XXS Chapter 12

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Chapter 12  — Teamwork and Unity are Commendable


12L: Hahahahaha Luo Zhiyu, basically the face and model student of our entire school, full dress code and presentation marks. 

13L: Quick, save the photo, this is a major morning assembly trainwreck. 

14L: Genius! I lost my school uniform too, why didn’t I think of borrowing one from the second or third years, I got points deducted hnggg. 

15L: What is up with you first years this year, how many days has it even been since the start of term? And your uniforms are all ruined, did you get kidnapped? Are you studying against your will? 

Meanwhile, the First Metropolitan parents group chat has also discovered this detail. 

Parent 4: @Director Wu, did the official account put down the wrong name? The student at the podium is Xiao Yan, no? Do you need to make an edit? 

Parent 5: @Parent 4, ??? No, our Xiao Yan does not look like this. 

Parent 5: Also, xiao-Yan 1 told us he’s giving a speech next week, not this week. No rush, every student will get a chance to give a speech at the morning assembly.

Parent 4: @Director Wu, so what is this student’s name? 

Director Wu: It’s Luo Zhiyu, I don’t see any errors in the article? This is our First Year Excellent Student Representative. Even though he and Xiao Yan are both in Class 3, Xiao Yan is in second year. Both are excellent and hardworking students; they are very responsible and team players. First Metropolitan is lucky to have them. 

Parent 4: Oh, nevermind then. I just saw that the student’s uniform says 0301 Xiao Yan, hahaha. 

Director Wu: Hahaha, not a problem. 

Director Wu: ……

Director Wu: ???


Monday afternoon — Luo Zhiyu, having just finished a class and barely keeping his eyes open, takes a nap on his desk in the ten-minute break between classes. 

“Luo Zhiyu.” A classmate walks over and stands in front of his desk, hesitating for a moment before tapping at his desk. Once he wakes this legendary figure, he says, “The homeroom teacher wants you to go to the office.” 

“Ah?” Luo Zhiyu gets up tiredly, almost knocking over the desk. 

It is just the first day of official classes, and this legendary figure has been the talk of the school. The person in question is completely unaware of what has happened and takes his time on his walk towards the office, under the impressed gaze of the student body. 

The teachers’ office is at the end of the hallway. By the time Luo Zhiyu arrives, the bell signalling the start of the last class of the afternoon sounds — this is the first-years’ only art class of the week. 

“Have a seat.” The Class 3 homeroom teacher points at the chair beside him. The computer shows a zoomed-in photo from the morning assembly, “Care to explain?” 

“No need to zoom in, what a hassle. Mr. Qiu, no need for photos, just look at me, I’m right here.” Luo Zhiyu still wears Xiao Yan’s uniform with the nameplate still intact. 

The homeroom teacher feels a headache coming in. 

“Xiao Yan is an alpha.” 

Luo Zhiyu: “Hm?” 

“You are an omega.” 

Luo Zhiyu: “Hm.” 

“Then why are you wearing his uniform?” Qiu Yi tends to side with his own students, and has just gotten off a call with the Second Year, Class 3 homeroom teacher, “Did he make you wear it?” 

“No.” Regarding the uniforms, Luo Zhiyu takes full responsibility for his own actions, “I forced mine on him.” 

The teacher: “?” 

“So he’d let me borrow his.” Luo Zhiyu finishes his sentence. 

The homeroom teacher gets quite a scare from Luo Zhiyu’s middle-of-the-sentence pause. His headache worsens; kids these days are such a handful. “What did you borrow his uniform for, out of the blue?” 

“To wear, of course.” Luo Zhiyu does not sound like he has done anything wrong, “If I don’t wear the uniform, I’ll get credits deducted.” 

So it’s the school’s fault, actually. 

“Where is your own uniform?” Mr. Qiu says seriously, “You gave a speech on dress code and presentation wearing someone else’s uniform?” 

“In tatters.” Luo Zhiyu gestures with his hands, “There’s a hole in it, about this big. Honestly, the bushes next to the planters on campus should really be trimmed.” 

It’s the bushes’ fault, actually. 

“And your extra set of uniforms? Did you not bring it to school?” Qiu Yi says, “Did I not remind everyone in the class group chat to bring an extra set?” 

“I did bring it.” Luo Zhiyu suddenly gets serious, “Oh, while I’m here, Mr. Qiu, I have a complaint. The military training uniform is such bad quality, it bled in the laundry and dyed my extra uniform dark blue.” 

It’s the military training uniform’s fault, actually. 

“I brought this up with the school, but was dismissed.” Luo Zhiyu recites from a non-existent script, “As students of First Metropolitan, one must always keep the dress code and presentation standards in our hearts. One should not wear ripped uniforms, nor one that has been stained or bled. One must wait for a new uniform to be made, but the Monday morning assembly waits for no one.” 

“With no other choice, I asked Xiao Yan to borrow his.” Luo Zhiyu concludes, “That’s the full story.” 

Qiu Yi has quite a few years of experience as a homeroom teacher, and has met all kinds of students. However, a smooth talker that removes themselves out of all responsibility, such as Luo Zhiyu, is truly out of the ordinary.

The phone on the desk vibrates once — the Second Year, Class 3 homeroom teacher has sent him a diagnosis report. 

Second Year Homeroom Teacher 3: [Diagnosis report], got this from Xiao Yan, same as reported on the City News. 0% indeed. 

Second Year Homeroom Teacher 3: From what I know, 0% compatibility is very rare. There was an AO pair about a century ago that had 0% compatibility. They were notorious for hating each other and fighting on sight, to the point of being troubling for the local community. 

Second Year Homeroom Teacher 3: When I heard from Director Wu the other day, I was actually kind of worried that Xiao Yan and Luo Zhiyu would be the same, but this uniform incident has let me see unity and friendship in them. This is very commendable. As educators, sometimes we shouldn’t read too much into our students’ actions. 

Second Year Homeroom Teacher 3: Trust me, it is possible for a 0% compatibility AO pair to get along peacefully. Students at this age are the most pure and innocent, and these two are both good kids. If we guide them starting now, there is still a chance for them to get along. 

Second Year Homeroom Teacher 3: love & peace

First Year Homeroom Teacher 3: Oh…as expected from the Education Team Leader. Honoured to learn from you. Fighting.jpg. 

“Mr. Qiu?” Luo Zhiyu has not gotten a response after recounting his actions, and couldn’t stop himself from prompting him a little, “Is there anything else? If there isn’t, I need to get back to art class.” 

“You’re free to go.” Mr. Qiu looks up, putting on an approving and hopeful gaze, “Go ahead, remember to get along peacefully with Xiao Yan, don’t fight, okay?” 

“So should I keep wearing this uniform, Mr. Qiu?” 

“Keep it for now.” The homeroom teacher waves his hand to let him go, “Always remember the good in others.” 

Luo Zhiyu leaves with many questions. He makes it back while the art class is still going on. 

Luo Zhiyu asks for permission to join the class, expressionless, and sits back down at his seat under the curious gaze of the entire class. He pulls out his drawing paper and tunes into the lecture. 

The high school art class mostly serves as a chance for students to develop hobbies and relieve stress; the curriculum content is relatively easy and relaxing for Luo Zhiyu. After he finishes colouring in the class assignment, he turns over the page to doodle other things. 

[Second Year Excellent Student Representative]: What are you doing? Did you talk to your homeroom teacher yet? They want us to get along peacefully. 

[Not Zhiliao]: Art class. 

[Not Zhiliao]: Handshake.jpg 

[Second Year Excellent Student Representative]: Oh, your fave. 

[Not Zhiliao]: Look, [picture attached], I drew a mini fridge for you, does it look like the one you just lost? 

[Second Year Excellent Student Representative]: ……

[Second Year Excellent Student Representative]: Seems like you’re on your phone during class. Smile.jpg, this Students’ Association member will be there very soon to enforce classroom rules. 

[Not Zhiliao]: ? Police bait?

[Not Zhiliao]: Get over here then, if you come I’ll submit our chat records. We can timeout together. 


First Metropolitan Campus Forum– 

[What do people think of the Morning Assembly Incident?]

1L: Purely rationally speaking, I think Xiao Yan and Luo Zhiyu look pretty good together. The more I look, the more it makes sense. 

2L: Recap here [link], First Metropolitan Broomstick Incident, Honey Peach Incident. It already has 40k likes on the video apps, most of the netizen comments say he deserves it. 

3L (Tang Yuan): Those who think they have a chance, I suggest you pay attention to the morning assembly next week: The Love and Hate of the Mini Fridge and the Pot, an epic. 

4L (Fan Yue): I think it is best to not extrapolate too much, for the sake of the people in question. As someone who has tried to break up their fights, let me tell you, they are on really bad terms. Don’t ask me how I know, my butt hurts QAQ. 


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