Summer Drowning


SD Chapter 1 (NSFW)

I don’t know whether you know this but I love redemption novels a lot. LIKE A LOT A LOT.  AND the best thing is? IT’S ABO!!! *cries* I love omegaverse so much. So this is like my two favorite things packaged as one!

This is another novel written by the same author as Slow-Witted. This is a very touching story and the shou and gong only have each other to depend on. I admit I cried a lot when I read this because I was so moved and touched by their beautiful love (I’m a sucker for these things).

I am not sure if I managed to convey the same tone the author was trying to do with this story but I think I did my best and I hope you all enjoy this amazing piece as much as I do.

To those who choose to mtl this, I’m not sure how well MTL can convey this novel but the gong is not a slag! I repeat, the gong is not a slag! Regardless of what you are gonna read in the later chapters, the gong is not a slag!

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Here’s chapter 1.