WTA Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 (NSFW)

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Once they entered the room, Zhao Jinxin immediately pressed Li Shuo against the wall. Heated lips pressed against the other, and the force in that kiss was both demanding and urgent. It was as though the person delivering this kiss was completely different from the usually spoilt and coquettish man.


Li Shuo felt like a door deep within his heart had been kicked open. Something was roaring about, demanding to be released, spreading through every inch on his body in an instant. It was a sort of excitement that he had not felt in a long time.


Li Shuo thought of himself as one who would not participate in random sexual encounters. Although when he was young, he had spent a few years in debauchery because of the new experience, once he had his career, along with an increase in age, he was already very able in controlling his body and mind. It had been very long since he had experienced such explosive desire because of anyone. This was innately different from being frigid. He of course liked sex, but he was also able to gain satisfaction from many other things, like various achievements and self-realisation. To someone like him who had already experienced a lot of it, sex was something needed in life, but it had long lost its mystery and allurement it had when he was young.


However, just now, in that foreign little pub, Zhao Jinxin had relit his raging flames of desire, as though awakening the younger version of himself.


The two people tugged at their clothes. No matter how expensive they were, currently, they were only hindrances.


Li Shuo pressed Zhao Jinxin onto the bed, their weight causing them to sink into the mattress. Looking at the young man smiling wickedly, Li Shuo felt a rush of blood through his body.


However, at this moment, a doubt appeared in him. One was because of the relationship between their families, and also… he remembered Li Chengxiu.


Almost instantly, Zhao Jinxin knew what he was thinking about, and he provoked the older man. “Why? He’s already dumped you. You’re still going to maintain your chastity for him?”


“Jinxin…” Li Shuo said in a low voice, “Is it right for us to do this?”


“What’s right or wrong about this?” Zhao Jinxin grasped the lapel of his coat, forcing Li Shuo to lower himself. Pressing his lips to the older man, he said flirtatiously, “Do you want to fuck? If you want to, why don’t you have the guts to do it?”


“It’s not that I don’t have the guts.”


Zhao Jinxin gave him a firm kiss, snaking an arm around his waist. With a twist of his body, he flipped Li Shuo over, pressing down on him. Zhao Jinxin slid a hand into his clothes, caressing Li Shuo’s warm skin. He could feel supple muscles above the bones, and it was extremely pleasant to touch, making one’s desire rage further.


Li Shuo’s brain was a little heated up. Now that the arrow was nocked already, how was he going to put his bow away? His hand seemed to have gained its own consciousness, smoothing up and down Zhao Jinxin’s waist, finally touching those pecs that made him squirm even if he was only looking at them through a photograph. They were firm and flexible, and it felt as though they could magnetise one’s hand.


Zhao Jinxin bent his head down, pressing a series of kisses across Li Shuo’s cheeks, neck, and chest. He then deliberately nibbled lightly on his chest, leaving behind tiny bite marks, and finally sucked Li Shuo’s delicate nipple into his mouth, teasing and gnawing at it gently. One of his hands reached into Li Shuo’s underwear, once again holding onto that cock that was still a little wet. On purpose, he stroked and scraped at it with his fingers, feeling its changes in his palm.


Li Shuo’s breathing became more rapid. He yanked Zhao Jinxin’s trousers away, his broad palm caressing the man’s chest and waist, finally coming to a stop on that perky ass. Zhao Jinxin was completely different from the type that Li Shuo would usually have sex with. He had always preferred the thin and slender type, and he had never expected that such a firm, muscular body would give him a completely different, yet extremely exciting experience. That body structure, full of a powerful strength, along with those perfect muscles, was basically the work of God.


“Does it feel good?” Zhao Jinxin circled the head of his cock with his thumb, panting lowly.


“Mn…” Li Shuo was used to taking the lead in bed, but he could sense that Zhao Jinxin wanted to please him, and so he cooperated.


Zhao Jinxin lowered his head, giving a few licks around Li Shuo’s belly before forcefully yanking down his underwear. The half-hard organ perked up from a patch of hair.


Flicking it, Zhao Jinxin said, “It’s still so energetic after experiencing a release. Not bad.”


Li Shuo jerked his hips up slightly, speaking huskily, “… Come here.”


With a curve of his lips, Zhao Jinxin slid his tongue from the root of the shaft all the way to the tip, then opened his mouth wide and swallowed it in.


“Uhh…” Li Shuo sighed in satisfaction.


Zhao Jinxin’s tongue was very nimble, twisting around the cock, licking and teasing it. His every suck would cause an aching desire to swell in Li Shuo’s crotch, but he never allowed the older man to reach his peak. After a few cycles of this, Li Shuo only desired for more, as he wanted a true release.


Grabbing onto Zhao Jinxin’s hair, Li Shuo urged him. “Alright, it’s enough, I want you now.”


Zhao Jinxin let that hard and hot cock slide out from his mouth, rubbing at the corners of his lips lightly with his fingers. His eyes narrowing in a smile, he said, “Really?”


Li Shuo curled his long legs around the back of Zhao Jinxin’s knees, lifting himself up a little using the younger man as support and pulling him down onto him. With a passionate but still gentle kiss, he covered those lips, snaking his hand down to Zhao Jinxin’s buttocks at the same time.


However, taking advantage of Li Shuo’s actions, Zhao Jinxin grabbed onto Li Shuo’s ankles. He spread his thighs apart, while forcing his body between Li Shuo’s legs, shifting himself into a position that was more suitable as a top.


Li Shuo, whose senses were still submerged in pleasure, froze. His hands tightened into fists, forcefully pushing their chests that were almost plastered to each other apart. Puzzled, he looked at Zhao Jinxin. “You…”


With a smile, Zhao Jinxin licked Li Shuo’s chin. “I’ve said it right from the start. I want to fuck you. Have you not believed me all this while?”


Li Shuo’s eyes widened. He wanted to pull his legs away, but his ankles had been caught by Zhao Jinxin. Sitting himself up, his face carried an awkwardness of having had cold water poured all over his passion. “You must be joking, aren’t you?”


He was earnest about wanting to “dote” on this man who had been coveting him for the past couple of weeks, and in the end… What was this?!


“In what way do I look like I’m joking?” Zhao Jinxin thrusted his bulging crotch into Li Shuo’s buttocks.


The moment their bodies touched, Li Shuo felt a length that caused shivers to shoot through him. That was Zhao Jinxin’s… Was he serious?!


Li Shuo pushed Zhao Jinxin away with some strength. He tried his best to maintain his elegant manner, despite feeling that he had been made a fool out of. “I’m sorry, Jinxin, I don’t bottom.”


Zhao Jinxin pressed down onto Li Shuo’s shoulders, his strength so great that Li Shuo could not get up. There was a smile on his face, but a surging, beast-like aggressiveness could be seen in his eyes. “Darling, do you know why I said that you’ve never had a proper climax? Because you’re too suited to be fucked. If you don’t try, you’ll never know what you can gain out of it. I guarantee that with me, you will feel that your life has been in vain so far.”


Li Shuo was a little angry. “I’m not interested.”


Zhao Jinxin remained on top of Li Shuo, refusing to let him get up. He even started blowing lightly across his face. “I’m very accurate when it comes to reading people. Just try it with me. I don’t believe that you’ve never been curious about it before.”


“Being curious doesn’t mean that I must try it. Then, aren’t you curious?” Li Shuo shot back with no courtesy.


“I’m curious.” Zhao Jinxin blinked innocently.


“Then let me satisfy your curiosity.” Li Shuo pinched his cheek, speaking gently, “Do you trust me?”


Zhao Jinxin burst out laughing. “But I can’t do it.”


“What do you mean?”


“I was born with a blood clotting disorder, and once I get injured, it’s hard for me to stop the bleeding.” Zhao Jinxin smiled cheerily. “It’s going to be my first time. Do you dare guarantee that I won’t be hurt at all? Can you bear to do it, Li-shushu?”


Shivers ran through Li Shuo. He doubted Zhao Jinxin, wondering if he was just blowing smoke up his ass. It was not that he had never had sex with virgins, but those were rare cases. Zhao Jinxin had given such a scary explanation, and Li Shuo was not that confident about his own skills.


Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo again, speaking in a coquettish and endearing voice. “I’m not lying to you. I really like you a lot, and I really want to make love with you. However, I really am not able to do it how you want it to be done.”


Li Shuo turned his face away. “Then forget it, Jinxin, I’m not able to do so.”


“Why are you so repulsed by it?”


Li Shuo inhaled deeply. “You… you’re a lot younger than me.”


If it was someone else, someone around his age, and he liked that person a lot, he might agree. However, Zhao Jinxin fulfilled neither of these two criteria, and once he thought about a boy who was nearly a dozen years younger than him doing that to him… He felt it was too shameful.


“Why must you be bothered by our age?” Zhao Jinxin continued tempting him, speaking into his ear. “Isn’t the most important thing how we feel right now, at this very moment? Don’t you want me?”


Li Shuo’s face heated up, but he still could not cross that barrier in his heart. Averting his face, he said, “Jinxin, I’m not able to do it. Come on, get up.”


With this dousing of cold water, he had calmed down a lot. Perhaps, this was the will of the heavens, proving that they were not suited to have anything happen between them.


A trace of darkness flashed past Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. He clenched his fists, then slowly relaxed. The expression on his face turned into heavy disappointment and desolation. Pressing against the bed, he climbed up from Li Shuo, smiling bitterly. “Sorry, I’ve been overly flattering myself. I thought… that you did like me a little.”


“This has nothing to do with liking you or not. You’re also gay, and you should understand that there are some things that cannot be changed or accepted so easily, especially at my age.”


Zhao Jinxin bit his lip, looking deeply at Li Shuo before he said quietly, “Then… You can top me. I don’t mind, I just want to be with you.”


Seeing how Zhao Jinxin stammered that out, Li Shuo’s heart clenched, momentarily feeling a pang in him. He stroked Zhao Jinxin’s head, saying, “Jinxin, I don’t want to hurt you. I think we’re just not compatible, and there’s no need to force ourselves, right?”


Zhao Jinxin shook his head. “I like you. Even if you don’t like me, I still like you.” His bright eyes were like the stars in the sky.


“I bragged about giving you the best experience ever. If I can’t accomplish that, how will my feelings for you amount to anything? I don’t care if I get injured or not. As long as it’s for you, I’m fine.”


Guilt welled up in Li Shuo. Every word from Zhao Jinxin seemed to prod at his heart, and that aggrieved expression on his face made him even more reluctant to hurt him. Li Shuo pulled the man into his arms, running his fingers lightly through his thick hair. “Little fool, I’ve said I will never hurt you. I think we’ve been moving too fast, and we don’t understand each other enough yet. Otherwise, such an embarrassing thing would not have happened today. However, I’m willing to get to know you again, alright?”


Zhao Jinxin’s head drooped onto Li Shuo’s shoulder, his arms sliding around Li Shuo’s waist. Expressionless, he said, “Li-shushu, you’re so gentle.”


Li Shuo kissed his forehead in consolation.


Zhao Jinxin suddenly revealed a profound smile. “If like this… it seems rather interesting too.”


Hugging Zhao Jinxin, Li Shuo lay on the bed, patting that firm, muscular back lightly. He felt a little guilty, having unintentionally hurt Zhao Jinxin. This person probably really liked him, otherwise he would not have compromised. Desire was clearly raging between them, but right at the crucial point, they discovered their incompatibility. Not only Zhao Jinxin was upset, Li Shuo himself was also quite disappointed. However, how was he to accept that…


In his heart, Li Shuo sighed heavily. The body in his arms was basically like a walking hormone diffuser. With such a delectable thing right next to his mouth, yet he was unable to take a bite, it felt entirely as though he was being tortured. Tonight, he was definitely going to suffer from insomnia.


The two of them calmed themselves down, each taking a cold shower separately before getting back into their clothes and heading back. After all, their families were currently staying together, and it would be difficult for them to explain why they only return in the morning.


At Li Shuo’s door, Zhao Jinxin suddenly hugged Li Shuo from behind, asking moodily, “Can we sleep together?”


Li Shuo thought about it. “It’s best that we don’t do it.” How would he endure the entire night like that?


Zhao Jinxin pressed on him a couple of kisses, walking away in disappointment.


Back in his room, Li Shuo’s mind was in chaos. He looked at his phone and inbox, but there was no message from Li Chengxiu. In a terrible fix, he fell back into the bed, burrowing himself under the blanket.


Where exactly was Li Chengxiu? And how exactly should he treat Zhao Jinxin, who made no attempt at concealing his feelings? No doubt, he did feel a flutter in his heart towards Zhao Jinxin, but it was only just a flutter.


Feelings were something that gave people countless unnecessary trouble, but being human, one would never be able to avoid them. He could only try his best to treat this person rationally, so as to be able to minimise his disappointment and hurt.


Feeling drowsy and sleepy, Li Shuo suddenly heard a couple of quiet knocks on his door. Jerking awake, he sat up, asking softly, “Who is that?”


The door was pushed open slowly, and Zhao Jinxin poked his head in. Cautiously, he spoke, “Li-shushu, I still want to sleep with you.”


Li Shuo felt both a sense of resignation and pity. He held his hand out. “Come on in.”


Zhao Jinxin swiftly scrambled under the blankets, giving Li Shuo a bear hug.


Li Shuo said quietly, “You’re not able to fall asleep?”


“And you can?” Zhao Jinxin asked in response.


Li Shuo did not answer, only patting the back of his hand. “Go to sleep.”


Zhao Jinxin’s warm and broad chest was plastered to Li Shuo’s back. Both were in a rather heightened state of mind, but neither was willing to break the present calm.

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