WTA Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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“President Li, your flight is ready for boarding, you can go in any time.”

Li Shuo, who was dozing, opened his eyes, nodding and smiling at the lounge attendant. “Thank you.”

He retrieved his phone, his eyes scanning through his notifications. They were all texts from work, and there were none from a name he had wanted to see.

He picked up his briefcase, his suit jacket over his arm. With his long legs, leisurely made his way to the boarding gate. Looking down, he sent a text to someone. “Cheng Xiu, you’re in the office?”

“Yes, Li-dage1. You’re not on the plane yet?”

“I’m boarding. What are you doing?”

“I’m preparing the reports.”

“We’ll be taking off soon, and I won’t be able to have my phone on for the next ten plus hours. Will you miss me?” Li Shuo could not help but smile when he thought about how the other person would have an uncomfortable expression, and might even be blushing.

He only received a reply a moment later. “I will.”

Even though they were separated by a phone, Li Shuo was able to imagine the person’s cautiousness, seriousness, and shyness as he typed the words out. Boarding the plane with a great mood, he finally left him with a few warnings before switching off his phone.

The air stewardess led him to the first row of seats, smiling sweetly. “Mr Li, please take a seat. I’ll help you place your hand-luggage into the overhead bin.”

“Thank you, but I’ll just do it myself.” Li Shuo pulled out his laptop and placed his briefcase in the bin. The bin’s design was grooved, and extremely deep. His bag had slid all the way in. Suddenly, he remembered that he had forgotten about his phone. Despite being tall, he still needed to straighten his body, stretching his arm to reach a little pocket by the side of his briefcase.

This was what Zhao Jinxin saw when he boarded the plane — a tall man with lean muscles dressed in black trousers and a light blue shirt with half his head in the overhead bin. He seemed to be looking for something, and his position had his chest straight, his upper body leaning back, making it look like he was flexing his pecs, his waist slender, and highlighting the curve of his hips and backside. The line from his buttocks to his thighs rounded deliciously, and his long legs were emphasised by his tailored pants. Looking as though he was carved from marble, he could make a person lost in their fantasies.

Zhao Jinxin raised his brow, suddenly feeling a surge of emotions. He could not help but start anticipating what sort of face would a man with such an alluring body would have. It would be best if…

Li Shuo finally found his earphones, and pulled his head out. Turning his head around, he saw a very tall young man standing by the plane entrance. A little taken aback, he quickly regained his senses. “Excuse me, I’ve blocked your way.”

He silently ridiculed himself. He had seen all sorts of good looking people before, why did he get stunned by this one today? However, this man’s appearance was really… if he was only just attractive, it would not have been enough to make him pause. Other than his flawless figure and facial features, his slightly squinting pair of alluring, amorous eyes that were filled with passion seemed as if they could see through a person in a glance, and suited the image of a wicked person perfectly.

Zhao Jinxin smiled, “It’s fine.” He was now very excited, excited to the point where he nearly could not maintain his facade. It was like he had discovered an opulent treasure chest. Before he could open it, he would eagerly look forward to it, dream about it, wondering what sort of treasures it contained. When he finally opened, what it contained was even better than what he could imagine. This was the beautiful illusion this stranger had given him within ten seconds, despite both of them not knowing each other.

Many people said that Zhao Jinxin had peculiar tastes. He was clearly a playboy who had many at his beck and call, but he did not like the fresh-looking little boys, and preferred older men instead. He was unimpressed. Young and good looking people were everywhere, what was there to marvel about? However, a man that had gone through years of tempering, polishing, unprofaned by worldly affairs, would call forth a mature charm and have an intoxicating bearing. His every word and smile would exude a steadiness and self-reliance that were endowed by his life experiences. Only by withstanding the rigorous torture of time, could the value of the treasure be unveiled. When a man reached this age and looked like this, he was absolutely the cream of the crop.

When Li Shuo sat down, he realised the young man was still looking at him, his eyes a little impudent. Ever since he became aware of the world, countless people had been attracted to him, and he was already indifferent to it.

Zhao Jinxin walked over, extending his hand with a smile. “Hi, I’m Zhao Jinxin. Jin, meaning beautiful, and Xin, meaning industrious 2 .”

Li Shuo shook his hand. “Hi, Li Shuo. Li meaning dawn, and Shuo meaning new moon 3 .”

Zhao Jinxin’s handshake was neither too firm or too soft. He stowed his luggage and poisedly sat down.

Li Shuo could not help but feel a little happy. After all, when taking a flight, everyone  probably dreamt of sitting next to some eye-candy. The distance he had flown in his life was probably a few times the circumference of the earth, but this was the first time he had had such luck.  Such a beautiful coincidence would make a person feel comfortable despite the long flight ahead of them.

Zhao Jinxin smiled, “You going to the USA for work?”

“No, I’m going back to see my parents.”

“You live in New York?”

“My parents are in New York, but I’ve been living here. What about you?”

“My parents live in New York too. As for me, I’m running all over the place, working.” Zhao Jinxin grinned, his bright eyes gazing unblinkingly at Li Shuo. The corners of his eyes curved up slightly, and they were very enchanting. Using the phrase “having the power to drive men crazy” to describe them was completely not overboard at all.

At this moment, a middle-aged lady walked over and stood doubtfully by Zhao Jinxin. “Mister, are you in the wrong seat?”

Zhao Jinxin looked up, revealing a dazzling smile. “Sorry, this is really your seat. I just happened to meet a friend on this flight.” He tilted his head towards Li Shuo. “Can I exchange seats with you?”

The lady’s eyes averted a little, as though she did not dare to look into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. “Ah, sure, ok.”

She then walked off with a red face.

Zhao Jinxin turned back to Li Shuo and smiled.

Li Shuo raised his brow. Faced with such undisguised intentions, he smiled slightly, and waved down the air stewardess. “Please give me a glass of sparkling water. Mr Zhao, what would you like to drink?”

“The same.” Zhao Jinxin did not look at the stewardess, his smile continually directed at Li Shuo.

Li Shuo burst out laughing. “Mr Zhao, if you keep looking at me like this, I’ll misunderstand.”

“You’re not mistaken. I’m very interested in you.” Zhao Jinxin shrugged. “I don’t like to beat around the bush and waste each other’s time, so I hope I’m not scaring you off.”

Li Shuo replied earnestly. “Thanks for the attention, but I have a boyfriend already.”

“Oh.” Zhao Jinxin layered his tone with meaning. “What a pity.” However, there was not a bit of regret detected in his voice. He accepted the two glasses of sparkling water from the air stewardess, and personally handed one to Li Shuo.

Li Shuo swirled the heavy crystal glass, clinking it lightly against his. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Zhao Jinxin shifted away from the topic, and started asking about Li Shuo’s work. The two of them chatted about everything from the price of gold to the NASDAQ index, and were even unaware that the plane had taken off. They were both talented people of society, and there would be no issues when they animatedly discussed about such matters.

Time went on without them perceiving it. After dinner, the skyline outside was completely dark. The first class cabin was less than half full, and extremely quiet. As they chatted, both of them started to feel a little tired.

Li Shuo reclined in his seat and covered himself with a blanket, getting ready to read his book comfortably.

Zhao Jinxin lay on his side, watching him. His eyes in the dim light looked a little hazy. “I can’t sleep.”


“No, it’s too early.”

“You can watch a movie.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Then you…”

“Let’s talk about your boyfriend?” Zhao Jinxin’s eyes sparkled.

Li Shuo considered it. “Sure.”

“What sort of person is he?”

Thinking about that man, Li Shuo’s lips curved up unknowingly. “He’s very quiet, very gentle, very kind, very simple, and very good at taking care of people.”

Zhao Jinxin’s eyes squinted slightly and he asked softly, “Is he handsome?”

“He’s not considered handsome, but his appearance grows on you. It gives people a comfortable feeling.”

“Why didn’t you bring him along this time?”

“He has to work.”

“How did you meet each other?”

“He once interned at my firm.”

“Oh, a student.”

“No, he’s been working for a while already.”

Zhao Jinxin had carried on, asking a few more questions, making Li Shuo somewhat annoyed. Although Zhao Jinxin had not shown a sense of superiority, he could guess what he was thinking. It was like a game of chess, his pawns were being pressed on by the other’s army, and he knew that he would lose without even having taken a step. Slowly, he became unwilling to answer. Towards the person he liked, it was enough that he liked him. For others to make a meaningless comparison to him, he was a little disgusted by that.

Zhao Jinxin drew his face slightly closer, his eyes sweeping past Li Shuo’s lips. He spoke flirtatiously, “Letting someone like you coming out alone, isn’t he worried?”

Discreetly, Li Shuo pulled back and gave a polite smile. “He trusts me, as I can take care of myself.”

Zhao Jinxin pouted, a little plaintive. “Why didn’t I know you first.”

“Mr Zhao, thanks for your appreciation, but I…”

“I don’t want to listen to all these courtesies.” Zhao Jinxin smiled thinly. “We’ll land in a few more hours. I have an apartment in Brooklyn with a private pool. While in the water, we can have sex while admiring the scenery of Riverside Park.” As he spoke, his alluring pair of eyes were filled with passion, piercing right into Li Shuo’s eyes. “No one will know.”

Li Shuo had to admit that when Zhao Jinxin seduced him, whispering into his ears, he was tempted. He had interacted with many outstanding men, but ones like Zhao Jinxin who were young, highly attractive, capable and rich were very rare. To bump into someone like him on a flight, with the other person also happening to display great initiative, he would never have hesitated in the past. However, he had his own principles, especially towards his relationships, and he did not want to be the one that ended up morally “in debt”.

He nudged Zhao Jinxin away slightly, saying with a smile, “It’s very tempting, but what a pity, I really have someone at home already.” He sat up, “I’m going to the washroom.”

He needed to temporarily distance himself from this Zhao Jinxin. This fellow was the devil, he really could bewitch people.

Zhao Jinxin looked at his back, revealing a musing smile. “How interesting.”

Thinking over it, he stood up and followed.

Li Shuo had just entered the washroom, about to close the door. From the corner of his eye, he saw the flash of a shadow. Alarmed, he did not have time to even turn his head before he was pushed into the washroom, and the door closed behind him.

Li Shuo turned around, looking at Zhao Jinxin in slight fury. “Mr Zhao, this joke isn’t funny.”

The airplane washroom was very cramped. The two men, both above 180cm in height were squeezed inside, and their bodies were pressed against each other. Li Shuo was unhappy, and at the same time, astounded by Zhao Jinxin’s guts.

On Zhao Jinxin’s face was a cynical smile. He clicked his tongue, “I was a little too impulsive. Now I’m too embarrassed to go out, what should I do?” He blinked his eyes innocently.

Li Shuo frowned. “You have to leave even if you’re embarrassed.”

Zhao Jinxin suddenly placed his hand on Li Shuo’s chest, pushing him against the bulkhead of the plane. His handsome face drew nearer, and his deep and seductive eyes swept across Li Shuo’s face, finally stopping on his lips.

Li Shuo exhaled. “Mr Zhao, we’re both adults. Must you do something so childish to make our next few hours together very awkward?”

Zhao Jinxin was a little taller than him. His chest against his, he could feel that firm chest exerting a pressure that made his breathing a little difficult. It made him feel constricted, and at the same time, he could not help but feel a little tempted.

Zhao Jinxin laughed lowly. “Something so childish? What are you referring to?”

“What do you want to do?”

“The things I want to do are definitely not ‘childish’. Why don’t you make a guess?” He blew lightly across Li Shuo’s cheek, laughing slightly.

Li Shuo’s brows knitted. Even for him, he felt that this situation could not be easily handled. The other party had yet to do anything, if he resorted to physical actions, it would be a little over-excessive. Furthermore, they were on a plane, he did not want to be taken away by the police upon landing.

But if the other party did do something…

In the narrow space, a stunning beauty was right up against him. Even more so, this was a fantasy of countless men that had never been realised. Everything about this situation was like a daydream, and Li Shuo had to suppress this enticement with sheer willpower.

Zhao Jinxin licked his lips. “Tell me the truth, are you also thinking about some things that are unsuitable for children?” He ground his body against him on purpose.

Li Shuo felt the friction between their thighs through their pants. He pushed down on his feelings, and gave a superficial smile. “Mr Zhao, your actions now are making me feel very uncomfortable. You should let me go now before I do something about it.”

Zhao Jinxin was neither worried nor annoyed, but instead lay himself on Li Shuo’s shoulder and started laughing. “It’s only a joke, why are you so fierce? I’m so scared hahahahaha.”

Li Shuo exhaled. “Can you let go of me now?”

Zhao Jinxin’s eyes curved up in a smile. “Your reactions really hurt my pride. Am I not charming enough?”

“First, you’re not my type. Second, I don’t like to be forced.” Li Shuo’s face was expressionless.

“Really? You’re sure you’re completely not interested in me? But… your heart’s beating very quickly.”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes, glaring at him. He was a gentle and tolerant person, but that did not mean that he did not have a temper.

Zhao Jixin shrugged and took a step back. He could not hide his disappointment. “I’m a little sad, I think I’ve fallen in love with you at first sight.”

This sort of nonsense should only be heard and ignored. Li Shuo’s hand curved around his back and opened the washroom door. He then pushed Zhao Jixin out, and he exited as well.

An air stewardess with a tray in her hand was standing next to the washroom. She looked at the two people in astonishment, her expression very entertaining.

Li Shuo straightened his shirt that had been crumpled by Zhao Jinxin. He shot the air stewardess a smile and headed back to his seat.

Zhao Jinxin sat down on his seat grandly, as though nothing had happened just now. Composedly, he asked for a glass of water from the air stewardess.

Li Shuo considered for a moment if he should change his seat. However, after thinking about it, he decided to give up on the thought. By doing that, would it not look like he was scared?

Zhao Jinxin was silent for a period of time, then suddenly spoke rather regretfully. “I should have first asked for your number. You won’t give it to me now, right?”

“Mn.” No inflection could be heard in his voice.

Zhao Jinxin cast a sidelong glance at him, frivolous amusement in his eyes, but his expression looked very innocent. “I’ve only teased you a little and you got so angry. You’re so old already, aren’t you petty?”

Li Shuo was completely astounded by Zhao Jinxin’s guts and shamelessness. From the toiletry bag, he pulled out the eye mask and put it on. Covering himself with the blanket, he prepared to sleep till they arrived at their destination.

Zhao Jinxin boldly studied Li Shuo’s perfect figure. The smile on his face never changed, but a wolf-like desire to conquer had appeared in his eyes.

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