WTA Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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Arriving at the resort, it happened to be dinner time. The housekeeper had prepared a barbecue in the yard. The weather at the moment was neither hot nor cold, perfect for outdoor activities.


There were two samoyeds in the villa. Upon seeing people, they were very excited, bouncing up and down as they leapt onto Zhao Jinxin.


Li Shuo’s reaction time was very quick, raising Zhao Jinxin’s wrist up.


Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo with surprise.


Li Shuo was relieved. “These two little things nearly bumped into your hand.”


Zhao Jinxin’s arm smoothly hooked around Li Shuo’s neck. Intimately and quietly, he said, “Thank you.”


Li Shuo hurriedly removed his arm. He took a close look at his fingers, finding that they were not as swollen compared to two days before. He said, “Let’s eat first. I’ll help you apply the hot compress and medication after dinner.”


Zhao Jinxin patted the heads of the two dogs with his left hand. “They’re brothers from the same litter. One’s Ann, the other’s Bee, but I can’t distinguish one from the other.”


“These names are really perfunctory. If there’s a third one, would it be called Cii?”


Zhao Jinxin burst out laughing. “If there’s a third one, I’ll let you come up with its name.”


The housekeeper placed three huge canadian lobsters on the wooden table covered with a cream cloth. The smell of roasted butter wafted into everyone’s noses, and there were many other types of seafood and seasonal vegetables available as well. Not only did they smell enticing, the way they were laid out was exquisite as well.


The elders called out to them to join the table.


Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin sat opposite each other. Zhao Jinxin glanced at the lobster, then looked up at Li Shuo with a bright smile.


Li Shuo put down the fork he had just picked up, swapping to a pair of chopsticks instead. There was no cutlery more versatile than a pair of chopsticks. With a knife and chopsticks, he sectioned out chunks of lobster meat and placed them onto Zhao Jinxin’s bowl. “Have some.”


Zhao Jinxin picked up a fork and pierced a chunk. Putting it in his mouth, he chewed as he watched Li Shuo, his expression satisfied.


Li Shuo put his chopsticks down and started peeling prawns, placing them one after another on Zhao Jinxin’s plate.


Madam Zhao could not hold it in anymore. “Li Shuo, you can ignore him. Just eat the food, he can eat something that doesn’t need any work.”


Li Shuo smiled. “It’s fine, I’m still a little airsick, and I have no appetite.”


He hurriedly finished “waiting upon” Zhao Jinxin, wanting to go back to the villa to make his calls. Just now, a glance at his inbox showed him another document sent by the lawyer.


“Young Mr. Li, would you like some medication for your airsickness? I’ll go get them for you,” the housekeeper asked in concern.


“Oh, yes please.” Li Shuo finally got the chance to leave. “I’ll go in with you, it’ll be good to have a rest after taking it.”


“Son, you never used to get airsick. Are you ok?”


“It’s no big deal.” Li Shuo blinked, mentioning, “I’ve never taken a private plane in the past before too.”


Zhao Rongtian seemed flattered as he laughed. “Go take a rest then, just let the housekeeper know if you get hungry. There’s food available anytime.”


“Sure. Thanks, Zhao-shushu.”


Li Shuo followed the housekeeper into the villa.


The housekeeper led him to the guestroom prepared for him, then brought him a glass of warm water and medicine.


Li Shuo was looking at his email. Without looking up, he said, “Thank you. Just put it on the table, I’ll take it in a while.”


The housekeeper solicitously handed the water and medicine to him. “You should take it quickly. This medicine is very effective. You won’t feel sick anymore once you take it and lie down for a bit.”


Li Shuo had no choice but to accept the medicine. Seeing the warm gaze of the housekeeper, he could only place the medicine into his mouth. At first, he had wanted to do what he saw on the television, spitting it out once the housekeeper left, but due to his lack of experience, he ended up swallowing the pill along with the water. There was no time to stop the motion at all. However, he was not bothered, as it was not poison anyway.


After taking the medicine, the housekeeper took the initiative to cover him with a thin blanket. “Young Mr. Lu, this medicine will make you drowsy. If you’re hungry upon waking up, just let me know.”


“Uhh… It’ll make me drowsy?”


The housekeeper nodded. “It’s not as effective as the flu medicine. You won’t end up sleeping until the next day, and you’ll be fine after a few hours of rest.”


“Alright, thank you.” Li Shuo was extremely resigned.


Once the housekeeper left, Li Shuo changed into his pyjamas. He took a look at the information sent by his lawyer, then contacted him on the phone. Sure enough, he started feeling drowsy ten minutes later, and fell asleep unknowingly.


This sleep was very refreshing. Upon waking up, Li Shuo felt his brain relaxed, his body warm. There was even a weight around his waist, making him feel a strong sense of security… What?


Li Shuo wrenched his head around and saw an extreme closeup of Zhao Jinxin’s face, sleeping deeply next to him.


Li Shuo jolted up. His actions were very big, startling Zhao Jinxin into waking up as well. Zhao Jinxin rubbed his eyes sleepily, looking at Li Shuo in incomprehension.


Li Shuo pushed the blanket down. Seeing that they were both dressed, he released a slight breath of relief. Due to his extreme shock, he even forgot to be angry. “W-why are you here?”


Zhao Jinxin was very calm, completely self-possessed. “I came by to see how you were doing, but you didn’t wake up. I got sleepy as well, so I just fell asleep with you for a bit.”


“You!” Looking at Zhao Jinxin was behaving as though it could not be any more natural, Li Shuo nearly burst into angry laughter. He did not know how he could rebuke him, as his every reproach was faced with Zhao Jinxin’s unbothered smile, like a fist landing on cotton. Li Shuo clenched his jaw. “Get off the bed, get out.”


Zhao Jinxin yawned twice before speaking rather unwillingly, “It’s not like I’m going to do anything to you. This bed is so big, why can’t I just nap on it?”


Why is he speaking as though he is completely in the right! Li Shuo scolded silently.


Zhao Jinxin sat up. He studied Li Shuo’s dark face for a moment, then laughed aloud as he lunged over and hugged Li Shuo’s waist, pushing him down to the bed.


Li Shuo exclaimed quietly, “Stop messing around! Hurry up and let go!”


He struggled a couple of times, but did not manage to make Zhao Jinxin budge at all. He really could not understand how Zhao Jinxin could have such great strength in his thin body.


Zhao Jinxin’s arms were like bands of iron, gripping onto Li Shuo’s waist tightly. One of his legs trapped Li Shuo’s, and he laughed darkly, “Hugging you to sleep is so comfortable. Your clothes… they’re definitely in the way, how I wish I could strip them off.”


Li Shuo narrowed his eyes. “If you don’t let go, I’m not going to bother with you anymore.”


In Zhao Jinxin’s amorous, alluring eyes were a captivating amusement, but his words were tinged with tyranny. “Li Shuo, once you’re on my bed, you’re mine.”


Li Shuo gnashed his teeth. “Have Ann and Bee never been on your bed?”


Zhao Jinxin burst out laughing, burying his head in Li Shuo’s chest and nuzzling it a few times before letting go. Smiling, he said, “I’m only teasing you, don’t be angry.”


Li Shuo pushed him away, speaking unceremoniously, “Get out.”


“Actually, I came looking for you to apply the medication.” Zhao Jinxin waved his “weapon” around — his injured hand. “Seeing that you were sleeping so deeply, I couldn’t bear to wake you up.”


Once Li Shuo saw that hand, his temper abated by nearly half. Rolling his eyes, he said, “Wait here for me.”


He took two steps towards the door, then turned his head and instructed, “Get off my bed.”


Zhao Jinxin lifted his own T-shirt, revealing his gorgeous pecs and abs as he chuckled, “Darling, you sure?”


Li Shuo picked up the jacket hung over the back of a chair and threw it at him.


Laughing, Zhao Jinxin caught the jacket and sat up.


Li Shuo headed downstairs and realised that it was nearly eleven at night. The elders were all asleep already, and it was no wonder why Zhao Jinxin was so daring. Looking for the housekeeper, he asked for a new towel and hot water.


Returning to his room, Zhao Jinxin was leaning against the head of the bed, swinging his feet and waiting for him.


Li Shuo opened his luggage, retrieving a portable first aid kit from within. Although it was portable, it was the size of a milk formula can, taking up quite a bit of space.


Zhao Jinxin was surprised. “You bring this around with you?”


“Didn’t I say I’ll help you apply the medication?” Li Shuo opened the kit, taking out isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs and the medication.


Zhao Jinxin watched as Li Shuo placed the items one by one on the cabinet next to the bed. His eyes flashed, and he could not help but say, “I’ve never seen any man more meticulous than you.”


“It’s nothing, I’m only taking responsibility for my own actions.” Li Shuo sat down next to Zhao Jinxin, placing a towel on his own knee and holding his hand out. “Your hand.”


Li Shuo’s hand was not the traditional sort of beauty. His fingers were long, but not very slender, and the tip of his fingers were round and plump. His palm was dry, the lines of it stark, and his fingernails were clean and pink. This hand exuded the air of a masculine steadiness and strength, making people unable to help but put down their guard around him, just like his personality.


When Zhao Jinxin said that he liked Li Shuo’s hands, he truly liked them.


Zhao Jinxin’s hands were different. The back of his hands were thin and long, white and smooth, so pretty like they belonged to a pampered, well brought up young lady. However, when his hand was placed on Li Shuo’s, Li Shuo could feel the calluses there. They did not only cluster in an area, but around his fingers as well.


When Zhao Jinxin hurt his hand, Li Shuo did not dare to touch it, and so he did not discover those calluses. A little surprised, he turned Zhao Jinxin’s hand over, asking doubtfully, “What weapons do you normally practise with?”


He touched Zhao Jinxin’s left hand. There were way less calluses there, and so he had not noticed them either when they shook hands in the past.


Zhao Jinxin spoke as though it was nothing important. “Guns, crossbows, knives and nunchucks? I’m only just playing around with them.”


Li Shuo frowned. “Do you have…”


“Don’t worry, I have a gun license.” Zhao Jinxin rubbed his palm lightly against Li Shuo’s, speaking gently, “If someone dares bully you, I’ll protect you.”


Even though it was only something said in jest, Li Shuo still felt his heart beat a little faster. Holding onto that hand lightly, he said, “Don’t move it around anymore. Tell me if it hurts.”


Zhao Jinxin looked at him, his eyes glimmering with emotions.


Li Shuo pretended to not see them, wiping the injured area with isopropyl alcohol, then poured the medication onto another cotton swab. “The medication will sting a little and heat up the area, bear with it.”




Li Shuo gave two light swipes, and Zhao Jinxin deliberately whined in pain. Li Shuo then gently consoled him, “Just bear with it a little while more, it’ll be fine. Be good, we’re nearly done.”


Zhao Jinxin stared at Li Shuo’s lowered eyes and his thick, curled eyelashes that were fluttering slightly. They were just like two fans, blowing a cool breeze through his heated heart. It itched a little, and it was extremely seductive.


He now understood why that proud and arrogant cousin of his dreaded this man so much…


After carefully applying the medication, Li Shuo heaved a breath of relief. From the tray, he picked up the hot towel and wrapped it around Zhao Jinxin’s hand. “Doing a hot compress after applying medication can allow the blood to circulate better, and the bruises will fade away faster.”


Zhao Jinxin bit his lip, quietly speaking, “Once my hand is fine, you won’t show such care to me anymore, right?”


Li Shuo thought about it, then answered solemnly, “I will treat you fairly as a friend.”


“Then I’d rather it never get better.” Zhao Jinxin wanted to pull his hand back.


Li Shuo caught his wrist, softly reprimanding him, “Don’t make a fuss.”


“Then I hope it heals slowly.” Zhao Jinxin looked deeply into Li Shuo’s eyes, his gaze a little pitiful.


Li Shuo gave a small smile. “Don’t say such foolish things anymore, you’ll recover very soon.”


Zhao Jinxin still looked at him, silent.


Li Shuo said, “You should go back to your room. Just remove the towel after ten minutes.”


It was a rare moment where Zhao Jinxin did not act shamelessly. He kept quiet for a bit, then stood up and walked to the door. Pausing, he turned his head slightly to look at Li Shuo. “Did you ever feel a little something for me?”


Li Shuo’s heart jolted involuntarily. He felt that in the dim light, Zhao Jinxin’s eyes were even more bright, as though it could shine about every hidden corner in his heart. Momentarily, his mouth was dry, and his fists clenched unconsciously. Calmly, he said, “No.”


Zhao Jinxin turned his head back, his shoulders raising and dropping obviously before he opened the door and left.


Li Shuo fell back onto the bed. Staring up at the unfamiliar ceiling, his mind in a mess.

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