POBE Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

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“It’s because I like you too much.” Gu Xiaoshan interlocked his fingers with Renzi’s, twining themselves seamlessly together. “I’m always afraid that things in the past would make you unhappy, so I deliberately concealed them. I’m also scared that you’ll learn that I’m not perfect, and discover that I’m not an ideal lover, and so I never dared to tell you the truth.”

Renzi’s heart softened further hearing all these, but he still put on a stubborn look. “Bullshit! What you’re saying is all bullshit! Ever since we were young, you’ve always tricked me, and played me for a fool. You’re just full of wicked ideas, and lying to everyone. You’re calculating and stingy, why would I ever think that you’re perfect? Am I an idiot?”

Gu Xiaoshan choked, and could neither laugh nor cry. He only nodded a moment later, “I’m the idiot, I actually thought that you’ll think I’m perfect. Seems like in your eyes, I have quite a lot of flaws.”

“You can’t say that either,” Renzi suddenly felt that his words had gone overboard. “You also have many virtues.”

Gu Xiaoshan bit his smile back and nodded. “Yes, I finally understand that when you love a person, you should accept his flaws, as well as not to be afraid of revealing them.”

Renzi’s heart was sweet as honey, but still felt an anxiety within him. “But… but I was the one who forced the relationship on you. Can you really like me?”

“No, this relationship isn’t forced.” Gu Xiaoshan spoke remorsefully, “My feelings for you are sincere. I’ve always cared about you very much, and wanted to be friends with you forever. After all these years, you should know how I treat you. Could this be faked?”

Renzi recalled everything Gu Xiaoshan had done for him and was visibly moved, but he could not help being suspicious. “But that’s not love?”

“No, it’s just that I’ve never thought about the possibility of ‘love’.” Gu Xiaoshan smiled slightly, “You’ve asked me, why would I suddenly agree to be in a relationship with you? Do you think I’ve never thought of asking, why would you suddenly decide to pursue me?”

Renzi too was taken aback.

This question was truly difficult to answer.

Was it because of a dream? Because he had dreamt that he was a couple with Gu Xiaoshan in 2028, and so he too wanted to be a couple with him in real life. This sort of reason sounded extremely ludicrous. However, it was true. Just like his feelings for Gu Xiaoshan, it came as though it was a joke, but in reality, it was a hundred percent from his heart!

Gu Xiaoshan gazed fixedly at Renzi. In his eyes were a glimmering light, like a moon breaking through the clouds.

With sudden tears in his eyes, Renzi hugged Gu Xiaoshan tightly. “I also don’t know why, but I suddenly just really love you!”

Gu Xiaoshan had not thought that he would receive Renzi’s passionate confession at that moment. He was filled with emotions and excitement, tightening his arms around Renzi and spoke lowly, “Me too — Suddenly, I just love you very much.”

Leaning on Gu Xiaoshan’s shoulder, Renzi smelled that familiar fragrance. He shut his eyes, his eyelashes trembling slightly.

He had originally still wanted to ask about Mu Chutong, but now he did not care anymore. Ignoring Mu Chutong’s behaviour over the past few days, Renzi too understood that it was impossible that the two still had a love for each other, that they were unable to forget their past romance. There was also no need to mention that Gu Xiaoshan and Mu Chutong used to be engaged. Even if Gu Xiaoshan had been married — even if Gu Xiaoshan had a child, he did not care!

From now on, Gu Xiaoshan loved him, and he too loved Gu Xiaoshan. This was enough.

Gu Xiaoshan had ran here straight after his flight. Of course, it was not to visit Mu Chutong. Mu Chutong was also aware of that, and asked him if he was here to look for Renzi. Gu Xiaoshan said, “He’s now probably still angry. If he sees me, he might just turn around and leave. I’ll go hide in the kitchenette first. Later on, you just let him come in, I’ll explain everything to him, and dissolve our misunderstanding.”

“Sure, then first keep all the knives in the kitchenette away. Just in case you start fighting, the scene would turn bloody. Although this is a hospital, and there are medical personnel on hand, I’m still a businessman and it’s unlucky for me to see blood. I don’t want to spoil my luck.”

“We will definitely not argue, and it’s impossible for us to start fighting physically. But don’t worry, I also have something important to do, and I won’t take too long. Once I’ve explained everything to him, I’ll immediately have to return to deal with some matters. We won’t affect your rest.”

Mu Chutong then let Gu Xiaoshan go into the kitchenette, and later found an excuse to get the visiting Renzi in there. On his bed, Mu Chutong waited for quite some time, but did not see anyone coming out. Have they not cleared their misunderstanding yet? That Gu Xiaoshan is always beating around the bush, how can little President Ren stand it? Dawdling about like this, they’re disturbing me from reading the financial reports!

As such, Mu Chutong got off the bed and headed to the door of the kitchenette. Pressing his ear against the door, he eavesdropped—

“Don’t, don’t do this,” Renzi said. “Tongzi is still outside, he will most likely hear it.”

The sound of running water appeared. Gu Xiaoshan had turned on the tap. “Now, with the cover of water, he won’t be able to hear anything.”

Huh? Is this what I think it is? Are they serious?

Mu Chutong secretly cracked open the door to see Gu Xiaoshan place Renzi on the kitchen counter. Gu Xiaoshan had his back facing the door, his clothes neat and tidy, while Renzi’s pants had already fallen onto the floor. However, Mu Chutong could not see anything, only that Renzi’s legs were wrapped around Gu Xiaoshan’s body. They were bare, with a pair of white briefs hanging off the right foot — Mu Chutong immediately covered his eyes and closed the door. Didn’t Gu Xiaoshan say that he had something important to deal with, that he wouldn’t take too long? Also, didn’t he say that he wouldn’t affect my rest?

“Ahhhhh— Mmmmmm ahhhh—”

Mu Chutong put on a pair of ear plugs and sat on the bed, conscientiously reading the financial reports. He too did not notice a message that appeared on his phone. “Jiu Man is here in the country, you best be careful.”

However, he could still see it the next day.

That day, Shu Jingyi had got people to beat Mu Chutong up. It was unclear if it was because Mu Chutong had vexed him, and he wanted to teach him a lesson, or was it because Shu Jingyi had wanted to get him away so that it would be easier for him to do something to Renzi.

However, it was undeniable that Shu Jingyi’s subordinates had hit Mu Chutong.

It was not that Mu Chutong could not be hit. It was just that Shu Jingyi was afraid that his plan on making a cuckold out of Gu Xiaoshan would be affected, and so pretended to be very astonished and apologetic. He gave Renzi a call, “I’ve already investigated. That damned subordinate of mine said that he could not watch Mu Chutong be impertinent towards me, and so dragged him into the stairwell and warned him to be a bit more polite. With Mu Chutong’s sharp tongue, he then scolded him back, and they got angry, so things turned for the worse. I’ve already sternly punished the two of them, but I still feel very apologetic!”

Renzi frowned. When he evaluated Shu Jingyi’s actions “maliciously”, he felt that his words were complete bullshit, that all this was just a sham. Renzi recalled about the Tan Zhugui incident, and so was very disgusted.

Shu Jingyi did not get a response from Renzi, and started putting on a bigger act. “You probably don’t know that in Country C, it’s very common to lynch people. My subordinates have yet to get used to being here, and so acted like this. I sincerely apologise.”

Renzi only said, “But why are you apologising to me? Shouldn’t you be apologising to Tongzi?”

Shu Jingyi smiled, “Of course, of course. I’ve kept wanting to look for an opportunity to apologise to him over the past few days, but he’s angry and refuses to see me. So, I thought about asking you to be our mediator! As they say, it’s better to get rid of an enmity than to hold on to it. I’ve had many misunderstandings with him in the past, but since we’re now business partners, are we going to continue being at odds with each other? He’s not afraid of spoiling our harmony, but is he not afraid of spoiling his fortune?”

Renzi then told him, “Fine, but I have to see if he’s willing to or not.”

“Of course,” Shu Jingyi replied. “He completely grasps the concept of friendliness being conducive to the success of business. If you let him understand that, he would definitely be willing.”

Renzi hung up the phone and informed Mu Chutong about it. Mu Chutong sneered, “Why didn’t you ask him for compensation?”

Renzi was taken aback, he really had not consider it.

Of course, when Yu Yunren, Mu Chutong and Shu Jingyi sat down together, Mu Chutong definitely mentioned about the compensation. Naturally, Shu Jingyi was full of apologies, saying that he would compensate him, he definitely would, and no matter how much it was, he would make the compensation. Mu Chutong laughed, “Respected Young Master, your business is now so big, it won’t be difficult for you to pay 10 times the amount, right?”

“Of course, of course.” In front of Renzi, Shu Jingyi could not blow up, and he agreed instantly.

Who would have guessed that Mu Chutong would pull out the medical bill, the hospitalisation bill, and all sorts of receipts for various nutrient supplements from his pocket and slapped them on the table. He also placed a long-prepared expense report on top, and said, “Since it’s 10 times, then that’s very easy. Just add a 0 to the back of the total sum and it’s done.”

Shu Jingyi was stunned.

Mu Chutong pointed at the subordinate behind Shu Jingyi. “Idiot, why are you still standing there? Get the respected young master a pen, he needs to write a cheque!”

The fees had definitely been adulterated. Mu Chutong had most definitely added quite a fair bit of expenses to them. However, Yu Yunren was next to them, staring at him with a big pair of pure and innocent eyes. Shu Jingyi could not say anything, and only rummaged through his pockets. He pretended to not be able to find anything, and laughed, “We’re here for a meal today. Renzi didn’t mention anything, and so I really didn’t bring my chequebook along.”

Mu Chutong laughed as well. “Yes, yes, yes, that happens frequently. I guessed that that might happen as well.” Mu Chutong then retrieved a point-of-sale machine from his bag. “You can swipe your card.”

Shu Jingyi froze. Renzi only widened his eyes, saying, “Mr Shu, you didn’t bring your card as well? Then I’ll help you swipe mine first.” Renzi then reached for his black card.

Naturally, Shu Jingyi did not think that the innocent Renzi was making a fool out of him as well. He smiled, “No, since I said that I would treat you to a meal, how could I have not brought my card? Then, what sort of person would I be?” Shu Jingyi then swiped his card.

Mu Chutong saw that the money had entered his accounts, and had a big smile on his face. “The respected young master is truly frank! Come, let me drink to you!”

Mu Chutong drank. Shu Jingyi drank as well, then it was Yu Yunren’s turn to drink to him. Yu Yunren had a strong tolerance for alcohol, while Mu Chutong excused himself from drinking as he was still an invalid. It was extremely easy for the two of them to get Shu Jingyi drunk. However, Shu Jingyi was not afraid. First, his alcohol tolerance was also good, and second, Shu Jingyi was completely not on guard against Renzi. Third, and most importantly, Shu Jingyi had his people with him. There was no need to be afraid of Mu Chutong and Renzi at all.

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