UCNS Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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Lin Yuanle was actually a little afraid. Although he didn’t have any memories of that night, his body felt uncomfortable for a long time. He was still staggering till now.

Now that he was lying down with Yan Yuan with a clear mind, Lin Yuanle was extremely nervous.

Will they really… really do that tonight? But he was still in pain, but this was his boss ahhhh. Lin Yuanle burrowed into the blankets and listened to the water flowing in the bathroom until he was trembling.

Yan Yuan found him lying in bed with despair as he left the bathroom. Finding it amusing, he walked over and pinched Lin Yuanle’s cheek.

“What kind of face is this.”

Lin Yuanle’s heart palpitated, is is is this the start of the teasing.

“President Yan, I… I’m still unwell.”

Say it as pitiful and cute as possible

Yan Yuan lifted an eyebrow, lifted the blankets and tucked himself in.

Yan Yuan didn’t wear pajamas, Lin Yuanle could feel the damp and heat from the person beside him and instantly exploded from blushing.

“Uncomfortable? Then let me make it better.”

Then Lin Yuanle was grabbed into an embrace, an arm coming from behind to massage his waist.

!!!!!!!! Lin Yuanle blanked, what…what to do, because it’s a bit relaxing, and…and his face was almost buried into President Yan’s embrace ah.

Yan Yuan felt the person was stiff as a log in his arms. Chuckling, he kissed Lin Yuanle’s ear.

Lin Yuanle was teased until he practically lost his mind. Sensing his face and ears were red hot, his aching waist was massaged until he wanted to moan.

But Lin Yuanle didn’t think that he really would moan out loud. Probably because Yan Yuan brushed some sensitive place that Lin Yuanle dazedly spilled out a low groan.

Lin Yuanle hated how he couldn’t cut open the bed and bury himself in there after realizing what he had done. Also, the arm on his waist stopped moving. He raised his head and found Yan Yuan gazing right at him.

Although Lin Yuanle was very slow, the implication in President Yan’s gaze definitely meant that he wants to sleep with him. Lin Yuanle tried to turn over but was suddenly hugged closer.

“This is because you invited me.” Yan Yuan looked at the blushing face and the pair of panicked eyes of the person in his arms; thought if anyone could endure, then he could go fucking endure himself.

Lin Yuanle hadn’t understood what he meant when he was kissed. This was Lin Yuanle’s first kiss. He could have been kissed last night but he didn’t remember.

Yan Yuan didn’t stop at just a taste, but he also didn’t go further. After all, this person’s body was unwell.

Lin Yuanle was kissed until he was out of breath. He burrowed straight into the blankets after he was released.

Yan Yuan patted his back while laughing, “So shy? Then how are you going to continue.”

Lin Yuanle quietly wriggled around but was once again embraced by the same pair of arms.

“It’s fine, won’t tease you anymore, go to sleep.”

Lin Yuanle was embarrassed, he wanted to turn around and punch the man but he was also afraid that he would be caught and kissed again.

He thought he wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep but listening to Yan Yuan’s heartbeat started to make him drowsy. Right before he lost consciousness, he heard the man called him an idiot by his ear. Lin Yuanle grumbled, “You’re the idiot.”

Yan Yuan grinned while kissing the person who was mumbling unintelligibly.

“So stupid, to the point probably no one, except me, wants you.”

The next day, President Yan brought Lin Yuanle along to the office. He even brought breakfast along the way. Because of the breakfast, Lin Yuanle grumbled sleepily, refusing to get up. President Yan did not have the heart to drag the person out. So he could only eat his breakfast in the car.

Lin Yuanle happily carried his breakfast in the shotgun seat. It was his favourite porridge because it was too expensive so he didn’t buy it frequently. President Yan was sho nice, he unexpectedly acted cute even in his thoughts.

After reaching the office, Yan Yuan then didn’t bother him again because there was really a lot of work needed to be done.

So Lin Yuanle escaped and hid in the garden, calling his contact.

“How is it, did you find any evidence?” The contact was very anxious.

Lin Yuanle: “No.”

Contact: “Then why did you call me! Not even afraid of getting found out.”

Lin Yuanle: “Not my choice, President Yan is always by my side.” It’s not easy to steal a bit of cake, much less steal documents!

Contact: “…” Was I served PDA??!

Lin Yuanle: “Oh yeah, I wanted to ask something.” Lin Yuanle drew circles on the ground with a branch.

Contact: “Yes…”

Lin Yuanle: “Is there someone who wants to cooperate with us to deal with Yan Yuan.”

The contact became silent for a while, before saying, “I’m not clear about this either, but the captain probably mentioned it.”

Lin Yuanle pretended to be as apathetic as possible, “Oh…then the captain, cough, what was his attitude?”

Lin Yuanle knew if the captain was capable, things would get very complicated with the next step.

Because the police would not fully trust the information given by the other party, his mission would become even more critical. He would stand against Yan Yuan. Lin Yuanle really didn’t want it to come to that point, because he knew those people weren’t bad, although a bit unruly.

The other side sighed, “Yuanle, you, are you really siding with them.”

This was what the contact actually worried about, Lin Yuanle was too simple. But it was because of this that he was the best choice as a spy. He was so simple that he could completely discard his identity as a police officer and assimilate into any environment quickly.

However, the only inevitability was that he could also easily develop feelings, be it friendship or romance. Furthermore, as long as Yan Yuan wanted to, even if Lin Yuanle didn’t want to, he wouldn’t get a chance to escape.

But as of now, what they had always worried about, was going to become reality.

Lin Yuanle paused when he heard this, then laughed, “What are you saying, I, I know what I should do. But, but I really do feel that President Yan and the others aren’t bad. The company is also very normal.

He knew that being with President Yan was just, just like a moment of mutual interest. After President Yan got tired, or if he found what he wanted, the relationship would end just like that.

“We will decide if they’re good or bad. In the end, you should do what you need to your best ability. Don’t forget, you are a police officer. Hasn’t it always been your childhood dream.”

That’s right, Lin Yuanle had always wanted to be a police officer since young. As to why, he couldn’t clearly remember, but since the start of his memories, he desired to be a police officer.

Lin Yuanle threw the branch away, said, “En, I didn’t forget, I know. Just give me a few more days.”

Ending the call, Lin Yuanle stood there dazedly, then slowly walked back. He really felt for an instant that if he were an actual employee here and not an undercover cop, then it would have been better.

He knew that these people were good, but the police wouldn’t trust him. His mission wouldn’t end just because of his conviction. As to his relationship with Yan Yuan, Yan Yuan would probably, probably be really disappointed if he found out.

Lin Yuanle rode the lift back up. He assuaged himself, he should still, still quickly complete his mission, preventing any further complications that could arise the longer he stayed.

Lin Yuanle gave up on waiting for an opportunity. He decided that he would start directly with Yan Yuan’s computer. With his mind made up in the lift, Lin Yuanle went back to the office.

“Why were you gone for so long?” President Yan didn’t even lift his head, he was still handling his folders.

Lin Yuanle smiled, “I was at the garden below, playing with the mud. It’s good for your eyes to look at the greenery.”

President Yan lifted his head, “The most expensive flower in that garden goes for $25,000 a stalk.”


“Probably, didn’t, pluck any flowers?”

President Yan laughed, “It’s okay even if you did, I’ll cover for you.”

Fu-fucking flatterer, I won’t be swayed even if you say this! Definitely won’t! I will still go and steal your documents and sell your secrets.

Lin Yuanle became downhearted when he thought about this.

“Come here.” President Yan who was sitting behind his desk waved over Lin Yuanle.

Lin Yuanle hesitated but still went over.

You pervert, even though I will steal your secrets but if you want to have office sex, I will definitely refuse!

Lin Yuanle stood at Yan Yuan’s side, not looking at him with his head lowered, as if nervous but also extremely well-behaved.

Yan Yuan brought him onto his lap.

“What, what are you doing.” Lin Yuanle struggled a bit but was pressed down.

“Why so down, blaming me for disregarding you in the morning?” Yan Yuan gently said while pinching this child’s face.

Lin Yuanle’s face suddenly became red. “No, no, I’m not sad. I’m just a bit bored.”

Yan Yuan lifted Lin Yuanle’s chin, making him look at him.

“You can talk to me for anything, I will help you, you know?”

Can I say I want to steal your information? Lin Yuanle started to agonise over and over in his heart, finally speaking up in the end.

“What if the police really reached their hand in, what will you do?”

Yan Yuan faltered then realised what he meant. His eyes flashed a thread of concern. This child definitely had always been agonising over this.

“Remember that I told you I was an orphan, I wasn’t lying.”

Lin Yuanle was shocked, Yan Yuan was actually always truthful…but he himself wasn’t.

“My parents were killed during a gang dispute. Grandfather became depressed, started to clean up the Yan Family. With me taking over, it’s already mostly finished. However, undeniably there are still some illegal issues. But it is only to prevent small complications, usually, it will not be any extremely offensive acts.”

Of course they still accept a few private deals, but it shouldn’t be said here.

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