SO Chapter 32 (NSFW)

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Chapter 32 (NSFW)

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Each with their own thoughts, the three of them shared a conversation. When it was nearly time, Song Yuanxun and Fang Zhaomu both sent Fang Zhaoling to school.

The school was near the restaurant, and afternoon happened to be the period when most students were returning to school. Fang Zhaoling greeted quite a number of people on the way, and cheerfully introduced her “elder brother and his classmate” to her classmates.

After sending Fang Zhaoling into the school, Song Yuanxun looked down at Fang Zhaomu and asked, “Where are we going now?”

“I was planning on going home at first.” Fang Zhaomu then asked Song Yuanxun, “Where will you be staying?”

“At home. My parents live in A City,” Song Yuanxun told him. “Our family’s business is here.”

“Mn.” Fang Zhaomu nodded, and did not ask further.

Fang Zhaomu knew very little about Song Yuanxun’s family. In truth, he did not even know which city was Song Yuanxun from. He had only seen Song Yuanxun’s high school diploma. After high school, Song Yuanxun had left for C City, and was from a famous private school.

“You didn’t mention anything to your family?” Song Yuanxun and Fang Zhaomu followed along the path. Song Yuanxun was closer to the road, and his arm was around Fang Zhaomu. Fang Zhaomu turned to look at Song Yuanxun, then Song Yuanxun added, “I’ve already told my family about it.”

Song Yuanxun’s flat tone when saying this was a little frightening. Fang Zhaomu looked at him in alarm, and nearly tripped as he crossed the road. Song Yuanxun caught his arm and supported him. He spoke helplessly as he steadied him, “Fang Zhaomu, be more careful when you walk.”

Fang Zhaomu stopped after he crossed the road, pulling Song Yuanxun to a low wall nearby. “How did you tell them?”

“I said that I’m in a relationship,” Song Yuanxun watched Fang Zhaomu. “And the person I’m dating is a guy.”

Fang Zhaomu gazed blankly at Song Yuanxun. Song Yuanxun might have been amused by Fang Zhaomu’s expression, and smiled at him. “Mumu, where are we going now?”

Song Yuanxun used a very frank manner to look at Fang Zhaomu. He was not a very eloquent person, probably because he had never needed to worry about saying the wrong things, and would often not care about the other person’s feelings.

Fang Zhaomu felt that being in a relationship with Song Yuanxun was like crossing a river while clutching on to rocks. They liked each other, but he did not know that due to the strong current, the other person would let go and disappear. After all, when the school break was over, Song Yuanxun would have to return to T University for his fourth year. Fang Zhaomu did not know if Song Yuanxun planned on furthering his studies, and their future was unknown. Saying anything now would be too early.

“I haven’t told my family.” Fang Zhaomu did not want to avoid the topic, and was straightforward with Song Yuanxun.

“I know,” Song Yuanxun caressed Fang Zhaomu’s face. “Mumu, I don’t mind it.”

Many people often thought the opposite when they said they “didn’t mind it”. However, Fang Zhaomu knew Song Yuanxun’s “don’t mind it” was exactly what he was feeling, and this instead made his heart ached even more, and became even more worried. Fang Zhaomu could not help but wonder if he called his parents to come out of the closet today, would his parents immediately return home to hit him?

“What did your parents say?” Fang Zhaomu asked Song Yuanxun, wanting to gain some experience from it.

“They didn’t say much.”

Fang Zhaomu remembered that Song Yuanxun had asked where were they going. Thinking about it, he said, “Why don’t you come over to my place, there’s nothing fun in A City any way.”

They flagged a cab and returned to Fang Zhaomu’s home.

Fang Zhaomu’s home was on the fifth floor, a double-storey penthouse. It had been a few years since they moved in. Fang Zhaomu’s mother was very neat, and so the house was quite simple and clean. Fang Zhaomu opened the door and somewhat uneasily gave Song Yuanxun a pair of slippers. “My parents are on a business trip. My mom will be back the day after tomorrow, and my dad will only be back next week.”

Song Yuanxun wore the slippers belonging to Fang Zhaomu’s father and followed behind Fang Zhaomu. He looked around and asked Fang Zhaomu, “Where’s your room?”

“On the second floor. We’ll go have a look.”

They went upstairs. On the door of the first room was a little wooden sign, and on it was written “Ling”.

“This is my sister’s room.”

Next was a not very big room, the door half open. Fang Zhaomu saw Song Yuanxun looked at it, so he pushed the door wide open for Song Yuanxun to view.

“This is where my sister practises her piano and dancing.”

At the end of the corridor was Fang Zhaomu’s room. Fang Zhaomu opened the door and led Song Yuanxun in.

Fang Zhaomu’s room here were twice the size of his place in C City. His desk and shelves were in a corner, his bed next to the window, with a bedside cupboard in between. The floor was covered with a cream-coloured carpet, and his bedsheets were a dark blue. Fang Zhaomu wanted to grab a stool for Song Yuanxun, but he suddenly heard a click behind him. Song Yuanxun had locked his door.

Fang Zhaomu turned his head, his eyes wide and his voice small. “I’ve already said my parents won’t be coming back, why did you lock the door?”

Song Yuanxun’s legs were long, and in two steps he was directly in front of Fang Zhaomu. Without giving Fang Zhaomu any time to react, he carried Fang Zhaomu around the waist and pressed him onto the bed.

Fang Zhaomu sank into his bed, his arms trapped by Song Yuanxun. Song Yuanxun’s face was less than ten centimetres away from him, and he told him, “Just in case.”

Only after they kissed did they felt that they were really seeing each other.

Song Yuanxun held on to Fang Zhaomu’s wrist, kissing Fang Zhaomu just like how he did back in his own home.

The windows were covered only by a sheer curtain, and the room was brightly lit. Fang Zhaomu was stripped to nearly nothing by Song Yuanxun, while Song Yuanxun was still fully dressed, using the hand cream next to Fang Zhaomu’s head to stretch him out.

Fang Zhaomu had his eyes closed, but when he heard the sound of Song Yuanxun’s belt and pants being undone, he opened them again. Feeling that it was too bright in the room, he said softly, “Song Yuanxun, I want to pull the curtains closed.”

“No,” Song Yuanxun rejected him, then bent down and kissed Fang Zhaomu, pulling his hand to touch that hard, throbbing part of his. “Mumu, let me in.”

The two of them had not done it for a few weeks already, and they also did not use a condom. Song Yuanxun entered very slowly. He first gradually pushed himself in, and Fang Zhaomu’s hips arched up in pain, wanting to escape. Song Yuanxun then gripped him on his hips and gave a fierce thrust, impaling himself into him.

Before Fang Zhaomu could get used to Song Yuanxun’s intrusion, Song Yuanxun had started thrusting slightly. Fang Zhaomu could not really endure it, and clutched onto Song Yuanxun’s shoulders to stop him.

Song Yuanxun bowed his head, blocking Fang Zhaomu’s mouth and kissing him. While thrusting, he coaxed Fang Zhaomu with a lie, “A while more and it won’t hurt anymore.”

As such, Fang Zhaomu spread his legs and let him be, gradually starting to feel some pleasure in it as well.

Suddenly, Fang Zhaomu’s phone on his desk started vibrating.

They ignored it the first time. Fang Zhaomu did not have the energy to care about it, and Song Yuanxun could not be bothered to care about it. Fang Zhaomu’s legs were wrapped around Song Yuanxun’s waist, his ankles and knees flushed with a lewd pink, jerking along with Song Yuanxun’s motions.

The second time it vibrated, Fang Zhaomu bit Song Yuanxun on the lips, using a voice so small that it could barely be heard, “My… phone…”

Song Yuanxun finally stopped, but he did not pull out. He told Fang Zhaomu,” I’ll carry you there and you can answer it.”

Next, he lifted up Fang Zhaomu face to face and walked to the table. Fang Zhaomu got a fright, his limbs tightening around Song Yuanxun, afraid that he would fall.

Every step Song Yuanxun took, Fang Zhaomu felt him getting deeper within him. His erection rubbed against Song Yuanxun’s abdomen, craving for someone to soothe it as well. Fang Zhaomu eyes were misty, his breathing ragged. He held onto Song Yuanxun’s neck for dear life, not allowing his entire weight to rest at the part where they were joined. However, he did not have enough strength. Each time his arm loosened, it was in Song Yuanxun’s favour.

Reaching the desk, Fang Zhaomu had a headache when he saw the caller. It was a classmate from his lab group, and he was just discussing an experimental procedure in the group chat this afternoon.

Fang Zhaomu did not want to answer. He placed his lips next to Song Yuanxun’s ear, “Help me reject the call.”

Song Yuanxun looked at Fang Zhaomu, and did not do anything. Fang Zhaomu then kissed him, and mumbled his pleas, “Quick, help me reject the call.”

Song Yuanxun lowered Fang Zhaomu a little, letting him sit on the desk. Looking down, Fang Zhaomu saw that Song Yuanxun was no longer as deeply inside as he was previously. He wanted Song Yuanxun to pull out first, but instead, Song Yuanxun thrusted in firmly.

In a new position, with the table blocking him, Fang Zhaomu was unable to part his legs widely. All swollen and tingling with Song Yuanxun’s penetration, Fang Zhaomu could not control his mewls. He pushed against Song Yuanxun’s chest, but no matter how he tried, he was unable to move him away. It instead made Song Yuanxun’s thrusts even more savage.

At this time, Song Yuanxun would not show his concern for Fang Zhaomu. He only liked to see Fang Zhaomu crying because of his actions. Song Yuanxun picked Fang Zhaomu’s phone up, as though he did not hear what Fang Zhaomu had just said. “Mumu, Zhu Zhi’an is calling, do you want to answer?”

Song Yuanxun even placed the phone next to Fang Zhaomu’s ear, probably only intending to scare him. Who would have guessed that when Fang Zhaomu shook his head, his ear would slide across the screen, and the call was answered.

When the call was picked up, Fang Zhaomu’s classmate immediately said, “Zhaomu, I’m still not reconciled to what you said in the afternoon. I want to discuss it on the phone with you.”

Hearing the voice next to his ear, Fang Zhaomu nearly cried out loud. With tears in his eyes, he glared at Song Yuanxun, wanting to scold him yet did not dare to do so.

Song Yuanxun’s expression did not look very good as well. His left hand on Fang Zhaomu’s thigh tightened, and coaxed him in a low voice, “Mumu, relax.”

Zhu Zhi’an did not wait for Fang Zhaomu’s response, and had started to elaborate on his theory. With a hand propping himself up on the table, Fang Zhaomu grabbed the phone with his other hand and hung up immediately before tossing the phone onto the carpet. Smacking Song Yuanxun, and even pinching his hand that was on his thigh, he said, “Song Yuanxun, are you crazy?”

Song Yuanxun did not make a sound when he was hit. He leaned over and kissed Fang Zhaomu, then dragging him up. He lifted him again and pushed him against the wall by the table, thrusting vigorously. Fang Zhaomu’s arms had no strength left in them, and they lay weakly on Song Yuanxun’s shoulders. With Song Yuanxun’s movements, Fang Zhaomu reached his orgasm very quickly, and his come trickled down between Song Yuanxun’s and his bellies, dripping onto the floor.

Fang Zhaomu’s phone that had been tossed onto the floor started vibrating again. This time, Fang Zhaomu really was about to cry. Song Yuanxun again carried him and moved to the carpet next to his phone. While lying on Song Yuanxun’s shoulder, Fang Zhaomu pled with him continuously, “Help me switch my phone off.”

Song Yuanxun really did pull out. Bending down, he lay Fang Zhaomu on the carpet, then gripping Fang Zhaomu’s shoulders, he turned Fang Zhaomu over onto his hands and knees.

Fang Zhaomu stretched his hand out, wanting to switch his phone off. When he saw the words “Fang Zhaoling’s Form Teacher” displayed on his screen, he was about to make Song Yuanxun take a break first, but Song Yuanxun had started pushing himself in again.

“Mumu, what’s going on?” Song Yuanxun bent down and took Fang Zhaomu’s phone. He held on to his waist and thrusted into him lightly. Fang Zhaomu’s hips ached and his legs were weak, and he stuttered, “Fang Zhaoling’s form teacher…”

“You want to answer it?” Song Yuanxun asked, still thrusting.

“I… I have to answer…” Fang Zhaomu cried as he said. “Stop it.”

“Crying like this, how are you going to answer the call?” Song Yuanxun stopped moving, but did not pull out. He asked Fang Zhaomu, “Can I answer it?”

Without waiting for his reply, Song Yuanxun helped him answer the call and put it on loudspeaker mode.

Fang Zhaoling shouted, “Ge! I left my homework in my room, quick, help me bring it over!”

“Understood,” Song Yuanxun calmly told Fang Zhaoling as he fucked Fang Zhaomu. “Your brother is busy, he’ll send it when he’s done.”

He then hung up and switched the phone off.

Fang Zhaoling only received her homework during her self-study session in the evening. Her brother did not come, it was Song Yuanxun who passed it to her.

Fang Zhaoling asked why it was not Fang Zhaomu bringing it. Song Yuanxun gave a vague excuse about Fang Zhaomu twisting his ankle when he crossed the road, and was not able to walk. Fang Zhaoling did not pay much attention to it, as a twisted ankle was no big deal.

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