UNDEAD Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

After a long moment of silence, Wu Xinyan finally felt that she could not endure this any longer. She swallowed, and her voice sounded weak, “Umm, Captain Zhou…”

“That chocolate, why don’t you first put it…”

Before she could finish speaking, Si Nan scrambled out from the blanket. He pulled his jacket on, and exited the room.

Wu Xinyan was once again dumbfounded, and did not snap out from her daze immediately.

“What do you want?” Si Nan’s voice was composed. “Quickly, I’m in a hurry.”

Si Nan was only wearing a black tight-fitting police t-shirt. He had his arms folded, and the jacket of the riot uniform was hanging off his shoulders. His expression was very similar to when Zhou Rong saw him for the first time. In the armoured vehicle, he ignored the water handed to him, and took Yan Hao’s gun without a word — even the way Si Nan was standing was exactly the same.

Zhou Rong sighed in his heart. Shoving the chocolate in the pocket of Si Nan’s jacket, he turned and walked away.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…

The moment he counted to zero, as expected, Si Nan’s voice came from behind him.

“Are you alright?”

Zhou Rong stopped, but did not turn back, sighing.

“…” Si Nan finally walked forward. His slender and defined eyebrows joined together, observing Zhou Rong doubtfully. “Are you alright?”

Zhou Rong spoke listlessly, “Si Xiaonan.”

“There’s no ‘Xiao’ in the middle of my name.”

“Comrade Xiao Si.” Zhou Rong smoothly changed his address. “Do you think we’re still friends?”

The question was too complicated, mainly because Si Nan rarely interacted with other Omegas in his life. He was unable to verify if “an Alpha and an Omega were really able to just have friendship between the two of them”. But he had interacted with many, many Alphas, so many that even if he had lost his memories, his accumulated vigilance and wariness were deeply ingrained in his subconsciousness.

He narrowed his eyes, observing Zhou Rong.

Zhou Rong had  a hand in his pocket. With his boots, he towered at 190cm, and his shadow stretched fairly long under the moonlight.

Zhou Rong was not the bulky, muscular type, but was the wiry and symmetrical type due to the many years of special training — this stature was also very obvious on Si Nan’s body. However, Si Nan’s muscles were leaner, and Zhou Rong’s shoulders were broader, full of the power of a masculine Alpha.

His facial features came together with a sort of rakish handsomeness. Especially when he cocked his brow and laughed, there was an undeniable haughtiness and arrogance coming off him.

This sort of appearance was very different from the image of upright soldiers the citizens had in their mind. If the military were to choose someone for promotional activities, with Zhou Rong’s aura, he would definitely be eliminated from the first round of selection.

However, if he was out of the military uniform, he would seem like a dapper young master. In any circumstances or events, he would definitely receive a lot of attention.

A thought suddenly popped into Si Nan’s head, this person was different from others.

He did not know why he would have such a strange thought. But under the moonlight, there was a sort of indescribable atmosphere, and deep inside him, his heart trembled a little.

“…” Si Nan averted his gaze. “I guess so.”

Zhou Rong looked down slightly, refusing to let it go. “So what?”

“… I guess we’re friends.”

Zhou Rong was almost plastered right onto Si Nan. There was less than an inch between their noses, and they could both see their own reflection in the other person’s eyes.

“Oh?” Zhou Rong spoke slowly, “But why do I feel like you’re scorning me? You don’t even want to talk to me, and we have to drive in two separate cars, and you no longer whisper into my ear…”

Si Nan could feel his breath brushing past his cheek. He could not help but take a small step back.

However, Zhou Rong immediately came closely, his thin lips curving. “Or, now that you know I’m an Alpha, you’re afraid I’ll start wooing you?”

Si Nan continued leaning backwards. Unable to avoid him, he had no choice but to turn his head and look directly at Zhou Rong.

With their distance, Zhou Rong only had to lower his head, and their lips would meet.

“Say,” Si Nan lowered his gaze, speaking slowly, “If I were to be an Alpha, we won’t know who will be wooing who. Maybe I’ll be the one wooing you.”

Zhou Rong was slightly stunned, and Si Nan added, “If you don’t believe, just try it. I’ll leave you with one hand.”

Zhou Rong laughed out loud.

“Comrade Xiao Si, it’s good to have dreams…” Zhou Rong ruffled Si Nan’s hair. Pulling his head towards himself, he laughed till he could barely catch his breath, “However, I feel, hahahaha, this sort of things, hahaha—”

Si Nan did not manage to struggle away, and Zhou Rong placed a kiss on his hair. With a smile, he looked at him, “Very good, then I’ll wait for you. Go back now, don’t let your little girlfriend wait anxiously.”

Before Si Nan could react, Zhou Rong had already let go and strode off.

“…” An indescribable feeling once again welled up within him. Si Nan was unable to describe what it felt like. After a panicked moment, he suddenly thought about something, and turned to shout, “I’ve already said, she likes Yan Hao—!”

Zhou Rong stumbled.

Si Nan watched his figure vanish into the night before he quietly looked away.

“Ah, I forgot to tell him about the Wan guy.” He suddenly remembered, “I should have asked him to stay back and help.”

Having wasted an opportunity of gaining extra help, Si Nan was disconsolate. He slowly walked back towards the garage.

It was already 9.30pm. In the factory a distance away, noise from the dormitory was fading. In this apocalypse, the people had once again ended a day of being on tenterhooks, and sank into a sleep where they would temporarily forget their fear and terror. Under the shadow of the gingko tree, the garage was immersed in darkness. There was an indiscernible crack in the metal door.

Sensitive to the changes, Si Nan’s eyes stopped there.

Next, a crash could be heard in the garage, and a girl shrieked, “Help—! Mm…”

A struggle, panting, and low cursing sounded at the same time. Si Nan pulled out his dagger from his thigh holster, kicking the door open. As expected, in the dark, a bulky man was holding onto Wu Xinyan, cursing and swearing. When he heard the noise, he turned back.

“Who’s that?! This is none of your business! Go away, and pretend…”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Si Nan said.

Before the Alpha bodyguard with the last name Wan understood what that sentence implied, he felt a pressure around his throat. The back of his collar was yanked by an iron-like strength, and his body was lifted into the air.

By the time he realised he was flying backwards, it was too late.


The bodyguard slammed into the ground. He did not even have the time to climb up, and was pressed back onto the ground with a foot on his chest. Then, crack!

That foot broke his ribs, and the scream of the bodyguard tore through the air.


Zhou Rong had just returned to the factory. Sitting down, taking a drink of water, he did a routine inspection of Yan Hao. Before he could even stand up to inspect the warehouse, he heard something had happened.


The front door was kicked open with a lot of force, so great that even the ground trembled twice. The people who had yet to fall asleep completely all jerked awake, gathering at the corridor and looking down.

In the space, Si Nan’s roar pierced through everyone’s ears. “Feng— Wen— Tai!”

He shoved the person he was holding towards the front. The latter stumbled and fell, crashing onto the ground!

Dishevelled, Wu Xinyan was shaking as she stood behind Si Nan.

Shock rippled through the crowd. Feng Wentai led five bodyguards quickly down the stairs, only to see his blood soaked, appalling looking subordinate that barely had any uninjured skin lying on the ground. He exclaimed in disbelief, “Wan Bin?!”

“What the fuck did you do?!”

“You want to die?!”

The few Alpha bodyguards were furious. Si Nan pushed the shivering Wu Xinyan further behind him. There was a gleam in his hand. Blood dripped down the tungsten steel military dagger.

“Kill this fellow!”

“Fuck, he’s seeking trouble! Guys, let’s go!”

The bodyguards ran forward with their guns, and from up above, the crowd screamed in terror. In this chaotic, crucial moment, a gunshot occurred at the stairs. The loud burst made everyone yell in fright!


Zhou Rong’s shout echoed through the air. He had his assault rifle raised with one hand, pointing up, and his finger was still on the trigger.

Behind him, Chuncao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang were carrying the submachine gun as well as their assault rifles, coldly surveying the people under the Feng family.

In the suffocating silence, Zhou Rong walked step by step down the stairs. He asked, “What’s going on?”

The submachine gun from the armoury of the special force soldiers was on a different deterrent level of the ones issued to the police and stolen along the way. The few bodyguards paused momentarily, each retreating as they nursed their hatred, shielding Feng Wentai.

The one called Wan Bin convulsed continuously on the ground. Blood seeped from his many wounds onto the floor, pooling.

“Captain Zhou,” An indistinct fury could be heard in Feng Wentai’s voice. “Your people actually dared to…”

Zhou Rong responded calmly. “I’m not asking you. Si Nan, give me an explanation.”

However, Si Nan seemed as though he did not hear him, only staring at the twitching bloodbag Wan Bin. In his eyes, there was something that gave people chills down their spine — a cruelness, an apathy, he was cold and unfeeling, as if the groaning, struggling thing under his feet was not human.

This gaze was different from how he usually was like. If they observed it carefully, it was like the unfamiliar darker side of the soul, screaming and struggling, trying to awaken from within its shell.

But this change was not obvious. At least, out of so many people on the scene, only Zhou Rong noticed it.

For some reason, Si Nan’s current state shot fear through Zhou Rong’s heart. Zhou Rong exclaimed, “Si Nan!”

“He, he kept harassing me…” Wu Xinyan’s sobbing voice spoke up, and many people’s attention turned towards her.

“Before you all left, he already started harassing me, saying that he wanted to make friends with me. Thankfully, Si Nan-ge found a hiding spot for me, but he still followed me and found it… Tonight, he came to f-force himself on me, and when I screamed for help, Si Nan-ge rescued me…”

To speak of this in front of everyone, it clearly made Wu Xinyan extremely uncomfortable. However, she still mustered up her courage. “He had a gun on him, nearly killing us, and said that after d-doing it, he would drag me out to feed the zombies…”

The crowd exploded, and everyone had something to say.

Zhou Rong spoke coldly, “Feng-laoban, do you still have anything to say?”

“How can we trust a one-sided statement?” Feng Wentai immediately objected forcefully. “This girl was the one who said that it was Wan Bin who wants to be her friend. Who knows if she had first agreed, then after seducing him, is trying to play the badger game now?”

Wu Xinyan cried out, “I didn’t!”

“You didn’t,” Feng Wentai answered sarcastically. “If you didn’t, why did Wan Bin not harass others, but you?”


“There are so many girls here, but he only looked for you. In my opinion, you were the one who seduced Wan Bin first, right?”

“This is nonsense!”

“Whether it’s nonsense or the actual truth, little lady, you know it yourself.” Feng Wentai eyed her mockingly, but his voice was gentlemanly. “Excuse my impertinence, a simple Beta girl like you can seduce Wan Bin, an alpha, and even get a special force soldier to participate in this sort of stereotypical badger game, you clearly don’t have a very decent character!”

Wu Xinyan was so angry her entire body shook. Feng Wentai glanced over at Zhou Rong.

“They all say that only those with weaknesses are susceptible to evil influences. Captain Zhou, can you tell me why did something like this happen right at this time? This timing is really…”

Feng Wentai wanted to seize on this to make a pretext. However, Wu Xinyan could no longer endure it, and went up, slapping him across the face!

Smack! Feng Wentai caught her wrist. Just as he was about to shove her away, Wu Xinyan;s shoulder was suddenly supported by someone — Si Nan.

Other than his bodyguards, Feng Wentai himself too did not react.

Si Nan lifted his foot to Feng Wentai’s chest and kicking him away!

“President Feng!”

This kick could shatter rocks and metal. Feng Wentai was a tall and sturdy man, but he still flew over ten metres before crashing onto the ground. The bodyguards all ran over in unison, clumsily helping him up. Blood flowed unceasingly from Feng Wentai’s mouth, and they went crazy. “This fellow wants to kill President Feng!”

“Fuck, he’s killing people!”

“Aren’t you all going to run? Soldiers are killing people now!”

The crowd drew back in panic. The timid one screamed, the children cried, and the entire situation was chaotic.

Lu Hui, that bodyguard who had once kowtowed to Si Nan took the opportunity and fired a blank gun. In the silence following the gunshot, he suddenly yelled, “They’re killing everyone—! Those soldiers want to seize power, they want to kill all the Alphas!”

“Aren’t you all going to run? They’re about to shoot!”

The space was big, the situation confusing. The terrified citizens would not have noticed who was the one who shot first. Hearing the yells, they pushed and shoved at each other even more frenziedly.

In this second of chaos, Lu Hui, hiding behind the crowd, aimed his gun at Si Nan—

Bang bang bang!

Shots came from the assault rifle. Lu Hui cried out in pain, and his arm burst into flesh and blood!

“Rong-ge!” Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang simultaneously called out in alarm.

Zhou Rong raised the gun, the smoke not yet dissipating.

Around him, people were fighting to run back into their rooms. Women were protecting the children, huddling together, and the braver men only dared to close the door, gazing outside in terror. Tables and chairs strewn across the ground, along with bloody footprints. Amidst his subordinates’ shouts, Feng Wentai coughed, nearly at the edge of death.

“Rong-ge,” Chuncao spoke quietly, holding her gun. “We’re losing control of the situation, we have to think of something.”

“Don;t come over!” The four bodyguards left raised their guns, trembling and shouting, “D-don’t… Everyone, let’s attack together!”

Zhou Rong exhaled.

That exhalation seemed as though he was relieved, and was laced with a bit of resignation as well. Next, he took a couple of steps forward, standing in the middle of the empty space. Crooking his finger at the three special force soldiers behind him, he spoke, “Seems like there really are these sort of Alphas who would refuse to surrender when they think that their opponents are ordinary people—”

“Brothers, today, let’s convince President Feng.”

Zhou Rong slid out a swiss army knife from his sleeve. Snapping the blade out, he cut his palm.

Chuncao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang cut their palms too at the same time. Blood welled up, and the thick Alpha pheromones of the four special force soldiers filled the air, covering the entire area!

The faces of the Feng people changed abruptly, and even Feng Wentai stopped his violent coughing in shock.

Si Nan suddenly turned away, holding his breath, retreating half a step.

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