XXS Chapter 23

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Chapter 23  — No Different From Being a Pervert


First Metropolitan High campus forum– 

[Is it earthquake awareness week next week? I just saw the Students’ Association people doing murals at the school entrance] 

1L: As the title says, the mural looks pretty good too. [Photo attached]

2L: Look at who I have found, the two people who are in the middle of a gossip storm. 

3L: Only good things to say about First Year, Class 3 Luo Zhiyu, good-looking, good person, and even his drawings look great. 

4L: Hey 3L, don’t just brag about whoever. Luo Zhiyu is such a handful, just ask Xiao Yan. 

5L: Does anyone else feel like these two are on better terms these days?

6L: They’re already at the pre-marriage checkup stage, what else can they do? Can only live with each other from now on. Doge.jpg 

7L: They already said, it was just a standard checkup. Believe in science, my friends, there is absolutely nothing between them.


The two people standing at the school entrance watch as Tang Yuan sprints into the distance, howling as he goes. 

“He’s pretty fast.” Luo Zhiyu says enviously, “Isn’t the fall sports day in November? Get your dorm’s fierce A in there, I’ll hook him up with some big orange cats.” 

Xiao Yan: “……”

“What do we have for lunch?” Once Luo Zhiyu is done speculating, he realizes that his and Xiao Yan’s lunches are still with Tang Yuan, “I think I’m getting hungry.” 

“We could eat out?” Xiao Yan asks for Luo Zhiyu’s opinion. 

“Or we could just stick it out?” Luo Zhiyu suggests, “I’m almost done anyway, let’s go once the mural is done.” 

“Go ahead.” Xiao Yan picks up the blackboard eraser and erases Tang Yuan’s name from the credits section, leaving only his and Luo Zhiyu’s. 

Halfway up the ladder, Luo Zhiyu fills in some chalkboard drawings while Xiao Yan holds him steady, the perfect picture of two hardworking Students’ Association members on the job. 

“I just remembered.” Luo Zhiyu switches to a piece of chalk in a different colour, “The ‘looming turtle’ in your friends list on the game, is he that Physical Education rep in your class? The alpha?” 

He is someone who has talked shit behind his back, after all. It makes sense to figure out who he is cursing at. 

“You know him?” Xiao Yan looks up from ordering takeout on his phone.

“Last week, I went to the office to explain why I was doodling in class, and also did my time out there.” Luo Zhiyu thinks back to the scene at the time, “There was someone there who was getting scolded, I think it was him.” 

“I don’t know if it was because he just finished PE class, but when he passed by, I thought his pheromones were so stinky.” At that, Luo Zhiyu adds, “I’m just saying, objectively; I don’t mean to look down on his pheromones.” 

“Don’t spout nonsense, that guy’s pheromone scent is blue cheese, it’s super expensive.” Xiao Yan changes the name on the takeout order, “Rare, too.” 

Luo Zhiyu decides to shut up: “…….Okay, pretend I didn’t say anything.” 

By comparison, though, Xiao Yan’s orange scent is very refreshing. 

“Um…sorry to interrupt.” A second year student wearing the blue and white uniform stands before them, “I am looking for Luo Zhiyu.” 

“I am him.” Luo Zhiyu waves from the top of the ladder, “What’s up?” 

He had left his school uniform unzipped, a smudge of pink chalk on his cheek, hair a little messy from the wind. As he sits on the ladder, lowering his gaze slightly onto the person on the ground, he seems to be in good spirits — one of his legs hangs off the steps, swinging gently back and forth. 

“Could…could you come with me for a second?” The alpha looks up at him for just a second before lowering his gaze again. 

Luo Zhiyu: “?” 

“Why don’t you just say it here, is it something that he isn’t allowed to hear?” He points at Xiao Yan, “I’m working right now, it’s a hassle to get down.” 

“Um……” The second year alpha hesitates for a second, then swallows back what he was going to say, holding up the paper bag in his hand instead, “Have you had lunch? The cake from this place is really good, do you want some?” 

Xiao Yan scrunches his eyebrows and does not say anything. 

“Thanks.” He hears Luo Zhiyu respond. 

“But I hope you’ll understand, I don’t really eat sweets, and my parents are pretty strict, so I’m not allowed to eat things that strangers give me.” Luo Zhiyu lowers his head a little, very polite in his refusal. 

The second year alpha seems disappointed. 

“You can give it to me.” Xiao Yan leans against the blackboard, dragging out his words, “I like sweets, and my parents are not as strict.” 

The alpha in the same year as Xiao Yan glares at him and mutters, “fuckboy”, before leaving. 

Xiao Yan: “???” 

Luo Zhiyu cannot hold it in; the second the other boy puts distance between them, he laughs out loud. 

“No laughing.” Xiao Yan says, “As long as I have the fuckboy label, I am not letting you live it down either.” 

“I have been wanting to ask for a while now.” Luo Zhiyu holds onto the ladder and kicks at Xiao Yan’s shoulder with his foot, “Fellow student, I did not actually have a hand in ruining your reputation, right?” 

“You even used me to clear your name, didn’t you? How is it that the more you clear things up, the worse your reputation gets?” 

“It’s a long story.” Xiao Yan sighs, leaning against the blackboard, “But the fact remains that it is entirely your fault.” 

“This accusation of yours does not follow any logic, Xiao Yan…” Luo Zhiyu suddenly says Xiao Yan’s name tightly, “Don’t move.”

Xiao Yan: “?”

Luo Zhiyu jumps down from the ladder, carefully dragging Xiao Yan away from the blackboard. The mural that he had been working on all morning has turned into a muddled patch of chalk, a big smear of chalk left on the back of Xiao Yan’s clothing.

Luo Zhiyu takes a broomstick in hand, chasing after Xiao Yan all the way to the campus entrance, just in time to pick up Xiao Yan’s takeout. 

It is warm, steaming takoyaki from the place that Luo Zhiyu likes — the duo, covered in chalk and crouching in the campus foliage, finally eat lunch. 

“Zhiliao.” Xiao Yan says. 

“Zhiyu.” Luo Zhiyu steals away the last takoyaki ball from Xiao Yan’s bowl. 

“I have discovered that you have double standards.” Xiao Yan stands and clears away the eating utensils on the ground. 

Luo Zhiyu: “? Since when did I have double standards, I only beat up whoever smudges my blackboard. You are the one who needs a beating the most.” 

Xiao Yan shakes his head, seemingly in a good mood. 

Xiao Yan ends up singing along to rap songs the entire afternoon while Luo Zhiyu draws, making Luo Zhiyu’s head fill with questions. 

“Finally, done!” Luo Zhiyu steps back a few steps, admiring his results, “I think it’s alright, what about you?” 

“Good.” Xiao Yan carries the ladder, and Luo Zhiyu, the box of chalk and blackboard eraser. 

At the intersection that leads to the alpha dorms, Luo Zhiyu stops in his steps: “Ah, right, I almost forgot.” 


“The uniform I ordered is coming in tonight, and the name tag is done too. I can finally wear my own.” Luo Zhiyu places the drawing materials on the ground and starts to take off his uniform jacket, “Thanks for lending me yours.” 

“Why don’t you……” Xiao Yan wants to say, ‘why don’t you give it to me later,’ since he is still carrying a ladder and doesn’t have the extra hand for the uniform, “Don’t…….” 

Before he gets the words out, Luo Zhiyu has already thrown the large uniform jacket at him, landing and covering up his entire head — he is engulfed by the smell of honey peaches. 

In the sinking sunlight, Luo Zhiyu swaggers away, and Xiao Yan stays in place, carrying a ladder, with a uniform jacket soaked with an omega’s scent on his head. He feels as if he is no different from being a pervert. 

Author’s note: Got hungry writing the description, ordered myself takoyaki takeout (≧∇≦)ノ


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