UNDEAD Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

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“Oh?” Chun Cao was surprised. “Is there a treasure trove somewhere?”

The heat from the Indian Summer’s sun roasted the asphalt road, and a few zombies in front were roaming about aimlessly. Zhou Rong’s foot stepped on the gas, and slammed them away before stopping by the road.

A container truck was laying on its side. Its doors were wide open, and the driver’s compartment was splashed with black blood.

Yan Hao’s eyes narrowed. “Isn’t this that Feng’s vehicle from last night?”

“They came looking for me early this morning, asking if I could lend them a vehicle, as they wanted to display their Alpha’s initiative and clear out the zombies nearby.” Zhou Rong picked up a crowbar and jumped off the vehicle. The sunlight reflected off his spiky short hair and sunglasses, and his expression looked malicious. “Once I heard him I knew something was fishy. How could these idiot Alphas be so hardworking?”

Si Nan took the rare initiative to express his opinion. “Mn.”

Last to get off the vehicle, Chun Cao’s and Yan Hao’s faces twisted.

“… Rong-ge is too shameless,” Chun Cao said quietly.

Yan Hao nodded his head, his feelings complicated.

“The Feng family is a local tyrant, this Young Master Feng escaped with a group of subordinates and women, would they only bring cash with them?” Zhou Rong jammed the twisted lock of the container with the crowbar, his hands gripping tight and a foot against the door. He sneered, “Want to deceive me and use my vehicle to transport goods? In… your… dreams—”

With an exclamation, Zhou Rong’s muscles bulged, and he forcibly pried the door open!

“Whatever happened to not accepting anything from the civilians?” Yan Hao mocked.

Zhou Rong tossed the crowbar away, pulling open the door to the container with his bare hands. In the loud screech, he took two steps back. “Confiscating illegal firearms is the responsibility of the police department.”

Zhou Rong spoke courteously, “I’m helping B City’s police department out of goodwill, there’s no need to thank me.”

In the container was rice, biscuits, boxes of canned food and other items piled way up high. In the box against the wall were a few guns, all Type 64 submachine guns and Type 56 assault rifles. Three Uzis were on the ground, and the most shocking one was a QJZ-89 heavy machine gun.

Yan Hao’s jaw remained glued to the floor, “…”

“How… how cool…” Chun Cao leapt into the container, gazing at the more than ten boxes of ammunition at her feet. Even her voice trembled. “With all these, there’s no need to be afraid of zombies, they could have just shot at them. Why were they running last night?”

“Because they didn’t have enough time,” Zhou Rong gave her an answer. “During the night hundreds of zombies came up at once, those who were mentally weak broke down straight away. In the chaos, they could only think about running. It’s a problem with their combat training.”

Yan Hao cautiously examined the heavy machine gun, then caressed the gun barrel with a worshipful look. He murmured, “Ever since I was selected into 118, I’ve never seen it again. Turns out there are still squads using this. I thought it had been relegated to history museums already…”

Zhou Rong kicked him. “Stop your bullshit. This is a real piece of crap, go back and reassemble it!”

Ten minutes later, under the scorching sun, they moved back and forth between the vehicles transporting the guns and ammunition, sweat dripping off them.

“Say, Young Master Feng is really impressive. Don’t tell me he robbed a police station? I heard them say that B City had completely fallen, I wouldn’t find it strange for these guys to do anything…”

Zhou Rong interrupted the panting Chun Cao, “No, they should be from their personal collection. Look at this heavy machine gun and the Uzis, they have clearly been modified. They’re probably purchased from the black market.”

Chun Cao nodded her head, muddled. With a 30kg ammunition box in one hand, Yan Hao heaved it into the armoured vehicle. “However, there’s all sorts of ammunition here. People who collect guns out of interest would not have this quantity of ammo, they must have plundered the military vehicles along the way… By the way, aren’t they planning on coming back to transport all these? By that time, if there are no more firearms, how are we going to explain it?”

Zhou Rong spoke coldly, “Firearms? Are there any firearms? One of the top 10 outstanding youths of the country, Mr Feng Wentai, why would he have firearms in his escape vehicle?”

Zhou Rong wrapped the ammunition belts for the heavy machine gun on his body, looking like an Asian Stallone. Swaying his way back to the armoured vehicle, he dumped the belts onto the floor, sighing deeply and stretching out his neck that had been marked by the belts.

“We can’t touch any of the food in the container. Later on, we’ll bring Feng Wentai here and let them confirm the uprightness and innocence of the People’s Army. As for those bodyguards of the Feng family, I have a use for them. When we go into B Military Zone a few days later…”

Zhou Rong adjusted his sunglasses, his face full of sweat, highlighting his haughty and tough profile. “We’ll hand the temporary shelter to them. If not, with 30-plus Betas, they might not be able to keep it defended for more than a week.”

Yan Hao asked, “Captain, you’re finally willing to bring us along on the mission?”

Zhou Rong replied, “What else can I do? You’re all so reliant on me, loving me so much.”

“…” Yan Hao was silent for a few seconds. “Are you sure we can hand over the fertiliser plant to Feng Wentai? What if they push people out again as a shield when they run into problems?”

Zhou Rong picked up that heavy machine gun, cherishing it, as though he was carrying his one and only son. Even his voice turned extremely gentle. “Don’t worry, as long as they still want to kiss the government’s ass, before we return from the military zone, they won’t dare to go overboard. Also, for their own safety, they would need to help defend the fertiliser plant. At that time, I’ll redistribute the goods… and pass the key to the bus to that Dr Zheng…”

Zhou Rong suddenly looked up. “Why is it that we’re the only two working?!”

Si Nan and Chun Cao stopped chewing at the same time, but it was too late.

Zhou Rong neatly and quickly shifted the boxes away. All the way inside the container, a cheap daughter and an off-staff combatant were crouching with their heads together. Each held a tin in their hand, and was enjoying the food.

“…” Zhou Rong inhaled deeply. When he caught a glimpse of the tins, he immediately fired up. “You guys are going overboard! What time is it already, you’re eating caviar now?!”

Chun Cao pointed at Si Nan with a trembling finger. “I—I—I don’t know anything, he told me this is expensive, and delicious…”

Holding a spoon, Si Nan explained, “I’m not a part of your organisation, I don’t have to listen to your command.”

Without saying anything, Zhou Rong took the two cans from them. Like chasing a chicken, he shooed Chun Cao off to move the goods, then poked between Si Nan’s brows and lectured, “If the luncheon meat is not fried, you won’t eat it. If there’s no filling in the biscuits, you won’t eat it. All day long you keep eying the chickens, would I have to look for a cow another day to provide you with milk? Who made you so pampered?”

Si Nan looked at him coldly.

“Make an inventory of everything in the container within half an hour, if not we’ll hand this can over to the country,” Zhou Rong patted him on the head, speaking in a dignified manner. “Go!”

Half an hour later, Yan Hao dropped the box of mineral water onto the ground, wiping his sweat. “216.”

“500kg,” Zhou Rong swayed as he crouched by the side, recording the weight of the rice.

Not far away, Si Nan was sitting in the rear compartment of the armoured vehicle. Cocking his leg up, he continued eating from his can. This time, it was a can of strawberries in syrup, and he occasionally even fed Chun Cao a couple.

Zhou Rong was exhausted. He clapped his hands and stood up. “Alright, let’s pack up and return to the camp!” Jumping off the container, he returned to the armoured vehicle. When he walked past Si Nan, he viciously shoved the can of caviar back into his hands.


Feng Wentai paced about the front yard of the fertiliser plant, and finally managed to see the armoured vehicle belonging to the special force soldiers returning. He immediately halted, trying his best to remain composed, but he was unable to disguise the anxiety in his eyes.

“Yo, Young Master Feng, what are you doing?” Zhou Rong stuck his head out of the window and smiled.

Feng Wentai quickly made his way forward, a smile on his face. Just as he was about to speak, Zhou Rong leisurely cut him off, “Oh right, there’s something I need to tell you. On the road, we discovered the truck that you guys overturned last night. There’s quite a lot of goods inside, so we wondered if you guys should bring everything back…”

The thing that Feng Wentai was most worried about had happened. His expression stiffened slightly.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t touch anything. All those rice, food, medical supplies, blankets, etc. are all there.” Zhou Rong beamed. “We can’t take anything from civilians, only you guys can take the initiative to hand it over to the country.”

“…” Feng Wentai immediately remarked, “No need to be so troublesome, Captain Zhou can just hand it over on my behalf.”

Zhou Rong of course immediately commented that it should not be like this, they had to follow regulations, and could not privately handle the assets of disaster victims. Like in a tug of war, the two of them yielded back and forth. Feng Wentai lived up to expectations and gained the victory, and Zhou Rong was really unable to make him change his mind. Forced to accept it, he represented the thirty odd disaster victims in the fertiliser plant and accepted his goods.

Feng Wentai rubbed his hands, smiling, “There’s one more thing. To tell the truth, I’m a military fanatic. There’s a few items in the container that belong to my personal collection. They’ve been modified already, and don’t have much firepower…”

Zhou Rong was puzzled. “What?”

“That’s,” Feng Wentai seemed to have some trouble speaking out. “When I was studying overseas, my friends who are military fanatics had gifted me… a few uzis and others…”

“Ah, we didn’t see any of that!” Zhou Rong slapped his thigh. “Are you sure they were in the container?”

Feng Wentai nodded.

Zhou Rong was regretful, “That’s some good stuff, they must have been picked up by others. Say, why didn’t you tell me about it last night? If I knew I would’ve picked them up for you yesterday. Now, how could they still be there?”

Although he had a premonition, seeing Zhou Rong’s innocent expression for himself, Feng Wentai still choked on his own blood.

“—Bro,” Zhou Rong ignored the colour of Feng Wentai’s face. He forcibly hooked his arm around his neck and headed towards the middle of the yard.

“In two days, we plan to head into B City, and go to the military zone to look for Xiangzi’s grandfather. You also know, these leaders they all have their own personal sanctuaries, Vice Minister Guo would not want his grandson to be risking his life outside…”

Feng Wentai quickly replied, “Definitely, definitely.”

“We plan on making a three days return trip, but it shouldn’t exceed a week. In this period of time, you and your subordinates might have to suffer a little, and help take care of this fertiliser plant. These 36 survivors are all people that we’ve rescued from T City.” Zhou Rong’s feet stopped, his hand gripping Feng Wentai’s shoulder.

He spoke solemnly, “When we’re back from B Military zone, we’ll bring everyone here who has been sharing this hardship together to the sanctuary.”

Feng Wentai wanted to ask a question, and Zhou Rong lowered his voice, “Of course, it’s not that type of concentration camp style where everyone will be taken in… Bro, you understand, right?”

Feng Wentai of course understood, but as he nodded his head, his expression was still a little doubtful. “Wouldn’t it be too risky for Captain Zhou to purposely make a trip out of the military zone to come pick us all up? Why don’t we all go together, since that bus can fit all of us…”

His words sounded very nice, but Young Master Feng’s worry was fairly obvious — Who knows if you guys will still come back from B Military Zone to pick us up?

The firearms have already been taken by you. If you guys were to enter the minister’s sanctuary and live in comfort, abandoning us all in this fertiliser plant to fend for ourselves, it’ll be anything but reassuring.

Zhou Rong sighed deeply under his suspicious gaze. “Bro, it’s not that I don’t want to! But B City is pretty much overrun with zombies, if I bring you guys there, charging through the enemies…” He pointed towards the dormitory. “Have you seen the pregnant lady?”

Feng Wentai was full of suspicions.

“Why do you think we’ll come all this way with a pregnant lady? She’s Xiangzi’s… They’re of that relationship!”

Zhou Rong shook his head, lamenting. His expression was as though he really did not know what he should say. “If not for the little one in the womb with the surname Guo, we would have long slaughtered our way into the military zone. Why would we still remain here?!”

Feng Wentai, finally enlightened, felt that he had gained comprehension of everything that he had not been unable to understand.

“You understand, we also have no choice. However, it’s fortunate that over on the vice minister’s side, he’ll be able to dispatch a helicopter. As long as everyone perseveres until we return from the military zone, once the helicopter is here to pick all of you up, everyone would be safe.” Zhou Rong clapped Feng Wentai firmly on the arm, smiling, “Bro, you’ve been doing great merit for the nation, this matter would naturally…”

“Understood, understood. We’re all a family here, you don’t have to keep me at a distance.” Feng Wentai pondered for a moment, and said earnestly, “Last night, we only survived thanks to your help. That little brother of yours suffered from an injustice, it’s all my fault.”

He gestured at the bodyguard nearby who was standing by the factory door. “Get Lu Hui here.”

Lu Hui was that bespectacled man with a frightening bruise on his neck. That bruise was a result of Zhou Rong holding him against the wall in front of everyone last night.

“I’ll definitely make this useless subordinate apologise to that little brother,” Feng Wentai was extremely sincere. “It was an abominable thing to do, it must serve as a warning to others. Please make allowance for the great pains I’ve taken…”

The two of them once again engaged in a tug of war. Zhou Rong, living up to expectations, failed again, and was forced to accept it. He turned his head and yelled, “Si Nan!”

Next to the armoured vehicle, Si Nan looked in his direction.

Zhou Rong was afraid that he was still eating those strawberries, and carefully looked at him. Seeing that he did not seem to be holding any canned items, he waved him over. “Come here!”

In front of outsiders, Si Nan would still somewhat obey orders. He slowly made his way over, and when he drew nearer, Zhou Rong noticed a dried trace of pink syrup next to his mouth.

“…” Without saying anything, Zhou Rong grabbed him, and swiped his thumb a couple of times over the stain.

Si Nan jerked his head to dodge him, shooting him a cold look.

— The murderous look in those eyes made Zhou Rong suddenly recall how this person shot through the seething mass of zombies on his motorbike. The cold, sharp look in his eyes under the helmet was exactly the same as the one in his eyes right then.

The little man in Zhou Rong’s heart immediately surrendered.

“This is the one who dragged you out last night.” Zhou Rong threw a brotherly arm around Si Nan, and coaxed quietly, “He wants to apologise directly to you, that’s why we called you over.”

Lu Hui was big and tall, and his face was dark. He seemed to be somewhat reluctant to move. Only after being glared at by Feng Wentai did he unwillingly kneel down with one knee, and after a short while, put the other knee down as well.

“My hand accidentally slipped last night,” His throat was injured, and his voice was in a whisper, unable to be heard distinctly. “I apologise, please don’t take offense.”

Si Nan stood there in silence, his face expressionless, not saying a word.

In his black fitted singlet, his profile was well defined. Because his legs were very long, his camouflage pants had to be one size bigger, and with a belt, they hung loosely on his hips. On his feet were a pair of high cut military boots that Zhou Rong had found for him.

The midday sun shone on his fair, frosty cheeks, and they glowed dimly.

Feng Wentai’s eyes shifted slightly, and coughed as a distraction. “Captain Zhou’s little brother is really… highly skilled, and very handsome. I’m unable to come up with any words to describe him…”

He turned and scolded his subordinate again, “You scoundrel! Kneeling with your body so straight, who are you doing it for? You’re still not doing a kowtow?!”

Lu Hui endured without a protest, and bent over with his head down. Who would have guessed that just as he bent, his shoulder was stepped on by a shoe.

Si Nan pressed down with a foot.

— His action was very slight, but the force he used made this Alpha stagger and fall back!

Next, under Feng Wentai’s indescribable expression, he pulled his leg back. Rubbing at the syrup stain by his mouth, he walked away without a sound.

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