XXS Chapter 24

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Chapter 24  — I Don’t Mean It Like That 


The sweet fragrance of honey peaches starts to poke at his nerves little by little. Luo Zhiyu himself is a nuisance, but his pheromones are unexpectedly sweet — the pheromones on the school uniform are not too concentrated, yet also not ignorable, as if something has tickled at his heart, softly and barely there, yet unwilling to give more. 

Xiao Yan thinks that there is a reason for him to review Mr. Xu’s health class recordings. 

“What are you spacing out here for?” Fan Yue passes by the sports field with a cardboard box in his arms, slapping his roommate’s shoulder, “What are you looking at?” 

“Nothing.” Luo Zhiyu has walked off into the distance, and Xiao Yan retrieves his gaze. He shakes his head, straightfaced, suddenly realizing that he is a rather sanctimonious person. 

Xiao Yan: “…….”

“I went to pick up a delivery just now. You guys did great with the blackboard mural, here, let me help you.” Fan Yue offers to help him with the ladder, “Yan-ge, why do you have a uniform jacket on your head?” 

Xiao Yan finally frees up a hand to pull down the school uniform that Luo Zhiyu had thrown on him, bunching it up in his hands. He follows Fan Yue back to the dorms, the two of them each carrying an end of the ladder with Fan Yue’s cardboard box thrown on top. 

The two alphas run into Mr. Xu at the entrance to their dorms. Mr. Xu, here to deal with Students’ Association business, recognizes the two members and says hello: “That mini fridge of yours, I left it with the staff ayi 1 at the dorms. We’ll give it back to you once you graduate.” 

“Okay.” Fan Yue and Xiao Yan put on a great attitude, fully cooperating. 

“Also.” Mr. Xu reminds them, a little exasperatedly, “The staff ayi wants you guys to stop buying mini fridges, she already has three at her office, there is no room for more. After all these cohorts of students, it is only your year that seems super obsessed with mini fridges. If we find another one, we’ll deduct all the credits we can. Do you hear me?” 

The two people who had just bought their fourth mini fridge, and are in fact carrying their fourth mini fridge into the dorms, smile, look at the sky, and whistle nervously. 

Thankfully, Mr. Xu does not notice the box they are carrying between them and leaves after nodding once. Fan Yue and Xiao Yan share a look, walking into the dorm area and planning to leave Mr. Xu’s line of sight as soon as possible. 

“Wait.” Mr. Xu stops in his tracks, “You two….” 

A drop of sweat falls along Fan Yue’s temple and onto the ground. He panics right there: “W-we…” 

“What are you panicking for?” Xiao Yan kicks his dormmate, “Deal with it calmly.” 

“You’re both alphas, but how come there is the smell of omega pheromones here?” Mr. Xu, who has a very good nose, stares them down while asking. 

Xiao Yan: “……”


First Metropolitan campus forum– 

[Wow! I seem to have heard something momentous.]

1L: As the title says, I was just coming back from buying mochi and ran into Mr. Xu at the entrance to the alpha dorms. The school-grass and his friend were also there, guess what I overheard?! 

2L: I’m not guessing, out with it if you actually have something to say. Clickbait deserves to get clobbered. 

3L: Mr. Xu asked them why they have the smell of omega pheromones on them hahahahaha.

4L: I see how it is.

5L (Tang Yuan-er 2): ? Huh? Maybe things are not as complicated as you guys are thinking. Moon face.jpg

6L: Is that Tang Yuan upstairs? Just saw you sprinting for your life on campus today. Moon face.jpg 


“Thank god for the pheromones that Yan-ge got on himself, so that our mini fridge number four made it in.” Fan Yue opens a can of soda to start the celebrations, “Thank you, Yan-ge, for your sacrifice for the sake of our dorm.” 

Tang Yuan shakily takes the can of soda. There is still a big, orange cat perched on his shoulder, seemingly having a time. 

“Deal with it calmly, Yan-ge.” Fan Yue cheers to that. 




“Your new school uniform has arrived, I put it on your desk.” Jing Ximing slumps over his pile of homework, playing Animal Crossing. He doesn’t even lift his head once he hears Luo Zhiyu open the door, “Why don’t you give it a wash before you wear it. The weather’s been good these days, it should dry by tomorrow.” 

“Nice, I just returned the other uniform.” Luo Zhiyu stops before the mirror and just finds the smears of chalk all over his face and hair. He had just bickered with Xiao Yan the entire way back, looking like this. 

“You gave it back to him?” Jing Ximing mulls over this fact in his head, settling on an uneasy feeling, “Luo Zhiyu, you didn’t wash it?” 

“…….I didn’t get a chance to.” Luo Zhiyu says. 

“Does Xiao Yan know that you just defiled him?” Jing Ximing puts down his game reluctantly, finally writing his name onto the practice exam sheets, “Thank goodness you guys have zero compatibility. It’s whatever if it’s him, but you better not do this if it is someone else.” 

“Huh?” This is already defiling? He had even thrown the jacket onto the guy’s face. 

[Not Zhiliao]: Beep beep. 

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: Fairy scrunching eyebrows.jpg 

[Not Zhiliao]: About that?

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: About what?

[Not Zhiliao]: The uniform. Let me wash it and give it back to you. 

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: It’s soaking in water now, it had chalk all over. [Picture attached]. 

In order to avoid bleeding, Xiao Yan found two buckets of water and soaked the two uniforms separately, evidently much more experienced than Luo Zhiyu. 

[Not Zhiliao]: Do I seem a little, kind of like, I defiled you?

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: Do I seem a little, kind of like, a pervert to you?

[Not Zhiliao]: Okay, let’s leave this here, pretend I didn’t say anything. 

Luo Zhiyu is still curious, so after dinner and after doing a physics practice exam, he types into the search engine–

[Is there some special meaning if an omega gives an alpha a piece of clothing that he has worn?]

The answer that has the most likes: With the scent intact? Means that he’s asking to get fucked. 

Other answer 1: Fuck him. 

Other answer 2: Give it to me, put it on my face, let’s go. Infatuated idiot.jpg 

Other answer 3: However you read it, there are definitely no good intentions. 

Other answer 4: +DM for HD images and all kinds of short videos *#$#$ 

Other answer 5: What are you asking for, get in there if you are a true alpha. 

Luo Zhiyu: “……”

[Not Zhiliao]: I don’t mean it like that. 

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: I also don’t mean it like that. Scared.jpg 

[Not Zhiliao]: Are we talking about the same thing? 

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: ? I am saying, I am not a pervert. What are you trying to say? 

[Not Zhiliao]: Okay, let’s leave this here, pretend I didn’t say anything. 

[Second-Year Excellent Student Representative]: …….


The new, coming week is First Metropolitan’s earthquake awareness week; on Monday morning, a group of visiting specialists visit the campus and see at once the traditional, First Metropolitan blackboard mural. 

“First Metropolitan has maintained this even after so many years.” The visiting teacher also graduated from First Metropolitan once upon a time, and has deep impressions of the blackboard here. 

“This was completed by two very excellent students from our first and second years.” Director Wu proudly taps at the two names on the bottom right corner of the blackboard, “Xiao Yan and Luo Zhiyu — even though they have basically zero compatibility, they still embody teamwork and friendship. They are both members of our Students’ Association, model students. You will be able to see them both later in the earthquake drill demonstration.” 

There is an earthquake drill every year; the drill this year is also organized by the teachers. Once the alarm sounds, students leave through the safety routes in an orderly fashion, heading towards the open sports field. Once the evacuation is complete, Students’ Association members are in charge of putting on a rescue demonstration. 

As the alpha students’ mutually-agreed face of the school, Xiao Yan takes the role of the demonstration’s MC, explaining the rescue process on the podium. Luo Zhiyu sits right next to him, holding onto a cup of freshly-steeped tea, clicking through the powerpoint slides for him. 

Xiao Yan: “Next, we can see how those who are injured will call for help. What we see here…….”

Tang Yuan, acting as a casualty and wrapped in bandages, lies comfortably on the stretcher with his eyes closed. The students responsible for carrying the stretcher lift Tang Yuan in with motivational music in the background. 

“Those are the two students I mentioned earlier, they are on pretty good terms now.” Director Wu introduces the fruits of his morality education efforts, “They collaborate often, and have been able to finish tasks successfully basically every time.” 

The autumn breeze is not quite cold enough, so Luo Zhiyu tries to blow at the tea in his hands in order to cool it down faster.

A large orange cat charges into the demonstration area. Tang Yuan, the “casualty” on the stretcher, lets out a shriek and rolls off and away from the stretcher. 

Before Xiao Yan is able to turn off the mic, Luo Zhiyu, with no tact at all, lets out a laugh.

Xiao Yan covers his mouth out of exasperation, ending up accidentally knocking over the paper cup on the desk; the hot tea startles the two of them as it splashes over. 

“It hurts so much, do you not have a conscience?” Luo Zhiyu’s reproachful voice travels across the entire campus. 


Author’s note: Just a note that the chat nicknames are different depending on whose point of view it is. 


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