SG Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 (NSFW)

Gu Xia obediently pulled down the zipper of Ji Zheng’s pants, sensing the massive and hot shaft pulsating through the material of his briefs.

Did this mean they are mutually in love with each other? Or was he actually successful in his quest to ensnare Ji Zheng? As he thought to himself with glazed and muddled eyes, he reached out, sliding one hand deep into the man’s underwear, wrapping it appreciatively around the huge, thick length.

Panting heavily, Ji Zheng laid gentle kisses under his ear, his hot breath pushing against it. A soft moan wriggled its way out of Gu Xia’s throat as Ji Zheng grabbed hold of his hips, roughing up his ass in a kneading frenzy before pulling Gu Xia’s pants off, leaving only the underwear suspended at his knees.

As soon as the two of them fell back onto the sofa, Ji Zheng sat upright to discard his top and pants and tossed them roughly to the ground.

Gu Xia reached out to stroke the lines of his muscular abs, his legs latching themselves around Ji Zheng’s waist before sliding down. He then proceeded to undress himself as well, drowning in the pleasure of having his body tightly pressed against Ji Zheng’s.

Despite the fact that the hot temperature was increasing day by day throughout summer, it would eventually cool down slightly at night. Sweat formed on Ji Zheng’s body, enticing Gu Xia to stick out his sensitive tongue and lick his abdomen. He thumbed the abs as he went, leaving slippery trails all over them as he pleased, occasionally pressing his lips closer to gently nip at them, going as far as to even teasingly look up at Ji Zheng and say, “Tastes salty.”

Ji Zheng responded by grabbing his hair, locking his grip onto the locks as he pulled. Although it had looked rough, he did not exert his strength doing so. Gu Xia, on the other hand, purposely asked a question he already knew the answer to. “What are you doing?” His nasal voice sounded completely deprived of strength, as though he had caught a cold or just woke up from a nap.

However, Ji Zheng had already caught on that Gu Xia was doing it on purpose, deliberately sounding so needy, seducing him, enticing him.  

He was too cute for words.

Still gripping onto his hair, he gently tugged Gu Xia’s head back. After Gu Xia played along and craned his head backwards, Ji Zheng kissed him fiercely, gnawing and ravaging his lips with his teeth as he curled Gu Xia’s tongue against his, thrusting and grinding against it. When they finally broke apart, his voice sounded both raspy and full of desirous lust as he called Gu Xia, “You little rascal.”

This sweet address inflamed Gu Xia’s body further. He was not sure why he was so useless and helpless against Ji Zheng, getting hard as a rock until he could not endure it anymore just because of the utterance of that nickname alone. What’s more, his behind had literally melted into a puddle of delicious wetness.

Although Gu Xia felt rather embarrassed with himself, he could not resist the temptation to want to continue enticing Ji Zheng. Wanting so badly to see the man lose all control and go mad with lust because of him, for the man to ram into him with that huge cock of his, pounding him senseless until he sank to the core with both pain and pleasure. To put it more greedily, he was dying for Ji Zheng to love him more and more, craving for the man to pamper him with deep affection and screw him while he was at it.

“Ngh, Ji Zheng…Ji Zheng…”

Ji Zheng gently kissed him, yet his hands were wickedly teasing and playing at Gu Xia’s sensitive dimples of his back. “Mmm?”

Not saying another word, Gu Xia rubbed himself up Ji Zheng’s body incessantly, his chest pressed tightly against Ji Zheng,  gently grinding against each other’s skins . Their mouths had been locked in a kiss for quite a while when all of a sudden, Ji Zheng turned him over in one abrupt movement, pinning him deep into the sofa.

“Naughty brat. Where you rubbing?” Ji Zheng nuzzled his nose against Gu Xia’s lovingly. 

His shoulders now flushed with a shade of pink, he had not even been penetrated yet and his entire body was already suffused with a tinge of lustrous desire.

“Where…where am I ru-rubb…?” Gu Xia mimicked Ji Zheng, feigning innocence.

Yet Ji Zheng refused to let him go, his hand creeping up to fondle Gu Xia’s nipples, kneading and pinching them out of shape. “Mmm? Where you rubbing? When you hugged me earlier, you’re rubbing here, aren’t you?”

The corner of Gu Xia’s eyes turn red as if rouge has been applied on them. Ji Zheng leaned forward to lick at it, his hands squeezing his nipples with a much harder force than before.

Trapped between pleasure and the inability to endure any longer, he could only embraced Ji Zheng as he arched himself towards him, his penis rubbing against Ji Zheng’s thigh as he peered at him with glazed and misty eyes.

“Do you want me?” asked Ji Zheng.

Gu Xia nodded honestly, one of his hands reaching out to fondle his nipple on one side, pinching it purposely. Ji Zheng instantly stopped him by grabbing his hand. He then ordered, “Explain yourself.” Ji Zheng knew precisely what Gu Xia was doing, yet he still wanted to play dirty and ask Gu Xia. He was beyond horrid.

Gu Xia’s “act of seduction” on usual days were already considered to be rather restrained. He was straightforward in the acts of love and felt that what he did and said during this time were all exceptionally normal since he liked Ji Zheng a lot. Thus, it was only perfectly natural that he would want Ji Zheng to fuck him and toy with his body. Hence, when Ji Zheng asked him the question, it was evident that he would reply honestly too, “Itchy…”

“Itchy?” Ji Zheng bowed his head to wrap his mouth around a hard and perky nipple, prompting a series of moans to spill out from Gu Xia’s throat as he arched his chest upwards.

Ji Zheng clutched at Gu Xia’s hand and looked at his defined and slender fingers. A wicked thought arose within him. He released his mouth and tapped at Gu Xia’s nipples covered with saliva. Gu Xia looked back at him, panting and mewling.

He lowered his body, his penis heavily meeting Gu Xia’s body. Transparent juice seeped out from the tip as it rubbed against Gu Xia’s thigh, leaving behind a wet, sticky trail mixed in with a numbing and itching sensation.

Before Gu Xia could react, Ji Zheng’s hand had already reached towards his perky backside, slipping a finger into its sleek parting. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him, or maybe the cleft between his butt cheeks was drenched in sweat, but he could feel his hole was thoroughly slick and wet with secretory juices. Ji Zheng pushed half a finger in, raking over the soft walls past the ring of muscles as they tightly clamped down on him.

Gu Xia’s eyes widened, looking as though he was scared yet curious. Ji Zheng comforted him, “Be good. I can only go in after I loosen you up with my fingers.”

The reaction Gu Xia gave was extremely adorable. He nodded, and cutely said, “Okay!”

Grinning from ear to ear, Ji Zheng planted a soft kiss on his lips and praised, “Such a good boy.”

After scissoring the moist opening until it loosened, Ji Zheng finally withdrew his fingers. Although a soft and thick carpet was laid out on the floor, he did not feel comfortable letting Gu Xia lay on it, so he took all the discarded clothings and threw them onto the carpet for padding before allowing Gu Xia to sit down on his knees.

“Is it hard?” asked Ji Zheng.

Ji Zheng sat on the sofa, his massive erection pointing in Gu Xia’s direction. After sneaking a glance at it, Gu Xia looked at him and said, “Yeah. Very.”

Caught between laughter and tears, Ji Zheng stuffed his hand into Gu Xia’s hair as he fondled his face, saying in a doting manner, “I’m not talking about that. I’m asking, is the floor still too hard to sit on with the clothes over it?”

Having said so many lewd things before without batting an eyelid, Gu Xia was suddenly overcome by a strong sense of embarrassment. His face now a complete shade of pink, he picked out the fur from the carpet with his fingers.

Ji Zheng then comforted him as if he was comforting a child. “Be good. I’m hard too. How about you help me out?”

As soon as Gu Xia raised his head, Ji Zheng grabbed hold of his hand, and palmed it against his own cock. “Help me get off with your hand, hmm?”

His wretched ploy a success, Gu Xia ran a fist down his thick length, jerking it up and down in slow even strokes, the base of his indexed finger covering and rubbing the slit at his tip from time to time.

After Gu Xia pumped it for a while, Ji Zheng took his hand, prodding a finger into his mouth to suck on, lapping them clean one after another, before uttering sensually, “I want to fuck your collarbones.”

The hands cupping Gu Xia’s head were so large that they covered half of his face. Gu Xia latched himself to Ji Zheng boundlessly like a cat clinging to its owner, behaving so obedient and adorable, it captured his heart at the same time.

Ji Zheng ordered Gu Xia to move in closer while he lowered his waist to press his thick shaft against his neck. Holding his aching cock, he slid it back and forth across his collarbone before pushing his length into deep erotic dip between them, gently thrusting into it, bucking his hips with each thrust.

Mouth slightly opened, it was clear that Gu Xia was at his wit’s end at Ji Zheng’s unique foreplay. However, Ji Zheng became even more excited, sliding his cock across Gu Xia’s face before rubbing and dragging it across his lips, leaving behind sticky and transparent pre-cum all over his red, rosy lips.

Ji Zheng leaned forward to connect their lips together. “Babe, you’re so good. Won’t you get up?” He asked as he pulled and carried him back onto the sofa, still worried that Gu Xia might catch a cold if this kept up. Even if it was not that easy for men to get sick, Ji Zheng still could not bear to see his own precious darling sitting on the cold, hard carpet — as if he was not the man who was stroking his cock against Gu Xia’s face earlier.

Seeing that his hole was already very wet and soft, Ji Zheng pressed his tip against Gu Xia’s entrance before bullying him again, “Do you want my dick inside you?”

Tilting his head to the side, Gu Xia’s right eye blinked when his bangs teased the corner of his eyes. Ji Zheng was not quite sure whether he was pretending or doing it on purpose. “Aren’t you going to give me your ‘cock’ instead?“

Ji Zheng instantly thrust his length all the way in!

The soft opening wrapped itself viciously around the thick, hard erection, ripping a deep grunt out of Ji Zheng’s throat. Ji Zheng then pulled out his cock a little.

A scream had erupted from Gu Xia’s mouth when he got rammed into! A huge and thick dick had just penetrated his body, agonisingly filling him to the brim. Ji Zheng held him comfortingly in his embrace, whispering sweet words of “love” and “babe” over and over again without fail until his mind became thoroughly muddled. He even took charge, hooking his legs around Ji Zheng’s waist, begging him to impale him once more.

Ji Zheng asked, “Does it hurt still?”

Gu Xia was afraid to lie, yet he did not want Ji Zheng to stay still, burying his dick inside of him without moving. Thus, he urged, “It won’t hurt anymore if you move.”

Planting a kiss on his eyes and then on his nose, Ji Zheng started to move with a long, slow thrust.

At the start, he did felt like he was trapped between the feeling of pain and being stretched to his limits but soon after, the feeling was replaced by waves of pleasure which began to slowly washed over him. Gu Xia could not resist the urge to roll his hips in response, meeting Ji Zheng’s every thrust.

Upon noticing Gu Xia’s actions, Ji Zheng picked up speed, throttling his body as he rammed in and out with hard, rapid strokes, his balls brutally slamming against Gu Xia’s ass, releasing a squelching and filthy sound in the air that rang in their ears.

Pulling out his cock halfway, Ji Zheng pounded back in again, stretching the entrance to its limit as his thick cock pumped in and out of that delicate hole repeatedly.

A moan ripped through Gu Xia’s throat as he panted heavily, his chest heaving up and down wildly. The instant Ji Zheng buried his head in Gu Xia’s chest and nipped at the perky tip, Gu Xia clenched his cleft even tighter than before.

Letting go of the nipple, Ji Zheng rammed into him again and again, fucking him so hard and so deep that Gu Xia could not bear to hold back his screams anymore, crying out loud in ecstasy.

“Little rascal, squeezing down on me so tight.” Ji Zheng heavily panted as he slammed in and out over and over again. Even the words he said sounded exceptionally lecherous to Gu Xia’s ears.

The way Gu Xia’s body reacted was akin to a virgin but his mouth was unlike one. He had his arms hooked around Ji Zheng’s neck, getting pounded into until his cries of pleasure disintegrated into fragmented mewls.

“Ahh…Cock, your cock’s so big. My ass feels so full….Ah- Ji Zheng…”

“Yes?” Slowing down his strokes, Jin Zheng moved in to press his ear against his mouth.

“I want more. Fuck me more…”

Having already climaxed twice and was then flipped over to be slammed into mercilessly again, Gu Xia’s waist and legs could not take it anymore and were going to give out at any minute. He cried, begging Ji Zheng to quickly blow his load into him.

Yet, Ji Zheng shamelessly acted dumb and said, “Weren’t you the one who asked me to fuck you more? Hmm? You little rascal, do you feel good from all the fuckin’? You want more, don’t you?”

Reduced to tears, Gu Xia tried to wipe his tears as he leaned in closer to kiss Ji Zheng. “No more… Ahh…No more! Stop! Ji Zheng- Ji Zheng…”

“Love, you’re too cute.” Ji Zheng returned the kiss, once again curling his tongue around his and whirled it around his mouth.

The two of them fucked crazily for a long time before the fire eventually died down. Finally, Ji Zheng emptied himself, shooting his load into Gu Xia with quick, hard thrusts. He did not even pull out once he was entirely spent. Gu Xia stared at him with wide, tear-ridden eyes, a little afraid that he will harden again.

“Good.” Ji Zheng laid a kiss on his eyes. “Do you hate me doing this to you?”

“No, I don’t,” replied Gu Xia.

“Mm.” Ji Zheng kissed his lips again. “You can’t run even if you do. Got it?”

“I don’t hate it.” Lifting his legs, Gu Xia wanted to settle them on Ji Zheng, causing Ji Zheng’s flaccid penis to slid out the moment he did. Even the milky white fluid flowed out along with it.

Ji Zheng dotingly tapped him on the nose. “You little rascal.”

Regardless, Gu Xia latched himself onto Ji Zheng and said, “I love it when you bully me.”

Ji Zheng laughed in response. “Sleep. I’ll help clean you up later. Be good.”

Early the next morning, Gu Xia woke up in Ji Zheng’s arms. He looked on as he poked him with his fingers. Although he was aware that everything that happened yesterday was real, he still could not feel at ease, thinking that it was all a dream.

When Ji Zheng woke up, he caught Gu Xia staring at him, which completely melted his heart as he lowered his head to peck Gu Xia on the lips and greeted, “Morning.”

“Morning,” replied Gu Xia.

After they got out of bed, Ji Zheng made a simple breakfast. Gu Xia, who was eating while staring at the man sitting across him brazenly in broad daylight, could not help the immense gratification which permeated from within him, lost in his own thoughts. An amazing man like him is finally mine from now on.

Ji Zheng ate fast and walked over to Gu Xia’s side after he had his fill, stroking his face and his chin the way he would stroke a cat. “Why do you keep looking at me?”

“I want to.” said Gu Xia, swallowing the food in his mouth as he raised his head at him with an  exceptionally proud expression on his face.

Ji Zheng laughed at that. “Sure. Look as much as you want. I’m all yours.”

Gu Xia laughed along too, asking, “So does this means my seduction game was a success?”

“Seduction game?” Clearly amused by this term, Ji Zheng raised his brows.

Then, Gu Xia spilled all the beans about his “magnificent feat” in the recent days.

As Ji Zheng listened to his adventures, his heart felt all warm all over, his lower half quickly and honestly springing into action once more.

He recalled the little tricks Gu Xia had pulled in the recent days, before bowing his head, sliding his fingers into Gu Xia’s hair, and capturing his lips into a delicate kiss.

“Well, congratulations on your success. I’m yours.” mumbled Ji Zheng as they shared a deep kiss. “You’re mine too.”


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