SASAM Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Just as Lin SuCi had expected, Yan Boshen would never give him the chance to leave his domain of awareness. Not only that, everything that happened here was all within his control.


Over here, Lin SuCi tied up Hu Se and the sixth disciple before tossing them into the net. As for the smiling youth who ran away, he was dragged back by a vine.


He could no longer smile. Dragged all the way back, his clothes were torn and ragged, looking as though he had nothing to live for. It was not known what he had experienced along the way, as after being dragged back, he did not even greet Lin SuCi, but instead scrambled into the net by himself.


This spiritual tool that had been prepared for Lin SuCi was now a cage for the three of them.


The night was still dark. Lin SuCi was so sleepy that he was swaying about. Looking at the three people in front of him, he tugged at Yan Boshen. “Boshen Boshen, let’s go back.”


“What about them?” Yan Boshen hugged the kitten with drooping ears, jerking his chin towards the net.


Lin SuCi gestured. “Is there anything I can put them in? I’m really too sleepy, I’ll wait for tomorrow before interrogating them.”


Something that could hold living things… What a coincidence, before they left, Ruan Linggu had specially made a spiritual bag which could now be used. They straight away shoved the net with the three people into the bag, ignoring their screams and shouts, and tied a knot.


With Yan Boshen around, Lin SuCi did not even think about getting lost. He was extremely tired, and what had just happened was like a cloud passing by, leaving no impact on him at all. He just transformed himself into a kitten, squirrelling into the front of Yan Boshen’s robes and went to sleep.


An entire day of hard work, and a spiritual contest at night, Lin SuCi now was very exhausted. His sleep was deep and sweet, his eyelids not even moving at all. He only woke up due to Zhongli Haiming nudging him with persistence to wake him up.


Lin SuCi was pushed all over the place, and he really could not continue sleeping anymore. The moment he opened his eyes, he rolled over and wailed, “Don’t call me anymore, let me continue sleeping, alright…”


“Get up.”


The person who spoke was not Zhongli Haiming, but Yan Boshen whom Lin SuCi was hugging after rolling over.


Only then did Lin SuCi realise that he was in his human form, and had been twisting about in Yan Boshen’s arms. What made him become deep in contemplation was that on Yan Boshen’s leather belt, there were traces of water stains.


Previously, he had been sleeping like a rock, and no matter how Zhongli Haiming tried, he refused to wake up. Now that Lin SuCi had opened his eyes, Yan Boshen finally said, “It’s time to get up.”


Lin SuCi again hugged Yan Boshen’s waist, whining cutely. When he really could no longer delay it anymore, he slowly got up.


The dull-eyed little kitten was brought to the lake by Yan Boshen to wash his face. The cold water of the lake finally returned Lin SuCi’s senses to him.


He sat there, and behind him was Yan Boshen tying his hair for him. Surrounding them were some of the disciples from other sects who gathered around their resting area last night. They were in little groups, and all their gazes were watching the two.


Lin SuCi yawned, not paying them the slightest bit attention.


After he finished his breakfast, Lin SuCi leisurely took out the spiritual bag tucked in his chest.


There were not many people left on the grounds. Once the sun came up, everyone continued with their tasks. Those who were supposed to collect the bamboo destroying grass would go and collect them, and those who were supposed to seek out spiritual plants and beasts also went running off. The ones left, other than the disciples of Cardinal Sect, were a few girls and younger disciples.


The incident of Lin SuCi vanishing, his own seniors only knew a little about it. In any case, Yan Boshen had followed him and brought him back. No accidents had occurred, and no one was thus anxious.


When he took out the spiritual bag, Yan Boshen built a small boundary, raising an invisibility cover and taking out the net from the bag.


After a night, among the three people trapped inside, the one looking the worst was the sixth disciple. No one knew if he had been shouting the entire night or something, but his lips were cracked and peeling, his face ashen, and when looking at others, his eyes were blank and dull.


At the end of the day, Hu Se was an assassin. Even after getting caught, he still looked very calm, and no anxiety could be detected on him.


The calmest had to be that smiling youth. Rolling a couple of times on the ground after being tossed out, he could still raise his hand, waving at Lin SuCi. “Good morning.”


“Qian Guan?” Huilian immediately recognised that sixth disciple with a glance, surprise flashing past his face. He now knew exactly what had happened. Lifting his leg, he kicked that Qian Guan away, snorting, “What a little bastard. Sure enough, you’re not an honest one, and you actually dare scheme against my sect’s youngest disciple.”


Instead of catching others, Qian Guan was now caught, and even abandoned for an entire night. Now, he could not say a word, and he received another kick. Having been pampered and spoilt while growing up in Mysterious Heart Sect, how could he tolerate this? Furious, he shouted, “Jing Huilian, how dare you?!”


He had only blurted out on sentence, and Huilian crouched down, raising his hand and giving a series of loud slaps to his face.


Lin SuCi’s jaw dropped. This was the first time he saw his bad-tempered third senior truly in a bad temper.


“If you say another word, I’ll tear your mouth right off!”


Lin SuCi pointed feebly. “His mouth has already been slapped swollen by you…”


The strength of an adult man was great, and this series of merciless slaps had landed crisply. Handprints were clustered all over Qian Guan’s face, his cheeks red and bruised. The skin on the corners of his lips had broken, and blood was oozing out.


Qian Guan was beaten to the point of crying and wailing aloud for his parents. Trying to dodge here and there, he did not manage to evade Huilian, and so he just shouted, “That Lin fellow! Lin-shishu!”


Yesterday, Lin SuCi had only tied them up, and did not touch them at all. Qian Guan took it to mean that this young, demon cultivator senior uncle of his was of an innocent, kind heart, and so hoped to seek help from him.


Lin SuCi heard him clearly. He was silent for a bit, then turned to ask Yan Boshen. “Is this person a fool or something? He thinks that I’ll save him?”


Yan Boshen patted his little head. Nothing needed to be said.


Lin SuCi considered it, and he really stopped the bad-tempered Huilian. He spoke quietly, and Huilian then looked at him with wide eyes as he raised his thumb. “Sure, you’re great. Come, you do it.”


Lin SuCi took over Huilian’s position. He selected a round stone and sat down in front of Qian Guan. From his pouch, he slowly pulled out a bunch of talismans and held it in his hand, asking unhurriedly, “Little shizhi, tell me, was it your idea to kill me?”


“It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!” Qian Guan had been slapped silly by Huilian. Now, suddenly changing to an adorable looking little senior uncle, he felt as though he was looking at the golden child sitting at Guanyin’s feet. It was as though this gentle and shy little senior uncle was exuding an aura of compassion, and this hope choked him as he said, “I didn’t want to kill you, I just wanted to teach you a lesson!”


Lin SuCi again asked, “Then why did you hire an assassin? Also, this net is clearly meant to be used against me.”


Before the smiling youth and Hu Se could even open their mouths, Yan Boshen flicked his finger, and it was as though their lips had been glued shut. No matter how much they struggled, they could not speak at all, and the loudest sound they could make was snorting through their noses.


This time round, Qian Guan had been beaten to the point of honesty. “I asked my father to help borrow it from the Grand Master.”


Speaking of this, his face scrunched up in pain. “… I begged for so long to borrow this treasure, and yet you tore it!”


Lin SuCi silently raised his hand and pasted a talisman on him.


Qian Guan suddenly felt as though he had been electrified. His whole body trembled, and his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head.


Lin SuCi kindly removed the talisman, speaking politely, “I didn’t manage to catch what you said just now.”


After receiving a lesson, Qian Guan had already collapsed to the ground, strengthless.


“… Just now, I said that shishu tore it well.” Two streams of tears fell from Qian Guan’s eyes.


Lin SuCi raised his chin proudly.


Much earlier, when Wang Lichen had sneaked the information to him, Lin SuCi had already been preparing himself to guard against this. Yan Boshen taught him many ways to deal with the net, and for it, he even bought a big pile of nets home for Lin SuCi to practice tearing it.


Last night’s net was a medium level-spiritual net. Compared to the ones Lin SuCi had practiced on, it was a lot more powerful.


However, Lin SuCi had long been prepared. Yan Boshen had even placed a wisp of his sword energy in Lin SuCi’s bracelet. Sure enough, Lin SuCi easily tore a hole in the net.


“Go on.” Lin SuCi pointed at that Hu Se. “How do you explain the assassin?”


“The assassin…” It was not clear if Qian Guan had decided to just spill everything, or he had been beaten to the point of giving up. A tremble of his lips, he confessed, “My shifu was the one who contacted him.”


Shishu, you have to believe me. I just wanted to teach you a lesson, and the person who wants to kill you really isn’t me!” Qian Guan cried, snot dripping from his nose.


Lin SuCi dug at his ear, turning his head. “Shixiong, shixiong, it’s Ding-shixiong who wants to kill me!”


Yan Boshen nodded. “I heard it.”


“I didn’t do anything, why does Ding-shixiong want to kill me?” Lin SuCi was puzzled and full of grievance. “A genius disciple like me, shouldn’t I be pampered and spoiled instead?”


Yan Boshen was expressionless. “…”


Lin Suci sighed loudly. “Alright then, the assassin was hired by Ding-shixiong. Then what about this person? Don’t even try telling me that he’s a disciple of Mysterious Heart Sect.”


Qian Guan’s mouth cramped up, and he silently looked over.


At this moment, some insect had crawled onto the smiling youth’s body, and he was currently rolling about on the ground miserably. He completely did not notice Qian Guan.


“He… he’s a senior from my mother’s side, and he accompanied me this time.” Without any support, Qian Guan answered whatever question he was asked.


“Your mother… Which sect is that?”


Qian Guan hesitated. “… It’s… it’s… Golden Jade Pavilion.”


Golden Jade Pavilion.


The owner of the secret realm, Purple Gold Glaze.


Lin Suci was astonished.


On second thoughts, it seemed to make sense.


If he was not a disciple of Golden Jade Pavilion, how would he think about asking others to help harvest bamboo-destroying grass? Whether it was how they previously schemed against Huilian, or catching Lin Suci last night, their intentions were to let others work for them. This was evidence that they were aware of the poisonous nature of bamboo-destroying grass.




Lin Suci stroked his chin. Pondering for a moment, he looked at the three captured people on the ground. After a pause, he stood up and walked towards Yan Boshen.


The little kitty gave his official keeper an innocent and guileless smile. “Boshen, Boshen, would you like to play a little game with me?”

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