t mean it that way.” Renzi paused, “But since you mentioned it, I just talk about it too. Each time you go out to eat and play with me, you’re always looking at your phone and answering your calls.”

However, since he was a child, Renzi had been very understanding of how people were “busy with work”. He was already very happy that Gu Xiaoshan was willing to spend time with him, eating with him, and he did not really mind that Gu Xiaoshan was always dealing with his work matters while with him.

Sitting down next to Renzi, Gu Xiaoshan took out his phone and tapped on it. “Look, I’ve put it on silent mode.”

Renzi would never request his lover who had all sorts of demands on his time to put everything down and accompany him. Just putting his phone on silent was already enough to make him smile brightly.

Gu Xiaoshan switched to his notification page and showed it to Renzi. “See, I didn’t have any incoming calls today.” As though asking for credit, Gu Xiaoshan even acted coyly. “I’ve deliberately diverted all calls to Xu Yunyun. I’ve already said that this was going to be a romantic date, I can’t let my work destroy the atmosphere.”

Gu Xiaoshan had decided to give himself a day off work to spend time with Renzi. Of course, if there really was a major issue that had to be handled, Gu Xiaoshan could not “sacrifice the country for a beauty”, and so asked Xu Yunyun to be his “processing station”. He was only to be contacted if there was something that had to be settled immediately.

Hearing this, Renzi’s eyes widened. He did not have time to pity Xu Yunyun for having to become a processing station. He wrapped his hand around Gu Xiaoshan’s arm, looking up with a smile. “How wonderful! You should have told me earlier, then my joy today would increase by so many more times!”

Gu Xiaoshan had never thought that this action could make Renzi this happy, and was a little surprised. “I really didn’t know that you’ll like the fact that I’m not working.”

Renzi started pondering over it. His eyes curved up in a smile. “It’s probably because it’s rare for me to take precedence over work! Even my dad has never doted on me like this!”

Gu Xiaoshan seemed to understand it a little.

Both Renzi and him were brought up by single fathers, and their single fathers happened to both be workaholics. When they were young, they both lacked the presence of their fathers. Their fathers had missed many of their milestones growing up. Used to them being too busy with work, they grew up to be “sensible children”, and they both had to show their understanding for their fathers. As time went on, they too grew up, and were long used to thinking that work was the most important, and so never objected to work invading their personal time. As members of the “circle of presidents”, they did not place as much importance on a work-life balance as other salaried employees.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “If your dad hears you speaking like this, he would definitely be furious, saying that you’re damnifying him.”

“He can’t hear me anyway!” Renzi was cool as a cucumber.

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “Talking about this, it may be very strange. But if it’s about taking care of you, your dad might really not be as good as me about it.”

Renzi too found this statement very strange, funny and amusing, and so he started chuckling. Accompanying his laughter was music coming from the seaside. It was probably the prelude to the fireworks display. The crowd over there was gradually starting to become restless, while Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan still remained sitting composedly on the hanging chair, enjoying the evening summer breeze.

Gu Xiaoshan spoke up, “There’s no one calling my phone, but I seem to see a few messages on your phone from Shu Jingyi.”

“Hmm?” Renzi did not see anything wrong with it. “Is that so?”

Gu Xiaoshan asked, “Why is he looking for you?”

Renzi had really not been concerned with Mr Shu’s messages, and he was too lazy to think about it. “How would I know?”

Gu Xiaoshan had relaxed quite a bit due to the atmosphere just now, but his fury again rose up because of this matter. Renzi felt the pressure of an invisible aura, and was a little lost. “B-brother Xiaoshan…”

“Hmm?” Gu Xiaoshan raised his brow. “Why are you addressing me that way?”

Renzi became aware of what he did. “I, I don’t know…”

Gu Xiaoshan had always felt that the “Brother Xiaoshan” was very pleasant sounding, and he liked hearing it. Thus, he could show some mercy and give Renzi another chance. So, he smiled and asked, “I feel like something doesn’t seem quite right with you today?”

“What’s wrong?” Renzi was surprised.

“We haven’t seen each other in a few days. You were rather anxious when you saw me for the first time today. Did you have something you want to tell me?”

“Umm…” Renzi carefully considered it, and nodded frankly. “I really do have something I want to tell you, but… I feel that it’s not nice…”

“Why do we still need to bother about ‘nice’ and ‘not nice’ between us?” Gu Xiaoshan smiled. His willow leaf-like eyes narrowed even further because of his smile, looking very fox-like. “Tell me about it, I’ll listen.”

Renzi’s heart pounded, and finally said what he had been hiding in his heart for the past few days. “I… I want… I want a kiss like the one we had that night…”

Gu Xiaoshan was stunned.

He really was confused for a moment.

How should he explain it? What Renzi said was not the “correct answer” Gu Xiaoshan had been expecting. However, to say that Renzi’s answer was incorrect or not good was wrong as well. Gu Xiaoshan could neither be angry nor happy; but he was also angry and happy.

It was complicated, it was too complicated.

Seeing that Gu Xiaoshan was stunned, Renzi thought that he had not grasped what he meant yet. He then boorishly spoke with a red face, “Other than that time, you’ve been kissing me like how you’ll kiss a child… It, it’s not that it’s not good. I also like that quite a bit. However… do you understand what I mean? Since you’ve asked me, I decided to be straight forward. I want that sort of kiss, you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” Gu Xiaoshan smiled. “I also want to confess to you, I want a kiss like that as well.” Then, he paused, as though waiting for the music coming from the seashore to cover his voice. Gu Xiaoshan leaned in closer, his voice brushing past Renzi’s ear, “To tell you the truth, I want even more.”

Almost simultaneously, loud booms came from the sea, like that of explosions. The fireworks were always so loud — loud that Gu Xiaoshan was not sure if his low words had been heard by Renzi. Fortunately, he was able to observe his lover’s suddenly reddened ears.

At this moment, Gu Xiaoshan felt that those complicated things were no longer that important.

Renzi heard the sound of fireworks, and unconsciously tilted his head up. However, he did not see any of them, but only Gu Xiaoshan’s eyes that were even brighter than the explosions in the sky. Renzi seemed to be able to see his indistinct reflection within Gu Xiaoshan’s eyes, but felt that it was impossible, that it felt like his imagination. Stupefied, he closed his eyes, and his mouth was then covered by Gu Xiaoshan’s warm lips. He gave him what he had wished for — a kiss that was not like the ones given to a child.

This sort of kiss, was very mature.

Renzi could not distinguish if what he was hearing was the sounds of the fireworks, or his pounding heartbeats.

In the night, it was resounding.

The hanging chair was very stable, extremely stable.

Four metal poles supported the base, the chair hung off two thick metal chains, it could not be any more stable.

Even so, the chair was swaying under the two people’s actions. However, neither had time to worry if the hanging chair would fall. Renzi was dizzy, and did not have time to consider this problem. As for Gu Xiaoshan, he had done his research.

He was someone who was always well-prepared, and he had done his research for their trip, the restaurant, as well as the ocean view suite.

As such, when the opportunity arrived, he also very sedately retrieved the bottle of lubricant he had buried underneath the ice in the bucket next to them.

He was fully prepared.

To prevent chilling this pampered little young master, Gu Xiaoshan warmed up the icy lubricant in his hands before putting it where it should go. Although he had been extremely considerate, Renzi still could not help trembling.

Like this, he looked rather pitiful. His lowered eyes were wet, reflecting the fireworks in the sky. His tears from the pain was salty like the sea. Gu Xiaoshan laved at them, then kissed the corners of his eyes. Renzi shut them close, biting his lip, crying out a couple of times.

It hurt.

This was quite different from the 2028 dream when he only felt pleasure!

That dream really was not real.

Gu Xiaoshan coaxed him, “It’ll only hurt for a moment, it’ll go away soon.”

“Liar.” Renzi complained in a small voice. “You just said that it wouldn’t hurt.”

Even so, Renzi still tightened his arms around Gu Xiaoshan. Gu Xiaoshan quietly said many things into Renzi’s ear, and they were all shameless. It made Renzi lower his head, wrapping his legs around Gu Xiaoshan’s back, and he was very embarrassed.

The fireworks stretched out above the sea, and even the waves were dyed with the colour of the display. Such a beautiful sight, but the two people in the best viewing spot did not admire this view properly, and only cared about swinging on the hanging chair.

Of course, they did not only remain on the hanging chair.

It was not out of consideration whether they would fall, or that it was difficult to manoeuvre with the swaying of the seat, but it was because it was not comfortable for this delicate and pampered Young Master Renzi to continue being exposed to the wind.

In the end, Renzi still settled down in the bed, closing his eyes and falling asleep under the soft summer blanket. He was exhausted, and naturally fell into a deep sleep. Also, next to the bed was a lit candle with his favourite scent — this of course was not prepared by the hotel, it was Gu Xiaoshan who brought it.

It had already been mentioned, Gu Xiaoshan was a person who was always well prepared.

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