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Extra 2

The gist of spying was to do it sneakily, and to be able to peep at the target. That meant that while not letting the target see the peeper, the peeper had to be able to see the target.

Renzi pulled on a cap and a face mask. Sitting in the cafe opposite the Gu offices, he waited for his prey to appear.

However, he sat there for two days to no avail.

Only then did he remember that his hubby was a workaholic. If he was not living with him back at home, he would usually be living in his office. If he was to return to his apartment in the city, he would also head straight to the car park. Where Renzi was sitting, he would have no chance of seeing Gu Xiaoshan.

So he had to come up with a better idea.

As such, he seeked advice from Zhi Xuan. Zhi Xuan expressed his inability to help, but gave a suggestion. “Why do you think that I’ll know how to spy on others? Shouldn’t you ask your brother, the expert?”

He then followed Zhi Xuan’s suggestion and turned to his brother for help. His brother’s reply set him thinking. “Why don’t you just ask Xu Yunyun directly for his schedule?”

Renzi felt that this idea would definitely work, and it was also very simple. However, thinking about it from another angle, he found an issue with it. “If I ask Xu Yunyun, wouldn’t she know that I’m going to spy on my hubby?!”

Yu Yuntao instead said, “Normal people won’t feel that you’re going to spy on him. Just say it’ll make it easy for you to supervise him.”

“Oh…” Renzi nodded his head without ceasing.

So, Renzi asked Xu Yunyun for Gu Xiaoshan’s schedule. Xu Yunyun was surprised. “Mm… I also can’t just give it to you like this, what do you want it for?”

Renzi’s response, “So that I can supervise him.”

“Ah…” A reasonable explanation, and Xu Yunyun did not know what to say.

Renzi then said mysteriously, “You won’t tell President Gu, right?”

“Oh, I won’t. However, give me a moment.” Xu Yunyun then dialled the internal line to the president, and asked her boss, “President Ren has asked for your schedule for the week, so that he can supervise you.”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “Mn. Give it to him.”

When had Gu Xiaoshan never given Renzi whatever he wanted?

Having been together for ten years, correspondingly, Gu Xiaoshan also had an additional ten years added to his age. His skin was naturally no longer as good as before. However, having kept a strict control over his life, he still looked a lot younger than people of his age, and his body was maintained very well too. Although his looks could not compare to before, his charm as a man did not lessen, but in fact increased quite a lot.

Renzi and him had not seen each other these days. For Renzi to think about “supervising” him, Gu Xiaoshan thought that it was a step that Renzi would naturally take. This was not to say that Renzi had no faith in their relationship, but it was that his charm as Gu Xiaoshan was undeniable — Looking into the mirror, this was what the narcissistic Gu Xiaoshan thought.

That night, following his schedule, Gu Xiaoshan went to Rose Hotel for dinner with a client.

The client was a president ten years younger than Gu Xiaoshan — In this world, there were more and more of such young presidents. He was also a homosexual — In this work, there were also more and more homosexuals.

The name of this client was Shang Ni, in charge of creating luxury vacations for rich people who wanted to save time on planning. His company was now well established. Their meeting today was to discuss a business partnership. Although it was a private dinner, Gu Xiaoshan never strayed away from the business discussion. Shang Ni cut into his steak, sighing, “I’m so tired from work in the day, and now it’s more work during dinner! This is too tiring!”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “Then President Shang can go experience our spa services later, and relax.”

Shang Ni was now staying in the Rose Hotel — and all his expenses were naturally free. He instead puffed up his cheeks, looking at Gu Xiaoshan, “I’ve already tried them out, they’re not bad.”

“Oh, then that’s good.” Gu Xiaoshan did not say much, only drinking a mouthful of wine.

Shang Ni looked at Gu Xiaoshan under the lights of the restaurant. “President Gu’s appearance is really like a beautiful painting of a scenery. Your name is very suited for you!1

“Oh? Is it?” Gu Xiaoshan’s eyes curved up, as though he was pleased with the compliment. “I’m already middle-aged. To get such compliments from young people like you, it’s a great honour.”

Shang Ni clicked his tongue, “What ‘middle-aged’ are you talking about? Looking at you, you’re the ideal that most men aim to achieve.”

“Oh, is it?” Gu Xiaoshan still repeated that line, only adding another this time. “I also think that my condition recently has been very good.”

“Oh? Something good happened?” Shang Ni asked with a laugh.

“I’m getting married.” Gu Xiaoshan placed the wine glass in his hand down. When the bottom of the glass hit the wooden table, a heavy thud sound was heard, sounding final.

Shang Ni was taken aback, laughing a moment later. “Then I have to congratulate you! A married man is even more charming!”

Gu Xiaoshan still smiled, but he did not say a word.

Shang Ni reached out with a leg, teasing Gu Xiaoshan under the table. Gu Xiaoshan’s legs reflexively retreated swiftly, and he smiled, “You’ve kicked me.”

“Oh, excuse me.” Shang Ni seemed uncaring, and asked, “What sort of person is your partner?”

“A very good person.”

Gu Xiaoshan even spoke silently, he’s sitting on the second floor.

As expected, Yu Yunren was there too.

From Gu Xiaoshan’s schedule, Renzi saw that he was coming here, and so reserved a table as well. Afraid of being discovered, his reserved table was located on the second floor. Just by looking down, he would be able to see Gu Xiaoshan.

He saw Gu Xiaoshan enter dashingly, then watched at Gu Xiaoshan had dinner along with someone unknown. This made Renzi a little unhappy. However, watching them, he could not see any issues. This was work, and there was nothing for him to be bothered about.

Shang Ni smiled, “I’m quite curious. Being together for 10 years already, wouldn’t you get sick of it?”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “As long as the other person is suitable, there’s no getting sick of it. Instead, being in my position today, and still having to go through sexual harassment in the workplace, this is what I’m truly sick of.”

Shang Ni behaved as though he did not understand what Gu Xiaoshan meant. Clinking their glasses together, Shang Ni spoke, “That must be because President Gu is too tempting.”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled faintly, not speaking.

After dinner, Gu Xiaoshan left the restaurant. He sent Xu Yunyun a message, saying that all personal meetings with Shang Ni in the future had to be rejected.

Xu Yunyun thought, another one here to seduce Gu Xiaoshan? There are really a lot of shameless people around these days. During the past ten years, countless vixens have attempted to seduce Gu Xiaoshan, has Renzi not even seen one of them before?

But it was still rare to see people like Shang Ni with his status to seduce Gu Xiaoshan. After all, Gu Xiaoshan had acknowledged publicly that he had a partner, and that partner happened to also be someone of a certain status. People who normally seduced Gu Xiaoshan were those with a lower status, and other than eyeing his looks, they too eyed his status.

When Gu Xiaoshan left, Shang Ni too followed behind. Renzi followed after.

The chauffeur was already waiting outside the hotel with the car for Gu Xiaoshan. As Gu Xiaoshan headed towards the car, Shang Ni continued following after him and called out, “Hey, President Gu!”

Gu Xiaoshan turned his head to look at him, only to see Shang Ni deliberately twisting his body, looking as though he was about to fall. Gu Xiaoshan immediately gave way, and so Shang Ni fell right to the ground at the entrance of the hotel.

“Ah, President Shang, are you all right?” Gu Xiaoshan asked. He then looked at the bellboy, “Why are you still standing there? Quickly come and help President Shang up!”

The bellboy hurried over and helped Shang Ni up. Shang Ni was hurt from the fall. Gritting his teeth, he still smiled at Gu Xiaoshan, “President Gu is really heartless. You saw me fall, but you didn’t help me?”

Gu Xiaoshan quickly said, “It’s a misunderstanding, I just didn’t manage to react in time.”

Gu Xiaoshan then instructed the staff to send President Shang back to his room, and he himself slipped away in his car. The chauffeur too was a well-trained employee, and he treated it as though he did not see anything. After driving for a while, he spoke up. “President Gu, it seems like someone is following us.”

“Mn. Let him follow.” Gu Xiaoshan replied composedly.

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