The Elegant Dancing Years

TEDY Chapter 7

Qi MingYue nodded in his heart, only an emperor could do something like this, comforting one while promising another. 

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TEDY Chapter 6

Father was unpredictable like the wind, but you could always see the evil within his eyes. It made him very hard to reject. Of course, who could reject their own kind?

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TEDY Chapter 5

“Father hasn’t answered my question yet, why am I so special to you?”

Looking at Qi Xutian’s eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, “You want to know?”

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TEDY Chapter 4

After five years of confinement, Mingyue finally steps foot out of the Yuexia Court to attend the Royal School.

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TEDY Chapter 3

“In this body, your blood runs in my veins, but I’m not your son. You don’t mind that?”

“I’ve said it before, in this life, you are my son. But what about you? In your heart, who am I?”

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TEDY Chapter 2

The hundredth day celebration awaits, and the grandmaster read the stars…. revealing the horrifying truth.

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TEDY Chapter 1

He’s… dead? Reincarnated? Even though he is a baby, his emotions were mixed about being carried by a grown man… (7 . 7) At least now he’s pretty sure he wasn’t going to look too bad.

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TEDY Prologue

Handsome, elegant, and calculated. Nothing really fazes him, until… a tarot reading determines our character’s future…

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