POBE Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

When they were in school, Gu Xiaoshan had dug a pit for Renzi more than once, causing his reputation amongst the girls to smash into pieces. Because of his unpopularity, he often faced a wall when communicating with them. As such, even without considering other matters, Renzi also did not like talking to girls much. This experience, on top of losing his mother at a young age, he essentially did not know how to communicate with girls.

When Renzi became a CEO, he discovered that he was suddenly very popular with the girls. He was first caught off guard, then was at a loss at what to do about it, and finally became dazzled by it. His first girlfriend was his assistant. This female assistant was not that interested in Renzi, but after thinking about it, she employed some basic green tea bitch skills, and became Renzi’s girlfriend.

Under her request, Renzi brought her along to meet his friends. After that, Hei Zi spoke to him in private, “Bro, you’re on the losing end.”

Renzi was startled, “I’m a guy, how can I lose out?”

“She’s very ordinary. With your qualifications, you can even get He Rucui.” He Rucui was a fairly famous model at that time, and Hei Zi only used her as an example. Who would have guessed, Renzi soon broke up with his assistant, and started chasing after He Rucui.

And he really managed to do so!

This was the first time Renzi had experienced the taste of successfully chasing after a girl. The beauties were all pretty and elegant, and he really enjoyed the progress of wooing them. Renzi’s emotional quotient was very low, he did not know how to do any romantic gestures, nor saying anything pretty. He would only follow the suggestion of his fair-weather friends — throwing money. As such, Renzi threw money at them, just like how one would throw money in those arcade games. When the girl finally fell under the spell of the money, it was as though Renzi had opened the door to the candy house, stepping into a strange world in surprise.

It was actually so easy?

After the break up, the female assistant still remained very caring and gentle towards Renzi. Once she learnt about the existence of He Rucui, she even told Renzi, “As long as I can be with you, I don’t mind anything else. Even if you’re dating someone else at the same time, I can accept it. Because, I love you.”

When Renzi heard this, he was moved to tears. He immediately thought that he was a scum, having given up grains for a flower. When he told Hei Zi about it, Hei Zi scolded him. “You fool! You actually believe her words? As if she loves you! If you ask Gu Xiaoshan to date her, she would even just wear a trench coat over her naked body and attend the date!”

This “if you ask Gu Xiaoshan to date her”, just like “can even get He Rucui”, was only an example casually used by Hei Zi. However, as Renzi’s comprehension skills were truly not very good, just like how he chased after He Rucui, he actually went to ask Gu Xiaoshan if he would try asking his assistant out on a date.

On Gu Xiaoshan’s face was a complex expression, after a period of silence, he spoke. “You’re asking me to chase your ex-girlfriend?”

Renzi feebly explained everything. Gu Xiaoshan finally understood, this Renzi was really a silly fool. Still, Gu Xiaoshan still said, “If you want her naked body, there’s no need to ask for a date.”

As the Gu and Yu empires had a long working relationship, Gu Xiaoshan and the female assistant had each others’ contact details. And so, in front of Renzi, Gu Xiaoshan sent some flirtatious messages to the assistant. Within an hour, he received the assistant’s nudes.

“Here.” Gu Xiaoshan passed his phone over to Renzi. “Mission complete.”

When the nudes appeared, Renzi’s world collapsed.

Seeing how Renzi was falling apart, Gu Xiaoshan could not be bothered to console him. Deleting her contact details, he told Renzi, “There will be problems if you continue keeping this woman in your office. Go back and settle it.”

Renzi was perplexed. “How to settle it?”

This time, Renzi met his second, and also, his last and best assistant. This was a staff member that had been highly recommended by many, saying that he was very suitable to be the CEO’s assistant. The first time Renzi saw him, he did not have a good impression of him. He only remembered that this assistant looked very dull, and was a young man with the nickname “work machine”, and his name was Zhi Xuan. Renzi had wanted to replace him with a beautiful assistant, but soon discovered the benefits of having Zhi Xuan as his assistant. For example, when the previous assistant was dismissed, she wanted to make a fuss. Renzi was unable to handle it, but Zhi Xuan was able to solve this problem. After that, when Renzi forgot He Rucui’s birthday and was in distress, he discovered that Zhi Xuan had already delivered a gift and flowers on his behalf. When Renzi wanted to go to a club, Zhi Xuan was able to give him the three best options from his criteria such as “style”, “number of girls”, “distance” and “environment” etc.

Renzi suddenly realised that Zhi Xuan seemed to be able to solve all his problems for him. As such, he shamelessly asked, “Actually, when I go to the club, I’m not very good at talking to the girls. Can you help me?”

“I can.” Then, Zhi Xuan hired some wingmen for Renzi as his entourage.

From then on, Renzi never thought of changing his assistant again.

However, the matter where his female assistant had seemed so steadfast, but turned out to be so easy behind his back, it left its mark on Renzi. Again, he asked Gu Xiaoshan, “Do you think He Rucui really likes me?”


Renzi thought about it, “Really?”

Gu Xiaoshan sent him another nude photo.

Renzi swore.

As though thinking that Renzi had not suffered enough, Gu Xiaoshan threw another knife at him. “Also, they’ve all heard that I like guys.”

Renzi got angry, “Fine! You’re great!”

Gu Xiaoshan continued pushing the knife deeper, “Also, I didn’t spend any money. She was the one who wanted to give me cuffs from Bvlgari. However, I didn’t accept it.”

The next day, Renzi received a pair of Bvlgari cuffs from He Rucui. Renzi only felt that the gems on the cuff glittered with infidelity.

However, Renzi was a little fearful of He Rucui, and so, did not know how to talk about this with her. With his female assistant, after thinking about it, he felt that he had fell for her scheme, and fell into her trap to become her boyfriend. Towards the assistant, he did not feel much for her. He Rucui was different, he really liked this beauty, and so he was very upset about it. He even did not dare to face her, and so dragged this along.

This matter only ended thanks to Zhi Xuan. After Zhi Xuan helped Renzi looked through the documents, he brought the stack over to Renzi for his signature. After signing them all, he saw that Zhi Xuan was still standing there, so asked, “What happened? You want a pay increment?”

Zhi Xuan replied calmly, “You’ve just signed the approval to increase my salary.”

Renzi was taken aback. “Oh… Then is there anything else?”

At that time, Zhi Xuan felt that being Renzi’s assistant was really a test of his conscience.

Zhi Xuan continued using a monotonous tone, “Are you planning on breaking up with Miss He Rucui?”

Renzi was alarmed, “Why… Why would you say that!”

Zhi Xuan adjusted his titanium-frame glasses. “Because you’ve already rejected all meetings with her for the past 13 days, and also asked me to answer all her calls. You’ve also unfollowed and re-followed her social media accounts 5 times, and at the same time, you seem very anxious. Your search history is filled with “how to break up with a girlfriend who cheated on you”, “how should a man recover after being cuckolded” and other similar queries.”

Renzi leapt up. “How did you see my search history?”

“Because you’ve assigned me too much work, and they need a very high permission level. I’ve already gained your approval to use your computer to complete these work. I apologise for seeing that search history on accident.”

Renzi’s fingers shook, “Then… Then, you…”

“Please don’t worry, I’ve already cleared the search history for you.”

Renzi calmed down. “Oh, then…”

“Is there anything you’ll like me to do?”

Finally relaxing, Renzi asked him, “Can… Can you help me break up with her?”

“If you need me to.”

Renzi felt that a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. “I do, I really do.”

“Would you prefer breaking up with her elegantly, heartlessly, ridiculously, mockingly, or angrily?”

Renzi considered it. “Can it be done simply and directly?”

Zhi Xuan smiled, “Easily done.” In front of Renzi, Zhi Xuan used Renzi’s social media account and sent a message to He Rucui. “Let’s break up.” Then, he unfriended her. This was really very simple and direct. After that, Zhi Xuan posted a message that everyone could see, “I’ve regained my bachelor status, hopefully I’ll be able to have a better tomorrow.”

Renzi was shocked. “We have to announce it to everyone?”

Zhi Xuan patted Renzi’s shoulder. “Believe me, this is beneficial for you.”

Whether it was because of this public post, or if Zhi Xuan had did something privately, He Rucui did not cling onto Renzi. Also, because of this post, many people started introducing models to Renzi again. After that, out of ten of Renzi’s girlfriends, eight or nine of them were models, but there was no special reason to it. Most likely, everyone thought that he liked models, and so introduced them to him. By the time he got used to models, he thought it was pretty good. They were pretty and long-legged, and they all easily fell for his money-flinging. However, Renzi became less and less mindful about it. Wooing, dating, and breaking up, they had become part of his schedule, as though they were his daily tasks. However, the emptiness he felt was also only for a moment.

At first, his dad did not like it. However, he thought this child normally had nothing else to do, as long as he was not committing robbery, whoring, or gambling, and just chasing after a few little models for fun, there was nothing to bother about.

Originally, Renzi had also not felt bothered by it, as when he was young, he still had to study. You might not believe it, although Renzi’s grades usually hovered above the passing mark, he did put in quite a bit of effort into his studies. Of course, it could not be considered as “studying with all his effort”, but still could be thought as “studying conscientiously”. It could be described in a sentence, “It’s not that I don’t want to study, it’s that the studies don’t want me!”

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