TMG Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Is My Childhood Buddy Trying to Turn Me Gay? (YES!)

CP Forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay>

[1] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
See topic. Recently, my childhood buddy has been giving me some very ambiguous signs. I suspect that he wants to turn me gay.

[2] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
It’s like this. My childhood buddy and I have known each other since we were in diapers. We went to the same kindergarten, primary school, high school and university. Our relationship is pretty good. However, recently I’ve been feeling that something is wrong.

[3] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
We went on a trip last month. He did not bring enough clothes, and in the last two days, he wore mine (including underwear). Even if we’re so close that we can wear the same pants, he shouldn’t be like that. Why couldn’t he just go down to the convenience store at the ground floor of the hotel to buy two pairs of underwear?

Also, last week was my birthday. Most people would just send an e-red packet of 13.14RMB. However, my childhood buddy had transferred me 1314RMB. I wanted to transfer it back to him, but he rejected me. Although he does have some money, but we just started work. A red packet of 1314RMB is too much.

We’re currently co-tenants. Last night, when I was showering halfway, he even came into the bathroom. I asked him why was he there, and he said he wanted to brush his teeth. Then, he really stood outside the shower that was separated by a glass door and started brushing his teeth. It was so awkward for me.

Do you think he’s trying to turn me gay, or am I overthinking this? Or is he straight as a pipe, and so all these don’t bother him?

[6] Has CP Crashed Today
Ohho~ Although I don’t know if the childhood friend likes OP, but I know that OP definitely likes his buddy (knowinglook.jpg)

[7] FishCareTaker
+1! Shouldn’t ordinary people feel disgusted when their childhood friend does this to them? Whereas OP is actually considering if he would be turned gay or not. No need to think about it, OP, you definitely like your childhood friend.

[10] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
No no no! It’s really not what you guys think it is. I’ve already said it, my buddy and I are close enough to share a pair of trousers, so, no matter what, I will not disdain my buddy.

The question is, does my childhood buddy have a crush on me. Don’t get mixed up.

[11] Idling To Forum
Only close enough to share a pair of trousers? Can you be close enough to not wear any trousers? (obliquesmile.jpg)

[12] 434625837
We’ve all gone through 9 years of voluntary education, why is the above poster so outstanding?


[15] Fish CareTaker
Above poster don’t go off topic. Isn’t the main point that OP has only just suspected that his childhood buddy likes him, and has already started to wonder if he himself has turned gay? If this isn’t love, I’ll livestream myself eating goldthread!
(T/N: Goldthread is well known for being very bitter.)

Chang Pei scrolled the forum post all the way to the bottom, but did not find a single useful post. Frowning, he closed the lid of his laptop, then he heard the door unlock behind him.

“You’re back?”

“Yes.” Chang Pei’s childhood buddy — Jin Jiang, carried his laptop bag and entered the door. In his hand was also vegetables and spareribs that he had just purchased. Jin Jiang was usually very reserved in public. Dressed in a suit whose style he had never ever changed, with dashing eyebrows and bright eyes, he looked very handsome. Seeing how Chang Pei was watching him, he gave him a fond smile, “We’ll be having winter melon braised spareribs and stir-fried vegetables with mushroom today. Do you want some tomatoes to go along with it?”

“Ah. Ok.” Chang Pei looked a little foolish staring at him.

Jin Jiang was in a good mood. Placing the laptop bag on the table, he tousled Chang Pei’s hair, then brought the groceries to the kitchen.

Chang Pei blushed.

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  1. Agree with those commenters. The question should’ve been: Do I like my best friend, and the answer is like what has been stated above.

  2. Hello Alex-san, this is Bambam.
    Haha I want to ask permission to translate this into Indonesian. Can I use your translation as a source?

    Thank you for your hard work!

  3. I was saving this read for a free day, and here it is!!

    Hahaha, I totally agree with those comments, Chang Pei shouldn’t be asking If his friend is trying to turn him gay… He’s already gay, and he’s trying to know If his friend likes him back, ha.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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