UCNS Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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On the fifth day of President’s Yan visit, Lin Yuanle couldn’t restrain himself anymore; because the big devil would leave tomorrow, he must quickly seize this opportunity.

“Leader, how’s my performance these past few days.” Lin Yuanle took advantage of the president’s break to enter Leader Han’s office.

Han Fei: “Quite good.”

Lin Yuanle: “Then, cough cough, en, can I be promoted?”

For the first time, Han Fei showed a sliver of playfulness: “The president had said that your devotion was sufficient.”

Lin Yuanle: “??! …Did the president make a mistake.”

Lin Yuanle would be promoted, but he wasn’t happy because the reason for this promotion was too bizarre!! What devotion!! It’s all because of that group of gossipers!!!

The burly group of gossipers started clapping: “Ah! Little Le, congratulations, congratulations. Finally getting what you wished for!”

Lin Yuanle: “…”

The burly men: “No need to thank us, we are all moved! Everyone is a brother; it’s what we should do!”

Lin Yuanle scorned internally: ‘Who wants to give thanks to you, ahhhhhh!’

His expression scrunched up instead, hehehe.

In the end, Lin Yuanle successfully entered the organization’s upper echelons.

On the day of Lin Yuanle’s departure, the entire office had the day off. However, the leader was bitter because he had to start spending money to restock the staff pantry again.

A group of burly men, “Little Le, safe travels. Well, if someone ever bullies you, you can come back, we’ll protect you!”

Lin Yuanle was actually grateful for this group of people, who looked fierce and loved to gossip, but were really honourable.

The burly men wiped away their tears, “After all, we’re the bride’s family!”

Lin Yuanle: who said that they were compassionate, I’m an idiot ahhhhhh!!! Captain, hurry up and arrest them!!!

Still when Lin Yuanle left, his eyes were red. He walked towards the entrance, yet his eyes lingered to those individuals who sent him off. He had never stayed at the police station for long and the captain was even fierce with him. Though Leader was always expressionless and stingy, he still treated him well.

Lin Yuanle seemed to waver, he knew that these people weren’t bad yet the police would not believe him. If he really found the evidence, these people would definitely hate him, right. Once he envisioned this possible outcome, his eyes would turn even redder and felt a terrible heartache.

The office after Lin Yuanle left.

A random burly man in black: “Little Le looked like he cried. Leader, it’s not too good right, what we’re doing”

Leader Han: “Not too good and yet you’re being contentious so energetically.”

Another random burly man in black: “Leader, Little Le is gone, we won’t have enough food.”

The leader suddenly became sour and said, “Then you should donate a month’s worth of bonus.”

Leader, you stingy and expressionless man!!!!!!

Han Fei: “Alright, let’s not discuss this anymore. Begin your preparations, we’ll start work tonight.”


The group of men suddenly become grim and separated to complete their respective tasks. After a short moment, the group converged again, dressed in more professional clothing, carrying various illegal firearms.

If Lin Yuanle saw this scene, he would have cried. After all, the evidence was right in front of him yet he couldn’t find it at all; the captain would have beaten him to death if he knew.

Lin Yuanle went back to the dormitory to pack his things and there was already someone waiting to bring him over to the headquarters’ dormitory. Lin Yuanle pouted at the person in front of him who carried his luggage, sure enough the treatment was different after he promoted. When he first came, he had to carry his own luggage.

The staff apartment at the headquarters was bigger and more high-class. Moreover, the location was not bad. Glancing out the windows, you could see a garden along the river. Lin Yuanle could see the glowing lights of the night city from the window of his eighth-floor apartment.

As expected, the HQ was rich. Fuck, who’s company would buy half a district just for the staff!!!! Especially in this age where land was in high demand.

“Hello, captain, en, I’ve already moved to HQ. The people here should only be low-level workers. For now, I haven’t noticed any peculiarities. But captain…”

“Just say it.”

“…It’s really gorgeous here!!! Captain, you should contact the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, they are definitely corrupted!! Captain, the place I’m staying at, you can’t even afford to buy the garage!!!”

Captain: Fuck, why did I send out this idiot in the beginning.

Lin Yuanle passed the night in high yet anxious spirits. In the middle of the night, he received a message stating that he would go to the HR department to attend the newcomer’s training and to learn his working arrangement tomorrow.

Seemed like it was the standard, but Lin Yuanle, as a person who knew that this company dealt with the underworld, understood that there would surely be underhanded things going on. So he spent the night coming up with schemes, then went to sleep while drooling.

The office at the uppermost level of the HQ still had its light on at close to midnight. A female secretary with delicate makeup on, An Yan, elegantly stood in front of the president’s desk. “President Yan, it’s time to get off work. Preparations for Lin Yuanle have already been finished, there won’t be any incidents. The organization has already been handled.”

Yan Yuan nodded: “This month’s bonus will be doubled. But the police force there, you know how to deal with them.” Not even lifting his head yet his tone turned a bit more significant.

The secretary followed up, “It is already being arranged. Feng Xi is responsible, thus there would be no problems.”

“En, you can leave, if not Feng Xi will surely call to nag again.”

The secretary left the office, the clacking of her heels the only sound to echo throughout the building.

A few minutes later, the telephone on Yan Yuan’s desk rang. Yan Yuan picked it up impatiently.

“Your wife had already left. Call her yourself!”

A low roguish voice came out from the other side of the call, “Boss, it’s not like you don’t know my wife. She won’t be able to hear anything while riding her baby Harley. I’m worried, what if she encountered a bad person. Boss, in the future can you not let her leave so late.”

Yan Yuan’s eyebrow twitched. At the beginning when Feng Xi came to the office, he started to crush on his secretary, An Yan. Later, when Feng Xi went to the carpark to intercept her; who knew he would instead be thrown two meters away. He saw his cold and delicate beauty started her Harley and whizzed past him as he lay on the ground. Afterwards, Feng Xi submerged even further under the influence of his crush. He chased for more than half a year and finally caught his beauty. They had already been married for two years now and their love for each other was still as intense as ever.

Yet why can’t he understand that no one was able to touch his precious wife!!

In the past, Feng Xi was abducted by the Black Lotus Organization. An Yan went alone to rescue him, using just one shot to finish their boss. Later on, people found out that An Yan was working as a bodyguard for one of the European’s mafia boss before she became a secretary; the type of bodyguard that could accomplish anything. Thus, Feng Xi would always be a hen-pecked husband, because he could never be compared to his wife.

“You’re worrying for nothing. Since you’re free, go and deal with those old coots.” Yan Yuan packed his things and prepared for bed.

Feng Xi continued being roguish: “Don’t worry, Boss. But, is that kid really him? No matter how I look, he’s quite stupid.”

Yan Yuan chuckled: “It’s good that he’s stupid.”

If he wasn’t an idiot, he would have seen through the ploy. Just look at the acting of the burly men under Han Fei, it was too embarrassing to even watch.

After Lin Yuanle had a good night’s rest, he received a call from his contact.

Contact: “There’s a change of plans.”

Lin Yuanle flinched awake, change of plans? Could it be that the arrest would be pushed forward?

Contact: “The captain felt that with your capability, the time spent for you to enter the high ranks would waste too much time. According to our contacts, Yan Yuan has possibly set his eye on you.”

Lin Yuanle blanked out for a while, then stammered, “What mole? Aren’t I the mole… You, you still have others?” He sounded quite a bit pitiful.

Contact: …Hehe.

“Wait, what do you mean set his eye on me? What does he want with me?” Lin Yuanle’s retort was a bit off the mark and a bit delayed.

As the contact was afraid that low IQ may be passed on, he quickly threw another tidbit then hung up, “Means that you have to sleep with him to get the information.”

Lin Yuanle held his phone feeling uncomfortable. Sleep, sleep with him?!

Finally, Lin Yuanle could only accept it and went to work. There could be a chance that the young president may inconceivably promote him, or get drunk and passed on his secrets without obstruction. Dreams were still needed, if they became reality, then Lin Yuanle would be like his name, forever an optimist.

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