TEDY Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Doubt

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The Royal Doctor was panting when he arrived from the Royal School, only to see Liu Yi at the front gate. Afraid that the emperor was going to be mad, he couldn’t help but feel nervous. Carefully walking over, “Chief Liu, I have arrived late, is His Majesty upset?”

Li Yi shook his head, “His Majesty isn’t upset…” without waiting for the doctor’s reaction, he continued: “In my opinion, His Majesty is just extremely angry. I can’t guarantee if you were to go in now, you won’t be punished.”

The doctor’s heart dropped, he then nodded in a hurry, carefully walking in. All the servants in the chamber were ordered to leave. Behind the curtain on his majesty’s bed sat two shadows. The Royal Doctor carefully walked closer, “Your Majesty, I was too late when I arrived at the Royal School, please forgive me.”

“Seems like the Royal doctor’s age has caught up to him, his legs aren’t working well anymore. Should I help you remove them?”

Behind the curtains, Qi Xutian’s voice didn’t have much emotion. He carried Qi Mingyue in his arms, who had already fainted from the bloodloss. Carefully caressing his face that has lost color, “Nevermind, It’d be a shame to see you without legs. How about I make you disappear? So I won’t have filth in my sight anymore.”

Even through the curtain, the doctor could still feel the energy of those words. With eyes as cold as ice and a certain murderous intent, he knelt on the ground immediately, “Your Majesty please forgive me this once, I…”

“Father….” Qi Mingyue suddenly spoke in a soft voice, just awoken from the noise, “It’s noisy, what’s going on?”

Hearing that, the Royal Doctor realized the chills on him, and continued to beg for his life, “Your Majesty, the distance between the Royal Hospital is a bit far from the Royal School. It is also true that I am getting older, my legs are not working as well. Please consider my dedication in this palace for all these years…”

Qi Mingyue looked at the man that held him, “You’re going to kill someone over this small matter?”

“Small matter? I’m worried sick, look, you’ve bled so much. And that injury on your head, I’m not even sure when the scar is going to go away,” his concerned voice turned cold, “if the doctor’s legs were better of use, MingEr wouldn’t have to suffer so much, and I would also worry less. Therefore, this crime that the Royal Doctor has committed isn’t small. Why would MingEr consider this as a small matter?”

“Enough,” hearing the long chain of words he just said, Qi Mingyue’s headache worsened, lying back down on his body, “I’m fine, let him go.”

The Royal Doctor trembled in fear as he knelt, not daring to raise his head, hearing Qi Xutian’s voice: “Since MingEr wants you to live, then you may live. Still, aren’t you going to come and see the injury?!”

Hearing this, Qi Mingyue was about to sit up, unwilling to argue any further on this topic, but Qi Xutian already helped him up, propping him against his chest for the Royal Doctor.

The Royal Doctor pulled up the curtain, only to see that the emperor had already loosened his shirt, and sat by the bed, embracing the second prince in his arms. Even though his face was pale, there was not a single sign of weakness. His black hair had been loosened, and his eyes narrowed looking his way. Glancing at him, the Royal Doctor almost thought he was seeing the young emperor. He silently praised the second prince’s presence, no wonder the emperor liked him. Moving quickly, he brushed away the loose hairs covering his forehead and looked at the wound. “His Highness’s wound had stopped bleeding, it is just a skin injury. It didn’t seem like it will get worse. However, due to his highness’s young age and his loss of blood, he will need to be on herbal supplements to regain his lost iron. In three month’s time, he should be able to recover.”

“En, then you shall come to XuanTian Palace everyday to brew the herbs, and look over the materials in the kitchen. Don’t make any mistakes. If you can’t even do this, in my opinion, the Royal Doctor is no longer needed in the palace.”

The threatening sound between the words could be heard by the Royal Doctor. Immediately accepting the order, he quickly left only to find out that his back was filled with cold sweat. Thinking that he was lucky enough to still be alive was all thanks to the second prince’s generosity.

Suddenly, he saw Chief Liu standing there without any emotion in front of him, staring into his eyes. The Royal Doctor felt a shiver down his back, as if he just saw everything he was thinking about, “uhh, Chief Liu….”

“Have a good trip.” Liu Yi moved out of his way.

“Thank you.” The Royal Doctor quickly left, still thinking that it was weird. Today’s events had left him with an uncertain feeling, but he didn’t dare to talk much and quickly returned to the Royal doctor.

In the palace, Qi Mingyue was still lying face down in Qi Xutian’s arms, “Father, do you have an explanation for today?” provoking him on purpose.

“What does MingEr mean? I do not understand.” Qi Xutian narrowed his eyes, as if he was really enjoying how the person in his arms was.

“Father is such an intelligent man, are you pretending now? You made a scene in front of everyone for a tiny wound like this, how am I to continue this act in the palace? I’m supposed to be the prince that Father neglects.” raising his eyebrows as he looked at Qi Xutian, he wanted an explanation.

Raising his brows as well, Qi Xutian’s lips curved into a smile, then answered without a care: “Seeing MingEr injured, I didn’t want to pretend anymore. Within CangHe, only MingEr’s things can make me compromise half of it. Five years was long enough to cover up the fact that you could talk and listen the day you were born. Now that you are enrolled in the Royal School, those things you’d naturally be able to do. Why bother with the rest? Unless… MingEr doubts that I can protect you?” saying that, he suddenly had a dangerous look to him.

Qi Mingyue retracted his line of sight, then said: “It is harder to escape once you’re in the light. Anything can happen after today. I don’t want to be protected by father for the rest of my life, so I need to have some self preserving skills, but now…” He furrowed his brows in displease, “I can’t even evade an accidental attack from a little girl, for that, I really hate this five year old body, it’s too weak.”

“Of course MingEr doesn’t want to be weak, if so, I will give you two shadow guards, then order that you be taught martial arts, what do you say?”

“Shadow guards?” Qi Mingyue knew what that meant. With many years of experience as a spy, he knew that every country leader or person in a high position has a team, typically trained ever since they were young, to protect them. Thinking of that, he asked: “Are the shadow guards supposed to be used to protect Father and us?

Qi Xutian nodded, “That’s right, they usually stay by the CangHe Emperor and the royal children. But this time, I have yet to give them any…” Speaking of that, he gave out a long and sinister smile, “If a cub doesn’t fall from a cliff, how will they grow?”

“You want to see them go against each other? To try to obtain the throne?” Hearing that a few concubines were pregnant, he didn’t know how many more princes will be entering this ‘fight’.

“Even though that’s a typical technique for most emperors, they never actually want them to kill each other, that’s the reason for Shadow guard’s existence. Why is father still reluctant to do anything? Don’t emperors value their bloodline the most since ancient times?” Qi Mingyue was thinking in modern times, unable to understand what his father was trying to convey.

Qi Xutian continued to smile as he pinched the tiny soft face, “MingEr understands a lot,” along with that, madness entered his eyes, “Don’t you think it’s amusing? You see, when your older brother and the others grow up, they’ll understand the position of the throne, and they’ll try to get it for themselves. And then, they’ll beg for survival in this palace, acting up all types of theatrics. It will be very entertaining, I always wanted to know, if some… would even die?” the tail of that sentence was light and filled with joy, as if he couldn’t wait any longer.

Looking at the man who he never understood, Qi Mingyue never doubted his cold-bloodedness. Crazy in the minds of others, he still asked the question that he held onto for so long, “So why is father treating me this way? If I am the abnormal star, then you should try and control me. Using me for these theatrics can make this act even better. After so many years, you monitored my behavior, but never acted on anything, why is that?”

Qi Xutian was not surprised, “Monitoring you of course was to make sure I know what you are doing at all times, I only want to know what MingEr is doing, and nothing else, of course there won’t be anything to act upon, since their main goal is to protect you.” Pausing for a moment, and seeing that MingYue was not upset, then asked: “Do you still like Hong Xiu and YingRan?”

“Of course, why would I still keep them if not? What’s so special about them?” If Qi Xutian ordered them to serve him, then they mustn’t be some ordinary servants.

“Hong Xiu dances, and comes from LianTong. It is said that her dance can kill. As for YingRan, she is skilled in art of using poison. Being a student in the AnYang medical family, the Yi family. The Yi family has always been righteous. Even though they are skilled in poison as well, they never use it to hurt others, since it is said that some poison can heal. YingRan was kicked out of the family after she killed someone with poison. She met HongXiu and the two of them came to CangHe, becoming the Light Blades.”

“Light Blades?” That name seemed the exact opposite of the shadow guards.

“Shadow guards stand in the darkness. They, however, stand in front of the crowd in the public’s eye. They won’t even let others see blood if necessary. It was created by one of my friends from the underground.” QI Xutian seemed to know the answer to Qi Mingyue’s question, but he never answered.

However, Qi Mingyue didn’t forget, “Father hasn’t answered my question yet, why am I so special to you?”

Looking at Qi Xutian’s eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, “You want to know?”

“Yes.” Qi Mingyue nodded, thinking that Qi Xutian’s attitude at that moment was slightly strange.

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  1. Most of the emperors were failure as a father as I read many ancient novels which reveal the same thing. However, I think he is the worst one who even wants to use his own sons for entertainment. Such a psychopath!

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