TMG Chapter 5 (End)

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Chapter 5 – Thank You Everyone, We’re Together Now!

After he had made this decision, Chang Pei started feeling diffident when he saw Jin Jiang after work. Jin Jiang however was engrossed in preparing dinner, and did not notice Chang Pei’s mood.

Today, Jin Jiang had prepared handmade tofu and radish soup, and even bought a roast duck that was accompanied with thin pancakes. Just by smelling the fragrance of the dishes, Chang Pei started drooling. He dipped the skin of the roast duck in sauce, and wrapped it in the pancake together with some scallion. Glutting himself with the delicacies, his hands were full of the roast duck sauce, and had temporarily forgotten about the matter of his love confession.

Jin Jiang passed him some napkins to wipe his hands, and he also looked very satisfied.

When showering, Chang Pei seemed to have a certain intention, and scrubbed himself squeaky clean. The amount of time he spent showering was twice as long. As such, Jin Jiang was so “worried” that he entered the bathroom, and his eyes unscrupulously scanned Chang Pei. “Tsk, hurry up.”

Chang Pei’s body was exuding heat, and his face was flushed red.

At the end of the day, both of them finally headed to bed.

Five minutes later, Jin Jiang suddenly heard Chang Pei call his name.

“Yeah?” Jin Jiang was a little groggy. He felt the blanket moving, and then a warm object pressing against his lips, then moving away immediately.

“Huh? Huh huh?” Jin Jiang wrenched open his eyes to see Chang Pei staring at him like a deer.

This kiss was a little unexpected, but within reason. Jin Jiang lowered his voice, “Peipei.”

“Yeah?” Chang Pei was very nervous.

Jin Jiang took in a deep breath. Flipping around, he pushed him under himself, and used a deep kiss to express his own feelings. The tip of his tongue lightly circled Chang Pei’s lips. “Good night.”

??? Just like this it’s over? Chang Pei thought.

Not reconciled to this, he pushed Jin Jiang, “What do you mean with that?”

“Huh? We’re already together, shouldn’t sleeping be our next step?” Jin Jiang replied innocently. “Or do you want to go downstairs and run 2 rounds?”

Chang Pei’s slow brain turned two rounds, thinking, you don’t have any thoughts about this? And you don’t want to eat me up? I even took such a long shower!

However, he was too embarrassed to say it out, and could only scratch at Jin Jiang’s shoulder before obediently shutting his eyes. “Good night~”

Unknowing to him, Jin Jiang was staring at the ceiling, snickering for a long time before he fell asleep.

The fourth day.

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    Thank you for translating this novel. I was deeply hurt by the April Fool’s joke slkjlsadf

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