SO Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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“Yes,” Fang Zhaomu nodded, then shifted his position. He put his legs up, looking very docile. “The discount was so big that I bought it without giving it any extra thought. Who would have known that it was so highly fragranced? Next time, even if things are discounted, I must think about it first.”

“I also bought discounted curry powder cubes this time. However, I only remembered that I don’t have a kitchen when I got home.” Fang Zhaomu felt a little dejected. “The dormitory I previously stayed in had a kitchen, so I forgot that I currently don’t have one.”

“You can cook?” Song Yuanxun asked.

“I can,” Fang Zhaomu replied. “But I don’t cook much here. The other people staying in my previous dormitory made the kitchen very dirty, and never cleaned up. I didn’t want to go in there.”

“The kitchen in my place is very big.” Song Yuanxun pretended to be nonchalant as he stated.

“Oh?” Fang Zhaomu registered what he said, and replied Song Yuanxun lightly. “But what does your big kitchen have to do with me? You want me to go to your place and cook for you?”

Song Yuanxun had yet to think of a reply, then Fang Zhaomu drawled out, “Or… do you want me to go to your place?”

“Either way works.” Fang Zhaomu laughed at Song Yuanxun.

Fang Zhaomu was a person who liked to laugh. His eyes were big, and shone brightly even when curved with laughter. With his red lips and white teeth, he looked very innocent. His bed was against the wall, and it was very small. Both his bedsheets and blanket were blue, and complimented his skin very well.

Fang Zhaomu, who thought he was talking to an engineer, had a very pure air to him.

Song Yuanxun watched the cheerful Fang Zhaomu on his screen. He thought, if Fang Zhaomu was speaking like this to Song Yuanxun directly, Song Yuanxun would immediately go and pick him up right now.

The two of them conversed till 1am. Fang Zhaomu was very sleepy, and after saying goodnight to Song Yuanxun, he ended the video chat. Song Yuanxun stared at the dark screen in a trance for two minutes, then continued working on his business coursework.

Song Yuanxun slept later than Fang Zhaomu, and woke up earlier than him. He had a business class in the afternoon, so went to the lab in the morning. Staying there the entire morning, he did not see Fang Zhaomu at all.

At noontime, the few of them were about to head out for lunch. Song Yuanxun was at the front of the group and pulled open the door. A certain someone who wanted a video chat and ended up talking till late at night rushed in recklessly, and fell into Song Yuanxun’s embrace.

The books in Fang Zhaomu’s arms fell to the ground in the collison. His hands unconsciously grabbed Song Yuanxun’s arms, and his face looked up in alarm, his cheek brushing past Song Yuanxun’s chin.

With the collison, it caused quite a big commotion. The classmates behind Song Yuanxun all froze.

Zhang Ranyu was not around today. When Zhou Meng identified who knocked into Song Yuanxun, out of habit, she spoke lukewarmly, “Why didn’t you look where you’re going—”

She stopped halfway, as Song Yuanxun had turned and glanced at her. Zhou Meng suspected that there was something wrong with her eyes, as the look that Song Yuanxun shot her seemed to be warning her. Song Yuanxun turned back very quickly, and supported Fang Zhaomu by holding onto his elbow. Only after Fang Zhaomu steadied himself did Song Yuanxun bend down to help him pick his books up.

Fang Zhaomu stood there, stunned. He hurriedly apologised to Song Yuanxun. “I’m sorry, I was in too much of a hurry.”

Song Yuanxun picked up all the books before standing up and passing them to Fang Zhaomu. He even nodded his head at him, implying that it was fine.

Fang Zhaomu looked overwhelmed by his action, reaching out to take his books back. Without looking clearly, his hand even pressed upon the back of Song Yuanxun’s hand.

Fang Zhaomu’s hand was slightly colder than Song Yuanxun’s. Song Yuanxun only felt the soft sensation on the back of his hand for a few seconds before Fang Zhaomu became aware and quickly moved his hand.

“Thank you.” Fang Zhaomu looked down and walked towards the second floor of the lab, while Song Yuanxun continued walking out of the lab.

When he left the building, Song Yuanxun received a message. It was from Fang Zhaomu.

“Changing the body wash really helped,” Fang Zhaomu told him. “After changing it, my classmate who really dislikes me is now suddenly much nicer to me. I accidentally bumped into him just now, and he actually even helped me pick my books up!”

Song Yuanxun had no reply, and finally drily sent Fang Zhaomu a word. “Congratulations.”

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