SG Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

In the dim lighting, paired with the hot air in a small, narrow space, the atmosphere grew more intimate.

Ji Zheng could still feel the warmth of the tip of Gu Xia’s tongue on his finger. As he gently twirled his finger, his adam’s apple bobbed for a second.

An old classic song started playing in the private room, prompting everyone to start singing together. Distracted, Gu Xia turned to sneak a glance at the screen. When he was about to turn back round again, Ji Zheng was already reaching out to offer another peanut and his finger accidentally brushed past Gu Xia’s lips.

Gu Xia instinctively opened his mouth, allowing Ji Zheng to conveniently popped the peanut into his mouth.

By the time Gu Xia chewed and swallowed it, Ji Zheng picked up another peanut, asking, “Want some more?”

Clueless to what was happening, Gu Xia thought to himself, did his seduction game plan failed? He craned his neck over to where Ji Zheng was at. Ji Zheng then fed him another peanut.

Looking at the way Gu Xia obediently parted his mouth made Ji Zheng so hard, his cock was straining against the material of his trousers, forming an almost obvious tent. He was treading on dangerous grounds but Ji Zheng could not help himself. He ached to keep on feeding him, craving the sensation of his fingers brushing against Gu Xia’s soft lips. Each time Gu Xia opened his mouth, he could vividly see his soft, red tongue… Ji Zheng knew that if he allowed his train of thoughts to develop any further, it would be to the point of no return. So he hastily pushed the dish towards Gu Xia, clearing his throat twice before saying, “You eat them.”

Seeing that Ji Zheng refused to feed him anymore, Gu Xia could not help but feel disappointed. He sighed, thinking that since he could not act innocent and sucked at playing the seduction game, he might as well die of sadness.

He hung his head as he reached out to grab a watermelon slice to eat. He did not even have the mood to wipe the juice which splattered onto his face. In the end, Ji Zheng was the one who got up to grab a piece of tissue paper to help him wipe it off.

Ji Zheng was so gentle, thought Gu Xia to himself deep down. It was too bad that his target was a little bit on the dense side, to the point his seduction ploy ended up absolutely useless against him. He needed to do his homework tonight, just to find out how those online netizens won over the person of their dreams.

In reality, Ji Zheng was not as good of a man as Gu Xia believed him to be. All he wanted to do was to seize the opportunity to caress Gu Xia’s face, so he kept wiping his face with the tissue repeatedly. Being naturally fair-skinned, the constant rubbing made his skin turn red.

Deeply lost in his own thoughts, Gu Xia completely missed the daring, hungry gaze of the man who looked as if he wanted to devour him alive. Ji Zheng really felt compelled to pin the man down on the sofa and have his wicked way with him, but whenever he thought of how Gu Xia, being the tender and obedient person he was, would end up crying when bullied, Ji Zheng just did not have the heart to reduce him to tears. If Gu Xia really did burst into tears, it should be because of the immense waves of  pleasure he gave him.

And just like that, both harbouring their own secrets deep down inside, they persevered until the KTV session was over.

Their colleagues who were heading the same direction decided to carpool  home. Since nobody knew that he and Ji Zheng lived in opposite directions, Gu Xia  started to get into the same car as him, just so he could sit together and stay with Ji Zheng for a little while longer.

The instant Gu Xia took one step into the car, Ji Zheng asked out of the blue, “Gu Xia, are you drunk?”

Since the two of them would constantly sneak glances at each other from time to time in the private room, Ji Zheng was well aware that Gu Xia had only drank two cups. Yet, he was acting as though he did not know anything about it.

Without thinking it through, Gu Xia replied, “I only drank a little. I’m not drunk.”

Raising his head, Ji Zheng laughed at him. “Then why are you here? Isn’t your home in the other direction?” As he said that, he even indicated towards the actual direction of Gu Xia’s home.

With his plan exposed, Gu Xia hurriedly pretended to have mistakenly got into the wrong car, deliberately looking left and right before saying, “Ah, my head’s a little messed up,“ he said as he closed the car door. “How do you know where I live?”

He had only asked casually, but Ji Zheng still responded, saying, “I just knew it.”

Through the window, Gu Xia smiled at Ji Zheng who was now sitting in the car. His smile was slightly sensual, beautiful as the dim moonlight of the night shone upon it. This seemed to set off Ji Zheng as he was overwhelmed with the sudden desire to simply drag the other man into the car with him, or… he could just leave with him instead.

But Ji Zheng controlled himself from giving into temptation. As he waved at Gu Xia, he called out, “See you tomorrow.” He knew Gu Xia would not be able to hear him through the window, yet he still felt compelled to say it as it felt like there was still some hope for his love as long as he said it aloud. He wished tomorrow would come faster and hoped that he would be able to see Gu Xia bright and early in the morning.

The next day, Gu Xia came into work slightly later than usual. He had purposely dressed himself up, donning a buttoned up shirt. His entire presence exuded the air of a university student who had just went into the workforce, looking exceptionally pretty and elegant.

His colleague jokingly asked him if he was in a relationship since his face was glowing.

Heading to his seat, he mumblingly responded, “Need to be more reserved.”

A response which confused his colleagues beyond measure.

The moment Ji Zheng walked out of his office, Gu Xia was suddenly imbued with high spirits, his eyes trailing after Ji Zheng while warning himself deep down that he had to act pure and innocent, that he must be pure and innocent. He needed to contain himself. He had to!

Ji Zheng flashed him a grin upon noticing him and said, “Morning.”

Gu Xia felt as though his entire heart was going to melt into a puddle just from his smile. The heat coursing through his body was constantly rushing forward, enveloping him.

He could not resist directing a foolish grin at Ji Zheng who then came over to gently knock him on the head, asking him why was he zoning out.

Gu Xia was positive that he was not doing anything of the sort since he was completely smitten by the man’s charm and hotness. He lowered his head and mumbled irresolutely to himself, when all of a sudden, Ji Zheng suddenly bent over towards him, giving him such a shock that he jumped in fright.

“What are you mumbling about?”

Gu Xia shot him a glance before lowering his gaze once more. When he looked up again, he commented, “I think you look very handsome today.”

Ji Zheng felt his heart skip a beat. Despite being in the prime of his age, he still felt like a young man yearning for love. There was no doubt that he felt disdain for himself but because the one who praised him was Gu Xia, the person he liked, the person who he was itching badly to have his way with and cherish, the palpitations he felt seemed somehow romantic. Licking his teeth with his tongue, Ji Zheng gave a faint chuckle and straightened up. “Too bad I’ll never be as good looking at you.”

Gu Xia broke into a cold sweat after he said that. He did not mind saying something that was even more explicit but anyone could tell the things he spouted were impure to begin with. Having done his fair share of homework last night, he reminded himself several times that he had to keep himself under control. He was already very close to suppressing the yearning and heat deep within. After pondering over it for a while longer, he could only think of those cliche words to praise Ji Zheng.

However, even with such cliche praise, he still nearly could not bring himself to say it. He was worried that Ji Zheng would laugh at him. Whenever he thought of that happening, the more nervous he got, and the effort of holding back those words turned his ears red.

In actual fact, Ji Zheng did laugh but it was not to mock him or anything, so Gu Xia felt somewhat at ease, his heart feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. He was also both a little excited and happy at the same time. As he stared at Ji Zheng’s tie, he dreamt of the day that he could jerk it towards him, raising his chin to capture Ji Zheng’s lips in a passionate kiss. Since Ji Zheng was such a gentle person, Gu Xia was positive that his kiss must be tender indeed.

Ji Zheng asked, “Wanna have lunch together later?”

He nodded in response. Once Ji Zheng left, Gu Xia began to anticipate lunch time, hoping that the time would go by faster.

The weather was rather hot and humid so Gu Xia had drunk a lot of water. Needing to pay a visit to washroom, he got up and walked towards the hallway where he spotted Ji Zheng at the washroom’s door. Gu Xia initially wanted to greet him, but stopped when a thought suddenly crossed his mind. He then began to undo the top two buttons of his shirt while walking towards the man. He figured that since he wanted to seduce Ji Zheng, then he might as well act the part. By the time he reached the door, he even took in a deep breath and silently rooted for himself.

It was only when Ji Zheng had done his business did Gu Xia finally arrive.

As Ji Zheng pulled up his zipper, Gu Xia approached him to take a quick peek, only to quickly turn his head away the instant Ji Zheng raised his head.

“You’re peeping at me.” Ji Zhen said with absolute confidence.

His words caused Gu Xia’s hand to quiver slightly, almost missing his mark into the toilet bowl.

So how did Ji Zheng know? Gu Xia had always been the man he had long yearned for in his heart. Earlier on, from the moment that Gu Xia stood next to him, he had already noticed that it was him. Hence, he had even purposely pulled his zipper up slowly. As for his objective — let’s just say it was filled with impure thoughts.

Gu Xia’s embarrassment often got triggered at unusual situations. Now that Ji Zheng had said that to him, he did not feel even a tiny ounce of shame at all. Instead, he even answered, “Yeah… you’re so big.”

Ji Zheng was surprised. Turning his head to gaze at Gu Xia’s ruddy, moving lips, he wholeheartedly wanted to pry open those lips to see how his soft, tender tongue managed to spout out words that were so erotic.

By the time Gu Xia was done peeing, he found Ji Zheng currently waiting for him by the sink.

Ji Zheng had just finished washing his hands so they were wet, water dripping off his fingertips. Gu Xia thought that Ji Zheng’s hands must be very warm and if the man touched him with his now cold, wet hands…it must feel so good. Gu Xia knew very well that his thoughts were too lewd. Deeply frustrated, he sensed that he was drifting further and further away from his innocent and genuine facade.

Gu Xia went over to turn on the tap. Since Ji Zheng was taller than him, he could easily get a clear view of Gu Xia’s exposed collarbones as he bent over the sink to wash his hands. Gu Xia was very fair, and the outline of his collarbones were quite conspicuous. Especially when he was washing his hands, his shoulders would slightly inclined forward, causing his clavicles to protrude even more visibly, leaving an indentation so deep that it could almost hold water. Unable to contain himself, Ji Zheng licked at his lips, feeling like he was on the verge of losing control. He was greatly tempted to move his plan forward to devour Gu Xia whole.

Just as Gu Xia turned off the water tap, Ji Zheng’s hand was already inching towards him, and similar to the way Gu Xia imagined, Ji Zheng’s hand felt so hot that even his fingertips felt like they were on fire, burning him to the extent that he could not help but shy away, trembling from his touch.

Touching the nape of his neck, Ji Zheng then moved his fingers to Gu Xia’s collarbone.

“Feeling hot?” asked Ji Zheng.

“Ah?” Gu Xia answered instinctively. “I’m okay…”

“Button up your shirt then.” said Ji Zheng as he hooked Gu Xia’s collar with fingers and gave it a slight pull. “It’s too revealing.” He even seized the opportunity to glimpse inside, a subtle action which Gu Xia did not notice.

Seeing that his seduction plan had failed, Gu Xia could not help but pout as he raised his hands to button up his shirt, feeling slightly disappointed.

Ji Zheng was very satisfied with his action, his possessiveness getting the better of him. He wanted himself to be the sole owner of Gu Xia’s captivating appearance. Obviously he had not managed to win Gu Xia over yet, but he was already trapping him in his own domain in an overbearing and domineering manner, topped with the confidence that Gu Xia would definitely be his and only his.

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