SASAM Chapter 33

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Chapter 33




The suction of the whirlpool was very strong. Tossed about, Lin Suci was very giddy. His mind was blank, and suffocating, he was drawn to the bottom of the lake by the whirlpool.


Unable to breath, Lin Suci was feeling dizzy. In his lungs was one huge breath, and he was feeling very anxious, not daring to exhale. He was afraid that the moment he exhaled, he would end up dying in this lake.


The kitten was tiny, and pulled deep into the lake. When he was tossed about, he had hit the sandy bottom of the lake with great impact, causing a swirl of sand to puff out. The visibility of the lake was very bad, and the sand even went into his eyes. Feeling the discomfort, Lin Suci’s eyes turned red, his tears mixing with the lake water.


Lin Suci’s tiny paws were paddling in the water as he tried to swim to the surface. However, there seemed to be some sort of pressure in the water, and he was not able to ascend at all.


Puffing out his cheeks, Lin Suci transformed back to his human shape. Lying on the ground, he held his breath, frantically rummaging through his pouch.


There were many talismans inside that Huilian had shoved at him, and he seemed to recall some of them that could be used to repel water.


Holding his breath, Lin Suci’s face was red. His heartbeat sped up, and there seemed to be a buzzing in his ears. His vision was turning dark, and the discomfort was overwhelming him.


His hands moved quickly, and he finally managed to find the water-repelling talisman, sticking it onto himself. In the next moment, the oxygen in the lake all gathered around him, delivering right to his mouth and nose.


Lin Suci carefully exhaled his breath that he had been holding for a long time, inhaling gently.


Fortunately, the water-repelling talisman prevented the possibility of the water entering his nose and mouth, and he could now finally breath in some fresh air.


It was too suffocating.


Lin Suci’s red face finally managed to turn back to normal. Casually taking out a talisman, he folded it into half and stuffed it into his ear, creating a barrier from the buzzing of the water pressure.


After solving his issue of survival, he steadied himself underwater, and looked around at his surroundings.


This was the bottom of the lake. Under his feet was a layer of fine sand and gravel, and there were also quite a number of aquatic plants. However, after the whirlpool, the place was rather disorderly, and the plants were a little withered.


And behind him, was a cave.


There was a light in the cave.


Lin Suci was tempted.


Could there be some big treasure within?


If he managed to catch some impressive big treasure, would he be able to exchange it for money when he left this place?


As a kitten who grew up in Cardinal Sect, his brain was now all filled with thoughts on how to make a living. Rubbing his hands, he hesitated.


It was just him alone, was it too risky? If it was some high level spiritual beast, wouldn’t he be acting as food delivery?


Lin Suci thought for a moment, then opened his mouth and shouted, “Boshen?”


The water-repelling talisman just about pushed the water away from him, creating a bubble around him that gave him enough air. However, his voice could not penetrate the bubble, only echoing around him.


Lin Suci finally realised.


Just now, when he was sucked into the lake, Yan Boshen had been cleaning his sword by the lake. He definitely would have noticed what was happening. To not have come to look for him yet, it was very likely that there was something wrong with that whirlpool.


Lin Suci tried to swim upwards, but was still pushed back by that unpredictable pressure. No matter how he jumped, he was unable to go up.


Unable to get up, and he also dared not enter the cave behind him alone. Lin Suci just planted his butt onto the sand, taking out a short dagger and started slicing through the aquatic plants.


At least, they could be considered an extra side dish.


He lay on the ground, his buttocks sticking up high as he cut at the swath of aquatic spiritual plants, tucking them into his bag. He had pulled them up all on one side, leaving only a couple of trembling spiritual grass behind.


“Why isn’t he here yet…” Lin Suci was still cutting at the plants as he grumbled quietly.


“I’m here.”


Lin Suci heard a voice from behind him.


His eyes brightened, and he turned to look.


The young man dressed in black, slowly descending in the water, was that not his official keeper?




Lin Suci was unable to go up, and so just stood there, waving the aquatic plants in his hands. “If you still didn’t come, I was about to harvest all the aquatic plants here.”


Yan Boshen descended slowly. After landing on the fine sand, he reached for Lin Suci’s arm, carefully observing him. “Do you have any injuries?”


“I’m fine, I’m fine.”


Lin Suci chattered away, telling Yan Boshen all about how he had been dragged down by the whirlpool, found the cave, and started harvesting the aquatic plants. It was clearly only a very short process, but from his lips, it sounded as though Yan Boshen had abandoned him for a decade or something.


“… You’ve truly disappointed me, Boshen. Whatever happened to never abandoning me?” Lin Suci even added naughtily.


Yan Boshen’s eyes were dark. “It’s my negligence.”


Gaining a reply of what seemed like submission, Lin Suci was gleeful. Generously, he punched Yan Boshen’s arm, proudly lifting his little chin. “Forget it, who let me… Eh?”


With a click, Yan Boshen connected a metal belt around Lin Suci’s waist.


His waist was slender. With two hands, Yan Boshen just about could reach all the way around. The place where originally only appeared a leather belt, now had an additional black belt around it. At the buckle of the belt was even a thin metal chain.


And the end of the metal chain was held in Yan Boshen’s hand.


Yan Boshen held the chain tightly, speaking to Lin Suci who was looking down at himself in surprise, “It’ll be settled like this.”


Lin Suci looked down at the metal belt around his waist. Touching it, he found that it was hard and unyielding, and could not be moved at all. Speechless, he looked up. “Boshen, don’t you think that this thing doesn’t really suit me very well?”


“Just use it for now. When we’re out, I’ll make a new one for you.”


Yan Boshen wrapped the end of the chain around his wrist. With a flash of light, it vanished.


At the same time, the metal belt around Lin Suci’s waist too flashed, slowly fading away into the leather belt, leaving no trace behind.


Lin SuCi’s eyes rounded, and he touched his waist all over. “Eh eh eh? What is going on?”


Yan Boshen: “It’s only to limit your distance. If it’s exposed, it won’t be good for others to see it.”


One end was around a waist, and the other end was around a wrist. If Lin Suci was in his cat body, it would be fine. But as a human… It seemed a little ridiculous.


Lin Suci was a little curious. “What exactly is this for?”


“Take a step back,” Yan Boshen said apathetically.


Hearing that, Lin Suci took a large step behind.


“Eh?” Lin Suci’s eyes widened even more. There seemed to be nothing between him and Yan Boshen, but when he retreated, he felt the belt around his waist tighten, as well as a tug on it coming from Yan Boshen’s hand.


Lin Suci’s face fell. “Other than it being invisible, isn’t it just a cat leash?”


Yan Boshen pondered over what a cat leash was. After roughly figuring it out, he coolly nodded. “You need one.”


The corner of Lin Suci’s mouth twitched, and he sighed.


Alright then. Who let him offend villains everywhere ever since he stepped into Purple Gold Glaze? There were always issues cropping up here and there, and he deserved to be tied to a cat leash.


It was just that…


Lin Suci’s thoughts spun around, and looking at Yan Boshen, he quietly said, “Boshen, it’s unfair that only I’m tied to you.”


The moment the little kitten’s buttocks twitched, Yan Boshen knew that he was asking for a beating again.


“Now, I let you tie me up. When we get out, how about letting me tie you up?” It was clear that Lin Suci was up to no good. With perked ears and a wagging tail, he gave Yan Boshen a fawning smile.


Yan Boshen gave Lin Suci an unfathomable response. “Hah.”


The meaning of this response was very ambiguous, inclining to both agreeing and disagreeing. Lin Suci rubbed his hands, one sidedly taking this response as proof of Yan Boshen’s agreement.


Lin Suci pointed at the cave behind him. “Boshen Boshen, since we can’t go up, let’s go inside and take a look then. There might be something valuable in there.”


Yan Boshen paused. “We’re not that poor.”


It had been less than a year since Lin Suci settled down in Cardinal Sect for the long term, and it was enough to let a little kitten who knew nothing become so money-minded. Yan Boshen could not help but reflect on himself if he had been treating the kitten too harshly.


“Sure sure sure, we’re not poor, not poor.” Lin Suci allowed his official keeper his dignity, going along with him. However, internally, his heart ached for his official keeper. Such a highly skilled person who had been keeping his skills a secret, lying to maintain his dignity over the issue of finances, he was really quite pitiful.


He, Lin Suci, must find a way to earn more money, returning the kindness his official keeper had given him by taking care of him.


Yan Boshen felt that there was something not quite right about Lin Suci’s tone, but as for what exactly was wrong, he was unable to put it into words.


In the end, he still went along with the kitten, and they entered the cave together.


The underwater cave was only three feet wide and three feet high. Lin Suci and Yan Boshen could not keep too far a distance from each other, and one was in front while the other was behind. There was only a space enough for another person in between them, and they hunched down, going in.


Lin Suci cherished his life. Entering this completely dark cave, everything was terrifyingly unknown. Gripping a corner of Yan Boshen’s robes tightly, he had a talisman in his other hand. In the dark, the only thing glowing were his green eyes.


The tunnel was very long, and there were many aquatic animals along its walls. Perhaps they noticed the danger or something, and they were all running along the wall, not daring to come in contact with the two persons at all.


Lin Suci had very good night vision, and he could see everything clearly. He tugged at Yan Boshen’s sleeve. “Boshen Boshen, I see something delicious.”


Clinging to the walls of the cave, not daring to disturb the two, quietly slipping its way through the aquatic animals, were the very plump legs of a crab.


Lin Suci swallowed, standing still.


He did not move, while Yan Boshen took half a step forward. Feeling a tug around his wrist, he turned back to see the little kitten with gleaming green eyes pointing. “I want to eat that…”


The crab seemed to have noticed the danger. With no time to care if it alerted anyone, its eight legs scrambled quickly. As though receiving energy from the water, it tried to vanish from the sight of these dangerous people.


Yan Boshen lifted a hand.


With a slash of energy from his fingertips, dozens of big fat crabs clinging to the walls all flipped over, rushing over to fall into Lin Suci’s arms.


Lin Suci pinched the crab legs delightedly. With just one touch, he knew that they were fat and juicy enough, and they would definitely be very enjoyable to eat!


The deeper they went, the more crabs and shrimps there were. Lin Suci had forgotten why he was here. His spiritual bag was full of crabs, fish, shrimps and shellfish. His eyes were curved in delight, and patting his full bag, he was very happy.


“Boshen Boshen, when we leave, when will we go to the sea? There are even more delicious food there!”


Yan Boshen looked at his kitten. He gave up on all his thoughts, only leaning against the wall and allowing the kitten to devote himself to food.


“Yes. If you like, we can go to Sapphire Sea Continent.”


Bending over to grab a big green shrimp, Lin Suci’s hand paused. That trembling shrimp took the opportunity to escape.


Sapphire Sea Continent…


Lin Suci straightened up. “I heard that second-shixiong is in Sapphire Sea Continent. Is he coming back soon?”


“Soon.” Yan Boshen paused. “He has always been dedicated to cultivating, and he won’t be bringing food back.”


Lin Suci’s cheeks puffed out in anger. “You make it sound as though I’m only greedy for food!”


Yan Boshen raised a brow. Was that not the case?


Lin Suci understood the look in his official keeper’s eyes. Holding his back, he was very aggrieved. “I’m a growing little kitten, what’s wrong with wanting to eat something good? Even if I’m greedy, it’s only expected.”


Yan Boshen’s lips quirked slightly. “When we get back, I’ll let you eat all you want.”


With Yan Boshen’s promise, as well as the attraction of Sapphire Sea Continent, the aquatic life at the bottom of this lake was no longer as important in Lin Suci’s eyes anymore. Tying up his bag, Lin Suci finally stopped wanting to collect everything he saw.


At the end of the tunnel, the light within became brighter and brighter.


Lin Suci’s mouth opened. Tugging at Yan Boshen, he was a little surprised. “Here…”


Past the tunnel, the passage suddenly appeared to expand. However, it was not a common cave, but there were four white jade pillars, propping up a gleaming pavilion.


Above the four white jade pillars was a huge, shining pearl.


Lin Suci’s eyes were fixed on the pearl. He slowly lowered his head. In the middle of the four pillars, right below the pearl, as expected, he saw a huge shell.


Yan Boshen frowned slightly.


Lin Suci’s mouth twitched as he whispered, “… It can’t be, what a coincidence.”


The treasure of Purple Gold Glaze that would be taken away by that little foolish cabbage in three days was actually right in front of his eyes?


The huge, white shell seemed to be moving, yet it also seemed to be motionless.


Lin Suci’s eyes fell on that shell.


It was a shellfish demon, the one guarding the pearl.




How could he have ended up running into it?


Lin Suci looked at that treasure on top, a little greedy.


Little foolish cabbage, if you don’t come soon, I’m going to accept this deus ex machina of yours with a smile.


“Why, you recognise it?” Yan Boshen’s voice sounded in his ears.


Lin Suci thought for a moment. “Oh, I saw it in my dreams. This is a huge treasure, but… it belongs to someone else.”




Lin Suci sighed in his heart.


This treasure belonged to someone else, so he could only just look at it.


“You want it?”


Yan Boshen looked at him.


Lin Suci shook his head. “No, even if I want it, it’s useless. I might as well give…”


Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly heard a loud sound of rushing water. Within this pavilion, a whirlpool formed.


Lin Suci jolted, grabbing onto Yan Boshen tightly.


As for Yan Boshen, there seemed to be a natural barrier around him. Despite the surging waters of the lake, nothing could touch him at all.


Plastered close to him, Lin Suci naturally escaped the tragedy of turning into cat jerky.


Lin Suci lay in Yan Boshen’s arms, waiting for the sound of the rushing water to fade away. When everything fell quiet, he took out the talisman from his ears, tossing it away casually.


“Why did the whirlpool form again…”


Before Lin Suci finished his statement, his eyes fell on that floating treasure, only to be slightly stunned.


On top… of that enormous… pearl…


Were two people?


Two people?


After the disaster of the whirlpool had passed, whether the pearl or the tightly closed shellfish, there was no change at all. The only thing different was the addition of two more people on top of the pearl, their limbs spread out.


Lin Suci hissed. Narrowing his eyes, he looked carefully.


Lying on the bright, gleaming pearl were two young people. One was dressed in green, and the other in brown. Their faces were dirty and covered in dust, and they looked exhausted, as though they were about to wither away.


Lin Suci had very good eyesight, and he immediately recognised one of them.


“Little foolish cabbage?!”


Surprised, he blurted out that nickname.


Yan Boshen too recognised those two people. He looked to the side, a faintly dangerous smile on his face. “Little foolish cabbage?”

Lin Suci hurriedly said, “That’s Bai Qingkong. He’s just like a foolish little cabbage, very pathetic.”


As they conversed, those two people who had fallen onto the pearl groaned. Slowly, they climbed up, surveying their surroundings.


As they looked, Bai Qingkong, his face ashen, saw Lin Suci standing far away in a corner. Despite the distance, Lin Suci could see his eyes brighten, and the joy on his face. “Xingchen!”


Lin Suci felt the pressure around him increase.


Stiffening his neck, he gave a generous wave of his hand. “Yo!”


It seemed as though Bai Qingkong had been robbed before this. His clothes were in disarray, he looked dishevelled, and he had blood stains all over him. Only the shining machete in his hand was exuding an unceasingly fierce aura.


His companion was not in a much better state than him, and they both looked as though they had been nearly trampled to death.


While they were speaking, that originally quiet shellfish demon slowly opened his shell.


A stream of evil energy rushed up, rolling around the pearl.


Falling onto the pearl, Bai Qingkong and his companion had great difficulty getting off it. The surrounding aura heaved violently, and the waters swirled, crashing upon them. They already seemed to have fought through a battle already, and now, attacked by evil energy, they could not fight against it. Twisting and turning to dodge the blows, they looked wretched.


“Xingcheng! Help!”


With attacks coming from all over, Bai Qingkong had no choice but to shout at Lin Suci for help.


Lin Suci rubbed his hands. Just as he was about to agree, he suddenly remembered that there was someone next to him. Turning towards him, he gave a simpering smile. “Eldest-shixiong?”


It was unclear what Yan Boshen was thinking about. He leant back, his chin slightly raised. “If you want to help, go ahead.”


Receiving permission from his official keeper, Lin Suci’s eyes shone, and he declared, “Alright!”


In the novel, Bai Qingkong was alone. After receiving gills from a mussel demon, he descended all the way down into the lake. Later, he defeated the shellfish demon guarding the pearl, and won the pearl of the secret realm.


Now, there was one new person.


Bai Qingkong called him Shu-xiong… Lin Suci had reason to suspect that the silent person was very likely to be Shu Changyi.


The two people came, or rather, fell onto the pearl. Coincidentally, he had managed to bump into them.


Lin Suci slowly took out his talisman, thinking, the effect of the butterfly wings was really too powerful.


The shellfish demon guarding the pearl was a high level demonic beast.


Today, after training for so long, only then was he able to deal with a fourth level demonic beast that had not descended into madness. Now, facing the shellfish demon, the possibility of winning did not exist.


Fortunately, he was someone who had read the novel.


Over there, Bai Qingkong and Shu Changyi were forced to leap around. However, other than the area surrounding the pearl, everywhere else was filled with evil energy. They even did not dare leave the pearl at all, hugging the pearl tightly with one hand and holding their weapons with the other, barely managing to fight the evil energy roaring at them.


Seeing that both of them were about to be unable to hold on anymore, Lin Suci took out a talisman and tossed it out lightly. At the same time, he swiftly rushed back to Yan Boshen, reaching up and covering his ears.


A ‘bang’ rocked the place, and water started crashing in.


Lin Suci’s water-repelling talisman could barely hold on anymore.


Yan Boshen reached out and covered the kitten’s ears.


At the same time, the water-repelling talisman on Lin Suci tore apart and vanished.


Water surged in.


Yan Boshen raised his hand, drawing a talisman in the air, right between Lin Suci’s brows. A golden light flashed, and the talisman sank into his skin.


At the next moment, the water seemed to be obstructed by an invisible wall of air, no longer able to come close to Lin Suci.


“Oof…” Lin Suci shook his ears, looking around.


This talisman of his was the most powerful one he owned, able to create a blast of lightning. When stuck on the shell of the shellfish demon, despite such a huge commotion, it only blasted a small hole in the shell.


Lin Suci clicked his tongue.


As expected, it was not easy to deal with it.


And this action of his had completely enraged that shellfish demon.


The shellfish demon whose shell had been a little damaged lifted its top shell up, revealing its body within.


It was a green haired female demon who had already cultivated half a human body. She was as fair and smooth as a pearl, except for her face, which was horrifyingly disgusting.




The voice of the shellfish demon was like a twisted wave, crashing down upon them.


Lin Suci’s ears buzzed.


However, there was not much of a delay to his actions, and he immediately threw the second talisman he had prepared.


In the opened shell, the talisman attached directly to the hair of the demon, bursting instantly into flames.


The pained demon roared.


Lin Suci moved. The water swirled, and the demonic energy transformed the water into a blade. It sliced easily through his clothes, aiming at his skin.


Lin Suci sucked in a breath.


No, it was not supposed to be like that! Bai Qingkong had exploded the shellfish demon, and burnt it, but the demon did not have such a big reaction. When it came to him, she was going to kill him instead?


The somewhat muddled Lin Suci forgot to fight back.


Fortunately, Yan Boshen reached out and pulled him into his arms, drawing his fingers through the air at the same time.


The demonic energy rushing towards him was reversed, rushing back towards the shellfish demon.


The shellfish demon, her hair burning, was once again injured, this time by her own demonic energy, and she released an earth shaking roar.


At the same time, above her, Bai Qingkong found an opportunity. Using his machete, he sliced through the four streams of light connecting the pearl to the pillars. Hugging the huge pearl in his arms, it took an instant for the pearl to suddenly shrink.


Holding onto the pearl, he fell into the shell of the shellfish demon.


“Be careful…”


His heart in his throat, just as Lin Suci said those words, he saw the little foolish cabbage swiftly stab the demon’s body. Simultaneously, he twisted around, jumping out of the shell as it started to close.


Shu Changyi landed at the same time. Together with Bai Qingkong, they stabbed madly into the shell. The originally rock hard shell that was supposed to be invincible actually ended up shattering under their joint efforts.


Inside, howls from the shellfish demon were heard.


After some period of time, the howls of the shellfish demon gradually faded away.


Bai Qingkong withdrew his machete that was coated in green blood. Wiping his face, he walked towards Lin Suci.


He was in a miserable looking state, but he was shining. His body stained and dirty, he was hugging the pearl. With blood all over his face, he gave a bashful smile. “Xingcheng, many thanks for your aid.”


Lin Suci had watched for himself how Bai Qingkong had snatched the treasure of the secret realm in a flash, as well as killing the high-level demon easily. His neck stiffened, and he stared at Bai Qingkong for a moment, feeling as though he could see a huge row of words in his body.


What were you looking at? This was the protagonist’s halo.


His heart broken, Lin Suci sobbed, rushing into Yan Boshen’s arm in deep sorrow. Biting his sleeve, he whimpered, “… Please don’t speak to me!”


That protagonist’s halo or something, it was too hateful!

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