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Extra 4

However, it had been long since Gu Xiaoshan had came into contact with any Party A. Most of the time, he was Party A.

As such, he had cultivated quite a proud temperament. He only looked at Shang Ni icily, a smile out of mere courtesy still hanging on his face. He spoke lightly, “You know how to behave? If you really do, why would you appear here?”

Shang Ni’s face cooled down instantly. “You will regret this!”

Their potential partnership had essentially collapsed.

Information soon spread across the industry. Shang Ni had decided to sign an agreement with another company. He too had checked out of Rose Hotel and moved into another hotel to experience it.

Gu Xiaoshan was also somewhat startled by this.

Renzi heard about it as well, and called Gu Xiaoshan, “Did your partnership with Shang Ni break down because of me?”

Astonishment could be heard in Gu Xiaoshan’s voice. “How do you know about this?”

Renzi was taken aback. He did not know how to answer, only replying after a moment, “He did come to show off in front of me, saying that you’re very close with each other.”

“And so?” Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “Everything is now out in the open. There’s evidently nothing between us, and there might even now be animosity.”

“Even if this didn’t happen, I also know that it’s impossible between the both of you.”

“Yes,” Gu Xiaoshan replied. “Because there’s no space for anyone else in my heart.”

Renzi blushed, and he was thankful that his expression was unable to be transmitted through the phone call. “I do think that way.”

“Then you’re absolutely correct.” Gu Xiaoshan smiled.

“But… I’ve said it before, I never want my existence to affect any of your decision making for your company.”

“This didn’t affect my decision at all,” Gu Xiaoshan shrugged. “Also, even without you, I would never sell myself. What sort of person would I be?”

“Would there be any losses like this?” Renzi asked.

“No need to think about this. It’s not possible for the Gu empire to work with every company out there anyway.”

Renzi was still dejected, “But I really wish that you’re successful in everything you do, and things would always go your way.”

“Then I wish that I can see you right now. Can you let things go my way?”

Renzi was alarmed, “That, that’s not very good…”

Gu Xiaoshan sounded a little weary, “I really do miss you.”

“Ah…” When had Renzi not missed Gu Xiaoshan?

A complaining tone could also be heard in Gu Xiaoshan’s voice, “The weather over on the island isn’t very good. They said it has been affected by the typhoon, and we might have to delay the wedding.”

“What?” Renzi was astounded. “How long do we have to delay it for? We’ve selected an auspicious day! Then which day do we have to change it to?”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed at him, “You still believe in this?”

“We’re businessmen after all, we should still consider the fengshui.”

“Yes,” Gu Xiaoshan replied. “But when we’re together, everything will go smoothly.”

Renzi laughed, “Yes, you’re always good with words.”

“However, with this delay, does that mean we must wait till after it? That we won’t be seeing each other for the foreseeable future? You can endure it, but I can’t. If I don’t see you, I’m going to take an axe to your front door.”

“Don’t!” Renzi hurriedly objected. “If you bring an axe, my brother will bring an electric saw!”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled faintly, “Then, are you willing to see me?”

Renzi was still twisting himself over it.

Gu Xiaoshan chuckled, “You’ve really become a “little wife”?”

“No way!” Renzi quickly denied it, “I’m a man!”

“If you can’t make a decision, shall we leave it up to fate?” Gu Xiaoshan asked.

A maze had just been constructed in the city.

There were a total of five entrances and exits. Gu Xiaoshan had suggested that they would enter from different locations and just roam around, seeing if they would be able to meet each other in these winding paths. If they met, it proved that it was fate. If they missed each other, reaching an exit without meeting, it would mean that the heavens still wanted them to only see each other on their wedding day.

Renzi perked up in interest, and agreed to this request.

The maze was constructed with brick walls, and ivy grew along them with clusters of french roses. The paths were paved with pebbles, and the ground was uneven. Renzi could see a lady in high heels tottering towards his direction. He had wanted to help her like a gentleman, but he was afraid of causing a misunderstanding, and was even more afraid of Gu Xiaoshan accidentally coming across that scene.

Gu Xiaoshan looked elegant and open-minded, but he surprisingly got jealous very often.

So Renzi slowly made his way along the path, thinking, am I worrying too much? What if by the time I exit this maze, I still won’t get to see him?

This was highly possible.

Apparently, at the moment the coin was tossed, the answer had already appeared in the heart.

When Renzi stepped into the maze, he already knew his answer. Whatever destiny was about to tell him, he knew that he wanted to see Gu Xiaoshan.

Although recently he had been seeing Gu Xiaoshan almost everyday — in the manner of spying.

However, seeing him from afar, not only was he unable to quench his thirst, it made him miss him even more, that he wanted even more to be right next to Gu Xiaoshan than usual. When he saw Gu Xiaoshan wearing the coat he gave him in the distance, standing at the doors of the Gu offices, he recalled the warmth of Gu Xiaoshan’s embrace, and the cool, stiff feeling when his cheek brushed past his coat.

This was a yearning that could not be stopped.

Renzi even ended up buying clothes in Gu Xiaoshan’s style.

Today, he was wearing a purple silk shirt that he would normally not even think about wearing.

He stalked Gu Xiaoshan, buying Gu Xiaoshan’s style of clothes, and even ran to Gu Xiaoshan’s apartment to secretly sleep and shower. It sounded like he was no different from a pervert or one of those crazy stalker fans.

Renzi walked around aimlessly. Roses were blooming across the walls, and the red blossoms scattered across the ground. Renzi could not bear to step on them, and so took a step back, only to fall into someone’s arms.

He did not need to turn back to know who it was.

That scent, that warmth, and the texture of that coat.

If destiny had a physical presence, it probably would be the shape of that blossom lying on the ground.

Of course, it could also have just been Gu Xiaoshan keeping track of Renzi’s GPS on his phone.

Gu Xiaoshan hugged Renzi from the back, brushing the top of his head with his chin. “You’ve lost weight.”

The one thing people on diet loved to hear!

Renzi even felt that these words were more touching than anything romantic Gu Xiaoshan could say!

Gu Xiaoshan tightened his arms around Renzi, his voice grumbling a little, “My arms can just about go round you twice now.”

Renzi was secretly happy hearing this. “Aren’t you just exaggerating?”

Gu Xiaoshan turned Renzi around, studying his face carefully. “Your cheeks are about to cave in.”

Renzi touched his own cheeks, half in disbelief, “They’re not, are they?”

“Really.” Gu Xiaoshan looked at Renzi seriously, smiling, “Did you become thinner because you miss me?”

“Why else? But you don’t look any thinner. You even look as fit as a fiddle, attracting all the birds and bees.”

Gu Xiaoshan burst out laughing, “Yes, it’s my fault. I’m sorry for being good looking.”

Renzi too was used to Gu Xiaoshan’s narcissism and pride. Having not seen his lover for so long, to see him now he did not feel any touching surprise, but instead felt at ease, that nothing could be more natural. Renzi slid his hand into Gu Xiaoshan’s, and continued walking forward.

Gu Xiaoshan again mentioned their previous topic. “When I saw you from the back just now, I didn’t dare to call out to you. You’ve really lost too much weight.”

Renzi instead said, “I was this thin in the past.”

Yesterday, Renzi finally mustered up his courage to try his wedding suit, and discovered that it fit perfectly. He had finally gained back his figure of the past, and nearly cried tears of joy. He even pulled at Zhi Xuan, suggesting that they go have hotpot to celebrate. Zhi Xuan looked at him coldly and asked him to calm down, telling him that he might put on the weight again after hotpot.

“I’ll put on the weight just after one hotpot? Is it that bad?” Renzi did not know to believe it or not, but thinking that he still had a “fate’s meeting” with Gu Xiaoshan a few days later, he decided to guard his mouth, and ate salad with vinaigrette for dinner.

Gu Xiaoshan siad, “I like it when you have a bit more weight. You were too thin in the past.”

Renzi had an expression of “you must be fucking joking with me”.

Gu Xiaoshan spoke, “It’s true.”

Renzi was in disbelief, “You like tummies?”

Gu Xiaoshan nodded. “It feels good.”

Gu Xiaoshan then secretly pinched Renzi’s butt, shaking his head. “You can’t lose anymore weight here. It’ll affect your future pregnancy.”

“Bullshit.” Renzi flushed red, speaking boorishly, “Don’t say such unscientific things.”

That night, they went to have hotpot.

Zhi Xuan got it right. The hotpot really destroyed his success in dieting.

Later on, Gu Xiaoshan heard that Shang Ni liked to seduced gays who were attached. He then got someone to introduce Shang Ni to Zhi Xuan and Yu Yuntao, and he did not bother about what happened next. He hoped Shang Ni had a pleasant life.

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