UCNS Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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Lin Yuanle was in a mess, so it became clean? Then what was he here for?

No, no, he shouldn’t just listen from one side of the story. After all, President Yan was a crafty underworld boss.

However, Lin Yuanle didn’t know that his happiness was so obvious that it couldn’t be hidden at all. Yan Yuan ruffled the kid’s head, getting him off his lap.

“It’s good for you to know about this. I have a meeting later, since it’ll be too dry, I won’t bring you along. If you’re tired, you can rest for a while.” Yan Yuan fussed, before leaving the office.

Lin Yuanle was just standing by the side of Yan Yuan’s desk. On it was Yan Yuan’s computer, best to have a quick look just in case!

Unexpectedly it wasn’t password locked, the boss was really trusting of others tsk tsk. Lin Yuanle smoothly entered into the documents folder.

Different folders were clearly sorted out. Lin Yuanle was searching around when suddenly a folder caught his eye. Its title only had 2 words: Lin Yuanle.

Lin Yuanle quickly became nervous, his practically trembling hand clicked on the folder, the contents included documents and photos which he looked through one by one.

There were records about his stay in the orphanage, his time in school and furthermore, a file containing his time in the police force. There were even some which Lin Yuanle had never seen before.

So Yan Yuan knew from the beginning. Lin Yuanle recalled their interactions these past few days, but why would he treat him like that? Was it a ploy?! Or was it… Lin Yuanle couldn’t come with an answer, disorientedly switching the computer off. Lin Yuanle directly went into the lounge in a daze, right now he was a mess.

Should he inform his contact about this? Should he interrogate Yan Yuan? Or should he quickly leave this place? Questions kept piling over each other, Lin Yuanle curled into himself, his mind in utter chaos. Then, did this mean Han Fei and the rest also knew about his identity? And also Feng Xi, Secretary An… Lin Yuanle felt he was a fool as well as a joke.

Whereas Yan Yuan was not in the meeting room, instead he was sitting in Feng Xi’s office, watching the screen in front of him which was obviously displaying Yan Yuan’s lounge.

Feng Xi crossed his legs while sucking on a lollipop, “Does President Yan not feel concern, Le Le doesn’t look good at all.”

Yan Yuan furrowed his brows while looking at the person curled up in bed in the security camera feed.

“Give him some time, it’s better to let him find out on his own for this kind of thing.”

Feng Xi: “Not worried that the kid will run away? Or break up with you?”

Yan Yuan lifted a brow and smirked, “He’s very resilient and very reasonable.”

Then, very resiliently, and very reasonably, Lin Yuanle fell asleep.

The two of them looked at the kid in the footage, just now he was sorrowfully curled up on the bed, then slowly pulled up the covers, wrapping himself tightly in them. Then went to sleep.

Feng Xi guffawed, “Haha, you really did pick up a treasure, haha!”

Yan Yuan scoffed, but he became more at ease.

In the end, Lin Yuanle didn’t inform his contact that his identity was exposed. However, he did mention about Yan Family being almost clean.

Contact: “Tsk, as expected once there is a husband, one would forget about work.”

Captain, I want to request a change of contact, this person’s brain is probably lost somewhere.

“I really didn’t find any evidence of illegal activities. And also, the work in this company is legitimate. Furthermore, I have never seen any affiliations between Yan Family and underworld gangs.”

Contact: “…alright, I’ll inform the higher-ups. Overall, just stay safe.”

Fuck staying safe, they knew all about it right from the beginning.

Lin Yuanle suddenly recalled an issue, “Me coming in as a spy, my credentials were all prepared right, nothing that can be found out, right?”

The contact at the other side patted his chest and said, “Relax Little Le, we have always been meticulous, there won’t be a problem.”

Hehe, meticulous your uncle! There was a fucking problem everywhere!!!

Lin Yuanle didn’t want to reveal himself to Yan Yuan, even if he already knew everything. But Lin Yuanle wasn’t willing to, leaving it unspoken was fine too.

A few days later, Lin Yuanle received a message from his contact.

“Mission accomplished.”

A simple phrase, yet Lin Yuanle looked at it for a long time. Then breathed a sigh of relief.

But, it was probably time for him to leave.

Lin Yuanle brought his resignation letter to the office.

“President Yan, I, I want to resign.”

Yan Yuan took the letter and glanced at it, “En.”


You perverted heartbreaking black boss are really ruthless.

Lin Yuanle was crestfallen like a falling leaf in autumn.

“Rest for tomorrow, the day after you can go to Han Fei there.”


Lin Yuanle was stupefied, “Whut? Why big brother Han?”

I’m resigning, fuck, do you know.

Yan Yuan carried him to his front, “Those old coots never told you? You’re to serve as our combat instructor, Officer Lin.”

Wait, was there something off.

Lin Yuanle fled into the lounge and called his captain.

“Captain! Captain, it’s me! What combat instructor?!!!”

The captain blew his teacup, slowly replied, “President Yan said he was short of people, and anyway you’re free, so why not say there for two days and come back after.”

Lin Yuanle: “You met with President Yan?”

Captain: “En, Yan Yuan mah, is a good kid. His grandfather and I are close.”

Wait, what… Shouldn’t this be the moment where you say the other is a ruthless and lunatic underworld boss…

“Captain, did you plan this from the beginning!”

Lin Yuanle finally felt this was not right.

The captain on the other end coughed. “Cough, what? Aiyah, Yuanle, my reception isn’t good, I’ll hang up first.”

Lin Yuanle held his phone which was cut off and ground his teeth.

So what was my efforts in being hardworking (?) and fearful these past few months for…

Then Lin Yuanle ran back into the office and aggressively slapped Yan Yuan’s desk.

“You! You plotted against me!”

Yan Yuan was slightly concerned about the hand which slapped the table, so he held it up and rubbed it.

“It’s not against you. I actually met you a long time ago, Le Le.”

Lin Yuanle was pulled into the man’s embrace again, stunned. And listened to a not quite long story.

At that time, Lin Yuanle was still at the orphanage, six, seven years old. Grinning happily every day and liked by everyone.

One evening, Lin Yuanle secretly ran to the park to play. The sky was almost dark, the children’s playground was almost empty. Lin Yuanle was quite happy, only having one person to seize a lot of the amenities. However, Lin Yuanle found a person lying hidden below the slide and instantly jumped in shock.

The child was curious, sneakily coming close. Who knew his actions would alert the person, and then was grabbed closer.

The child almost cried in shock, he wanted to scream but his mouth was held close.

That person probably realised that Lin Yuanle was still a kid, so he threatened him that if he made a sound, he would beat him, and then released the kid.

That person was a very good looking little big brother, Lin Yuanle clearly saw. But little big brother’s face was wounded.

“Little big brother, why are you hiding here? Are you playing hide and seek?” Lin Yuanle asked quietly.

However, the little big brother simply ignored him. Lin Yuanle pouted, and asked again, “Little big brother, it’s so late, why aren’t you going home? Daddy and Mommy will worry.”

Little big brother got annoyed and rudely asked, “Then why are you still here?”

The child startled, scratched his head, then said in a small voice, “I, I don’t have daddy and mommy anymore, en. But, but Director Liu is very good to me.” Finished, he even smiled shyly.

Little big brother heard and turned to look at Lin Yuanle for a good while, then rubbed the child’s head. Seemed that he had never done it before because he used a bit too much strength.

“I also don’t have daddy and mommy.”

Lin Yuanle ‘ah’ed, rather eagerly said, “Don’t, don’t feel sad. Director Liu said Daddy and Mommy will watch over us from the heavens.” The child probably didn’t know how to comfort others, stammering out the same few words. So he moved closer and rubbed his head with his small hand.

Little big brother was silent, only hugging the small child.

After a while, Lin Yuanle couldn’t resist and asked, “Little big brother, big brother’s Daddy and Mommy, why aren’t they here anymore?”

“They got killed by bad people.” Hate, that Lin Yuanle didn’t sense, filled his voice.

The child then said, “I, I’ll become a policeman! I’ll help you catch the bad people, okay.” The little big brother looked very wretched, he will definitely help little big brother in the future!

Then the little big brother laughed and pinched his face. “Ok, I’ll wait for you to grow up and help me catch bad people. But you have to first tell me your name.”

“I, I’m Lin Yuanle! Yuan for forever, Le for happy.”

After saying that, he heard someone not far calling for someone, which sounded like this child’s name.

The child in his arms immediately jumped out and ran, “Ah, Director Liu is calling me, I, I have to go. Little big brother should also quickly go home!”

Little big brother was also waving his arm, watching that small silhouette running far away.

“Lin Yuanle. I’ve been waiting for you to grow up.”

Lin Yuanle was shocked by hearing this. Because he couldn’t even remember meeting this little big brother when he was young. Then his face was pulled by Yan Yuan, “I just knew that you’re an ungrateful kid.”

Lin Yuanle felt wronged but did not dare say. He was so young back then, how could he have remembered.

Actually, Yan Yuan knew, also after that day, he was picked up by his grandfather. He didn’t have the chance to go back to the park and meet the child again.

However, he always had someone to keep an eye on the child, not harbouring any intentions, but just to see the child, and what will he become when he grew up.

Afterward, he found out that the child really went and became a police officer. Furthermore, he wasn’t that far from him, so he became selfish and used his grandfather’s connections to bring the kid over to his side.

In the beginning, it was just for fun, he was still the same as when he was young, silly and yet likable.

Later he realised, such a silly kid, what if he were cheated by someone else. Why not, he reluctantly thought, bring him into his influence.

Once he had this idea, there was no stopping him.

Lin Yuanle didn’t know about this, he was only surprised that they had met more than ten years ago. Then felt embarrassed because he forgot about Yan Yuan. Then contemplated, exactly what was Yan Yuan’s intention? Did, did he like him?

Lin Yuanle’s heart became uncomfortable while stewing this problem, yet he didn’t know how to ask.

“I, then I’ll go back first.” Lin Yuanle struggled out of Yan Yuan’s embrace.

And then was pulled back.

“I’ve already returned your apartment given by the police force.”

“What?! Then, then where should I live.”

Yan Yuan lifted his brow, “Mrs. Yan, so unself-conscious?”

Lin Yuanle blushed, this implication, was probably affection?


Yan Yuan saw through the kid’s bashfulness, didn’t force him. He ruffled Lin Yuanle’s head, grinned, “Officer Lin, wait for me ok. Wait for me to get off work so to help you get your luggage.”

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