TEDY Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Confession

Edited by Asa


“I think…. I’m the abnormal star he was talking about.” After a long moment of silence, Qi Mingyue’s soft voice resonated in the HyunTian palace.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know? My son.” Qi Xutian placed the small body on his bed, and kissed his cheek.

Qi Mingyue couldn’t help but be surprised, “As an Emperor, the best thing for you to do right now is to order me to die.”

“Do you know why I requested for the grandmaster for your hundredth day celebration?” Qi Xutian laid down, letting Qi Mingyue lie on his chest, “For you. The hundredth day celebration was for you.”

“For me? It isn’t traditional in CangHe? 1

He didn’t think that Qi Xutian had already noticed his abnormality, and thought he could put up with this pretence. Moreover, he wouldn’t have guessed that his father was this type of a person.

“You have to know, no matter how different you are, in this life, you are my son. No matter what, your father will protect you.” Qi Xutian’s look in his eyes touched him. Even while talking to him, he didn’t use honorary words for himself 2.

“Even if I have the power to cause calamity, kill my own mother, and be destined to never have any descendants, meaning there is no way for the royal bloodline to continue?” To the prince, any one of these reasons would have been good enough for an Emperor to give up on him.

Qi Xutian laughed out loud, “Let the calamity come then, when was the world peaceful anyways? Killing your mother I have no problem with, but about the descendants…” Seeing Qi Mingyue’s cute face when he tried to be serious, he laughed even more, “You think I care about the royal bloodline? In this world, it’s always been a battle of the fittest! What does MingEr 3 think?”

“You’re definitely a heartless one…” His mother to him is probably just another woman in the harem, “seems like if one day I really do kill my mother, you wouldn’t even shed a tear.”

“You care about her?” Pausing for a second, Qi Xutian continued: “Ann Ruolan is definitely treating you well, doing things without leaving traces just for you, she swept away all possible dangers.”

Qi Mingyue remembered the missing servant girl, “Mother treats me very well. But it’s not like that. I don’t think anyone would like to kill their own mother.”

Not knowing what Qi Xutian was thinking about, he sighed, “If one day, you must kill her…”

“I won’t let her die in my hands.”

“And then?”

“And then? I’ll continue to live my life of course,” he gave a soft sneer, “Don’t forget, I am the abnormal star after all. Other than this body, I don’t have any relations with her. Unless you want me to die for her?” Moreover, his mother wasn’t a weak women either. She definitely has a little motherly love for him. A little for his future, he knew this, but didn’t really care.

“You’re really ruthless….” Saying that, the glimmer of amusement in Qi Xutian’s eyes meant approval. He knew that the child in front of him was just like him. Not someone weak.

“Not ruthless, just different.” Qi Mingyue never considered himself ruthless, but he wasn’t kind and merciful either.

Listening to him, Qi Xutian laughed, “MingEr is just like me, no wonder I like you”, patting the child on his chest, he closed his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking about, “I don’t know if in your eyes, I am like your mother. Someone to toss behind?”

Qi Mingyue couldn’t help it, his small body shifted slightly on Qi Xutian’s chest, overlooking his face, “In this body, your blood runs in my veins, but I’m not your son. You don’t mind that?”

“I’ve said it before, in this life, you are my son. But what about you? In your heart, who am I?”

Staring back at Qi Xutian’s eyes, Qi Mingyue thought of the things he had said before, then called out in a serious tone, “…..Father.”

From that moment on, Qi Mingyue approved of the man in front of him. Not because of those words, but because he was strong. That’s right, sticking to the people who are strong is the best way to ensure your own survival. Until the day he becomes strong himself, he must believe.

Qi Xutian buried him in his chest, and sighed in relief. After a while, Qi Mingyue felt a shift beneath him, and looked up in curiosity. Only to see Qi Xutian pursing his lips, and then gave a low laugh, “I was thinking of MingEr’s serious face, and couldn’t help it… 4” unable to finish his sentence, he laughed gently again.

Qi Mingyue understood, at the moment, a child’s face is not really suited for any adult actions, he swiped away the drool that was coming out of the corner of his mouth, annoyed, “it seems like I started speaking way too early.”

“Of course, MingEr’s milk teeth aren’t even fully formed,” Qi Xutian reached a hand out to help him wipe away the saliva, seeing his soft pink lips, couldn’t help it but took a bite, “you’ve talked a lot today, you did well.”

Qi Mingyue only then realized that he was a kid whose teeth aren’t even fully formed, talking so much just now, he didn’t know how he was able to understand him… “It must have been hard for father to understand.”

This time he was conscious of his own voice, it was, of course, soft, light, and hard to understand. He had lived his entire life knowing his way around words before this, and he had never thought he’d live to see this day.

Noticing his expressions, Qi Xutian couldn’t contain his laughter, “Do you know how cute you look when you try to talk?!”

Glancing back at him, “Thank you father for that compliment, I’m sure you were just as cute when you were younger.” Closing his eyes, Qi Mingyue found out that kids have a limited amount of energy, and at the moment he was already drained. “Lovely father, can you let someone bring me back to Zixia Palace?”

“Tired?” but the reply that he got was only faint breathing. Looks like he already went to sleep.

Qi Xutian pulled over the blanket and hugged him close, covering the both of them. His eyes looked as if it were staring into the past.

Tan Wu has the qualities of a Demigod. Unless he begs to die, he won’t kill him. Even if his words meant losing himself, it was better than to die by the hands of a relative, fulfilling the prophecy .

Since then even though Qi Xutian dreaded Tan Wu’s existence, he knew that there was nothing that Tan Wu couldn’t do. So why not use it? As long as he continues to stay within the palace, chained, there’s no need for him to die. But he must pay for his statements.

Looking at child in front of him, Qi Xutian couldn’t help but think of the first time he saw him. In his arms, the child opened his eyes when he heard his voice. Calmly, like a boat on a river, his eyes looked down on him without a care, then closed them again. That was when he felt that he was different. Everytime after that, Qi Xitian could feel that he was special. At the hundredth day celebration, he wasn’t crying or making a face of discomfort. Qi Xitian found that extremely amusing.

To be honest, it was a bit selfish of him. To think that someone was so similar to himself, and that the rest of his days wouldn’t be so boring anymore. As long as Tan Wu said something in front of the public, this child would do the same things as he did when he was younger, and plead for survival. What would he do? Thinking about it was exciting enough.

But no one would’ve thought, Tan Wu had already calculated so far, saying that type of thing meant that this child’s future was already set for him. Compared to himself, it was much scarier. Thankfully there was another prince, the eldest, who can take half of the public’s doubts.

After that, listening to this kid’s soft mumbling voice as he spoke, surprised by his personality, he wondered if there was someone like this in the world. Being soft and calm like water, to as cold as ice, this body too, was full of contradictions. What experience must it go through to make him this way?

From that moment, he suddenly regretted letting Tan Wu say what he said. He shouldn’t have let him know his future, but he had already promised to protect him and gotten the word “Father” from his mouth.

Thus, he should be able to grow up successfully, maybe one day… he’d witness Tan Wu’s words.

Bring calamity.

Killing his mother.

Never to have descendants.

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    1. Heya, do you mind telling me which part of it is confusing so to better help my translation? Also there are purposely some plot holes that will be filled in future chapters too~

  2. Bring calamity, killing his mother, and not having descendant..
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    1. No, I was pretty surprised too when I first read it… but I think he is just the obsessive(not sure if that’s the right word lol) type since he finally found someone interesting in this world.

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    1. Ahh there isn’t a time skip, this is like immediately after the 100th day celebration, thats why when MC is trying to talk like he did in his past life its really hard on him (ง ‘̀-‘́)ง He shouldn’t be able to talk…

  3. A great translation, but I also think that the author didn´t choose wisely. Who would talk at the age of 100 days to his father, that seems to barely care and that he had only seen twice. Not to say that I think it pretty cold and heartless that he cares so little for the person that took care of him for the last 100 days (his mom!).

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