TMG Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Does My Childhood Buddy Want to Turn Me Gay? (NO!)

The second day.

CP Forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying to Turn Me Gay>

[50] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Hi everyone, I’m back.

[52] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Hey, can you guys stop focusing on whether I like my buddy? I only want to know if he’s trying to turn me gay or not.

[53] Has CP Crashed Today
I think I saw OP’s eagerness to be turned gay by his buddy. (puppy.jpg)

[54] FishCareTaker

[57] Probing At The Edge of the Bend

[60] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Aiyah, I’ll stop talking about this nonsense with you all. The more I think, the more I feel that my guess is right. Yesterday after I posted this, my buddy came home to cook and even washed the dishes. He also mopped the floor and took out the trash. When I’m next to him, all I have to do is eat, then lift my feet up so that he can mop the area under them~

[61] Probing At The Edge of the Bend
Seems like OP is the bottom.

[62] Idling To Forum
Seconded. When the buddy asked OP to lift his feet, he didn’t grab them and kissed them?

[63] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay

[64] Idling To Forum
Tsk tsk, he’s angry now.

[65] Probing At The Edge of the Bend
It’s confirmed, OP is the bottom.

[69] Has CP Crashed Today
By the way, has anyone suspected the truthfulness of this post? OP really hasn’t got together with his buddy yet?

[70] FishCareTaker
I’m suspicious about this too. I feel that OP is here to show off his relationship QAQ.

[74] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
No… My buddy and I are only just childhood friends… (Although he’s about to steer our boat from the lake of friendship down to the river of love qwq) Yesterday, after my shower, he even blew-dry my hair for me. When I woke up in the middle of the night, he was actually hugging me to sleep (the rent had increased, so we have no choice but to share a room). Heihei, I feel that my buddy likes me.

[75] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
My buddy is really very outstanding. He’s good looking and long-legged, since young, his results has been fantastic, and is now working in a Fortune500 company. And he’s so gentle towards me…

Won’t talk anymore, I’m going to pick my buddy up from work.

[80] Probing At The Edge of the Bend
So, OP is off to confess his love?

[81] Idling To Forum
I bet that OP will be screwed tonight to the point that he can’t come down from the bed.

[82] Guide to Fish Care
Waiting. (obedient.jpg)

Chang Pei reserved a two-person dinner at a popular grilled fish restaurant. Excitedly, he drove to pick Jin Jiang up from work, thinking of surprising him.

However, after sending a few messages, Jin Jiang still did not reply. Chang Pei could only give him a call, but after a few short rings, the call was cancelled. Then, Jin Jiang texted him, “I’ll have to work overtime tonight, have your dinner first.”

“But I reserved dinner for two people.” Chang Pei tapped his phone agitatedly.

“Then, look for a friend to join you?” Jin Jiang accompanied that text with a “head caressing” gif.

The more Chang Pei thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. “You don’t even have time to eat dinner at all?”

Jin Jiang did not reply again, he might have went back to work. Chang Pei waited and waited, frustrated.

Sending a mass text, Chang Pei asked his friends if anyone wanted to have dinner together. Waiting for awhile, no one replied, and so he had to go have grilled fish by himself.

The restaurant was located on the fourth storey of Wanda Plaza. Chang Pei took the escalator, and went past a milk tea cafe. He took an inadvertent glance into the shop —

What?! Jin Jiang was actually in there with another lady talking animatedly?

Chang Pei was shocked, he hurriedly drew closer and looked through the glass. Those eyes, that nose, that mouth, and the same laptop bag. Even those clothes were identical to the one he was wearing this morning, if this wasn’t Jin Jiang, who else could it be?

A fire burned in Chang Pei’s belly. He took out his phone to look as his text. Jin Jiang had already replied him five minutes ago: “I’m really unable to leave today. (apologetic.jpg) I’ll treat you to a meal next time in replacement. Be good~”

Men were all pigs!

What happened to his overtime? Was it to date another girl?

A sour feeling welled up within Chang Pei, but he could not describe exactly what it meant.

Chang Pei faltered. He realised that he had no right to interrogate Jin Jiang. Gloomily, he made his way up to the grilled fish restaurant. In a muddle, he added two more dishes to the set menu.

When the fish arrived, he then discovered, he was completely unable to finish this two-person meal.

Chang Pei finally managed to finish half the fish. Looking through his texts, there was really no one that was free to help him finish the rest of the fish. Burping, he logged into the forum in chagrin.

CP Forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying to Turn Me Gay>

[101] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I was wrong 🙁

My childhood buddy has no intentions of turning me gay at all.

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  1. Woah I think I’ve been to where this story is set! I think I even ate at the grilled fish restaurant mentioned! It really is on the fourth floor of a mall called Wanda Plaza :O

  2. Like, probably it’s someone of work and it has something to do with work. It’s clichéd and embarassing but kinda cute and fluff.

  3. omg I just realized their names lmao. so there’s cp for these two big sites XD the author is so cute. thank you for this chapter!

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