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Chapter 19 (NSFW)

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Zhao Jinxin’s bright eyes stared deep into Li Shuo’s. That unspoken desire was like the first rain of spring falling upon the soil, silently sinking into Li Shuo’s skin, diffusing through his every nerve.


Li Shuo smiled. “Ah, I give in. You’re really good at getting your way, you…Let’s do it.”


Zhao Jinxin wrapped his arms tightly around Li Shuo, a lilt appearing in his voice unknowingly. “Really?”


“I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself.” Pinching his chin, Li Shuo wiggled it gently. “If your skills aren’t up to par…” He wanted to say that if he didn’t enjoy it, there wouldn’t be a next time anymore. However, the second half of the sentence wasn’t something that could be easily said, as it was too hurtful. He did like Zhao Jinxin quite a bit, but to him, sexual compatibility was also something quite important in a relationship. If the two of them were unable to overcome this issue, it would be best if they cut off their relationship when they were both not in too deep yet. In any case, he couldn’t just give up without trying. That was not his style.


A man had to be magnanimous, especially a man that was older. Li Shuo felt that he had now come to an understanding.


Zhao Jinxin’s excitement was so vivid that even his face was red. He pressed a few hard kisses on Li Shuo before smiling wickedly, “You won’t regret it.” He flipped around, trapping Li Shuo underneath him and sealing his lips with a scorching kiss. In that warm mouth, his tongue delved passionately, his large hand reaching into the man’s trousers without any compunction. Cupping Li Shuo’s cock, he caressed it through his underwear.


While responding to that fiery kiss, Li Shuo felt up Zhao Jinxin’s flexed chest with his palm, and that feeling of velvet-wrapped iron left him hungry for more.


Under Zhao Jinxin’s skilled techniques, very quickly, Li Shuo’s cock reacted. It swelled into a bulge, a distinct curve at the crotch of his trousers. Zhao Jinxin’s fingers made their way into his underwear, teasing the plush head of his cock. It was warm and heavy, and wrapping his hand around it, Zhao Jinxin felt as though he was holding onto the very life of this man.


“Ahh…” Li Shuo gave a low moan, and unconsciously, he thrusted into Zhao Jinxin’s hand.


Removing Li Shuo’s clothes that were barely hanging onto him, Zhao Jinxin then yanked his underwear off him. Li Shuo’s slender yet powerful body was now completely exposed to the air. His body frame wasn’t small, but he tended towards thinness. His muscles were nicely formed and not too exaggerated, their lines smooth and not bulky. He was already extremely delectable in a suit, but when his clothes were removed, Zhao Jinxin wanted nothing more but to eat him up.


As he continued to work on Li Shuo’s cock, Zhao Jinxin leant down, laying a series of kisses and nibbles along that smooth chest. Unable to help himself, Li Shuo hugged Zhao Jinxin’s head, his finger weaving through the thick, black hair. He basked in Zhao Jinxin’s every touch, his every kiss. His lips were slightly parted, swollen from the kissing, and he panted continuously. All his blood rushed to his lower half eagerly, his desire blazing bright.


“Your skin is so hot.”Zhao Jinxin nibbled gently on Li Shuo’s nipple, licking and teasing it with the tip of his tongue. He could even feel how it was hardening inside his mouth.


Li Shuo gasped harshly, “You’re very hot too…” With his long legs, he wound them around Zhao Jinxin’s calves, rubbing against them sexily.


Zhao Jinxin lifted his head, the tip of his nose red from his excitement. His charming eyes were coloured with desire, and he couldn’t look any more aroused. With great satisfaction, he licked the corner of his lips before stretching his arm out, reaching into the bottom drawer of his magazine rack, drawing out a bottle of lube.


Looking at that familiar packaging, Li Shuo felt a little complicated. This was the brand he used the most frequently as well, but never in his life had he thought that it would be used on himself.


Zhao Jinxin ripped the lid off with his teeth, squeezing out a large amount onto his palm before pushing Li Shuo’s legs apart.


Li Shuo tried to relax, but he still felt that his cheeks were burning, almost about to burst into flames.


Zhao Jinxin bent down, pressing right against Li Shuo’s ear as he teased, “Your face is so red, how gorgeous.”


Clasping his arms around his neck, Li Shuo said hoarsely, “You have to be gentle, understand?”


Zhao Jinxin gently kissed Li Shuo’s cheek with his soft lips. “Leave it to me.” With his knee, he pushed Li Shuo’s legs even further apart. Then, he lifted one leg and hooked it over the crook of his arm, sliding his hand towards Li Shuo’s ass.


Li Shuo felt a warm hand on him, covered in cold gel. Momentarily, he was extremely embarrassed, and he could not stop himself from covering his eyes with the back of his hand. It had better feel good, he thought. Otherwise, no matter how strong the strings of fate were between Zhao Jinxin and him, he could only bear with the pain and bid him goodbye.


Zhao Jinxin smeared the lube across Li Shuo’s entrance, his finger gently pressing against the wrinkles there before sliding into the channel with the aid of lube.


“Uhh…” Li Shuo frowned deeply. Despite it not being painful, that strange feeling shot tingles up his spine, and Li Shuo instinctively rejected the entry.


“Relax.” Zhao Jinxin was sprawled on top of Li Shuo, kissing him over and over again on his face and lips in comfort. “I guarantee that it won’t hurt.”


Bearing with the odd feeling, Li Shuo just about managed to smile. “That’s just the basic requirement.”


“I’ll make you drown in your desires as well,” chuckled Zhao Jinxin as he bit Li Shuo’s ear. At the same time, he thrusted his finger deep inside, twisting it slowly.


Reflexively, Li Shuo lifted his hips up, only to be pressed down again by Zhao Jinxin’s weight. As though venting his anger, he kissed Zhao Jinxin hard, sucking and biting with force. Between their lips, they exchanged air, and between them, whether it was the distance between their body or their soul, everything seemed to be drawing closer.


Zhao Jinxin slid a second finger into that tight channel. His cock was extremely hard, and he wanted nothing more but to fuck into the older man as hard as he could. This was probably the first time he had such a hard time holding himself back.


The two fingers, stretching and flexing, were somewhat constricted. Li Shuo also started feeling a little uncomfortable, but he knew that with Zhao Jinxin’s size, this amount of stretching was far from enough. His brows creasing slightly, when he thought about what was about to happen, worry welled up within him.


The feeling of being able to receive pleasure just by lying there and accepting everything that was being done to him was not too bad. However, what if being fucked did not feel pleasant…


There were now three fingers in his hole already, and the extra lube that had been squeezed out slipped down the cleft of his ass, dripping onto the tatami, becoming a lewd little puddle. Wet, slippery fingers stretched and twisted inside the reddened channel, gradually opening up that hole that had never been explored before.


“So tight…” Zhao Jinxin said huskily. “Darling, I’m about to die from want.”


Li Shuo did not say anything. He was currently clenching his teeth, bearing with what was happening. The longer the foreplay was, the embarrassment he had to endure was even more. He was no longer able to look at Zhao Jinxin in the eyes, and he dared not listen to the sounds made by the fingers inside him. However, when Zhao Jinxin started thrusting his fingers, simulating what his cock was going to do to him later, Li Shuo felt something that could not be put into words, that was mixed with obscenity, heat, and excitement…It was especially so for the excitement he felt within his soul. It made his body burn, and his legs weak.


Holding onto Li Shuo’s limp legs, Zhao Jinxin lifted them onto his shoulders. Li Shuo’s legs were now spread wide open, entirely exposed to Zhao Jinxin’s almost wild eyes.


Li Shuo peeked slightly through a partially opened eye. He wanted to look at something real, to confirm that he was still sober. Otherwise, he truly felt that he was turning mad.


When Zhao Jinxin’s fingers suddenly curled inside him, Li Shuo gave a low shout. Other than feeling pain, there was something else as well. Unable to help himself, Li Shuo clamped his legs together, only for Zhao Jinxin to force them open again.


“Don’t be scared. It’ll feel very good.” The third finger was very agile, just like a snake. In that extremely embarrassing place, it probed and explored, continuously delving deeper, stretching wider. The feeling of being surrounded closely by such warm flesh was truly maddening. Zhao Jinxin desperately wanted to replace his fingers directly with his cock. He was almost unable to hold himself back anymore.


Li Shuo started to feel that something was wrong. That finger was becoming more and more wicked, all the way until it nudged against somewhere sensitive. His body felt like a shock had just passed through him, and he shuddered hard, biting his lips fiercely before he managed to keep himself from making any sound.


Zhao Jinxin was so hard that he was in pain. Gritting his teeth, he asked, “Do you like this feeling? Don’t worry, I won’t give away your first time to fingers. I’m going inside, Li Shuo, you hear me? I’m going to stuff your hole with my big cock.”


“Stop talking so much nonsense…” Across Li Shuo’s body and face was a thin layer of sweat. His handsome face, full of virility, had an expression of forbearance, and it was a feast to the eyes.


Zhao Jinxin removed his fingers, and the hole now had a lewd, wet shine to it. Having been stretched open, it gaped slightly in the air, embarrassing yet exceptionally seductive.


Li Shuo opened his eyes, his lashes clouded with tears, his pupils dilated and dark. Silent, he looked at Zhao Jinxin.


Despite how he never said anything, the unease that appeared on his face struck Zhao Jinxin in the heart. Li Shuo, who always looked very good-natured and powerful, could actually wear an expression like this, looking as pitiful as a newborn animal…


Zhao Jinxin bent down, kissing the corner of his lips gently. “Don’t be scared.” He gathered all the patience he had within him, holding onto his cock and slowly, slowly pushed into the place he had long desired to go.


“Ah-ahh…” Li Shou’s entire face was puckered up. Despite the ample preparation, when Zhao Jinxin’s cock forced its way into his delicate hole, trying to go all the way in, Li Shuo still shuddered in pain.


Like raindrops falling from the sky, Zhao Jinxin pressed kisses onto Li Shuo’s face. “Don’t be scared. If you’re in pain, I’ll stop.”


“Fuck…” Li Shuo could not help swearing. It was really painful.


Chuckling, Zhao Jinxin nibbled on Li Shuo’s lips. Despite how he was almost about to explode from holding himself back, despite how the expression of pain on this man’s face was also extremely delectable, Zhao Jinxin still did not dare to act rashly. He could only push himself in a little by little, allowing Li Shuo to get used to every inch of his entrance.


Li Shuo clenched his jaw. Even more intense than the pain was the odd feeling of something not belonging inside him. He did not know how to describe it, and the only thought in his mind right now was, so this was what being a bottom was like?


“So tight…” Zhao Jinxin murmured. “Darling, relax a little, leave it to me.”


“It’s really quite difficult,” said Li Shuo self-mockingly as he took in a deep breath, bearing with the discomfort.


“Be good, does it hurt?” Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo’s cheek repeatedly. “Soon, it won’t hurt anymore. Trust me, all right?”


Unable to stop himself, a laugh burst out from Li Shuo. After the bout of laughter, he again hissed in pain. “You brat… Don’t coax me using such a tone.” To be “comforted” like this by a boy so many years younger than him, it was even more embarrassing than getting fucked by him.


Zhao Jinxin laughed as well, his eyes brimming with gentleness. “You’re mine now. Of course I have to coax you, and I also want to give you the best experience possible.” He folded one of Li Shuo’s legs up to his chest. This position allowed the older man’s body to accept him even more easily, and his cock slowly pushed further into the hot, tight little entrance. By the time the thick head of his cock managed to go inside, both men were sweating profusely.


Gasping, Li Shuo felt his sweat running into his eyes, and his vision was blurry. The pain wasn’t to the point of being unbearable. Instead, the reality that he was actually getting fucked was even more impactful.


Li Shuo consoled himself. Even if it didn’t feel good at all, this would be a new experience in life. Looking at a single thing from an overall point of view, one would be able to go beyond ordinary joy and sorrow, smiles and rage. But very quickly, his attention was pulled away from his philosophical point of view. Zhao Jinxin’s cock was thick, long and hard, and every time it pushed inside him a little more, he had the mistaken impression that he was about to be pierced right through.


His first time, and he was taking on the biggest challenge of them all. Li Shuo had to admire himself.


Zhao Jinxin pulled a bolster over, tucking it under Li Shuo’s hips, lifting them up higher and closer to his cock. He was already more than halfway in, and that warm, tight channel wrapped around him tightly. Each slight movement brought about intense pleasure, and his teeth were aching for him holding his desire back. Supporting Li Shuo’s waste, Zhao Jinxin slowly pulled himself out by a few centimetres, before thrusting another inch in.


“Ahh…” Li Shuo sucked in a breath, his toes curling up reflexively.


Grabbing hold of Li Shuo’s cock, Zhao Jinxin jerked it, trying to reduce the discomfort he was feeling. With his other hand, he grabbed hold of the older man’s ankle, laying kisses across his calf as he said huskily, “I’m going to move now.”


Li Shuo gritted his teeth, and it could be considered as acceptance.


Zhao Jinxin moved his hips slightly, slowly starting the action of thrusting and withdrawing. Looking at his cock being swallowed by that tight, honeyed entrance, feeling how it was enveloped by the warm muscles, his pleasure swiftly climbed upwards, slamming violently against his rationality. As expected, his intuition was correct. Ever since the first time he saw Li Shuo, he knew that this man was exquisite. Whether it was his face or his body, or even that gentle, rational and steady disposition, everything about him was screaming to be fucked. Putting aside the pleasure of having conquered him, just this body alone was a terrific experience, enough to throw him into a frenzy.


Li Shuo was no longer able to suppress himself any longer. The thrusts were becoming more and more powerful, and with the aid of lube, Zhao Jinxin’s cock had thoroughly invaded the previously unyielding channel. Each time he withdrew, he would thrust in even deeper, until his cock was swallowed up entirely by that devilish, thrilling ring of muscles.


“Ah… Jinxin… It hurts…” A deep frown appeared on Li Shuo’s face. Unconsciously, his thighs were about to clamp together, only to be obstructed by Zhao Jinxin’s waist.


Zhao Jinxin exhaled heavily, forcing himself to slow down. Still his every thrust bottomed out fully. “It’s so good… It’s both warm and tight…”


Li Shuo’s face flushed bright red in embarrassment.


Zhao Jinxin sped up his hand on Li Shuo’s cock. At the same time, he varied his speed of thrusts, and gradually, he was able to feel Li Shuo’s body relax. This made him overjoyed, and unable to stop himself, the intensity of his fucking increased.


The pain and discomfort gradually faded away, and replacing them was a deep, strange, shameful thrill to the senses. Li Shuo could not put to words what he was experiencing. It wasn’t just purely pain, and it also wasn’t just purely pleasure. It was both seductive and foreign, and at this moment, he felt as though his body no longer belonged to him anymore.


When that little hole had finally fully accepted him, Zhao Jinxin felt that the beast within him was now free. Gripping onto Li Shuo’s hips tightly, he started a wild series of thrusts.


Before Li Shuo could even get used to what was currently happening, faced with Zhao Jinxin’s abrupt increase in intensity, his body jerked forward with every thrust. However, as his hips were gripped tightly by Zhao Jinxin, he was unable to move at all. Forced to accept every bit of the impassioned fucking, Li Shuo felt as though the huge, hot cock was about to burn right through him.


“Jinxin… Slow down…” Li Shuo could not help murmuring quietly.


However, right now, Zhao Jinxin did not have his usual charm and adorableness. A hunger burned in his eyes, and he looked very much like a wild beast, and his voice was extremely husky. “You’d like it.”


Li Shuo tilted his head back, the long line of his neck extending beautifully, and he was still in disbelief about what he was currently experiencing. With each entry of the cock into his body, it brought with it layers and layers of pleasure, like waves crashing upon him. He had never felt anything like this before, a moment of weightlessness, and then sinking down the next. His legs were so weak that they almost felt as though they were no longer his, and they required the support of Zhao Jinxin’s arms.


Zhao Jinxin’s hips seemed to have been charged with electricity, the energy and power coming from it shockingly great. They moved continuously, quickly, powerfully and savagely fucking into the person underneath. Slaps rang out loudly from the meeting of flesh, and with the motions, the lube frothed up. Where the two were joined was a mess of slick and foam, looking extremely lewd. Searching through his memory for Li Shuo’s sensitive spots, Zhao Jinxin aimed for them mercilessly. He wanted to see this man turn mad for him, he wanted to fuck this man into making the most obscene sounds ever!


“Ah… a-ah…” Moans spilled out from Li Shuo uncontrollably. They were full of forbearance, heavy, hoarse, and low, and in Zhao Jinxin’s ears, they were like aphrodisiacs, pushing him to wildly fuck into that exquisite, seductive hole, searching for even more pleasure than what he had right now.


The overwhelming stimulation shattered Li Shuo’s rationality entirely. Sex with Zhao Jinxin was like the incoming tide, bringing him to a higher peak before he could even deal with the previous one. Yet to even become used to the pleasure he was feeling, the next wave came crashing upon him, leaving him twitching and jerking. In the end, the immense stimulation basically turned into sweet, sweet torture. At some unknown time, he had grabbed hold of Zhao Jinxin’s waist tightly, his hips rocking back into Zhao Jinxin, working with his rhythm, and sweet, cloying moans spilling from his lips.


“Li Shuo… Li Shuo…” Zhao Jinxin called out this name repeatedly. With each utterance, he would fully impale Li Shuo on his cock, in exchange for the muscles of the channel wrenching deliciously around him. It felt so good… How could it be so good… This man, fuck…


At some point in time, tears had started to gather at the corners of Li Shuo’s eyes. His pupils were unfocused, and his consciousness was gradually drifting away. Following Zhao Jinxin’s lead, his body rose and fell, and submerged in that extreme desire, he was unable to extricate himself.


Two bare bodies writhed and twisted wildly against the other. Their heads, their senses, their bodies, it was as though they were unaware of anything beyond themselves. There was only each other, in the entire world, they only had each other…


Waking up, Li Shuo lifted an eyelid just a little, but what he saw was only darkness.


It was night time already…? Before he could correct the error in his concept of time, he was bombarded with the aching and soreness of his body.


Fuck, it hurt…


Was Zhao Jinxin even human? Could a person have such stamina?


Li Shuo swore a few times in his heart. Gradually, memories and images welled up in the murkiness of his brain, and any single one of them was enough to bring a blush to his face.


He had sex with Zhao Jinxin, he had been the bottom for the first time ever in his life…


Li Shuo sighed silently. Although he didn’t want to admit it, Zhao Jinxin had accomplished what he promised, and he had experienced something he never had experienced before. All along, he had always enjoyed sex, but what Zhao Jinxin gave him had subverted everything he had experienced in the past, and his mind had been blown.


Of course, the night of wild passion left lingering apprehension within him as well. Even when he was around Zhao Jinxin’s age, he never had such stamina. It was too terrifying.


Li Shuo lay in bed, his limbs spread wide. He dared not move an inch, and his mind was churning rapidly. Was it Zhao Jinxin that was so very skillful, or was it he himself who was actually more suitable to be a bottom? Thinking over it for some time, Li Shuo was still unable to come to a conclusion, but his frame of mind had now become a lot more tolerant.


At this time, the bedroom door opened. Li Shuo looked up, Despite this being a very simple motion, it pulled on his entire body, and he hissed in pain.


“Li-shushu.” Zhao Jinxin reached the bed in a few strides. Stroking Li Shuo’s face, he said softly, “It hurts, huh? Don’t move, I’ll bring some food in here and feed you.”


Li Shuo felt his cheeks burn. Fortunately, Zhao Jinxin had drawn the curtains close. Otherwise, it would have been very shameful for his blush to be seen. Feigning composure, he said, “That’s an exaggeration. I just didn’t get enough sleep, and I’m too lazy to get up.”


Zhao Jinxin chuckled, bending down and kissing him. “You’re really not hungry?”




Lifting the blanket, Zhao Jinxin slid in, wrapping around Li Shuo in a bear hug.


Only then did Li Shuo discover that he was wearing pyjamas, and his body felt clean and refreshed, which made Zhao Jinxin’s body enticingly warm.


“I came to receive my grade. Did last night feel good? You’re not allowed to lie.” Zhao Jinxin nibbled Li Shuo’s ear gently, his voice full of doting and pampering.


“Mn…” Li Shuo answered, a little embarrassed, “Perhaps I’m really more suitable to be a bottom. I have really never thought about it in the past before, because I did enjoy myself being a top.” He even had a tiny regret for not having tried it with others in the past. How many years of pleasure could he have enjoyed instead?


“That would depend on who you’re with.” Zhao Jinxin kneaded his waist gently. “You’re not suitable to be a bottom, you’re suitable to be mine.”


Li Shuo burst out laughing. “How confident.”


“It’s true, so you’re not allowed to look for anyone else.”Zhao Jinxin was just like a little puppy, licking and kissing Li Shuo’s face. “I’ll fill you all the way up, such that you’ll never need anyone else.”


Li Shuo gave a small cough. With how intense it had been last night, if it was repeated every night, he might end up dying before his time.


“Li-shushu, do you know how many times you came last night?” Zhao Jinxin chuckled wickedly.


“Oh? How many times?” Li Shuo cocked a brow at Zhao Jinxin. He was very curious about it as well.


“I didn’t count either. In any case, it was a lot of times.” Zhao Jinxin hugged him, so fond of the man that he couldn’t let him go. “I’m not lying. How fun can it be with a bunch of weaklings? Your body is so exquisite, it’s most suitable for a man to…”


Li Shuo turned around, pressing a firm kiss to his mouth, preventing him from saying more of his nonsense.


Zhao Jinxin returned the kiss even more forcefully.


It seemed that these two people were truly compatible. Even a kiss was enough to spark a fire.


To stop themselves from becoming lost and repeating the deeds of last night again, Zhao Jinxin shifted Li Shuo, who was plastered to him, away slightly. Still, his arms were wrapped around Li Shuo’s waist, and he nuzzled at the older man’s face.


On Li Shuo’s face was a lazy smile. Despite the discomfort of his body, he felt as though his heart was submerged in a warm spring, and he was very content.


The world was so big. The chance of finding a partner who was so compatible in every way was so very small, and yet they had the fortune of coming across each other. Zhao Jinxin had invalidated his gauge for a partner, invalidated his usual ways of dating, and invalidated what he knew about sex. Things that people didn’t do, that they didn’t dare do, Zhao Jinxin had done them all. This man was too magical, too attractive, and like drugs, he was too hard to quit.


If, if Zhao Jinxin and him were truly able to continue on like this, it would truly be a beautiful thing.


The two people clung to each other, extremely sweet. Both were a little drowsy, and as they were both nodding off, Li Shuo said abruptly, “Right, I want to return to China next month.”


Zhao Jinxin wrenched his eyes open. “…Why?”


“I feel that by that time, the heat around my matters should have somewhat cooled off, and I just can’t keep dragging on here anymore. Do you want to return with me?”


“Don’t go back.”


“Hmm?” Li Shuo said, “At that time, according to the situation, I’ll…”


“Isn’t it pretty nice here? Why do you want to go back?”


“I can’t keep staying here. The hiring for your company in Beijing is nearly done as well, you have to go back and work too, right?”


Hidden in Zhao Jinxin’s eyes was an emotion that couldn’t be figured out. “It won’t be done so fast, I’m in no hurry.”


“You’re in no hurry, but I think your dad is.” Li Shuo yawned. “I know this is your first time running a company. Don’t worry, your father has dispatched quite a few high level executives to help you. I’ll help you as well, don’t be scared.”


Zhao Jinxin was silent for a while, before he said, pouting, “I don’t want to work, I just want to laze about with you.”


Li Shuo smiled, “Lazing around for too long will get tiring too.” At this moment, Li Shuo started to feel hungry. “Hey, is there anything to eat?”


“You must be hungry.” Zhao Jinxin kissed him. “I’ve prepared some congee. I’ll go heat it up, then I’ll bring it here and feed you.”


“I’m not an invalid,” said Li Shuo, wanting to get up.


Zhao Jinxin pressed him back onto the bed, saying dotingly, “I just want to serve my Li-shushu. Just give me a chance, all right?”


Li Shuo burst out laughing. “All right then, I’ll give you this chance.”


Zhao Jinxin walked to the kitchen, placing the congee in the microwave. He stood there, lost in his thoughts for a moment, then from his pocket, he took his phone out. With a single hand, he typed some words out and sent the message out.


The receiver of the message — Shao Qun.

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