SO Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

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The snow gradually fell heavier.

This Wednesday evening, the snowfall came and went, it seemed like an ordinary snowfall. Fang Zhaomu did not have any classes on Thursday, and so slept in till 9am. When he went down to take a look, the snow plow had already gone past his place, and there was no obstacle to walking.

Fang Zhaomu would not have proper meals when he was not in school. Going to the bakery at the junction, he bought some bread home, and read for the entire day.

His window was frosted, and he would not be able to see what was going on outside. When Fang Zhaomu woke up on Friday morning, he opened his window to see the entire world in white, and even the street lights were covered with a thick layer of snow.

It was still snowing. Fang Zhaomu had classes in the afternoon, and seeing the weather, he was baffled. How was he going to school like this? Closing the window, Fang Zhaomu had an idea, and went to check his email inbox and the school’s website. However, there was no notice for any cancellation of classes, and he was about to close the browser in disappointment before he received a new email.

He perked up, opening the email. The suffix of the email address was what he was hoping for, but the prefix was Song Yuanxun. Song Yuanxun had emailed Fang Zhaomu, asking him if he had a class this afternoon at 1pm.

Thinking about Song Yuanxun’s back as he walked away in the snow yesterday, Fang Zhaomu’s heart softened a little. He did not blacklist Song Yuanxun’s email address, but he did not plan on replying him. Pretending that he did not see it, he deleted the email, then again started hoping that the school would send a notice for the cancellation of classes.

Fang Zhaomu’s hopes were officially dashed at 12pm. He did not receive any new emails, and he would still have to attend classes. With no other choices, he pulled on a pair of overshoes he had purchased much earlier, then on top of his usual attire, he wore a very big hooded windbreaker. Covering his head with the hood, he headed downstairs.

There was a very conspicuous big black SUV outside his building. When Fang Zhaomu came out, the car window wound down, revealing Song Yuanxun’s face.

Song Yuanxun was wearing a surgical mask, and spoke very naturally to Fang Zhaomu. “Let’s go.”

His voice even sounded a little hoarse.

Fang Zhaomu wanted to ask him if he had caught a cold due to following him home yesterday. However, he resisted and did not ask, and neither did he greet him. Treating him as though he was invisible, Fang Zhaomu walked into the snow, and carefully made his way forward.

Only a few steps later, Fang Zhaomu heard the sound of a car door closing behind him. He did not turn back, but heard Song Yuanxun coughing, and knew he had got off the car and was following him.

Fang Zhaomu had made his way down half the street, and meanwhile, Song Yuanxun had coughed seven times behind him. Fang Zhaomu could not take it anymore. He turned back, and stared at Song Yuanxun who was three metres away. Seeing him turn, Song Yuanxun too stopped walking, and looked at Fang Zhaomu through the drifting snow.

The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds. Fang Zhaomu sighed, and decided to give in for once, walking over. He walked to Song Yuanxun, but Song Yuanxun did not move. He could only reach out and push him lightly, resigned. “Forget it, let’s get onto the car.”

Only then did Song Yuanxun followed Fang Zhaomu to the car.

The car was very warm, completely at odds with the temperature outside. Fang Zhaomu settled in and glanced at Song Yuanxun. He could not help but speak softly, “You’re already sick, why are you still doing this.”

Song Yuanxun started the car, but did not speak. Fang Zhaomu continued, “Aren’t you very good at following behind in a car? Why did you get off the car and follow me?”

Song Yuanxun coughed again, and quietly drove. He kept a slow speed due to the snow, but because Fang Zhaomu’s place was not too far, they reached the school building in ten minutes. Fang Zhaomu already could not be bothered to think about how Song Yuanxun knew his class was held here, and after thanking him, he got ready to get down from the car. Song Yuanxun finally spoke up. “I’ll be waiting downstairs for you. I’ll drive you home after you’re done with your class.”

Fang Zhaomu was nearly at the end of his rope with Song Yuanxun. He told him kindly, “You should go home and rest instead.”

Song Yuanxun did not answer. It seemed like he really was not going to go back. Fang Zhaomu was afraid of being late, and so did not continue and went to class.

Coming down after two hours of class, Fang Zhaomu was unsurprised to see Song Yuanxun sitting at the waiting area. On his thighs was his laptop, and next to him, Zhou Meng was standing there. They were talking to each other.

Seeing Fang Zhaomu, Song Yuanxun returned the computer to Zhou Meng and replaced his mask. He stood and walked over to Fang Zhaomu.

Song Yuanxun was tall. Dressed in a finely made coat, it felt as though the wind was accompanying him as he walked. He eyes were glued to Fang Zhaomu, and as he strode over, it reminded Fang Zhaomu of the first time he saw Song Yuanxun.

At that time, the first thing Fang Zhaomu saw when he stepped in to the lab was Song Yuanxun. He felt that Song Yuanxun was good looking. However, when he dawdled over to Song Yuanxun to ask him a few questions, wanting to get to know him, Song Yuanxun was unwilling to acknowledge him.

Fang Zhaomu had thought about it for a few months. In the long, lonely nights he tossed and turned in bed, but could not think of any mistakes he made.

“Mumu, the snow is too heavy.” Song Yuanxun stopped in front of Fang Zhaomu. He seemed to be explaining the reason why he was waiting there, as though afraid of scaring Fang Zhaomu.

Fang Zhaomu’s emotions were a little complicated, and Song Yuanxun was too close. He did not feel very comfortable, and took a step back.

Song Yuanxun saw Fang Zhaomu’s actions, and paused. “I’m only driving you back, that’s it.”

The sick Song Yuanxun’s voice was hoarse-sounding, a little pitiful. In the end, Fang Zhaomu still got into Song Yuanxun’s car.

Watching Song Yuanxun buckle his seatbelt, Fang Zhaomu told Song Yuanxun, “Thank you.”

Fang Zhaomu did not want to drag this on any further with Song Yuanxun. Also, not everyone drove to school. As long as classes were not cancelled, there was going to be a way for him to come.

However, Song Yuanxun was sick, and Fang Zhaomu was the type whose heart would easily soften. The sentence, “This would be the last time,” was stuck in his throat. Turning to see the sick Song Yuanxun with a mask, even after ten minutes, he was unable to say it aloud.

“There’s a blizzard warning,” Looking in front, Song Yuanxun suddenly spoke. “There should be a notice for cancellation of classes during the weekend.”

It took some time for Fang Zhaomu to respond. “Is that so.”

“Do you have any food at home?” Song Yuanxun asked Fang Zhaomu.

Fang Zhaomu thought it over, and told the truth, “There’s some bread.”

“Then you should buy some now,” Song Yuanxun stopped his car, about to turn in another direction. Seeing the hesitance on Fang Zhaomu’s face, he added, “The blizzard might be very long. I also have to buy some things, it’s on the way for me.”

Fang Zhaomu considered it, and felt that he really should buy some items. “Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all.”

The silence dragged on in the car. Seeing the signboard of the supermarket in the distance, Song Yuanxun finally spoke up. “I should have drove you that time when you went grocery shopping.”

“I saw that you had many things, and I wanted to drive you back, so I was standing there waiting for you.”

Fang Zhaomu no longer wanted to think about all these, and did not want to listen to Song Yuanxun talk about it. Only hearing a few sentences, his heart ached uncomfortably, but he did not stop him, as Song Yuanxun would not stop.

“I did hear you send the voice message, I didn’t laugh at you,” Song Yuanxun’s tone was very composed, yet very sincere. He spoke very slowly, as if he was afraid Fang Zhaomu would be angry, but also seemed to want to speak carefully. “You should know, all these messages that you’ve sent me, I really like them. How could I ever laugh at you?”

In comparison to half a month ago, there was no longer a wooden door between Fang Zhaomu and Song Yuanxun, but there was the sky full of snow outside the car.

Song Yuanxun was sitting next to Fang Zhaomu. They had been very close together once when the lights were off, but when the lights came on, they had never spoke to each other properly again.

Fang Zhaomu felt that Song Yuanxun was really very mean, and very scheming. On the surface he looked honest and reliable, but in reality, he always tried to take advantage of Fang Zhaomu’s softening heart. As long as he gave Song Yuanxun a chance, Song Yuanxun would be able to grab hold of Fang Zhaomu’s soft spots, and cause his resolve to waver.

“That time, when I reached home, I had thought, the next time I would definitely not let you come alone, and I’ll also help you carry your bags.”

Song Yuanxun parked the car outside the supermarket. “We’re here.”

He leaned over, undoing the safety belt for Fang Zhaomu. He was so close that Fang Zhaomu unconsciously closed his eyes. And very quickly, Song Yuanxun politely moved back.

They opened their own doors, and walked into the snow.

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  1. Ohhh, I don’t want Fang Zhaomu let go of his anger, because Song Yuanxun is truly shameless acting this way… but at the same time I want them to reconciliate. But not now, it’s too soon.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Well on my opinion hehe…

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  2. I get it I get it! I never had classes cancelled due to snow… Once, I even had to write an exam while the streets had over a feet of snow covering it…

  3. Mumu has such a pure and innocent heart; he still feels sorry for him. I know Yuanxun deserves all the pain he’s getting but I feel so sorry for him. I mean, he has completely been reduced to a docile person because of love. Mumu has completely tamed him and it’s so beautiful to read. Please forgive him, Mumu.🙏

  4. If people showed him attitude, FZM would immediately think it was him who made a mistake :'( I felt this, this is like an automatic response for people with low self esteem.

      1. Back then, he didn’t had feelings for Mumu, so he literally didn’t give a damn about him but after he started feeling something towards Mumu, he literally make them stop. I hope you don’t forget that 😶

        1. It’s basic human behavior to help someone who’s getting bullied, whether or not they’re a stranger. One should not just watch anyone getting bullied. Much so, if their own companion is the once doing the bullying.

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