SO Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

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Fang Zhaomu and Song Yuanxun fooled around for the entire break.

Song Yuanxun did not say anything aloud, but Fang Zhaomu knew that he was trying his best to keep to his pace. Song Yuanxun even purchased a transport card for A City. He would intern in his father’s company in the day, then go to the lab to pick Fang Zhaomu after work. They would eat together at the school’s cafeteria or somewhere nearby, then he would send Fang Zhaomu back home.

When Fang Zhaomu’s parents were not at home, Song Yuanxun would stay over at his place.

Half a year ago, Fang Zhaomu would never have imagined that the person called Song Yuanxun who did not like Fang Zhaomu would be conscientiously following him into the train station at seven pm, taking A City’s most crowded #2 train for three stops, and then sending him home, all just to see him every day.

The first time Song Yuanxun went to Fang Zhaomu’s lab, Li Wei was there as well.

Li Wei was there to borrow his senior’s study material, and was chatting at the door of the lab. He was a little taken aback when he saw Song Yuanxun. Song Yuanxun nodded his head to Li Wei. Li Wei greeted Song Yuanxun, asking him the reason why he was there, and Song Yuanxun’s eyes shifted behind Li Wei. He saw Fang Zhaomu walking out from within, and told him he was there to look for Fang Zhaomu.

Song Yuanxun walked in with them, and took a look around the lab. Li Wei asked after T University, and even about Fang Zhaomu’s performance there. With a straight face, Song Yuanxun said that Fang Zhaomu’s capability in the lab was excellent, and was well received by the professor and his classmates, his voice indifferent and objective.

Fang Zhaomu finally understood why Song Yuanxun could so easily deceive him then. It was because Song Yuanxun’s expression was too stern when he was bullshitting, and no one would ever suspect him.

And so, Fang Zhaomu glanced at Song Yuanxun, saying nothing.

They chatted for a moment, then Song Yuanxun wanted to bring Fang Zhaomu away. The two of them had to pick Fang Zhaoling up from her tuition class.

When they reached the corridor outside, Song Yuanxun asked Fang Zhaomu, “Mumu, how many points do I get today?”

Fang Zhaomu asked him where had he been studying all these dating guides, but Song Yuanxun refused to admit to it. Fang Zhaomu did not let it go, and even mocked Song Yuanxun, so Song Yuanxun took the opportunity to drag Fang Zhaomu into an empty classroom. Pressing him against the door, Song Yuanxun used the pretext of being angry from his embarrassment, and indulged in their sensual pleasure.

In the hottest summer night, as long as there was no one around, Song Yuanxun insisted on holding hands with Fang Zhaomu. Their hands were clammy with sweat, and due to the heat, their bodies were tacky. Fang Zhaomu could not help but think about their future, thinking that it would be enough if they could always be together, going through a few more other experiences.

The break passed quickly, and it was time for Song Yuanxun to go back to school. The two of them had to return to their lives that were separated by a time difference again.

Fang Zhaomu had not want to see him off, but went in the end.

This time, it was Fang Zhaomu’s turn to watch Song Yuanxun’s departing back. He thought that that time when Song Yuanxun had sent him off, he definitely did not feel as upset as he was, as Fang Zhaomu wanted to chase after him right then.

He really wanted to call Song Yuanxun back. His eyes burned, and stood for a long time at the security check before heading home dejectedly.

Fang Zhaomu was not as anxious as others in his fourth year of studies, but he was also very busy.

Last year, his score was extremely high, and was awarded a national prize. On his birthday, he gathered a big group of friends for a meal, and even brought Fang Zhaoling along. Fang Zhaomu’s acceptance into the PhD program had already been announced, and his classmates said that this would be the first farewell meal of their last year of studies, and called him Professor Fang.

Previously, Song Yuanxun did not return during Christmas. He had given Fang Zhaomu a call in the morning to wish him a happy birthday. The phone reception was not very good, and the two of them talked about Fang Zhaomu’s birthday plans before hanging up.

At the restaurant, Fang Zhaomu had drank a little. His face felt very warm, and as it was a little late, Papa Fang came to pick Fang Zhaoling up. Fang Zhaomu sent Fang Zhaoling downstairs, but did not immediately rejoin his friends. Fang Zhaoling said that Fang Zhaomu was drunk, and insisted on Fang Zhaomu going to the restaurant balcony to sober up in the fresh air, and also did not allow him to continue drinking.

Fang Zhaoling repeated confirmed it with Fang Zhaomu. Only after Fang Zhaomu promised her that he would take a break did she get onto Papa Fang’s car.

The balcony was on the south of the restaurant. Fang Zhaomu walked over to the railing, his elbows resting on it. Looking at the cars speeding on the distant expressway as well as the numerous buildings, he thought about Song Yuanxun, and kept feeling an emptiness within his heart.

Last year, Fang Zhaomu did not drink on his birthday, and it was also not as lively as this year’s one. He had received a very idiotic message that year, and had went downstairs to stand in the cold, waiting for help with Song Yuanxun.

Song Yuanxun had pretended that he could not speak with his sore throat, had given his coat to Fang Zhaomu, and had followed Fang Zhaomu upstairs for cake. With Song Yuanxun’s long limbs, he did not fit into Fang Zhaomu’s room, but Song Yuanxun still insisted on staying.

At that time, Song Yuanxun had wrote something, he seemed to have asked Fang Zhaomu what wishes did he make.

Fang Zhaomu’s memories for trivial things were bad. He was about to forget all of the bad points of Song Yuanxun, and also forgot about what wish did he make then.

Maybe he had wished that Andrew would not be too ugly.

Thinking about it, Fang Zhaomu found it a little funny. Unwilling to continue thinking about Song Yuanxun, he wanted to return to his friends, but someone suddenly hugged him from behind.

This was a person that Fang Zhaomu had not seen in months already. They had had many video chats, and would talk to each other daily. Every day, Fang Zhaomu had thought that those moments were good, but comparing everything now, this moment that they could meet each other was still the best.

“Have you had your cake yet?” Song Yuanxun asked Fang Zhaomu.

His lips right next to Fang Zhaomu’s ear, his voice ringing softly. Fang Zhaomu grabbed Song Yuanxun’s hand. “Not yet.”

“Mn,” Song Yuanxun kissed Fang Zhaomu’s earlobe. “I had wanted to ask you what you wished for.”

“What would you do after asking?” Fang Zhaomu turned around and looked at Song Yuanxun. There was no one else on the balcony, and so Fang Zhaomu raised his chin and kissed Song Yuanxun. “Classmate Song Yuanxun, you’ll help me fulfil these wishes today?”

“Mumu.” Song Yuanxun held onto his shoulders and turned him back.

In front, the exterior lighting of a few connecting skyscrapers changed colour. From the east to the west, a spheroid appeared. In the middle of the spheroid was a nucleus coloured with silver and gold. Blue and purple light spiralled outwards from the nucleus like a halo.

It was as though two hundred billion stars and stardust were plucked from the sky, and planted onto this barred spiral in front of him.

“The moon should be in there,” Song Yuanxun said. “Try looking for it yourself.”

Fang Zhaomu looked at this Milky Way that Song Yuanxun had created for him at night, at that moment, he could not say a word.

The people in the restaurant all started coming out to the balcony to look at the display. Song Yuanxun put down his hand that was on Fang Zhaomu’s shoulder, moving next to him and watching it with him.

After a while, Song Yuanxun again called out to Fang Zhaomu, and Fang Zhaomu turned his head towards him.

“I’ve completed all my credits.” Song Yuanxun said.

Fang Zhaomu was slightly surprised. “You don’t plan on continuing?”

“In the past, I had wanted to study for another two years,” Song Yuanxun looked into Fang Zhaomu’s eyes. He did not ask for any credit, nor did he conceal his regret. “But now I can’t endure waiting anymore.”

The night was dark. The lights on the balcony and the wall emitted a soft, gentle light, allowing them to see each other’s faces clearly.

“Let’s go back and have cake.” Song Yuanxun said.

In Song Yuanxun’s eyes were reflected the stars and moon he gave to Fang Zhaomu. Just like the first time he met Fang Zhaomu, he was as serious as then, as proud as then.

Song Yuanxun wanted to lead Fang Zhaomu into the restaurant, but Fang Zhaomu did not move.

“I don’t want to go back there.” Fang Zhaomu said.

Fang Zhaomu rarely did such wilful things, but he still gave his best friend a call, lying that he was feeling uncomfortable. He asked them to go ahead and have fun, that the KTV room was already reserved, and he would settle the bill.

For the passionate couple, the man-made Milky Way remained there for thirty minutes. When the lights of the buildings returned to their original state, Fang Zhaomu dragged Song Yuanxun upstairs to book a room.

It was not that there were no troubles. There were many, the storms and blizzards, and his parents.

However, with so much feelings, there was a persistent love that could not be abandoned, and a blindness that made him dared to follow him even in the dark. Being together with Song Yuanxun, Fang Zhaomu felt impetuous, and any consideration was only extraneous.

It was as if he had returned to his birthday a year ago.

Fang Zhaomu wore his lucky ear studs, loading the airline website and bought a return flight ticket to Seattle. He packed his luggage, taking off and landing, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the one he liked the most.

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Translator’s Notes:

It’s done!!!!! I hope you guys love this novel as much as we do here in BBTL.

And in the most incredible timing, there will be an audiodrama released (in Chinese) for Social Outcast!

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The audiodrama will be available on 28th May, and you can check it out HERE!

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