TEDY Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation

Edited by Asa


In the darkness, where even the existence of oneself was uncertain, other then the thumping sound by his ear, the rest was emptiness. 

 He was dead. In his last memories, he was shot in his chest. After a loud bang, mixed in with J’s shouts, he had yet to feel the pain, nor was he able to see J’s expressions when he lost his consciousness. 

That day, when Deer left Midnight, he had brought with him a ‘gift’ when meeting with J. J was his partner, and also his fuck buddy. 

And J was a man. 

Those years, working at Midnight, he rarely missed J or gave him any thought, but back in the days where they worked together in the organization, J was a reliable partner, especially in bed. He gave it to him better than any woman could’ve.

No one knew that Midnight’s number one would actually be gay, and neither did they know that the name Cheng Ziyao wasn’t real at all. 

In the organization, his surname was changed from Zhang to Wang, his name from Lirui to Xijun. Before he died, his name was Cheng Xiyao. He had used this name for 3 years, 6 months and 08 days, and his identity: host.  

Actually he really liked that name, other than the fact that living with jealous women all the time had made his head spin. Basically, his mission this time wasn’t that hard. 

Of course, this time, he had underestimated a woman’s jealousy. 

In the pub, when he was about to give the information files to J, while also giving him a hot kiss along with it, he was seen by a woman who didn’t know how to let go. When a mafia’s daughter got angry, it wasn’t like a normal person’s anger, of course. Thus, a bullet went straight towards J, and he unconsciously tugged J behind his back.  

And then, he was here, sitting in his thoughts while he regained his consciousness. Unable to analyze the current situation he was in, he already felt a wave of pain coming his way.

Souls couldn’t feel pain, which meant that he was still alive. Coming to that conclusion, he allowed his consciousness to slip away again. 

When he woke again, his surroundings felt different. The sounds of people and footsteps were all around him.

“Your highness, the prince is fine. He might have just stayed in your highness for too long, and gotten tired coming out. He’ll be awake in a few hours.”

Prince? He listened carefully. It was a woman speaking, her voice slightly raspy, “Royal Doctor, the prince is not crying, if he’s so quiet, does that mean….”

The soft voice had an indescribable concern in it. 

“Don’t worry your highness, the prince looks so strong. Look at these hands and feet, so cute!” That voice was much younger, like a ten or so year old girl. Along with that voice, his face was gently touched only for him to hear another compliment, “Your highness look, the prince’s face is so soft and smooth, just like his mother. He’s going to be a beauty!”

All newborns are red and wrinkly, so he didn’t even know where she had gotten the idea that he looked good. At the moment, he was able to confirm that he was the prince they were referring to. It wasn’t him, but for a moment his thoughts were messy. He had died. Then turned into a baby. Was this reincarnation? 

At the moment, he planned to set aside all the things that he couldn’t explain. He would wait and see; at least he still got his memories from his past. As a baby, he had all the time to think. 

The royal doctor looked at the prince, and thought it was strange. Normally, newborns would all cry when they are born. But this prince was as if he was simply asleep. Taking a look at him, there weren’t any problems with him. Thus, he could only comfort Consort An. “Your highness, you do not need to worry. Looking at him, the prince is definitely strong and healthy; there are no abnormalities.”

Consort An then felt relieved and turned to the female servant beside her, asking: “Zhi Lan, did you notify the emperor?” 

“I have already spoken to Eunuch Liu, and Eunuch Liu said that the Emperor was busy discussing official matters in his side chamber.” Zhi Lan hung her head. She decided not to tell the consort that she had also peeked into the chamber. Other than Lord Li, there was also a beauty present. 

“The Emperor has arrived!” Just as she spoke, the person that Consort An had been waiting for finally came to the Ning Xi Court. 

“My lovely concubine, you’ve done well. Where is the prince, let me see him!” Along with that voice came a man, dressed in a gold robe, and in his hair was a gold crown. His face was neither happy nor angry, but his lips curved up with a smirk, along with a sense of untamed confidence. The delight in his voice was audible.

Allowing Zhi Lan to bring the boy over, Consort An was overjoyed, “Your majesty, please give the prince a name.”

Using both hands to take the boy from the servant, he carried the baby. As a baby, his emotions were mixed about being hugged by a grown man. Then his face was pinched a few times by the man as well. A warm scent engulfed him, and he was sure that this scent’s owner was a beauty. It seemed like this emperor’s skills at depravity weren’t any worse than himself. 

Qi Xutian held the child in his chest. The baby’s eyes were closed, and he was gently breathing. He had a quiet appearance, and a refined, delicate profile. His eyes and brows were thin and elongated. Compared to other newborns, this one was much more calm and peaceful. He paused for a moment, “The second prince shall be named Mingyue.”

“Second prince?” Whether it was Consort An, the royal doctor or Zhi Lan, her servant, they all couldn’t help but widened their eyes and repeated after the Emperor. Everyone knew that in the palace, the royal empress never had a child, and Consort An was the most cared for and loved by the Emperor, and also the first to give birth to a child. That child happened to be a boy as well, and he must be the Eldest prince. Concubine Xiao, Concubine Lin, and other concubines were not yet even six months pregnant, how could he be the second prince?!

Everyone on the scene was shocked. The only person that didn’t have any expression on his face was Chief Liu who stood by Qi Xutian’s side, not saying a word. 

That was when Qi Mingyue opened his eyes, and looked at the person that was holding him. However, what he was curious about was the appearance of the man that gave him this name. Mingyue, this life’s first name. He was quite pleased with it. As for his appearance, after seeing the emperor’s face, he was sure that he wouldn’t look too bad either. 

The royal doctor was sure, in the royal hospital register, this prince should be the eldest. His majesty’s emotions were always hard to predict, but as a loyal man, he spoke his mind. He stood there conflicted as he faced the emperor who wore a slight smile. “Your majesty, other than Consort An, the other concubines haven’t given birth…”

Qi Xutian put down the child that was in his arms, held back his smile, and announced calmly to everyone: “Before my lovely concubine gave birth, Consort Hua had already given birth to the eldest prince. I have already named him Mucheng.”

So she didn’t see it wrong just now., That beauty did have a child, Zhi Lan only stared at her toes, not daring to think about her highness’s feelings at the moment. 

Consort Hua? When did a consort Hua appear in the palace?

Looking at the crowd of suspicious eyes, Qi Xutian noticed Liu Yi at his side. 

“Yes, your majesty.” Liu Yi bowed as he took a few steps forward, “Lord Li has ordered the return of Consort Hua from outside the palace. Consort Hua was already nine months pregnant when she entered the palace and happened to give birth to the eldest prince today as well. And it was in fact was before yours, your highness.” 

Qi Mingyue lay there in the soft bed, opening his eyes slightly. He studied everyone’s expressions,  and carefully observed his parents of this life, then sighed in his heart. There was no talk of familial relations within the royal family. And it looked like there was going to be trouble later on. But he was certain about one thing, this wasn’t set in any actual historical setting. Thus, closing his eyes again, he listened to the drama as it played on. 

A Consort Hua from outside the palace? When was there even a consort outside of the palace! Everyone knew in their hearts, but no one dared to ask. If the Emperor brought them back into the palace and they had gotten the title of consort, he must love that lady very much. Seemed like Consort An had another opponent. 

This logic was understood by Consort An naturally, and a trace of grudge appeared in her eyes. She held her son even tighter to her chest. “Thank you, your majesty, for the name. I will take care of the prince very well. Please do not worry.” 

“En, that would be fine, but don’t overwork yourself,” He turned to instruct Liu Yi, “On a later date, pick two clever ones to take care of the prince.” Qi Xutian looked at the child again. As expected, his eyes were closed, but his mouth curled into a smile. Though that smile was light, but it was quite elegant. Compared to the eldest prince’s eyes full of tears and curiosity, it was much more different. 

Even though his eyes were closed, Qi Mingyue could feel the line of sight on himself. Then he sighed in his heart, unable to determine if he was angry or happy, he just decided to open his eyes and stared back at that person. 

He observed this Father of his. Qi Mingyue then exclaimed in his heart, this was his first time, including even his past life as a spy, that he saw a man he couldn’t understand. His pair of alluring, amorous eyes and slightly thin lips were enough to let him imagine the scenes in his harem. No one could escape his father’s charms. Other than that, his powers and his unpredictable temper were already scary for the most. 

Qi Xutian saw his dark, judgemental eyes and was quite surprised. A child like him, how could they have this type of expression? 

“We’ll have a celebration in a hundred days. Instruct the servants to prepare a jade talisman, and invite the grand-master!” With that, Qi Xutian left Ning Xi Court. 

The crowd of people kneeled in fear until the emperor left. With expressions filled with shock, no one dared to stand up. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop in Ning Xi Court. 

Qi Mingyue shook his head as he looked in the direction that person left, he thought to himself, maybe this hundred day celebration was going to be different from usual?

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