SW Chapter 12

Here’s the second chapter of Slow-witted for the week!

Edited by Quwu.

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SW Chapter 11

Here’s another update for SW!!

As Quwu said, Lu Qi’an is so corny in this one. lmao

Edited by Quwu!

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SW Chapter 10

Starting from next week, SW will have two chapters release per week. This will last until my new semester starts although I’m hoping to retain this speed haha. (If nothing comes up.) The chapters are getting longer oh god.

Edited by Quwu~

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SW Chapter 8

Back with a new chapter for Slow-Witted.

Edited by Tin. Qced by Isa.

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SW Chapter 7

Hi all,

Back with another chapter of Slow-witted!

Big thanks to Tin for editing and Isalee for doing QC!

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SW Chapter 5


I’m somehow alive. This chapter is edited by Tin. ;w; Thank you, Tin!

Thanks to Moe for helping me with this chapter too. (We’re trying to collab so we can see if we speed up lmao)

New chapter here.



SW Chapter 4

Hi all,

This chapter is edited by Isa since Aco is sick.

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Also, I’m looking for a permanent editor for SW. It’s a non profit work so unfortunately, I can’t pay you. ;w; But if anyone still wants to help out regardless, feel free to apply by emailing me here. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a snippet to edit and have your work check out by our friendly editors.

Thank you!!