UCNS Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Furthermore, honestly, his plan to get into that person’s bed was to get him drunk first and then just lay down together. Anyways, he couldn’t remember much, but Lin Yuanle felt something was amiss, precisely because he didn’t remember anything.

“P-president Yan, I got drunk last night, hehe. Did I get into a car accident?” Maybe, just maybe everything was just a misunderstanding!

“No, we slept together.” Yan Yuan was unapologetic.

Ah, reality, crashing down just like that!

Yan Yuan suppressed his laughter at this kid’s expression. They were both human, so why did the gap between their brains be so wide?

“Heh, well, that’s good, that’s good. I should just go back?” Lin Yuanle didn’t understand what he was saying; he crumbled just from spouting that nonsense.

Yan Yuan tucked him back into bed and covered him with a blanket. Then he poked his bubble, “Can you go back? Don’t pretend, get some more rest after eating something.”

Yan Yuan left after that.

And came back later, but with a small tray table with breakfast on it. Lin Yuanle felt like crying.

“President Yan, you treat your employees too well.”

Even though you took advantage of me, but because it was I who started first, so this can be ignored.

Yan Yuan paused, then sat beside the bed and said to Lin Yuanle, “My employees generally do not have breakfast on my bed.”

Lin Yuanle’s hand which was holding baozi flinched. He, who did not have enough intellect, could not understand this sentence’s underlying meaning, but he instinctively felt that President Yan’s tone seemed a bit dangerous.

Furthermore, before Lin Yuanle finished flinching, Yan Yuan slowly added, “Guess what happened to the previous one who did this.”

Lin Yuanle finally dropped his baozi onto the plate, “I, I don’t know.” Did he still have time to crawl away?

Then Lin Yuanle’s hair was ruffled, “There’s no one, you’re the first.”

Lin Yuanle did not know how to reply; he could only mumble and pick another baozi.

Yan Yuan left the room after this.

As he ate his breakfast, Lin Yuanle’s heart was beating rapidly, not knowing if it was because of nervousness or something else.

After he finished, Lin Yuanle continued to sprawl on President Yan’s bed. Compared to the beginning, Lin Yuanle was still as nervous.

It’s the bedroom! Bedroom! With a high possibility that a drawer could contain some secret files!

Pity that Yan Yuan was also in the bedroom.

“President Yan, you, well, isn’t the study more convenient for you?” Lin Yuanle glanced at the president who was reclining on the lazy chair conducting a video conference, and suggested falteringly. Even though he was very curious about how an out of place lazy chair appeared in this room.

“Why, want to drive me away?” President Yan immediately became harsh.

Lin Yuanle trembled, “Noth-, no, here is fine too. I’m just afraid that I’ll hear things I shouldn’t be hearing.” So quickly leave and let me search for anything that I shouldn’t see ahhh!!

President Yan lifted his brow and chuckled, “What can Le Le do if you hear something you shouldn’t, call the police to arrest me?”

To be honest, I would. An underworld boss like you who trusts others easily, I really pity you. Also, don’t keep calling me Le Le, it doesn’t even sound like a person’s name, you know!

“Also, what if you feel unwell. I can relax more if I’m here.”

10000 critical points, Lin Yuanle even forgot to complain with his face reddening. Only to recollect that he really slept with the underworld boss last night, together.

Lin Yuanle thought about it and remembered the call with his contact. So, he should secretly listen in. No, he should actually listen in broad daylight.

But after listening for half an hour, the conference was still discussing actual business-related profits, progress reports, and future plans. Anyway, they were all, things that Lin Yuanle did not understand!

The person who had his blood pumped and excited in the beginning, slowly crawled into his blankets. Ooh, so comfy so comfy, his waist really hurt.

After another 20 minutes, he crawled into his blankets even further. Ooh, the pillow’s height was just right.

After another 10 minutes, Yan Yuan glanced meaningfully at the person on the other side of the webcam.


Feng Xi, who was on the other side, understood tacitly.

Yan Yuan peered at Lin Yuanle who was sound asleep and had his head buried under the blankets to block out the noise, and nodded, “Won’t wake up for a while.”

Feng Xi pouted, “Who knew that President Yan was so quick. But is it really ok to tire out someone that much for his first time?”

Yan Yuan replied, “Any more lip and you’ll be sent to Africa, be serious.”

Thus, the two of them discussed the latest underworld business and Lin Yuanle slept on the bed with his mouth open. They moved on to discuss their plans on the police force, Lin Yuanle slept on as if there’s no hope for the future.

When Lin Yuanle shuffled awake once again, there was only him in the bedroom. Lin Yuanle dazedly sat up, then suddenly came to a realization, there was no one! President Yan wasn’t here!

Lin Yuanle didn’t have time to find his clothes, so he wrapped the blanket around himself and exerted great effort to drag his tired body to get off the bed, preparing to take advantage and search the room before President Yan came back. The first drawer, hmm, what’s this bottle? Oh, lubrication, what else?

Lin Yuanle closed the drawer with his face red.

Just when Lin Yuanle pulled the next drawer half-open, the door suddenly opened.


As Yan Yuan came in, he saw him wrapped in blankets while hugging his bedside table.

“Um…this table is really nice, I’m observing it at a close distance, hehe.” Lin Yuanle explained with his face pale.

Yan Yuan placed the clothes on the bed, then pulled him up, “I thought you were looking for something…”

“Hehehe, what can I find, the table is really, very nice, hehehe, just looking, just looking.” Lin Yuanle quickly interrupted him, but as he continued rambling on, he felt that he was becoming a lunatic.

Yan Yuan: “En, if you like we can buy more of them. But there are still documents in the drawer that I forgot to take out.”

Then, Lin Yuanle looked on as President Yan took out a folder that was obviously different from the company’s from the drawer that he just opened halfway.

“Still better to keep it in the study, it won’t be good to lose it.” President Yan seemed to be really worried.

Lin Yuanle: “Hehe, yes, hehe.” I’m fucking stupid.

“Okay, change your clothes, I’m bringing you out for lunch.” Yan Yuan very thoughtfully left the room after saying that.

Lin Yuanle hurriedly changed his clothes, and doggedly searched through all the drawers again. En, besides XXX, there were books, or it’s empty.

In the end, was his luck just that bad.

Yan Yuan brought him to eat Hong Kong and Taiwan cuisine because the dishes were lighter, which was suitable for Lin Yuanle’s current condition.

However, whoever thought that when Lin Yuanle ate midway through, as he randomly glanced around, a person who just came in looked very familiar.

Wait, isn’t that my contact?!

As their gazes met, both of them expressed their shock.

Lin Yuanle choked. He forcefully calmed himself down under Yan Yuan’s stern and loving gaze.

Reluctantly, yet calmly eating a few more bites, Lin Yuanle had to go to the toilet. As expected, his contact came in too.

Lin Yuanle threw him into a stall and flipped the lock.

“So impatient, what if you give us away!” The contact was unhappy.

“But then, looks like you were successful, did you bed him?” As always, he was immediately exposed.

Lin Yuanle originally had a lot of things to say, but held back promptly, “Cough, it was an accident. Uh, that’s not the main point. What’s the next step?!”

The contact replied nonchalantly, “Get his trust and find evidence! Search for information! You’ve already accomplished the hardest part, the team trusts that you can do it!” Really, fortune favours the fool, as revealed by the contact’s inner thoughts.

Lin Yuanle thought to himself, you say it’s easy, but do you know that’s the underworld boss; even if he really was so unguarded to the point of pitiful, it’s still hard! Is it that just because I slept with him, he’d fall in love with me till death and tell me all his secrets?!

But the contract presumed that Lin Yuanle felt guilty, so patted his shoulder in consolation, “The first time is always difficult, but you need to know, Yan Yuan is not a good person. At most, you’ll be his new plaything. You won’t have any more chances if you drag on.”

Lin Yuanle offhandedly nodded, if this dragged on, even if Yan Yuan wouldn’t do anything to him, he’d develop heart disease.

At that moment, the door was knocked, “Le Le, it’s been quite a while, are you alright?”

Lin Yuanle: !!!!!!

Lin Yuanle racked his brains for an excuse, “Cough, cough, I’m alright, President Yan you can go back first.”

Yan Yuan: “I’m worried about you, so I’ll wait here.”

Lin Yuanle was going crazy, what kind of shitty habit did this president have to wait for someone else outside the toilet????!

“President Yan, uhh, I have a stomach ache, I don’t feel comfortable with you there.” Must try to be as pitiful and weak as possible.

The other side was quiet for a moment, “It’s my fault, even though I cleaned you out last night, there’s probably still some effect.”

Lin Yuanle felt awkward now.

This kind of thing.
In the end.
Must you say it.
Outside of the toilet.

The contact standing at the side: Tsktsktsktsk, still say it was an accident.

Lin Yuanle expressed if he weren’t scared that the contact would get killed, he would definitely kick him out!

In the end, Lin Yuanle managed to coax Yan Yuan to return. He wanted to fall apart, to die after this whole embarrassing R-18 conversation.

Contact: “Comrade Yuanle is really hardworking, come let’s shake hands.”

Lin Yuanle: “Hurry up and leave, do you want to die.”

Contact: “I feel that you will definitely complete this mission successfully!” After all, he was pampered endlessly by the crime boss.

Lin Yuanle: “Hehe…” President Yan, you should come and catch this person.

When Lin Yuanle returned, he noticed that President Yan added another soup.

“To nourish your kidneys and digestive system.”


Lin Yuanle felt that the plan needed to move faster, if not his kidneys would be nourished to death.

The great President Yan: “Le Le, since it happened, I will definitely be responsible for you.”

?????? This shouldn’t be the lines a crime boss should say.

However, this opportunity came at the right time. Smile.

Lin Yuanle, “En……” Trying to look shy.

Yan Yuan; “Le Le looks so strange, do you still feel unwell?”

Lin Yuanle: “Cough, no no, very comfortable, very comfortable.”

“Right, President Yan, we should go back to work this afternoon.” Lin Yuanle felt that he should put more effort to search for what he needed.

President Yan said after hearing that, “There’s no need to force yourself, the company won’t collapse with two people missing.”

Lin Yuanle complained silently, the absence of two people indeed wouldn’t have an impact. But if one of them was the president, there would clearly be a problem!! Anyway, if both of them didn’t go, it would be too obvious.

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