POBE Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

Gu Xiaoshan thought about it, but felt that seeing Mu Chutong again was not something so simple. In less than two days, Mu Chutong came to his office building to look for him without any notice. When Gu Xiaoshan saw him in the car park, he frowned, thinking that the security in his car park was really not up to standard. First it was Tang Guoguo’s illegitimate son, and now it was a chewing gum-like ex-boyfriend.

Mu Chutong was sitting on the hood of Gu Xiaoshan’s car, his legs crossed. “Just looking at this showy purple colour and I knew it was your car.”

“Please give way.” Gu Xiaoshan spoke politely.

Mu Chutong sneered, “I must get an explanation today, if not I won’t make way.”

“Then ask.” Gu Xiaoshan looked at his watch, “I hope you’ll be concise, I have to leave in 5 minutes.”

“I don’t need so much time,” Mu Chutong spoke. “I only have a question. My proposal is clearly better than others, why was my company not selected?”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “How highly do you think of yourself? You know that other people’s proposals can’t compare to yours?”

“Is this a secret?” Mu Chutong glared. “I was listening during the presentation! Is it because I accepted your father’s money and broke up with you, and that’s why you have something against me?”

Gu Xiaoshan could not be bothered with him. “No, go ask the project coordinator. I’m not sure.”

“Bullshit! You think you can brush me off like this?!” Mu Chutong sat firmly on the car hood. “You can either knock me down with your car, or you give me a proper explanation!”

Gu Xiaoshan really did not want to knock him down. “Don’t pester people unreasonably. You’re a president, why are you doing this?”

Mu Chutong instead said, “Your project is extremely important to our company, and our company’s hope of survival lies with this project. Why else would I brazenly come and look for you? You’ve said it yourself, I’m a president, do you think I don’t want my dignity?”

Gu Xiaoshan naturally could not tell him it was because Renzi did not like it. Thinking about it, Gu Xiaoshan himself felt that he was becoming muddle-headed, actually making his decision about business due to Renzi’s unhappiness. On Gu Xiaoshan’s face was still a smile, and he said, “There’s no other reason. It’s just the conclusion we arrived at. If you have any questions, you can actually look for Mark, the project coordinator. He’s more aware of the details.”

Mu Chutong knew Gu Xiaoshan would not reveal anything. He spat, and lay down motionless on the hood, not speaking.

Seeing this, Gu Xiaoshan too did not remain polite any longer. He sneered, “You think I won’t be able to deal with you like this? I’ll call the security here immediately, it’ll be embarrassing for you.”

Mu Chutong gnashed his teeth in anger, “Then just knock me down and kill me here!”

“Go look for a wall and knock yourself instead, don’t dirty my car.” Gu Xiaoshan opened his car door and got in, “It’s very expensive.”

Gu Xiaoshan really started his car engine and reversed, then Mu Chutong fell from the hood. He quickly climbed up, dusting his gaudily printed silk suit as he scolded, “My Versace is very expensive too!”

Gu Xiaoshan drove, as though he really had no fear of knocking Mu Chutong down. Mu Chutong instead was the one who got frightened and took a few steps back, giving way. No sign of his previous determination to be knocked down and killed on the spot could be seen.

Gu Xiaoshan drove off, only to receive Renzi’s message. He then turned back, and stopped at a corner of the car park, and Renzi was there. He opened the car door, inviting Renzi into the passenger seat. Renzi got into the car, and as Gu Xiaoshan fastened his seatbelt for him, he asked, “When did you arrive? Why didn’t you let me know earlier?”

“I wanted to wait for you in the car park and give you a surprise, but…”

Gu Xiaoshan frowned, “You saw Mu Chutong?”

Renzi nodded, then asked, “Is it because of me, that’s why you rejected his proposal?”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “You’re overthinking it.”

Renzi did not continue, but this matter continued weighing on his heart. He was still very bothered by how Mu Chutong mentioned how his company’s survival lay with the project. He had even asked the widely-informed Heizi, and found out that Mu Chutong was an illegitimate child of some rich family, disliked greatly by them. Then, when he took Uncle Gu’s money and went overseas, he finally managed to accomplish something, only to be schemed against by the oldest son in the family. His company was now on the verge of collapse, and he hoped that working with the Gu empire’s project would be able to save his company.

Mu Chutong had ran all over the place for this, and finally completed his proposal. Gu Xiaoshan had at first thought that the proposal was pretty good, but because of Renzi’s unhappiness, he had rejected it.

Now that he had learnt of this, Renzi naturally blamed himself. Holding his phone, he looked at Heizi’s messages, his upset evident on his face. At this time, Gu Xiaoshan walked out from his bathroom. When he saw the look on Renzi’s face, he sat down by the bed and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Renzi hugged a pillow. “I’ve changed my mind. Don’t reject working with Mu Chutong because of me!”

Gu Xiaoshan was confused. “Why are you mentioning this suddenly?”

“I heard that his company isn’t doing very well…”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “There are many companies that aren’t doing very well. Does that mean that I have to help every one of them out? I’m not a saint.”

Renzi bit his lip, “But…”

“There’s no buts about this.” Gu Xiaoshan was unwilling to continue being caught up in this topic. “The project has already been planned out, and the proposal submitted, we’re going to change it now? Then I will still have to explain this to the board of directors. Are you trying to deliberately create trouble for me?”

Renzi shook his head, “No, that’s not it…”

“Relax, Mu Chutong is very tenacious, you don’t have to worry about him!” Gu Xiaoshan patted Renzi on his shoulder. “Why are you always so friendly towards your ‘love rivals’? Can’t you place more worry on me instead? Are you really not afraid that I’ll be snatched away?”

Hearing this, Renzi shook his head again. “No, no, I’m always worried about that.”

Gu Xiaoshan burst out laughing, “Then you really don’t have to worry.”

Renzi looked at Gu Xiaoshan’s face admiringly, “But Hubby is so handsome and smart, and good at everything, how can I not worry?”

Gu Xiaoshan did not know if he should be happy or find it amusing. “Yes, so, what should we do about it?”

Renzi then suggested, “Why don’t we live together!”

Gu Xiaoshan was shocked.

Renzi saw how Gu Xiaoshan did not speak, and said, “Oh, you don’t want to?”

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