SO Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Song Yuanxun re-installed the app, only because he did not want Zhao Han to use this account and mess around with Fang Zhaomu.

Just now, when Song Yuanxun had arrived upstairs and sat down behind Fang Zhaomu, he had received a message from Zhao Han with the account password for the app.

Zhao Han asked him how it went, if he had found his true self within.

“I’ve already deleted it.” Song Yuanxun replied him.

On his side, Zhao Han leapt up, sending Song Yuanxun a long voice message condemning him for wasting his membership fee. Then he continued, “Forget it. If you’re not using it, I’ll use it.”

At that time, Song Yuanxun was busy, and did not take it seriously. It was Fang Zhaomu’s sudden low words that attracted his attention.

It was not that Song Yuanxun was too perceptive, but it was because Fang Zhaomu’s tone was too similar to how he sounded last night. He even mentioned “work” and “mechanical engineer”, sounding a loud alarm within Song Yuanxun.

He picked up his phone and headed downstairs, re-installing the app. Logging in, he forced Zhao Han to be disconnected, then he opened the chat window. In one shot he read the entire record of Zhao Han’s and Fang Zhaomu’s messages, and thereafter he straight away changed the password.

An announcement appeared showing him that he had successfully changed his password, and within a few seconds, he received a call from Zhao Han. Sulkily he asked Song Yuanxun, “I was chatting halfway with Xiao Mu, why did you change your password?”

“If you want to chat with him, go register your own account. Don’t use this one.” Song Yuanxun said impatiently. He was irked when he recalled the messages. How was Zhao Han any different from a human-shaped poodle, not even letting go of someone whom his childhood buddy had spent quite some time chatting with on the dating app.

“Bro, this app matches people according to distance. I’m so far away, I won’t be able to match him at all. Quickly change the password back for me.” Zhao Han capitulated, speaking nicely to Song Yuanxun. “You don’t say, this Mu’s voice is pretty pleasant sounding.”

“When did you start liking guys?” Song Yuanxun asked him.

Since young, Zhao Han had countless girlfriends, but he had never had one of the same gender. Who would have thought this person’s sex life would get messier as he got older.

“We’re just casually chatting,” Zhao Han said.” Also, from his photo, he’s pretty good looking. Hey, didn’t you already delete it? Can’t I recycle it?”

“No,” Song Yuanxun said resolutely. “I said it already, if you want to use it, go set up your own account.”

“… Fine.” Zhao Han also did not dare to continue being insistent with Song Yuanxun. Aggrievedly, he hung up, and went to register a new account.

After hanging up, Song Yuanxun again received a message from Fang Zhaomu. He replied “I’m really quite busy” and locked his phone. He took a look at Zhou Meng’s progress, and when he walked back to the staircase, he happened across Fang Zhaomu, who was coming downstairs carrying his bag.

As it was warm in the lab, Fang Zhaomu removed his coat and carried it on his arm. On him was a light coloured, wide collar sweater, revealing a large patch of his extremely pale chest. On one shoulder hung the strap of his bag, trapping the collar of his top, while his sweater had slid down from the other side of his shoulder. It looked extremely indecent, and Song Yuanxun only took a glance before looking away.

As they walked past each other, the back of Fang Zhaomu’s hand brushed past Song Yuanxun’s forearm just as he happened to be raising it. The skin from the back of Fang Zhaomu’s hand was very soft, together with the sickly sweet scent wafting off his body, it made Song Yuanxun utterly discomforted.

Not long after he returned to his seat, he received another message from Fang Zhaomu.

“City C is raining now, did you bring an umbrella?”

Fang Zhaomu took a photo and sent it to Song Yuanxun, and Song Yuanxun opened it. The rain outside did seem quite heavy, and through the rain, the air looked foggy.

As though possessed, Song Yuanxun replied Fang Zhaomu, “Did you bring one?”

“I didn’t,” Fang Zhaomu told Song Yuanxun pitifully. “I will have to run home in the rain.”

Song Yuanxun had not want to reply, but after seeing the photo Fang Zhaomu sent him, he ended up slowly typing, “Can’t you wait for the rain to stop before leaving?”

“Mn, I don’t want to stay in the lab. Those people are very irritating,” Fang Zhaomu said. “I’ll contact you again when I’m home.”

Song Yuanxun stared at his computer screen, looking at the data on it. After a few seconds, he stood up and walked to the window, gazing down to the outside.

Fang Zhaomu was dressed in his coat, carrying his bag and walking in the rain. Looking at him from the fifth storey, he looked very tiny. It seemed like he was hugging himself because of the cold, and was walking as fast as he could.

Song Yuanxun did not know where Fang Zhaomu was staying at, but no matter where it was, to walk home in this heavy rain, he would probably end up completely drenched.

“Brother Yuan!” Zhang Ranyu came upstairs with a tablet and called out to Song Yuanxun. “Look at these two groups of data, don’t you think there is a slight problem with them?”

Song Yuanxun walked towards him, temporarily placing the thought of Fang Zhaomu in the rain at the back of his head.

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  1. Ohhhhhh, Zhao Han was messing around with the poor Fang Zhaomu!! Bad guy!

    Song Yuanxun is noticing him more and more, fufufu.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I thought Song Yuanxun would offer FZM an umbrella out of pity. I love how he didn’t immediately get soft on him. 😂

  3. I am just intrigued to check on the location from time to time where this Andrew is currently located. If he is within the grid? or like few feet away?

  4. I am just intrigued – the app has this feature to check on the location of the person right? Why did Mumu not even thought of checking the location of Andrew? If he is within the grid? or like few feet away? I mean he could do it as frequently as possible right?

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