XXS Chapter 4

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Chapter 4  — How to Get Along as 0%

Just as classes end for the day, the First Metropolitan High campus forum gets busy. 

 [New first-year students have started military training eh? Don’t you all have some thoughts? Intense suggestive look.jpg]

1L: I just want to say, please don’t rain hahahahhaha! 

2L: +1, I want to go watch for the drama. We cannot have baked under the sun for a whole week last year for nothing. 

3L: I just passed by the sports field, there are already people arriving…

4L: Who??? The start-of-semester exam is this weekend, my head has fallen off from memorizing books. How bored is this person? 

5L: Your school-grass…I saw from the window, looks like he has come prepared! 

6L: !!! No wonder he’s not in the Students’ Association room. I’m going to go look. 

7L: Stop playing around, go to the cafeteria first for your own good, otherwise there will be a huge wave of new students fighting you guys for lunch. 

8L: Correct, there is still class in the afternoon, I choose lunch. Salivating.jpg 

On the sports field, Xiao Yan has yet to drink from the can of pop he had just pulled open, but instead slowly puts the orange soda aside to let the air fill with a faint orange fragrance. With his chin on his hand, he continues to observe Luo Zhiyu’s reaction, a slight smile on his lips and eyes half closed, looking like he is greatly enjoying his current situation. 

No wonder this person was reluctant for a truce yesterday. The fist resting at Luo Zhiyu’s side clenches and releases; while out of the instructor’s gaze, Luo Zhiyu clenches his teeth, opening his mouth without a sound: “You look like…” 

“The omega student in the middle of the first row, another 10 minutes of standing.” The instructor furrows his brows, “You need to stay focused, do not get distracted by the outside world.” 

Luo Zhiyu: “……”

He also wants to ignore Xiao Yan’s presence, but this person is really, really too jarring of a sight. 

After Xiao Yan puts down the orange soda, he picks up a can of cola, shaking it at Luo Zhiyu. The pop had just been chilling in the dorm’s mini fridge, small drops of condensation on the can, letting out gusts of cold air — exceptionally alluring, under the hot sun. 

This time, not only Luo Zhiyu, but even the students in the back rows swallow uncontrollably. 

Stay focused. Luo Zhiyu chants stay focused ten times in his head, anger accumulating. He stands very straight yet his gaze travels all over the place, looking for something to beat someone up with later. 

“Xiao Yan, what are you doing?” Fan Yue follows the clues on the school forum and finally finds Xiao Yan in front of the First Year, Class 3 squad. 

Xiao Yan, the previously missing Students’ Association member, sits proper and upright on the grass, a row of opened cans of chilled pop in front of him. 

In one glance, Fan Yue picks out Luo Zhiyu, who was almost exploding from anger, from the crowd. Fan Yue’s face falls right there: “Why are you provoking him again?” 

“I am not.” Xiao Yan feels the weight of the last can of peach soda in his hands, fingers pausing at the tab but stopping just before pulling it open, saying unhurriedly, “I am just stopping by to see if his new uniform fits properly.” 

Fan Yue: “……”. Stopping by my ass. 

He has sufficient evidence to suspect that Xiao Yan has premeditated today’s immoral conduct since last night. 

Fan Yue watches helplessly as his deskmate casually takes out a test paper from his pocket, ripping it in half and folding it into a little fan in order to fan wafts of the soda smell towards Luo Zhiyu. 

The band-aid on a certain school-grass is not wrongfully there at all — he deserves all of it. 

“Sit down, there isn’t much to do at the Students’ Association today anyway.” Xiao Yan shifts to make space for Fan Yue, taking out a lunch box from the bag filled with pre-cut, chilled watermelon. 

“Wanna eat some?” Xiao Yan asks. 

Some tens of pairs of eyes stare at the watermelon in his hands. Fan Yue shudders and does not dare to take any. “No, no.” 

“Wanna eat some?” Xiao Yan holds the box in his hands, silently asking Luo Zhiyu. “You want it?” 

“You’re dead meat.” Luo Zhiyu smiles. 

Fan Yue takes a step back.

“Sir.” Luo Zhiyu suddenly calls out. 


Luo Zhiyu calms himself for a moment and starts: “Sir, I’m dizzy.” The kind of dizzy that won’t get better unless I beat Xiao Yan up. 

“You’re really dizzy?” The instructor had just seen this child silently curse someone out from the corner of his eyes, so when Luo Zhiyu says that he is dizzy, he is naturally suspicious. 

“Really dizzy.” Luo Zhiyu nods sincerely, “I just presented, it hasn’t even been a week. I’m a fragile omega right now, the object of nation-wide protection initiatives. Sir, do you see that guy sitting on the grass over there, right now to me, he looks like he’s flying in the sky.” 

His skin is quite pale, covered in sweat under the blazing sun, nose slightly red. As he lowers his head, his lashes quiver slightly, looking convincingly pitiful and helpless. 

Fan Yue: “……” His instincts tell him a storm is coming. He is contemplating whether he should take shelter or not, but Xiao Yan continues to hold his food container like he has nothing to do with it all. 

“Hold on, it’ll be fine.” Xiao Yan sits without any intention of moving. 

“Don’t spew nonsense…” A newly-presented omega would indeed need to be careful. After hearing what Luo Zhiyu said, the instructor gets serious about the issue as well and decides to verify, picking up the Class 3 attendance sheet: “What is your name?” 

“Luo Zhiyu, ‘zhi’ as in know my heart, ‘yu’ as in bestow upon me a peace of mind.”1 Luo Zhiyu recites his name and glares at Xiao Yan while he’s at it, “Not Luo Zhiliao!” 

The new student numbers are assigned according to test rankings, so Luo Zhiyu’s name is not difficult to find, the first on the list for Class 3. 

0301 Luo Zhiyu 

The instructor finds a note next to his name and learns that it has only been three days since Luo Zhiyu presented. 

It is almost time to end the morning military training session anyway; if an omega who was still energetic just earlier suddenly dips his head and says he is dizzy, he is probably actually drained.

The instructor forgets about the additional penalty that he had given him and waves his hand: “We’ll stop here for the morning. Students of Class 3 are dismissed.” 

The instructor is still a little worried about Luo Zhiyu and turns to ask, “Um, Student Luo, do you need someone to take you to the infirmary….”

Yet before he can finish his sentence, the second-year boy who had just been opening a row of pop puts down the watermelon in his hands and stands up, sprinting off immediately. And, a certain someone who had just been declaring his nauseousness bends over to pick up a branch from beside the planters and swings it outwards. 

The instructor: “……”

Everyone in Class 3: “……” 

Xiao Yan scrambles away too quickly for Fan Yue to get out of the way, getting hit in the butt by Luo Zhiyu’s branch as a result. He lets out a reverberating ow! right then and there. 

 “Stop right there!” 

“Fucker, you’re dead!” 

“I’ll make you do your little fairy scrunching eyebrows!” 

The battle is fierce. The newly-presented, fragile omega stops at the edge of the sports field, dragging at the jacket of the boy in front of him with one hand, weighing the branch in another. He seems to be unhappy with the feel of the branch in his hands and suddenly lets it go, picking up instead, next to the garbage cans, a large broomstick that the janitor ladies use to sweep fallen leaves with. Brandishing the big broomstick in both hands, he starts the chase again. 

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