WTA Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Li Shuo cooked some porridge, fried some okra and tomatoes, and prepared a bacon salad.

He did not like outsiders entering his private space. As such, he only hired a part-time housekeeper for his home, and his own meals were all prepared by himself. Hence, the taste was pretty good, and he was pretty fast in the kitchen too.

After placing the dishes on the table, he called out, “It’s time to eat.”

“My hand hurts, I can’t get up,” Zhao Jinxin whined.

Li Shuo was entirely defeated by his whining. “It was your hand that got caught between the car door, not your brain. Quick, come up.”

Zhao Jinxin dawdled his way over, looking rather wane. Li Shuo saw that his fingers were even more swollen than before, the bruises even darker. They really looked quite alarming, and his guilt deepened. Pulling a chair out, he spoke, “Come, take a seat.”

Zhao Jinxin sat down sideways, tugging his tie loose with one hand. Sniffing the air before glancing at the table, he smiled. “It looks quite good, they smell delicious.”

”It’ll taste good as well.” Li Shuo handed a pair of chopsticks to Zhao Jinxin. A second later, his hand froze in mid-air.

As though brandishing a spoil of war, Zhao Jinxin waved his “severely injured” hand.

Li Shuo put down the chopsticks and picked up a spoon. “Try using your left hand instead.”

The two almost simultaneously spoke.

“Feed me.”

“Don’t make me feed you.”

They stared at each other.

Li Shuo responded resignedly, “Can you not be so immature?”

Zhao Jinxin supported his chin with his hand. “But my hand really hurts.”

Li Shuo had lost count of the number of times he sighed today. Resigned to his fate, he spooned up a mouthful of porridge, holding it up to Zhao Jinxin’s lips. “Here.”

Getting his way, Zhao Jinxin smiled gleefully. Opening his mouth and eating the porridge, he said, “The porridge darling feeds me is really tasty.”

Li Shuo ignored him, picking up a piece of tomato and shoving it into his mouth.

“I really couldn’t tell that you actually can cook.” Zhao Jinxin licked his shiny red lips, narrowing his eyes slightly. “That’s one more reason why I like you.”

Li Shuo picked up a piece of okra to block his mouth shut. Seeing how Zhao Jinxin had his injured hand raised up, and yet still teasing him, Li Shuo could not help laughing.

Zhao Jinxin too smiled dazzingly, looking at Li Shuo as though he was gazing upon treasure. “You’re really good-looking when you smile, and you’re so gentle as well. If you were mine, I would never be able to relax letting you go out alone.”

People all liked listening to pleasant-sounding words, especially when they came from the mouths of such desirable people like Zhao Jinxin. Not only was his flattering pleasant sounding, it was even quite lethal.

Sparks ran through Lí Shuo. He calmed himself and replied, unperturbed, “Thank you for your compliment.” In his lifetime, he had experienced many various temptations. There were temptations in the form of money, power, and desire. A person’s ability to conquer himself could be seen in their determination when faced with temptations.

Li Shuo was angry when Zhao Jinxin called him a third party today, mainly because his anger had came from his own embarrassment. He had always used “that man was hurting Li Chengxiu” as an excuse, glossing over the fact that he had intruded in the relationship between a couple. Of course, till now, he had never regretted it, as he could not watch the person he liked suffer. However, he would never again do anything that went against his own principles.

“Actually, I’ve heard my parents mentioned you from long ago. However, you spent most of your time in China, and so we were never destined to meet. If I knew that you were so perfect, and happened to be the type I like, I would definitely have tried to get to know you earlier.” Zhao Jinxin bowed his head slightly, his smile a little desolate. “If that was the case, you would have liked me first, right?”

Li Shuo put the spoon down. He cleared his throat, speaking mildly, “Jinxin, you don’t actually like me. What you like are things that you’re “not able to get”, but I have no duty to satisfy your desire for conquering. I treasure greatly my relationship with Chengxiu. I hope that you are able to respect me, and our fathers’ friendship, and stop those ambiguous flirtations you’ve been doing. Treating me normally and properly would be beneficial to the both of us.”

“I…” Zhao Jinxin lowered his head, biting his lip lightly.

Seeing how Zhao Jinxin was acting like a child who was caught in a lie, Li Shuo’s heart momentarily softened a little. At the end of the day, Zhao Jinxin was only a youngster barely in his twenties. To reject him so strongly, was it a little too hurtful?

“I’m not going to do that.”

Li Shuo was stunned.

Zhao Jinxin lifted his head, and sly amusement was concealed within his pretty, charming eyes. “You would be happier and more blissful being with me. A fine bird always selects a good tree to roost in. You’re so clever, why don’t you understand such a simple principle?”

Li Shuo felt that he had been made a fool of, and was unhappy. “What makes you think that it’ll be better when we’re together. This is complete…”

“I’ve said it already.” Zhao Jinxin’s phoenix eyes contained a trace of beguilement. “When you’re with that Li Chengxiu, you wouldn’t even have a real orgasm, how would you be blissful?”

Li Shuo retorted without any courtesy. “This is simply a joke. How would you know that we don’t have any?”

“When you’re with him, you’re the top right?”

“So?” Li Shuo’s pitch rose unknowingly.

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes. Tilting his head, he studied Li Shuo for a couple of seconds and suddenly laughed. “How strange. Avoiding the question, raising your pitch. You’re feeling guilty. There are two possibilities. One, Li Chengxiu is the top. However, he’s so skinny, and looks as though he’s impotent, that’s highly unlikely. Two, the two of you… haven’t had sex yet.”

Zhao Jinxin was right on the mark. Li Shuo cursed Zhao Jinxin in his head. He was truly unlucky, and was now wishing that he was the one with the injured hand.

“Hahahahaha—” Zhao Jinxin rolled on the floor laughing, his shoulders shaking with his laughter.

Li Shuo suppressed his rage, responding calmly, “We haven’t been together for long. Not every relationship has to be measured through sex.”

“Hahaha.” Even Zhao Jinxin’s ears had turned red from laughter. He drank some water, catching his breath. Waving his hand, he laughed. “I agree, I agree very much. However, he’s really unsuitable for you.”

“Only I will know whether he’s suitable or not, and there’s no need for me to discuss my relationship with you. Are you done eating?” Li Shuo stood up, wanting to clear the plates.

Zhao Jinxin too stood up, blocking Li Shuo’s path with a step. He laughed softly, “You will never find any satisfaction from Li Chengxiu’s body. A man like you who looks so proper on the outside, is the most suitable for unearthing your innermost desires, so… you should let me fuck you.”

Li Shuo’s entire body stiffened. Staring at Zhao Jinxin in disbelief, he felt as though he had been struck by a bolt out of the blue.

He had never expected that Zhao Jinxin, actually, wanted to fuck him?!

This brat, who was eleven years younger than him, always with a cheeky smile on his face, actually wanted to fuck him?! In his mind, Zhao Jinxin had always been a bold and daring stray kitten. Although his build was a little big, in the gay circle, the size of a person usually had nothing to do with whether the person was a top or bottom. Zhao Jinxin was both promiscuous, and liked to act coquettish. Always looking as though he was waiting for something to be done to him, yet he actually…

After recovering from his daze, Li Shuo burst out laughing. “Are you crazy?”

Smiling brightly, Zhao Jinxin pinched his non-existent skirt, curtsying coyly. “I’m very clear-headed.”

“You sure have guts, thinking about doing this to me.” It was as though Li Shuo had heard a great big joke, and he could not resist his impulse to laugh. He did not believe at all that Zhao Jinxin really had such designs on him. After all, this person had never said anything sensible before.”

“I like you, and I want to sleep with you.” Zhao Jinxin spread his palms apart, extremely frank. “Am I wrong?”

“You’re not, and you can continue dreaming.” Li Shuo put the plates down, heading directly to the couch and picked up his jacket, ready to leave.

“You plan on leaving just like that?” Zhao Jinxin waved his hand, smiling. “I’m going to tattle.”

Li Shuo turned around, glaring at him.

“I’ll go tell Uncle and Auntie that Da-ge has bullied me, hurting my hand by slamming the car door on it. I can’t take care of myself, yet Da-ge thinks it’s too troublesome, and doesn’t want to take any responsibility.” Zhao Jinxin got deeper into the act, looking all forlorn and dejected.

With his arms crossed, Li Shuo looked at him. “Don’t tell me you deliberately placed your hand between the frame and the door.”

“I’m not that stupid yet.” Zhao Jinxin pouted, “It really hurts. I don’t know if I’ll still be able to play the piano in the future. Maybe I won’t even have the strength to hold onto the tennis racquet, the ski poles, a basketball anymore. Who knows if it’ll leave any after-effects in the future. There are some after-effects that cannot be detected when one is young, but when they grow old…”

Li Shuo put his jacket back done. “Fine, fine, what else do you want?”

“At least help me change into my loungewear.”

Li Shuo exhaled harshly. Silently, he told himself, his refinement, his refinement. Only after that did he ask placidly, “Where is your loungewear?”

Zhao Jinxin jerked his chin in a direction. “My bedroom.”

The two people walked into the bedroom. Zhao Jinxin opened the door to his walk-in wardrobe, pointing at a row of pyjamas. “Let’s take the black set.”

Li Shuo took the loungewear out. Zhao Jinxin was already waiting for him with his arms spread open, and he looked like he was waiting for a big hug.

Li Shuo walked behind him, helping him remove his suit jacket. Carefully, he removed it without letting the sleeve touch his hand, and after removing the jacket, he then removed the vest, and finally the shirt.

Zhao Jinxin was looking at Li Shuo with an ambiguous smile.

Out of nowhere, Li Shuo felt his heart pounding a little harder. However, on the surface, he undid the buttons of the shirt nonchalantly.

That chest was identical to the one in the photo. Rising and falling slowly with each breath, the strapping pecs were even more mighty and aesthetically pleasing than in the photo. Undoing the buttons of the shirt was like unwrapping a gift. Every section revealed could make a person excited, and unwrapping the gift completely was like having gain an enormous delight. With a burst, the elation rushed into the person’s every organ.

When Li Shuo was young, he too had sown his seeds. He had seen many beautiful bodies, but Zhao Jinxin, how should he put it into words? Not only was he good-looking, but like pollen spreading everywhere, it seemed as though even his hair was emitting strong pheromones.

Zhao Jinxin puffed out his chest deliberately, and his husky voice spoke into Li Shuo’s ear. “Do you want to touch it? It’s free if it doesn’t feel good.”

Li Shuo did not answer him, carefully undoing the buttons on his sleeves and removing his shirt for him, then pulled on the top of his loungewear. After that, he pointed at Zhao Jinxin’s pants. “You can do it yourself, right?”

Zhao Jinxin acted shamelessly, “I can’t.”

Li Shuo only wanted to hurry up and end this so that he could leave. He deftly undid the buckle of Zhao Jinxin’s belt, pulled the zipper down, and pushed the pants down.

In a moment, a pair of extremely long legs were revealed.

Zhao Jinxin laughed quietly, looking at him. “How do they look?”

In Li Shuo’s pants were a pair of pyjamas pants. “Sit on the bed.”

“Wow, it’s only been such a short time, and you’re already asking me to get into bed?”

Li Shuo truly wanted to sew that mouth up. He pointed at the bed. “Do you want to wear them, or not?”

Zhao Jinxin took a few steps back, sitting down with his legs spread wide open. His thigh muscles were tightly tensed, the lines smooth and sleek. With one glance, it was obvious that he exercised frequently, and they were the type to appear in many people’s fantasies.

Half crouching down, Li Shuo pulled the legs of the pants over Zhao Jinxin’s feet. “Stand up.”

Zhao Jinxin stood up obediently, and deliberately leaned his body forward, almost right into Li Shuo’s face. Li Shuo leaned backwards, swiftly pulling the pants up. “We’re done…”

Before his voice had even faded away, Zhao Jinxin’s left arm wrapped around Li Shuo’s waist. With a turn, they both fell onto the bed, and Zhao Jinxin used his body weight to hold Li Shuo down.

Li Shuo seized Zhao Jinxin’s shoulders, wanting to flip him away and get up. Who would have thought that the strength of just one of Zhao Jinxin’s arms was still quite great, tightly grasping onto Li Shuo’s waist. Li Shuo was unable to move, and he also did not dare to be forceful, afraid of bumping into Zhao Jinxin’s injured hand.

Li Shuo’s voice deepened. “Zhao Jinxin, I’m angry now.”

Zhao Jinxin lowered his head, bumping the tip of his nose into Li Shuo’s nose. His voice like honey, soft and clingy, he spoke, “I want to kiss you.”

Li Shuo stiffened. He felt something prodding at him, and he frowned. “Get up, or else I wouldn’t be bothered about not bumping into your hand anymore.”

“If I can kiss you, so what about bumping my hand?” Zhao Jinxin traced Li Shuo’s lips with his eyes, his undisguised thirst written in his focused gaze. “I want to see what’s hidden under this suit…”

Li Shuo hardened his heart, grabbing onto Zhao Jinxin’s right wrist. He enjoyed sports, and the strength of his hand was not weak either. His hand in a death grip around Zhao Jinxin’s wrist, Li Shuo spoke coldly, “Let me see if you’re really not afraid of pain.”

Zhao Jinxin’s brows knitted slightly. He thought about how if this strength was used on his injured hand, he definitely would not be able to tolerate the pain. As such, he had no choice but to clamber up resentfully.

Li Shuo sighed in relief secretly. Zhao Jinxin was grinding against him just now, and if he still did not get up, Li Shuo was about to have a reaction to it. It would have been embarrassing.

Zhao Jinxin pointed at the tent of his pants pitifully. “Li-shushu1Shushu means uncle, let’s all learn Chinese terms together![/enf_note], you’re bullying me.”

Li Shuo patted his face. “Don’t you still have your left hand?” He pushed Zhao Jinxin away, leaving the bedroom without looking back, then grabbed his jacket and exited the house.

After leaving Zhao Jinxin’s place, Li Shuo rubbed his hand over his face. Taking in a deep breath of the fresh, cold air, his muddled head finally sobered a little.

He returned to his car, taking out his phone and giving Li Chengxiu a call.

“Hello, Shuo da-ge.”

The moment he heard that gentle voice, Li Shuo felt his turbulent mood settle. Li Chengxiu always had this ability. Whenever Li Shuo was with him, his emotions would smooth out into a stream, calming down and running with the flow. It made him feel peaceful, and comfortable.

“Chengxiu, are you asleep yet?”

“Not yet. I was working overtime tonight, and got home late.”

Li Shuo laughed gently, “Your boss is really terrible, actually making Little Chengxiu work overtime.”

Li Chengxiu laughed. “It’s fine. How… how are you? Is America fun?”

“How would I have the time to play here? I’ve been busy with work and accompanying my parents. Hey, you’re off tomorrow right? Then have a chat with my mom, she’s been nagging at me the past couple of days.”

“Sure.” Li Chengxiu fell momentarily into silence. “I, I’m not good, at speaking.”

“It’s alright. My mom’s temper is extremely good, even better than mine.”


”Do you miss me?” Li Shuo closed his eyes, leaning back into his seat. Thinking of that fair and delicate face, his lips curved up unknowingly into a smile.”

“I do.”

“I miss you too, I bought so many gifts for you.”

“D-don’t buy anymore, I don’t lack for anything.”

“But I want to give you everything.”

Another silence. “Ah… It’s too much money.”

“You don’t have to think about all this, just wait for me obediently to go back.”


A silence again fell.

Li Shuo sighed internally. “Then rest early. Good night.”

“Shuo da-ge, good night.”

Hanging up the phone, Li Shuo smiled wryly.

He did not have many conversation topics in common with Li Chengxiu. Li Chengxiu was very quiet, and they did not share many similarities with each other. However, to share topics of conversation would require time and experience to grow, and Li Shuo was in no hurry. However, he was very aware that in Li Chengxiu’s heart was a person he could not let go, and so he still was unable to open his heart to him. Although Li Shuo minded it, he could not express it. This too, needed time for it to wear down.

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